Friday, February 5, 2021

Toolkit Matchstick Warriors

The Delhi Police has put up barb-wire with barricades, including concrete blocks and nail-mats on the road to prevent from farmers’ vehicles moving into prohibited areas. They have also blocked internet access in the protest localities. This will, obviously, affect residents in these localities who may not be able to carry out any online transaction. The battle between the FAKE farmers and ModiSarkar has now reached a stalemate. Being the govt, I would naturally expect them to make the first moves. And the first moves after January 26 should have been to arrest all the criminals like Rakesh Tikait and Yogendra Yadav after FIRs were filed.  NOTHING! The govt just stayed in slumber mode. Even when the UP govt of Yogi Adityanath tried to clear the Ghazipur border, the police were pushed back by ModiSarkar. Even that Red Fort offender Deep Sidhu seems to have disappeared after rioting and the police have offered a reward of 1 lakh on him:

That this was never a farmer agitation was evident from day one. It should have been dealt with in harsh terms with force in the first two days. But a cowardly govt kept negotiating for 11 rounds even when the rioters were clear they want nothing but the farm laws repealed. Moditards consider him the most intelligent in the world, the man with great vision, laser-gaze, global leader and what not. How is it that a govt led by such a person repeatedly misses the intel on what is actually going on? It is one thing to say some foreign elements are involved in engineering agitations and riots but another to act against them. Yet again, all it took was a couple of tweets from foreign women for the whole govt to go into a “firefighting mode”:

Maybe sane voices of many Indians don’t seem to bother or have any value for idiots of ModiSarkar. Only worthless upstarts like Rihanna or Greta Thunberg seem to hold importance. And these two (and a pornstar called Mia Khalifa) aren’t exactly supporters of ModiSarkar and support the rioters. These are the matchstick warriors spread across the world that constantly target India and Hindus. ModiSarkar has failed to develop a strong communication and propaganda system and has deployed a moron like Prakash Javdekar as the I&B minister. He does nothing but praise the glory of Modi whenever he opens his mouth or types something. In absence of a proactive communication system against known enemies, matchsticks like Rihanna or Thunberg unleash their two-bit fart and the whole govt starts reacting to these puppets instead of letting commoners combat them.

The MEA released a press-note trashing the claims of these foreigners and some media morons like Republic even asked how they can comment when they understand nothing about the farmer issue. Are juvenile bootlickers expecting Rihanna or Khalifa or Thunberg to really understand any issue seriously before commenting or tweeting? These are paid-puppets who dance for someone and not known for their cerebral accomplishments. Therefore, it is funnier when the govt and party pumpkin Sambit Patra goes on with a Presser to trash them as if their tweets have any value to their own govts or any threat to the Indian govt:

There is a pattern to the foreign-funded agitations in India. Even the anti-CAA, pro-370 and Shaheen Bagh agitations and riots had a foreign-funding and terrorist links. George Soros had committed $1 Billion towards “Education” in India. We understand what education that would be. Many criminal anti-India organisations abroad see ModiSarkar as a “Sitting Duck”. While Modi never stops chest-thumping in all his speeches, he has failed miserably to confront the anti-nationals within and without. ModiSarkar is scared to death about confronting any group – especially if the group happens to be a so-called religions minority in India. While people expect Modi to show guts and confront these demons, he just prostrates before them to appease them a bit more. This time he had suddenly gone to a Sikh Gurudwara to prostrate and send some weird symbolic message of his love for Sikhs:


The extreme desire to be liked by everyone and everyone is not exactly the greatest quality in a leader of a country. Not everyone is going to like you if you are someone like Modi. The more you try to win them, the more you fail. It was just fortunate that the glib and moronic Thunberg let loose her foolishness to prove that the FAKE farmer riots are nothing but an internationally choreographed action. The agitation itself is a FAKE orchestration by Khalistanis, Congress & Co and other assorted international criminals. There are spurious organisations like “Poetic Justice” and “AskIndiaWhy.Com” involved in this. In a foolish tweet, Greta laid out a document that listed agitational plans for January and February 2021, including detailed plans for action on Twitter, riots on Republic Day and citing handles that are “friendly” to execute online support. In line with the document, violence did happen on R-Day and thus, it corroborates the document tweeted by Greta. She realised her faux pas and quickly deleted the tweet (in pic) and made another tweet. But the document and its contents are now all over Twitter and the media.

I strongly believe GOI cannot be silent observer or just respond by statements and idiotic whining by their spokies. India must now actively prosecute such criminals who are carrying out anti-India activity as a “profession” and are funded by break-India forces. Delhi police have indeed filed an FIR against Thunberg and the MEA must also take it up with UN and other Climate forums to blacklist such a violence-inciter:

A passive possum-playing PM who constantly behaves like he is the “victim” of his enemies neither does any good to him or to India’s image world-wide. This emboldens any idiot to cast stones at India at will. It is too late in the day for PM Narendra Modi to change himself. However, whatever time he has left as PM, he must realise that India is bigger than him and he cannot allow every wanton moron to abuse India or incite violence here. Playing Gandhi has cost India a lot in the past including death of millions of Indians. Serious rioters must be confronted, dealt with appropriate force and bogus riots and agitations ended quickly. There are no prizes for fake tolerance and behaving like matchstick men.

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  1. 56" modi is a figment of imagination . he is truly naked parading himself as an emperor & his harem including baniya goyal CA LLB rank holder ! he sould be asked show us what is India 1st and no appeasement that BJP govt been shouting & funding 786000 crores to traitors ! even his political sense he keeps boasting completing missing ! all actions benefiting India are being challenged . This farm was pending for 50 years . should have been done by Narsimha Rap along with 1991
    he could not localise it when it was mostly Punjab ! not one agitation BJP could sponsor in non BJP & even BJP rule wanting fair treatment . (for me it was shocking to learn this after 50 years ) quid pro quo given to Punjab for being an Indian territory ? bhakra nangal, favoritism to 12 baje sardar folks till operation blue star ? the fiefdoms have to be pampered like kashmiris ! do the hindus of Punjab await the kashmiri pundit ? yes pakistan & all anti India folks including gandys,commies msm isis & muslim folks ! gajwa e hind ! bleed by a thousand cuts , one state a time & govt ayyashing on hindu $ the neros oblivious to India burning ?

  2. Time for RSS to put their weight behind Yogi and show the Modi - Shah combine out. Modi-Shah are displaying the same symptoms of inaction like UPA 2 and at the current rate , no work would be possible for next 2 years.

  3. Thanks to you , this platform ,obscure is coming to light . State of India >75 years and all of the establishment & non establishment RSS is part of it . India of 1600 AD & before completely wiped out. The left overs being consigned to dust- the temple murtis so called stones 4 Modi & company
    Only farmers suffered & commit suicides so all subsidies , loan waivers freebies DBT to them . Others r aliens no mention ever
    It is the aristocracy, the queen & the kings, the stalins who r cleaning public toilets , gardens in EU/UK/Russia. Only India has dalits so they get all the freebies & 10x salary 4 doing nothing & keep India dirty
    0/100 toppers babus the tughlaq collegium guran get 4x of pvt citizens teaching allah u akbar. Hindus will be wiped out of earth. Not one can serve society
    Privy purses banned for all dharmic kings especially raj/MP/Maharashtra
    The native rockfellers ,the Fords killed by nationalization of Industries .
    The marwaris/gujjus the entrepreneurs, the Brahmans the teachers & idea producers kicked out of bihar/assam/bengal and even other places.
    Corruption made legitimate by the indian guran for babus & the biz with 97.75 % Tax. People will work for government for free .
    The rewards flow of power for all who were happy slaves to nehrus/gandys be it J&K, Punjab, andhra pradesh , the tamil nadu with the objective of crushing hindus
    The freight equalization to impoverish Hindus of Bihar /Orissa to feed the south india . The metal ores including uranium ,thorium all looted and sold to foreigners be it USA/China/Russia. even sterlite copper now suffering. If rumours are to be believed. RamSetu is in noise everything already mined out . The susu swamy the chinese /ford agent.
    The appeasment is mind boggling.
    All this happening paid by HIndu $$ and not one voice speaks about it . All have seen better facilities and comforts but made sure they are denied to ordinary folks.
    Modi is surprisingly able to deliver physical infra with hundreds of obstacles making India gulf shariah country to be the head of OIC , the salman slave. Why can't he make this official beats me

  4. Another sharp article and a much needed one. One wonders, how the government is functioning. Its governance skills are pathetic to say the least. EVen as I type my comment,no firm statement has come from the government apart from filing an FIR in which unsurprisingly, the names of the girls are missing. This governmentis exposing its incompetence day after day. Even now, Modi is begging the farmers. Announces creation of 1000 mandis n what not. A shame.

  5. By now All those Rogues farmers must have been Arrested under National Security Act for colluding with Anti India Forces, lacks Courage of Chest Thumping Modi & BJP Leaders .. Or Eliminated during the Redfort Seige desecrating Our Sovereignty by hoisting another flag irrespective of Religion or Organisation.. Congress Did So many massacres incl 1984 Genocide has never come under punishment till date ..which can also be applied to Current Govt if it has guts to eliminate these Rogues anti India forces at any cost and BJP by should sing the slogan Law will take its course ...Gutless Modi Govt ...

  6. Modi is going to be a great disappointment for the Moditards! He’s lost a golden opportunity to bring back Bharat!!


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