Monday, December 14, 2020

Blackmail Agitations

Incompetence and unwillingness to wield power invariably lead to lawlessness in different domains of public life. For over 3 months the anti-national protesters with no real cause occupied Shaheen Bagh in Delhi over the CAA law. Predominantly a Muslim agitation it was supported by Commies and the Break-India forces. The media in India and some across the world celebrated it as some great accomplishment. In reality, it was nothing but blackmail by a community which spoke the language of “My way or highway”. Bad laws and laws that adversely affect any community or group can be challenged in our courts. But when the groups realise there is nothing wrong with the law then this form of blackmail on the streets starts. It is fueled by the most useless bunch of people who are not even adversely affected by the law in question.

The ModiSarkar has been given an unprecedented mandate – the highest since 1984, not once but twice. Yet, the GOI has proved to be incompetent when it has to confront unruly mobs and their violence. For over six years, the GOI has watched the brutal regime of Mamata Banerjee in Bengal. Almost every week some Hindu is killed, some Hindu temple or celebration is attacked and usually it’s a BJP worker that is killed. Even last weekend, Saikat Bhawal, another BJP worker was killed by TMC goons. All these six years ModiSarkar watched in dumbness but suddenly woke up to such violence when their new President JP Nadda was attacked. He wasn’t injured as he was in a bullet proof car. Almost all senior leaders of BJP came out to condemn Mamata and TMC. HM Amit Shah summoned the Chief Secretary and DGP of Bengal to Delhi. In mild words, the response from Mamata was “Go to hell” and her govt will not comply with the summons:

The Mamata govt should have been sacked at least four years ago when the violence and murders in Bengal had become a routine affair. Fear, incompetence and unwillingness to act reached a stage that even JP Nadda got attacked and now the Mamata-govt again dares Amit Shah to act against her knowing well she can play victim as elections are just four months away. When a govt with the highest mandate in decades doesn’t act against crime and criminals, its voters feel a loss of self-esteem and a sense of despondency. Mamata doesn’t care about the law, she is just blackmailing ModiSarkar to dare to act if it has the guts.

Unfortunately, Shah and Modi have repeatedly shown Mamata they don’t have the guts so now she refuses to comply with the summons on her Chief Secretary and DGP. She had once held a midnight “Dharna” in Kolkata to protect her corrupt cop Rajeev Kumar against arrest by CBI. That case and other cases like Sarada-Narada have been completely buried by ModiSarkar. And because ModiSarkar didn’t act, their BhajanMandli fools grandly offered the excuse of “Federal Structure” which prevents GOI from acting against lawlessness in a State. This foolish, self-defeating defence by morons is now in tatters as GOI wanted to act now after attack on Nadda but Mamata cares two hoots. Incompetence by Amit Shah has been consistent. In a silly response to the Rohingya issue during the Hyderabad Municipal elections campaign this is what Shah had to say:

I don’t think Amit Shah was aware of his moronery. The Ghetto-Queen Asad Owaisi taunted the BJP stating that if the Rohingyas were all illegal, why they were on the voter list and not evicted. It is a very valid question. Firstly, the GOI doesn’t act against the illegals, the GOI doesn’t make any effort to evict them, the Rohingyas get on the voter rolls and get Aadhar cards and all. Then the Home Minister of the country comically taunts Owaisi to give a written confirmation for evicting them because they make noises in the Parliament when the topic comes up. Such idiotic logic and comment by a HM is unbecoming. Why should Rohingyas be even discussed in Parliament? And even if they are discussed, why should noises from piddly one-man party like Owaisi be of any consequence to action in deporting them?

Cowardice leads to poor thinking. Poor thinking leads to incompetence. And incompetence leads to moronic tolerance of anti-nationals and fake farmers. The GOI started negotiations with the FAKE farmers and agitators without even asking for a written statement on what their objections to the ‘three farm Bills” were. It didn’t even occur to the ministers that they should have strongly demanded that FAKE farmers, Naxals and Maoists should be thrown out of the agitation if the farmers wanted any discussions. But failure to assert authority results in worse behaviour and blackmail. Who are these people and how in hell are they holding the govt to ransom with no real stake in farming:

The violence of the CAA riots was uncontrolled and finally culminated in the blockade of Shaheen Bagh. This template was borrowed from the Anti-Trump riots in the US and the GOI ignored the dangers associated with it. Shaheen Bagh was nothing but blackmail, aided by anti-nationals, seditionists and potential terrorists. That also led to the Delhi riots just around the Trump-visit resulting in death of 52 people. All this under the nose of the govt with the biggest mandate in decades. The Sikh-farmers agitation has been less violent. They battled police at Delhi borders throwing barricades off bridges but have settled down to the “blockade” tactic quickly. And the sit-in protest, as negotiations were on with the govt, was not only colourful but also provided some humour as the agitators more or less set up a mini township:

As the talks failed, they declared a Bharat Bandh on December 8 which flopped. They declared a blockade of the Delhi-Jaipur highway. I wonder why they don’t blockade roads and highways leading to Punjab. The Delhi-Jaipur highway goes all the way to Mumbai through Rajasthan and Gujarat. Obviously, the idea was to damage transport of goods to and from the heavily industrialised states of Gujarat and Maharashtra thus affecting economic activities. The plan didn’t take off. They had also planned to march 7000 tractors carrying 50000 farmers from Punjab to Delhi to further fuel the protests. The other route they planned to block was the Delhi-Agra highway which would affect UP. Such sinister plans are not made by ordinary farmers – these are made by anti-nationals who aren’t interested in any solution to any problem.

Invariably, in all such protests the anti-nationals and enemies of India play a prominent, noisy role. They either hype up the anti-India propaganda or the secessionist agenda. Khalistani voices were heard all around during the current agitation. This should have been dealt with very severely by the GOI but they failed again. A group called “Sikhs For Justice” (SFJ) wants Sikhs in the Indian Army to revolt. Other Khalistani groups in Canada, US and UK keep abusing India. One covered MK Gandhi’s statue in Washington DC with slogans of “Khalistan Zindabad”:

The GOI should have identified every such anti-national in the farmer crowd and detained each one. The GOI should have publicised the faces of the anti-nationals so that the country knew about who these organisers are. The blackmailer-leaders allow such voices to be publicised through speeches and images and then claim they are not connected in anyway. How else does one explain the agitation including a demand to release Sharjeel Imam, Umar Khalid and such terrorists and Naxals? Are these criminally-charged antinationals in anyway related to farmers?

Increasingly, these agitations have tended to be communal in nature. The CAA riots were mostly by Muslims with mild voices from Christians and Sikhs. The current farmer agitation choking Delhi is mostly made of Sikhs. The Sikhs first blocked the railway lines in Punjab and the GOI stopped railway services in the state. Having failed there, they decided laying siege to Delhi is the only answer. At the very first sight of tents and temporary shacks, the GOI should have forcibly cleared the encroachments and prevented any blockade. But ModiSarkar is scared of minorities and also scared of the farmer vote-bank even when 99% of the farmers are not with the Sikh agitators. The farmers are no less leeches in many cases. Since 2008, the Centre and States have waived off Rs.3.12 Trillion worth farmer loans.

This dangerous pattern of “Gheraoing” and “Choking” Delhi as the Sikh-agitators in their “Tractor march” call it has to be stopped in its tracks. They are not all real farmers, most of their demands are unfair and fake, they are infested with Khalistanis, Commies and Jihadis who want to wreck India. Indian economy is already struggling with Covid problems and unemployment. We need at least 3 years of uninterrupted peace across the country to recover to a healthy situation from the Covid situation and from the economic slump. Agitational Blackmailers have no place in this and should be stopped dead in their tracks before they even start.


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  1. Law of Karma what goes around comes around, Modi used to taunt MMS for not being bold against Pakistan, China etc., today Modi looks Lachar, Apahij, Bechara.

    Karma is haunting Modi.

    Never come across Our Intelligence Service proactively doing something in the interest of Nation.. time to Sack Intelligence Chief for risking everyone life.

    Modi is playing victimhood cards for milking votes, going too much soft on Kalistanis.

    SAD, Congress, BJP,RSS covered up all crimes of Kalistanis committed in 70's by projecting Sikhs are great freedom fighters, you make fun of them they don't mind 12' O Clock silence commedy, infact they went underground now they are coming out slowly with support from Urban Naxals.

    1. Modi is trying for Noble Peace Prize as told by Ravinar sir long back. Nothing else explains this incompetence

    2. And till now no news of Saad, allowed to roam free where as common people bursting crackers on diwali arrested.

    3. कूछ कोरोना पर भी वोलो ।।कैसे सरकार सा रै देश को वद कर सकती है लोगो को भूखा मरने कै लिऐ

  2. common sense is uncommon & we honest hindus paying 4 it ! it shud have been restricted to Punjab ! how did it spread beats me ! immediate announcement of fci asking states to pay for purchase if not state wise quota etc. the army , the police all ayyashing on streets ! the mah/bengal govt can harass ordinary critic to the well off arnab supported by the tughlaq collegium ! but the same rules can't be used ! where is the intelligence to follow $$$ . the shahin bag master minds either not caught or let off ! even the media not ordered to run disclaimers or facts of participants on farm law debates ! y do they entertain people from states where there is no APMC ! y not from states where there r contract laws already in place ! even after Punjab benami farming exposures , not 1 babu/NRI /dalal named shamed. list goes on ! collosal failure of establishment is Punjab govt allowed to be run by pakis to remain in india ! now let it go ! Indians don't need them or there is only 1 rule gandy marji thru mecca/vatican slaves any& everything for power ! collosal failure ! alternatives !time honest India stop paying taxes & take the govt head on with temple wealth & contributions & form own Azad force aka Subhash Chandra Bose ! we can be better than gandy/nehru mafia even the RSS not putting up opposition ! part of the problem throw away the charade of democracy & 1rule4all . fight to finish aka the rana Sanga !

  3. Excellent article, dont know whether Modi and Shah read it or not. Both were hounded by media, Cong and Judiciary. Perhaps they have been scared of them due to long mental torture. Therefore they dont take any strong decission against the brutality, arson and lawless politicians, activists and hardcore anti national gangs. On the contrary they have embolden them to create anarchy, take the nation, constitutional bodies into hostage at the drop of a hat. No fear at all. Henceforth any Tom Dick and Harry will show �� to the GOI. Rightly said Mamata, Owaisi and even Amarinder, Ghehlot and Aghadi all have started threatening to Modi and his govt. Future looks bleak. Banana republic!!!

  4. Indeed a deplorable situation. No fear of law. Why were there placards in the protest demanding release of Urbal Naxals. Why dont Govt Arrest the people who displayed the placards and question them ?

  5. CM Modi had and persona of fear for anti hinds, anti nationals but,. PM modi became sanyasi Snake even afraid to hiss. Mahatma modi is image makeover for international audience but Majority Hindus sadhus & temples are paying price for it. Now all kids are know and turned more daring & taunting. Conversion mafia is taunting NDA govt. CAA protest could have been non starter if ASSAM govt acted in time to nip the students protest.

  6. We have reached a point where the advise... They have a plan wait and watch... seems ridiculous. With even voices like Swaminathan I yet supporting the give stand, it's word that they only release advertisements in benefits.. Rather than unleash propaganda against the criminal elements in the agitation. Not use it calling it the Congress for having prepared and demanded the same reforms. The most inexcusable of all is the inaction in Bengal, Maha and now Delhi...

  7. The use of force is quite common when it comes to Hindus ! the recent during durga /diwali pujan . Tens of Hindus including innocent sadhus shot by the establishment ! Regular occurence after Kashmiri Pandit genocide. it does not matter >75 years ! but Not 1 Muslim will be touched ! This is legit under tughlaq collegium Indian guran ! but the courts open at midnight to release all be it terrorists, terror supports ,open blackmailers urban naxals Lutyens at midnight because they r their own Nawlekha Teesta , afzals , Shashi Tharoor , Chidambaram , Sonia , Mamata, Thakrey, Pawar, 15 minutes owaisi, saad ajmer sharif , even pawar the padma vibhushans ! UPSC Jihad & the minority the whole of establishment run by Mullahs whose only agenda is to torture hindus to death ! All hindu festivals, rituals almost destroyed . ASI through prahlad the tomb keeper destroying remanants ! will modi show his 56" & make it official , India is shariah ! Hindus were , are & must remain slaves 4 ever ! The true aukat of Hindu since 1947 ! another fiefdom/jaagir established ! get it etched in Indian guran the gift on completion of 74 years of independence , prelude to 2022 ! will gobde widechud do the honors with Modi ghanta bajoing !

  8. In short "WIMPS" with an image to keep up.

  9. Once again BJP should bring Judiciary Accountability Bill.

    Judiciary must stop interfering in every now and then.

  10. Has no one heard of these time tested axioms,"stich in times saves nine"or nip the problem in the bud"

  11. Excellent Ravinar sir. It’s time that Delhi is removed as capital and let the powers be split across country. Agitation in states apart from UP, Haryana, Punjab and Waste Bengal will not make any noise. Delhi sucking tax money throughout country for urinals like JNU, silly court of India and anti nationals has been going for a longtime. Let us put end to this and be like Germany which is poly centric

    Jai Hind

  12. Today Supreme Court Tughlaq Collegium again proved they r slaves of mecca/vatican out to wipe out Hindus ! what is the problem to make it official !That niti aayog talks of too much democracy to protect the idi amin s the hitlers the stalins raping torturing looting honest hindus who r reduced to
    zombies by this cult called establishment using Indian guran short for gandy marji gandy rule !
    Raviji can we get a paid blogs separately or on educating forward on gems of Indian tughlaq judiciary ! highly overdue ! begin with the judge who let off the most literate the nobel prize contender MMS as poorly advised
    Another area that need amplification is why the corruption in daily mundane life ! never seen it in UK/US/Europe/Aus & even gulf ! Tughlaq fiefdoms from pandu havaldar r much better paid even if life time financial security is not discounted . u wud know of Pvt teachers slogging & get paid 25- 30k max , lower is 12-15 k against govt no work but salary 40k !
    you are one of the feeble voices that without just law & order & timely justice vikas is meaningless ! Shaheen Bag /Bangalore apple factory , the cow lifters the love jihad , the roadside terrorists /raping free to do more prove this again ! worse is these r alibis if kejri/thakrey types. Thank You for your blogs & this platform . prayers that honest hindus learn fast & take up the fight with this No 1 enemy the Indian guran & the fiefdoms surrounding it

    1. yes even indira gandy lied big on corruption is a global phenomena & allowed the whole of the establishment a free run ! black money galloped easily to 50 to 100% of GDP by the establishment folks all legit ! not one punished ! laloo for name sake but living in7* comfort ! even if this is regularized modi's dream of 5 trillion GDP can be achieved easily

  13. Another Awesome Dissection by Ravinar. Hope Modi still reads Your blogs & follows you ...Else Modi is just another Politician , noway different to claim or inherit Sardar Patel Legacy... Modi trying to become another MKG ...without last age Research of MKG on women & Sex ...


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