Sunday, November 8, 2020

Uncontrolled Jihadism

The US elections are once again in a tangle after the 2000 episode with Al Gore. However, unlike 2000, the 2020 election is sprinkled “liberally” with Jihadis, Islamists, Antifa goons, Commies and other such anti-democracy outfits stamping their assertion in these elections. Recent events in France involving the beheading of innocent people has also brought forth a new resolve from Emmanuel Macron to fight the Jihadis. The French President has started the fight in right earnest by deporting a good number of potential Islamic terrorists and suspects. No one has to die for a cartoon or for a vile speech. This terrorism has long haunted France and one hopes they combat it till the terrorists are thrown out from everywhere in France. Macron, otherwise considered a soft Liberal, made sure the entire world knows his stand on the murder of Samuel Paty with this tweet in no uncertain terms:

In sharp contrast, India is seeing consistent rise in uncontrolled Jihadism all across the country. Ever since Narendra Modi became the PM, his quest for improving his image from the taint of 2002 and hatred by Muslims is costing India a lot. Modi has gone out of his way to appease Muslims in India, appease Middle East leaders and has still not been able to shake the contempt that Muslims and Sickulars hold for him. Unlike AB Vajpayee, Modi is hated by almost every political party even if it has been an NDA allay at some point. The Shiv Sena now spares no effort to mock and insult Modi (UdhavT throws insults and asks BJP to eat Gobar and drink GauMutra and keep their mouths shut). 

All the hatred for Modi is making Hindus pay a price because Modi has been wrongly identified as a Hindutva leader which he himself never claims and nor has been so. Unlike Macron, Modi only sheds tears for Muslim victims of violence. He sheds tears for Akhlaq, Tabrez or Shabana Azim in an accident or Muslim BJP workers in JK. Modi doesn’t shed one tear for Kamlesh Tiwari, Palghar Sadhus or BJP workers killed in Bengal. His moronic Bhajan Mandli claims this is because “Federal Structure”. Seriously? The FAKE “Federal structure” prevents the PM from mourning or condoling extreme crimes against Hindus? This idiotic excuse is now starting to annoy Hindus. Modi lamented the deaths of victims at the church in Nice. He was late on Samuel Paty. But for some reason he seems to hate Hindus who are killed for the same reasons as Paty. The murder of Kamlesh Tiwari is more horrendous because he was a marked man and there was a known threat to him.

Systematically and consistently, Modi has tried to please the Muslims with his pronouncements on Islam, Quran, Mohammad or any aspect of Islamic or Muslim life. Imagine, a man who had never before 2014 ever put out a greeting on Eid-e-Milad or Mohammad’s birthday or “alleged” teachings does so regularly since 2014. It makes you wonder if this guy reads Kalma every day like his colleague Piyush Goyal:

A PM greeting Muslims on these days is not unfair or unusual but Modi has gone overboard to please Muslims despite consistently given the signal that he is scared to offend them or tell them the truth about their riots, bad behaviour, violence or murders. 

In the 2nd term alone, since Modi became PM again Eid riots happened in Delhi. A temple was vandalized. Hindu girls and boys have been slaughtered by Muslim men on the streets or their home for Love-Jihad or being rejected. Shaheen Bagh nonsense was allowed to continue because they are Muslims. Markaz nonsense was allowed because they are Muslims. Delhi riots was a consequence of Shaheen Bagh. Thookiyas with weapons in their homes were untouched by Delhi Police. Bangalore riots followed. In the latest incident a young college girl, Nikita Tomar, was murdered in broad daylight by one Tauseef for rejecting his Love-Jihad attempts. Modi’s incompetence and not even warning govts to act on such violence or commenting on them emboldens such Jihadism.

The nightmare in Bengal for the Hindu workers of BJP is never-ending. Almost everyday some Hindu is killed like sacrificial goat and the BJP or Modi or Amit Shah don’t have even one word to utter on these killings. It’s now a known fact that BJP enjoys these killings so that they can use them as “Electoral Flesh” during their election campaigns. This is a monstrous blood-bath that the party is tolerating and sacrificing innocents. And BJP Bengal puts out the image of the dead guy like a “Daily news bulletin” in their tweets. One can see a tweet almost every day of some Hindu being killed. Then, Amit Shah, recently went to Bengal and grandly did some campaign work and told media that BJP will get 200+ seats in the next Bengal elections. The moronery of this man beats his fat size. And he goes to a place where hundreds of his workers are killed and eats food with tribals as if in celebration of some festival. The image he wants to convey smacks of a reckless person who went for the 13th day feast of a dead man whose family was in mourning. There is a sinister disconnect:

From the killings in Bengal which is now commonly being referred to as an “Islamic State” or “Jihadi State” to young Love-Jihad men from the Muslim community, the killings, such as that of Nikita Tomar are so brazen and public that you would think these are streets of Somalia. At the other end, the same Muslims come out in large numbers whenever there is a problem in France or Denmark to protest and riot. This time too they protested over Macron (with large crowds during Covid) for no reason other than mindless nonsense but fortunately there wasn’t any violence as is normally the case. Cowards like Shivraj Chauhan or Amit Shah or BS Yeduriyappa are not willing or able to stop their violence, riots or illegal protests. They simply watch this uncontrolled Jihadism and the intimidation of other citizens of the State. Such is the brazen behaviour of their Mullahs that open threats of beheading for criticising Islam on TV is now commonplace as much as their Fatwas for beheading have become common. This one on TV is equally chilling but now routine in India (video 27 secs):


The way this “orchestrated” Jihadism operates is very surreptitious and often cloaked in niceties. Recently, two Muslims desecrated a temple in Mathura by doing namaz on its grounds. Some Mullahs came out in their support claiming they were only showing their “Bhakti” towards the Hindu Gods in the temple. Sure, moronic bhakti by namaz instead of praying to the Gods in the temple. Then there is unprovoked violence here and there and, in some cases, temples are vandalized or Hindu festivals (like Durga puja) stoned. When incidents like in France happen, many Jihadinis will come mouthing dialogues like “If one innocent is killed, the whole mankind is killed” because Mohammad said so. There will be the usual media-dancers like Arfa Khanum, Rana Ayyub, Saba Naqvi, Barkha Dutt, Shahid Siddiqui etc. who will then condemn the incidents but offer veiled defence of the terrorists and find wrong equivalence with some imaginary Hindutva nonsense.

 All this, while their lectures from Deoband and Madrassas will continue spewing hate-speeches and indoctrination of more radical Muslim kids. At the other end of the spectrum, govts (especially BJP govts are ministers) are more than eager to ban crackers on Diwali, trample on Hindu festivals as if some Middle East Mullah has ordered them to do so. Odisha govt has even banned the traditional earthen diyas. The assault on Hindu culture and practices is not an accident but an orchestrated action and Modi cannot shirk responsibility for it.

Amidst all of this, PM Modi grandly quotes his speech claiming “Building a New India free from the problematic old practices”. Wonder what New India he is building when outdated 1922 laws are invoked, wanton murder of Hindus on the streets, general lawlessness in Bengal/Maharashtra, Mass Muslim protests during Covid and uncontrolled Jihadism. The brunt of the failures of ModiSarkar are being borne by law-abiding Hindus. Every morning you wake up with a dream of “New India” but the dread of another assault somewhere on Hindus. 


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  1. fantastic ! modi's hypocrisies /helplessness need to be amplified to reach whole of the silent majority in India if not the world. Let him admit he is heading gandy marji gandy rule & hindus exist only to serve the Muslims the lutyens, e dynasts the babus & the tughlaq collegium who own India to feed their ayyashi

  2. From 2014 to 2020, Modi and many BJP leaders have proved themselves to be more passive and bigger cowards than INC. While INC is ruthless to change textbooks to teach upcoming generations about RaGa, Modi and team have not even been able to implement a one day token ban on NDTV.

    While Manmohan Singh left his mark as a silent PM, Modi is making his mark as a PM who "assisted" his own ministers and anti-social elements in eradicating Hindu Traditions. Never expected even Jihadis to be emboldened enough to stop Diwali celebrations, but BJP ministers have, by their own sinister designs cut off young generations from celebrating Diwali

  3. I consider publishing the draupadi episode , the Meera bai , the Krishna , the prahlad stories to signify the menace of the tughlaq collegium 24* 7 till Diwali minimum with the headline is their hope for hindus in india & followed by a big No with Quran passages & PBUH farmans & his evil deeds. let all forces join in to state the truth & helplessness of hindus since 1947 & rip apart the charade of democracy 1rule4all & let the world see Indian guran is shariah in practice ! sole objective is to wipe out hindus from India & with them Krishna/rama/Durga & the eternal vedas never existed

  4. BJP with its majority & many non-working MPs who are solely interested in to be on payrolls of govt of India & draw pensions. They are busy like previous Khangress in amassing wealth & awards.
    BJP did nothing for the middle class or Hindus.

  5. In fact BJP should lose Bihar, Bengal, UP badly... Which is going to happen... for BJP this will be wake up call for course correction..throw out Modi, Shah and bring in Yogi.

    Modi takes votes from Hindus and orders from Middle East.

  6. How come not one word about Arnab?

  7. this govt. has become kadi ninda govt with no action and impotent with no regard to hindu concerns. what a shame

  8. Ravinar ji Kudos . Saddest part Hindus won't unite even after so presumed Saviour of Hindus "Modi" has proved incapable incl Utrakhand Govt taking over Hindu Temples for Loot in 21 st Century rather than freeing them and never applied same rule for Muzzies Mosques/Waqf Boards or Rice Bag Xtian Churches control ..going on since Nehru's time is further emboldened by Modi's behaviour...What Modi by we Indian Majority voted is no more the same Modi , as you rightly said "Self Printing Modi" in 2020 . But one thing is sure 2024 us going to be & must be judged by Modi's capacity to bring UCC (Uniform Civil Code) only and not by any other Vikas blarbs. Time we Hindus enter Streets to show Modi the mirror about continued demeaning & massacre of Hindus incl Jihadi Mamata State since last 5 years ... As of now Bihar should teach a big lesson first .. And the way MahaVikasAghadi behaves is sure shot of Modi's inability to control states .. Sorry Modi You cheated, cheating the Foundation of Bharat's Culture using Sanatan Dharma for Quotes to appease the same Butchers across globe ...

  9. The Bihar result portends a very ominous sign for BJP. RJD under Tejaswi Yadav is now going to rule Bihar for next 15 years with no possibility of a tieup with BJP ever. There is no second line leader after Sushil Modi in place to consolidate BJP position in Bihar , although JDU now will shrink rapidly. Maharashtra will be ruled by Mahavikas Aghadi for this term and in the next term again. The US election has also been an indirect setback for BJP as it gives opportunity to leftists to raise their heads. Modiji is busy trying to project a secular image, hoping to widen his vote base which is not going to happen by alienation of Hindus and with allies moving away.

  10. When he said "Building a New India free from the problematic old practices” he obviously meant Vedic practices. Perhaps he feels Burqa practice is more freshening & scientific & what not.

  11. Let me say this. Modi has already reached his level of incompetence. He is more interested in growing beard, to develop a fake fakir image or Tagore image. For God's sake, if he cannot govern or end the atrocities on Hindus, he should better vacate the chair. Why to waste our time just dressing and preparing for his sanyas, 5 years from now.

  12. Biggest threat for Modi is not the Jihadists or Khan-gress or Rice-Bag-Convert Mafia; it's emotional right-winger fools... PERIOD...

  13. Modi strength was support from Social Media, now seeing his lethargic attitude towards Hindus, he stopped getting supports.

    Now every comments section on NDTV we can read Anti-Modi comments, and every comment is Anti-Modi.

    Many says left has strengthened Social Media presence, fact is Hindus started ditching him.

    By growing beard he can't fool Hindus..and not going to get Mullah Baba s votes.

  14. Good to see back Ravinar sir. This year is really ending on a terrible note for non Muslims around the world. First let’s start with India attack on Hindus, their culture, temples were not even seen during dark days of UPA. What’s really terrible is that the government machinery police and bureaucracy brazenly attacking Hindus remember Munger incident. Bharathiya Jokers Party that it will be apt to use from now onwards may still survive because the opposition themselves are bigger baffons. Entertainment industry, ads(Tanishq) are openly supporting love jihad. Moreover the young demographics in Hindus is seriously falling. An average Hindu can’t fight for his rights as he/she are more concerned with livelihood. Don’t know within another decade Hindus will loose majority status in many states.

    Let’s shift to the world stage with Trump gone through a well orchestrated coup, the commie pigs and Jihadis will start their atrocities on the peaceful patriotic people. Africa and Europe are in really danger as they face jihad. The sultan of Turkey will start jihad on neighbouring Christian nations, The Corona country will start terrorising neighbouring countries and will use its vassals Porkistan and North Korea against India and South Korea. It’s only getting worst from now onwards as apart from conventional warfare there will be techno wars( Commie $hits like Google, FB, Twitter) will destroy right wingers/ patriots and will eventually censor all their opinions. Do we have a chance to win against the twin menace of Jihadism and Communism well I’m afraid that we are running out of time


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