Thursday, February 11, 2021

Why Modi Cries

It’s a scientific and biological fact that we produce lesser tears as we grow older. After the age of 40, tears reduce. Doctors then recommend eye-drops for lack of tears as tears are important for the eyes. However, that does not mean that older people don’t cry. In the movies, we have seen AK Hangal and Meena Kumari mostly crying. Their characters were often in distress, were never in powerful positions or were eternal underdogs.

But what explains PM Narendra Modi crying so frequently in public? He is the most powerful man in India since May 2014 and has so far cried seven times. On February 9, in his farewell address for Ghulam Nabi Azad, Modi again broke into “Blink back” tears in the RS. It’s called blink-back because tears don’t really roll down the cheeks but the eyes get moist and the voice chokes and the person manages to recover poise in a few seconds. Not only Modi but Azad also broke down in tears. Apparently, Modi was reminiscing about the 2007 terrorist attack when Gujaratis were killed and Azad had called Modi during late night to offer help. While that is sentimental, Indian CMs are not strangers to terror attacks and tear-jerking over it after 13 years is rather unusual. Still, many people see that as a “human” side of Modi and applaud it.

Sporting events frequently give us instances of choking and even crying for a multiple of reasons. Former Australian Cricket captain Kim Hughes faced such defeats that he tendered his resignation in tears. So much that he didn’t even fully read his resignation statement and someone else had to complete it. Vijay Amritraj didn’t cry but choked often. He was twice up 2 sets in the 1970-80s, once against Jimmy Connors and once against Bjorn Borg (the eventual champion) and still lost the match. Players choke because of high pressure expectations, fear of severe criticism or non-acceptance in certain quarters or too worried about their performance and legacy in history. But Modi isn’t the only one, history is full of big leaders who have cried in public:

Strangely, there hasn’t been a serious study on why these big-time politicians and leaders have to cry. They are naturally highly emotional people who are under constant demand of performance, stress and round the clock scrutiny by everyone around them. Some cry in pain, some cry in shame, some cry over losses and some cry for terrorists:

There are others who have turned to politics from journalism and are caught between “Goodbye and I love you” and never knowing where they really stand – the double-life they lead. Then they realise everything is not flowery and some crimes committed by their boss is too heavy to bear. They break down and cry:

But we will make an attempt to understand why Modi cries – he is currently the most popular politician in India and has the support of a vast majority despite his bungling on many fronts. Modi does suffer from some of the problems afflicting sportsmen and many politicians. We will try and understand why he chokes and cries so often. Modi craves for acceptance by his adversaries. It is a serious pursuit for him. He once blurted out to ANI’s Smita Prakash that he couldn’t win over the Lutyens mob. It rankles that despite all his attempts, certain groups in India and abroad simply do not accept Modi as a leader. And Modi constantly craves their attention, approval and recognition. This was just before the LS2019 elections:

As with many political leaders across the world, crying is a tremendous emotional tactic to cover up for any drawbacks and shortcomings in character. Seriously, of all the person Azad is not one you would cry for. Just because he was moved by a terrorist attack doesn’t cover up many of his other sins. Modi simply is a drama actor. His need for drama in front of the camera is now well known. This is a man who didn’t cry over 2002 riots. This is a man who didn’t cry over terrorist attacks on Akshardham that killed over 30 people. This is a man that didn’t cry over the lynching of Palghar Sadhus. The need for drama when many things are in a mess is the standard trick of many politicians who can fake it at the drop of a hat. Mind you, it’s not that the tears are fake but such politicians have the ability to create those tears at will that has fakery at the root:

Be it the playing around with peacocks in his PMO-garden or meditating in a cave or watching Covid vaccine progress on a giant screen all alone or doing a video-conference with ministers and political parties, Modi does not work without a cameraman around him. Every movement of his is recorded by a cameraman. There is a desperate desire and need for self-promotion. This runs contradictory to his claims that he is just a “Fakir” and has no desires in life. Modi loves to play victim – whether it’s an ordinary forum or an election rally or in response to opponents. He never forgets to claim “They abuse me because I am a Chaiwallah, because I am from a poor background, they abuse my mother, my family”. Modi’s victimhood swells up when he speaks of his life and that of his mother doing household chores, working on the “Choola”, filling water, washing dishes and so on. Watch this video (4.50 mins):

Add to this victimhood the great act of claiming that his opponents are all “enemies” out to kill him. This is another aspect of being emotionally charged in reinforcing the belief that “everyone is my enemy out to get me” although Modi forgets that a vast majority are his well-wishers. In the video a woman calls him the “image of Ishwar”. Other Bhajan Mandli players call him avatar of “Lord Vishnu” or King Vikram. A saree-saleswoman even peddles the superpower of his laser-gaze. But despite all this, Modi still feels like a handicapped victim all of his life because he claims his childhood was spent in poverty although not all of it may be true.

Modi is also aging. He is now 70 and, obviously, his reflexes are not going to be as strong as, say, some 10 years ago. It is also a fact that as people grow older and “lonely” their emotions may swing a bit more than before. We do not know all of Modi’s emotions but in an interview to Sudhir Chaudhary of Zee (check the video in this post), Modi did admit that all the abuses and taunts do hurt but he has to carry on with his job. The suppression of pain and hurt at all times can any day cause a dam to burst and at any unconnected event. It is human nature when pent up hurt and anger don’t find any other release. Sudden bursts of tears and choking can also have underlying neurological problems that we may not be aware of:

There are many other psychological aspects but I wouldn’t venture there on the PM of the country. But lastly, there is a sense of failure with hurdles with whatever mission Modi has undertaken. Be it CAA or Farm Laws, the hurdles seem to mount. Worldwide trolling seems to mount. Meaningless agitations confront ModiSarkar frequently, often accompanied by violence. Add to this a confrontational Supreme Court and the frustration is natural to mount. This frustration shows up in some other manner by an emotional breakdown. Such frustrations in failure to implement an agenda can cause severe emotional bursts of tears in unconnected situations. What is required is not tears but toughness of will to combat and confront anti-nationals without any procrastination. Tears cannot wipe out the damage caused. If you are still wondering why Modi cries – all the lines marked in Red in this post are the reasons.

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  1. This is a very insightful article- partly hilarious(esp. Ashutosh bit), partly serious. But still I feel Kejri takes the award of Drama Queen. Wish you could analyse his antics sometime.

    1. how does kejri matter? Everyone knows kejri is an asshole. This is for bhajan mandli who thinks modi is bhagwan Ram and Krishna

  2. Modi by focusing on acting as a person with a soft "moom (butter)" heart has inadvertently or otherwise actually turned into a tear shedding grand aunty. His deep desire for acceptance by Lutyens and the other "elites" is born out of a sense of inferiority complex. Instead of dismissing the comments of the "elites" with contempt and realizing that he, as a 303 majority PM is highly superior to the "elites" he craves for their acceptance. A leader like Putin who dismisses western liberals as nobodies is respected even by his enemies. A man's character is not what an image building company (like apco) projects, its shown by his actions. All the HHS and tough guy image built during pre-2014 days has been destroyed during his tenure as a PM. Someone needs to tell him to retire before he does any more damage to his image, and more importantly to our national interests. The Hindu consolidation post 2014 is being wasted by our PM and his team of incompetent sycophants. Bring Yogi and HBS type of nononsense leaders to save the country.

    1. Who is HBS ? your comment is totally agreeable upon....well said.

  3. Bhajan Mandali must be shown images of comparison which was in circulation in SM Pre-2014 Election where Modi with Lion and Putin with Tiger.

    Modi feels by expressing emotions, Rona-Dona Delhi Lutyens club will accept him which is not going to happen.

  4. Modi's cabinet and his liken people are Kavi Sammelanies.

    Where for even one line recital of poem/kavita, audience says "Va Va".

    I came across a one such person while traveling from Udaipur to Bangalore, just 2 days before Counting of 2019 election results, he too was comparing Modi with Vishnu not once multiple times over phone and punch dialogues of " Modi hai tho Mumkin hai"., Not to my surprise I informed my friend that this guy will get cabinet berth and he did and holds top position in Parliament.

    Such butterbhajis only Modi likes, if disliked he cries.

    Those voted by people are junior ranking minister, and back door entries through Rajya Sabha are leading Ministry except few.

    Good Hindu leaders must come together within and must expel Modi from BJP, for his Anti- Hindu stand. Or else Modi won't step down till he receives Nobel prize.

  5. Is @mediacrooks you Koo account ?

  6. He did cry even during an open house with Mark Zukerberg in USA , few years back. Some one in the audience asked about his mom , and he broke into tears. THis line summarises everything "What is required is not tears but toughness of will to combat and confront anti-nationals without any procrastination. Tears cannot wipe out the damage caused. "

  7. Ravi,
    People who are on. Social. Media
    Say after when Facebook all those
    websites came
    Twitter insta youtube

    Your website played a pivotal role in Exposing congrsss and brining modi to power

    I will be honest

    Only reason i voted for bjp In 2014 cause i thought or was under the impression that modi will put sonia in jail
    Even though the real. Player behind the curtains was ahmed patel

    Has anyone gone to jail
    Cwg kalmadi
    2g kanimozhi raja
    Vvip. Helicopter scam
    Coal scam
    Isro devas scam
    List is endlees


    Modi took hindu votes and forgot about them

    He thinks Hindus will vote for modi no matter what

    Thank you for saying the truth

    He is now desperate to. Appease Muslims
    Like he said to ani editor smita prakash
    Lutyens media

    And muslims

    And hindus

    Modi will lose in 2024
    He now wants
    Ek haath laptol ek haath quran

    My foot
    Ankit sharma
    Rinku sharma

    Did he tweet

    Did any of bjp mps go

    Muslims will always vote for Congress

    Tell. Modi if anyone here is reading this

    Even if he washes feet of Muslims and drinls that water
    Still Muslims wont vote for Him

    1. Modi is no more interested in coming back to power and neither he wants strong leader to emerge from within BJP, all he wants is Noble Prize and Control BJP.


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