Tuesday, December 8, 2020

Farcical Farmer Hackery

In the middle of the current “farmer agitation” the Punjab CM, Capt. Amarinder Singh, writes a letter to the PM demanding his state be given priority for the Covid vaccine. Either he has great sense of humour or he is blind to the stupidity of his demand. The fact that the farmers of Punjab, mostly Sikhs, are into a wrong protest with a bad cause is obvious to anyone who knows a bit about the new farm laws. That they have assembled in thousands at various border points of Delhi during Covid times, breaking all mask-rules, social-distancing rules practically makes them “Covid promoters”. These fakes have the backing of Amarinder Singh and the Congress party. And yet, he wants priority for Covid vaccine. That’s like wanting a reward for bad behaviour and possibly contributing hugely in spreading the Corona virus. All this, apart from holding the capital to ransom and confrontation with cops.

For decades, the image of farmers pushed to the general public was one of a broken, middle-aged man toiling with his plough and bullocks as he tilled his land. They were portrayed as exploited labourers often with the bones in their ribcage sticking out. The pictures grew worse during the drought situations. 73 years of helping, sympathizing, monetary and other doles, everything has accommodated the suffering farmers. In the process, they have become a “vote bank” that no political party wants to antagonize even when their cause is wrong. The new laws passed by ModiSarkar frees the farmers from the APMC Act, allows more freedom to sell their produce anywhere and even the choice of contracting for the crops they grow. All of this was promised by Congress and other parties too in their regimes. Farmers have become too pampered to the extent that they have taken the nonsense of being called “Annadata” too seriously:

You don’t become “Annadata” because you’re a farmer producing grains or crops. The world problem of hunger is not because there is a shortage of grains. The problem is because there’s not enough opportunity to work and earn money to buy one’s food. Persons who work and provide for their children, families and the needy are the only “Annadatas”. Farmers are not donating food for free. By the same token, it would be stupid to call the factory worker producing medicines and vaccines a “Doctor”. No, he is not a doctor nor a life-saver in the same manner that a farmer is not an “Annadata”.  

Sharad Pawar had written to States during UPA to allow private players to market farm produce. He had sought amendment APMC Act to allow private players so that farmers have greater opportunities sell their produce. Now this same man, his party and his “malkin” Sonia’s party are rioting over what they had demanded. Congress had it in its last manifesto. In Punjab, the “Arhtiyas” or middle-men who purchase and sell farm produce and dominate the market are said to be behind this agitation including the Badal family and many influential politicians. Amarinder Singh has been reminded before of the nuisance of middle men:

The situation is not the same anymore although poor farmers exist in every state. They are also the same farmers exploited by private lenders and middle-men. Many farmers have become affluent and many affluent have become farmers because it helps them escape taxes through money-laundering. Punjab in particular has farmers that have good houses, vehicles, combine-harvesters and the best of sales. The Minimum Support Price (MSP) which has become central to this agitation has not been affected in anyway whatsoever. The MSP was never any law but practiced to favour farmers and will continue to be practiced. Yet, the farmers now make a bogus demand of guaranteeing it in writing even though the GOI has made such a commitment in writing through its pressers and press notes.

The purpose and source of this agitation is the same as the CAA agitation and the pro-370 agitation. The violence has not been on the same scale but the modus operandi of blockades is very evident. There was no justification for 370 to exist – it profited only some criminal families in Kashmir who made moolah while the ordinary citizens suffered. They made themselves a “Roshni Act” under which all the affluent politicians, Babus, assorted nut cases got state land allotted to them at throwaway prices. 370 was nothing but a Scam-drug. The violent riots and Shaheen Bagh over CAA were also fraudulent. The CAA doesn’t affect a single Muslim in India yet they were the ones indulging in blockades and violence. Reason and logic do not matter to the politicians and terrorist outfits supporting these agitations. They have tasted blood in the one respect that ModiSarkar is scared to act when a religious crowd gather. This is especially so when the crowd is made of “minorities”. And they demonstrated it fully and both CAA and this fraudulent farmer agitation are nothing but “Religious undertakings”:

CAA was dominated by Muslims from all over India. The agitation transformed into an antinational undertaking with reports of funding by PFI and foreign sources. Speeches to “break India” by their thugs like Umar Khaleed and Sharjeel Islam. There were practically no Christians or Sikhs in the anti-CAA agitation and riots. But in the farmer agitation, the crowd is mostly made up of Sikhs. Again, this is a minority community and not a “general farming” community that represents all religions. It is certainly worth noting that morons from Canada (including their PM) and the UK were out agitating in support of the farmers agitating here. No, they were not agitating overseas because they are also farmers who are in solidarity with these Indians – they are agitating ONLY because they are Sikhs. So, it is as much a “religious front” as it claims to be a farmer agitation.

 Yograj Singh, father of Yuvraj Singh, abuses Hindu women as “prostitutes” and they claim this is all farmer stuff? And without a doubt, there are many pro-Khalistani voices in this gathering. One Sardar grandly claimed they have eliminated IndiraG, General Vaidya so they can deal with Modi the same way. A wanted terrorist Paramjit Singh Pamma was also among the Sikhs agitating in London. Very alarming noises indeed.  And the noise from abroad is nothing but Khalistani jerks:

In every riot and orgy of violence in India there is always a political hand and, often, a vicious foreign-hand that foments terrorism. We have seen the hand of Congress in many communal riots and the CAA riots and in this farmer riots too. They have “Strategic Louts” who are the “rent-for-a-riot” agitators who are willing to riot for anything if it puts ModiSarkar and India on the mat. Their current goal is multiple. First, they clearly aim at a reckless possibility of Covid pandemic gaining ground again through these gatherings and second, they hope to derail the already struggling economy further with a “Bharat Bandh” call for today. And in all such activities – be it JNU, or some other agitation there is always the “black-faced” commie castards like Yogendra Yadav. This “Salim” (as Yogendra is called) has no stake in anything but claims he is a farmer and therefore “entitled” to riot. The GOI didn’t accept him as representative of the farmers but the Commie lout wants everything to shut down on December 8. The failure of ModiSarkar is in not arresting such louts as a preventive measure:

The govt is holding on so far against the agitators but I doubt they will hold on for too long without some action against the blockade. While the agitation is claimed to be against the new farm laws there are ulterior motives and underground operators running the show with their own agenda. Some unit called BKU (Ekta) demands the release of thugs arrested over the Delhi riots, Shaheen Bagh, CAA or Bhima Koregaon violence:

Besides this demand, the farmer unions have also demanded a withdrawal of the Ordinance prohibiting and punishing “Stubble burning” so that they can continue to wantonly burn and pollute without any consequence. The GOI has foolishly agreed to consider this and also quashing of all cases filed for stubble burning. One has to hope that the foolish “Bharat Bandh” call for December 8 flops miserably and the illegal blockade around Delhi is dismantled soon. The failure of the Bharat Bandh will send a clear message to the fake agitators that people are not with them.

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  1. Isn't opposing government policies, however logical it might be, done by all parties? I remember BJP too created a ruckus during nuclear deals, FDI in retail, Anna agitation etc. Speeches by LOP in LS/RS clearly showed they supported the same middleman. I agree that the farmers have been pampered and Congress are being hypocritical. But I would rather blame the government for bad communication rather the opposition

  2. 7 saal se padh raha hu ye blog. Aapne mujhe ModiBhakt ya koi partybhakt banne se bachaya aur HindutvaVadi banaya.. Dhabyawaad.

  3. Farmers in India are like Tribals in the forest. The entire establishment would have us believe that the farmer and the tribal are happy doing what the do and the nation should do everything thing in their power to keep them where they are. Nothing is farther than the truth. No farmer worth his salt would like his children continue in the profession unless he is a wealthy landowner. He would rather have his children work as municipal sweepers in the city than be worshipped as"annadatta"

  4. To talk in dual tone or dual language or dual meaning has been hallmark of Indian politicians inspite of Sri Adi Shankarcharya advaita philosphy beyond any doubt.

  5. Do even one man in the establishment past & present knows how is he getting paid ! Baap ka maal for them & every one racing to remove the organs from the dead Hindu tax payer of the burden! Unless there is a nuclear bombardment for a full year 24*7 that everything given by government is from Honest Hindu $$ & their temple charities & not from their own pocket, nothing will change ! Everyday the Supreme Court should start with thanking the tax payers for their salary and work just like japanese did earlier so it percolates down to all nikammas kamchors & their MSM chamchas the JNU Type teachers the lutyen kabal. The rare Piyush Goyal thanked the tax payers after 73 years and not 1 made it mainstream ! even today Modi gives bhashans & thali bajoing but never has he shown gratitude to the tax payers making it possible for him.

  6. MODI-fication turned out to be Islamification + Punjabification of India.

  7. It is to be hoped that this Modi government does not relent and stands its grounds.Electorally BJP has nothing much to loose or gain in Punjab.Let Akalis, Congress and AAP fight it out.MSP has become a scam.It was devised to buy and create buffer stock to mitigate endemic food grain shortages of sixties and seventies.Now govt doesn't need those food grains.Hence you are right about farmers not being ANNADATA but some kind of a spoilt kid who wouldn't take no for an answer.THis is the opportune moment for Modi govt to deal firmly with these "farmers" and warn all such groups that no one will be allowed to block and road, rail,air or marine traffic or play with national or local infrastructure in the garb of "peaceful agitations"

  8. Modi Government doing so much farmers. they launching some yojanas like Pm Kisan. which is very beneficial for farmers.


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