Sunday, January 24, 2021

Top 10 Hurdles Harming India

After India won the Brisbane Test recently, the Australian coach Justin Langer said the Indian players must be tough to make it to the first 11 from 1.5 Bn people. We are currently 1.38 Bn, but by Langer’s reasoning India should be a champion in many fields and domains in the world. That is not so. India has been a laggard in nearly every field of activity and competition. I came across an interesting video with a graph of top countries in exports from 1986 to 2019. The video moves fairly fast to show countries moving up and down the rankings (Video: 2.20 mins):

If you observed the stats, most of the countries in the list are very tiny in population when compared to India. China makes it to the list first time in 1995 and steadily climbs up. This is probably due to mass-manufacturing of small gadgets. China reached No.1 in 2012 and retains that position (except for a drop in one year). India briefly appears in the list in 2016 and quickly disappears. This is probably because the initial years of ModiSarkar had a lot of enthusiasm for “Make in India” which then gave way to pedestrian policies of appeasement and doles. If you look at the latest available list for 2018-19, India is at 18 with a negative growth as are many other countries. 

Exports are just one area and need not tell the whole story. But there cannot be any denying that India has been turned into a laggard by either corrupt politicians or politicians with zero ideas who are unable to break the shackles of appeasement, doles, status-quo aided by severe lack of courage. Therefore, it is not a bad idea to take a look at the top 10 hurdles that are squeezing India and keeping it a non-performer and a worthlessly exploding population. The rankings are not out of any opinion poll but consistent observation of causes of failure. Here we go.


10.  Population Explosion – This is a big destructive issue for a country that doesn’t have enough resources or resource-management for its people. Time and again govts have ignored the need to implement new disincentives for more babies. In particular, one community produces more worthless population than all the rest when they can neither feed, cloth or educate the kids. Thus, we have a growing population that is mostly useless, unproductive and a burden on the tax-payer. India will definitely overtake China (140 crores) as the most populated country in just 2-3 years.

9. School Education – Formal education at the school level is the foundation of a nation’s progress and aspirations. Indian schools are burdened with too many subjects and govts dictate policies based on political goals rather than “national performance” goals. Given the huge number of students in schools, unless the subjects are reduced and important subjects are taught in “depth” our schools will largely produce assembly-line exam-passers. There are various interests demanding all kinds of things from schools. Some fighting on language, some on culture, some on ancient heritage but only a strong focus on Language, Math and Science will create excellent thinkers and innovators. Rest of the subjects should be read and taught but need not be tested. Unless this is reformed, India will remain a laggard.

8. Anti-Hindu Discrimination – Hindus being majority in India are consequently the most enterprising also. But all govts have systematically killed Hindu enterprise in every domain possible – education, culture, temples, scholarships, business incentives. India is the only homeland for Hindus. Every govt at the Centre and most in the States have been anti-Hindu in their approach. Imagine the US or UK being anti-Christian. This has become so crass that even PM Modi mourns only murders of non-Hindus. When it comes to atrocities on Hindus and murders of Hindus, it has now become a normal event. Cops open fire on Hindus celebrating festivals when there is no violence or threat of any kind. Be it stoning Hindu festivals, banning festivities etc. There is a criminal abuse of Hindu culture and Hindus by some non-Hindu groups supported by govts apart from Statutory discrimination. This animosity towards Hindus is an assured destruction of India.

7. Excessive Personal Slavery – Indians have a historical tendency to get excessively attached and devoted to political leaders. Most are high on emotion and low on rationale. There are Gandhi-Nehru Bhakts that still abound just as there Sonia-Modi slaves. While support to some political leader is normal, excessive slavery takes away rational thinking. If there are idiots who build temples for Sonia then there are idiots who even claim Modi is an avatar of Lord Vishnu. Some like calling Tendulkar a “God” of Cricket. Celebrity fandom is relatively harmless but political slavery has cost this country and Hindus before and will cost them heavily in the future. Mindless, blind slavery to any political personality covers up failures and incompetence thus subverting real progress of a country. For instance, if you remove the oil-wealth, the Islamic world hasn’t grown scientifically or intellectually because it demands a blind, unquestionable loyalty to religion.

6. Unpunished Corruption – No matter how many laws are made, crime cannot be 100% stopped. Despite the death sentence for rape, there is a rape every 15 minutes in India. At best, some offences in public can be prevented by policing. Although current union ministers are not reported to be involved in corruption directly, the level of corruption hasn’t improved. India has gone down two places in a 2019 survey on corruption and ranks 80th in the world list. Every political party in India is corrupt – some openly, some cleverly. As with other crimes, corruption largely goes unpunished. Big names like Sonia, Rahul, Pawar, Vadra, Raja, Maran and many others simply strut around as if nothing has ever happened. This is also a big promise that ModiSarkar has failed in – on punishing the corrupt. Consequently, everyone feels justified in cheating on taxes and any other statutory payments. Some of the biggest scamsters are now abroad and beyond reach of GOI. India is a great country for corruption and even if there is legal prosecution, it is unlikely big corruption will be punished.

5. Minority Appeasement – Appeasement and doles are worse than drug addiction. One might come out of drug-addiction and be rehabilitated but there is no coming out of appeasement. And by minority, most of the doles are for Muslims. This community is now over 30 crores by many estimates and is hardly a minority but is eternally on doles and victimhood. The Ministry of Minorities is as good as Ministry of Muslim Welfare. Appeasement is a country-destroyer and an open abuse of the Constitution. Instead of ensuring equality of all in every respect, govts have consistently destroyed Indian society by appeasement. India will remain a backward country with such idiotic policies. Even PM Modi who grandly kept saying “Justice to all, appeasement of none” has become a bigger Muslim-appeaser than Congress. This appeasement is not just in monetary terms but in other terms such us overlooking crimes, special service centres, condoning illegal constructions and so on. It is the sign of a dying society.

4. Reservations – This is another drug-addiction for political parties for vote-banks. Reservation will never go from India and merit will increasingly leave India. Currently, the reservation is practically 50% and that too because of a limit imposed by the Supreme Court. After 74 years of Independence, if such a discriminatory policy still continues, it is not the sign of progress or development. It is the sign of a decaying country. Every political party is not only scared to address this issue but brazenly claim to be champions of Reservations. There isn’t one activity of life which is not affected by Reservation – from schooling right up to Parliament. If you take the simple law of diminishing returns it will be easy to understand that the more the population grows, the more it adds to the useless, unproductive lot. Regardless of one’s political persuasion, many Americans of Indian origin are making their mark in the US with huge successes. India will never be a superpower or even become a respected country with such Statutory Discrimination. Reservation is a crime against all other citizens by elected legislators.

3. Law & Order/Police – People are generally fed with the nonsense that “security” only relates to protection from foreign enemies and terrorists. The police in India are generally political stooges and rarely act based on the need for law and order or justice. Riots, violence, burning of police stations, blockades like Shaheen Bagh and Shingu are all signs of the deep rot in the police system. The police are also used to hound political opponents or unfriendly journalists based on who is in power. The Ministry of Muslims wanted Muslim police in Muslim-majority areas. Poor recruitment polices, Reservations, lack of training and background checks are chronic illnesses afflicting our police. Like most politicians and most other govt-job seekers, those seeking police jobs also seek to make money rather than serve people. The many good examples of police serving people are exceptions rather than the rule. Nobody wants to invest in a region or country that is constantly facing riots or law and order problems.

2. China-Pak Slavery – Indian govts are actually slaves of Pakistan and China. They can mouth tall dialogues, thump their chest with idiotic slogans and what not but our govts are pathetic cowards when it comes to these two enemies. Time after time, India’s PMs get this nagging itch that Pakistan can be reformed or China can be a friend. Both these delusions constantly hold down India from emerging from the shadows of these enemies. Both these countries have directed violent terrorist or military actions against India causing many deaths. Yet, GOI is a slave of these two countries for domestic politics alone. Courage requires that India break clean from both countries, have no relations whatsoever and not return to any diplomatic relations till outstanding issues are resolved. With both countries, India has been a coward surrendering advantages each time. Both China-Pak hold large chunks of our territories. The amount and energy spent to sustain a “cold” defence is enormous. Modi too was a sucker like Nehru for the Chinese charm and tried to win Pak through silly sudden trip. India is eternally cursed to mediocrity and backwardness by sucking up to these two countries.

1. Corrupt Judicial System – This is singularly the biggest shame of India. I don’t see our judicial system being any better than any of the tinpot democracies of Africa. Judges appoint themselves, are accountable to no one and are not bound by any time-frame to deal with cases. This is particularly so in higher courts. Worse, our SC dabbles in many stupid PILs from Dahi Handi to Jallikattu. They run a parallel govt within India. Our courts are still stuck in British era. ModiSarkar brought the NJAC Act but it was struck down by SC. ModiSarkar should have confronted the judges and impeached all the SC judges lock stock and barrel. They have no business to strike down a Constitutional amendment passed by Parliament. The judges are guilty but the GOI didn’t confront them. The biggest sign of a failing democracy is absence of timely justice. The SC grandly passed a judgement on the Shaheen Bagh case after the blockade was over. Courts are supposed to protect victims and law-abiding citizens but our courts protect law-breakers more. India is seriously cursed with its incompetent judiciary.


Democracies are not perfect. They were never meant to be perfect. As a relatively younger Constitutional democracy, successive govts have failed the aspirations of its people. There are some successes here and there but there is a general lack of courage to do the right thing, to do the just thing. Although we got rid of the corrupt “foreign Congress” party, not much has changed. It has been replaced by a party following the same “Appeasement-Doles” model with no real governance-model without the scams of the Congress. There are morons who keep saying Congress ruled for 60 years, 70 years or any number they can quote. But the harsh truth is, it is not so hard to dismantle wrongs if there is courage. What India really lacks is courage in almost every domain. The 10 hurdles above do not seem like changing any time soon, the evil will just grow as politicians thump their chest on another Republic Day.

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  1. Many thanks for this concise list of issues that bogs down India and what it can do if it breaks out of these ten challenges. While the judicial system can be vastly improved and made efficient using technology; the first 1 to 9 need only and only guts of steel to solve. While admitting they are a complex mix of politics, economics and social issues; if a govt is truly willing, it can prioritize them and go with a combination of short and long term solutions. The current govt was elected with the confidence that it will go for the kill; but sadly everything is molly-coddling and a game of passing the buck. Each passing day; we are moving closer to the precipice. We have the option of leaving the country or stay back and hope the "Cookie will crumble." Any bets?

  2. None could have said it so brilliantly and so realistically than you. These problems are very much there since many years, what we wanted from this ModiSarkar was some courage to tackle all these problems but as you correctly suggested previously it's the Chacha Nehra Returns syndrome which might be the cause that we are still hearing the same excuse of "it all started in congress rule"

  3. Fantastic ! all the vikas nonsense is being given on platter by tughlaq collegium to mecca/vatican folks to destroy Hindus completely !.This post independence government /establishment are worse than Tughlaq/babar/akbars & the queen slaves. The establishment & their chamchas just continue to loot tax payers & live a king's life doing nothing with retinue of slaves 1officer+ 10x personal staff all paid by Honest meritorious have wiped out all traces of India before 1400AD but sadly not one politically inclined Hindu has not realized it
    I have written on Modi India @ 75 to celebrate with all the fervor the greatest gift of Modern Independent India to the world . 0/100 are toppers , 100/100 are fail in the 100+ aspirational districts all ruled by reserved class since independence . Celebrate educated with Dr Misa Bharti & culture - kashmiri pundit genocide led by osmas of kashmir faruq/ omar.Let government Make it Official , India is shariah !

  4. The best article that i have ever read. These are my views too. I too have expressed similar views elsewhere. 90 % population of our country suffers from idiocy, slavery, corruption and what not. If Modi sarkar cannot achieve any of the issues referred to in the post in question during their term, this country will eclipse into oblivion.The tragedy is that we do not have right thinking Netas who matter for progress.

  5. all post independent governments of India including modi have proved to be the worst of any idi amin, ever born and ruled the world . All traces of India across the spectrum before 1400 AD removed
    not one paper on ever growing reservation ! in biz we know one good rally is enough for a prudent entrepreneur to establish himself . Fortunately Modi/ABV also proved it doing much more in11 years in infrastructure than congress . how is it that 75 years of reservations have failed to achieve the required goal. Modi should celebrate this incredible India as the greatest gift to the world after aryabhattas zero .0/100 are toppers & 100/100 are a big zero - complete failures . For much better impact he should celebrate it simultaneously in the 100+ aspirational districts the live model of everything under 0/100 toppers, constitutional experts from tomar university for the whole of 75 years.

  6. For Noble Prize still 2 more things are pending 1) skull cap 2) regret for 2002.

  7. Reading through this, reminds what a wasted opportunity in 2014. Modi ha d everything at his disposal from people craving for change, momentum etc except the courage to bring change. Its sad that Modi chose to follow MKG rather than treading his own path

  8. Bhopal gas union carbide anderson allowed to flee India for quid pro quo , there were whispers in media ! the tughlaq Collegium let off the most literate PM ever of India the best economists was let off by tughlaq Collegium as poorly advised in lac crore coal scam under the PM's signature !& self applauding club of the black coats called it protection of constitution. C4V proved media as a criminal of the 1st order again jailed by its masters the Collegium. ! y the charade of rule of Indian guran when none exists .it is gandy marji gandy rule. Hindus reduced to zombies ! even tughlaqs babar's aurungzeb , tipus , nizams could not do it in 500 years what this shariah did to hindus < 60 years !

  9. Well said. But surely this government is our best chance but should be questioned and made accountable constantly.

  10. Each and every words are so true.. Any true patriot's blood will boil reading this article.. Such sad state of a great ancient Country!


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