Sunday, November 22, 2020

Intolerable Love Jihad Crimes

It took a long time but the French govt has finally woken up to the reality of Islamic terror. Their President Emmanuel Macron has been unflinching in his stand so far. Muslims have been deported, stripped of citizenship, suspects arrested, mosques shut down and a final warning to Mullahs to accept “Republican values” or be thrown out. Macron has also nonchalantly snubbed Turkey by recalling its Ambassador and tightened to screws on Pakistan by suspending services for existing French aircrafts. Imran Khan would do well not to flaunt his “Islamic-muscle” with France as Macron seems in no mood to tolerate any nonsense. India still has to wake up. While we keep losing Jawans and civilians to terrorists the GOI has managed to restrict this toll to Kashmir and LOC and is responding to attacks by Pakistan. Where India fails is to combat internal Jihadi threats that go around in multiple forms – whether it’s riot and violence in Delhi or Bangalore, Shaheen Bagh blockade or killing young women under what has come to be known as “Love Jihad” (LJ).

LJ is not new and has been around for over a decade in India. Denial by govts, media and vociferous Islamic Jihadis has curbed any action against this menace. This is not the first time I am writing on this topic. In August 2014, the denial tactic was recorded in “Media’s Love Jehad Denial”. Since then, the exploitation and killings of young Hindu women under LJ has dramatically increased in numbers and in brazenness. The killing of Nikita Tomar, a young college girl for rejecting a Muslim man and refusing to convert to Islam and marry him, in broad daylight shocked the whole country. It was the proverbial last straw, at least for some states, to make an attempt to stop LJ through enacting a law.

The pattern or Modus Operandi of LJ has been more or less similar across the country (except maybe in Kerala). A Muslim man goes around parading as a Hindu with a Hindu name. Hunts for a gullible Hindu girl and entraps her with fake claims about himself, about his life and profession and often forces her into sex and makes videos of it. He then compels her to marry him and covert to Islam and more often than not, the girl ends up dead. There are morons who deny such incidents are happening and are on the rise. These morons danced over the marriage of some IAS couple Tina Babi and Athar Khan as if that was the proof of Ebony and Ivory living together in harmony or Ganga-Jamuna tehseeb nonsense. Such stray events of marriage by consent or love is used as a defence of Love Jihad. Unfortunately for idiots like Barkha Dutt and Rahul Gandhi and all their Sickular gangs, this marriage turned out bad and the couple is now seeking divorce. The usual defenders of LJ are those “useful idiots” of predators who cannot differentiate between “Consenting adults” and “Entrapment” even when hindsight is available after an incident:

Here's another media moron called Aarti Tikoo who works for the TOI and quotes TehseenP as the grand Ambassador of “Love marriages”. Tikoo is the woman who messed up her hearing with a US Committee on Kashmir atrocities. She more or less sympathised with the terrorists but otherwise keeps whining about being a KP whose family suffered at their hands:

In short, these are folks who don’t know where they stand and for what. They are not the middle or lower middle-class people or rural folks who suffer the ignominy of LJ that mostly ends in murder. The Tikoos of the world might tango on Valentine’s Day because that’s what Fiberals totally disconnected with the families that suffered at the hands of the murderers do in reality. These vile creatures who think life is just a romance mostly don’t have any in their own lives. The marriage of Tina Dabi and that Athar Khan was a monument of love for these morons. They danced the night away as if they were the ones getting married and saw that marriage as the symbol of what India should become. Pakistan was created because Jinnah and his Chamelis believed Muslims are not compatible with Hindus.

Marriage is not merely a union of a man and a woman. It is often a union of families, of continuity of culture, of economic continuity and well-being, of genetic compatibility and so on. Love is a wonderful thing but love blinds us to a lot of things about the other person. When these “unknowns” become intolerable then marriages break. It happens more in the West but is now common in India too. Love Jihad is neither love nor marriage – It is just a criminal activity of grooming gullible Hindu women for sex, exploitation and conversion. Anyone who thinks “Love Jihad” is the equivalent of love seriously needs a lobotomy.

The same language of the Tikoos and Tehseens is also used by wanton opponents of the proposed law like Ashok Gehlot. This Rajasthan CM wants to get rid of traditions like “Ghoonghat” from Rajasthani Hindu women but is blind to Hijabs, Tents and LJ crimes. The fact that he calls every inter-faith marriage a “love marriage” when facts of crimes prove otherwise show what deliberate support is provided to the criminals. One has to applaud Yogi Adityanath, ML Khattar and other CMs who are now willing to take on this menace and pass a law that will try to curb this LJ menace. Inter-faith marriages in India must be subjected to stringent oversight and there should not be any conversion of religion whatsoever unless freely undertaken in front of a Magistrate. Besides, before marriage a 30-day period should be used for a background check on the couple. This is to prevent frauds of fake names, fake religion claimed by the LJ criminals seeking to exploit women. This is NOT now. The Kerala HC had long back recognised the need for a law against LJ and former CM Oomen Chandy of Kerala also stated that Christian women are also being converted to Islam. The menace has now travelled across India:

The Kerala HC advise to pass a law against Love Jihad came in 2009. It is over a decade that all the govts and law enforcement agencies in the country have lived in denial of this menace and crime while many young, innocent Hindu women have been killed or exploited mercilessly. Obviously, since Love Jihad is not legal jargon and cannot be classified legally as a crime as many idiotic public figures, politicians and media morons argue. The state is aware of it and UP, the first to propose the law, has worded it appropriately. It is called the “Prohibition of unlawful conversion” Bill:

Laws alone don’t prevent crimes. Love Jihad is now an epidemic that needs not just preventive laws but also education among young Hindu women. In the West (especially UK) many Hindu women have multiple failed marriages. They have been disasters of their own making and many have ended up as “companions” of Thookiya men because they need financial support. In July 2020, a man named Amit Gurjar (real name Shamshad) murdered a woman and her daughter in Meerut, UP. He paraded as a Hindu, befriended her through FB and finally killed her when she discovered he is a “Fake” and is a Muslim and was already married. Fiberal idiots might not mind being the fourth wife or husband or concubines of some sex maniac but others do need to be protected by law. 


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  1. it pains me !even tughlaq collegium knew of it but did not rake it up even if they could not take suomotto action . none of the journos/mags talked of it. & 15 years wasted for a known problem with a possible solution. even Swati Sharma missed it. like rohingyas bangladeshis in crores allowed in the name of secular India & honest hindus torture loot rape fund them.baap ka maal. UP woke up after allahabad high court ruled conversion of a muslim man to hindu illegal for marriage ! are sanatanis destined to be yezdees before modi's rule ends . ! it is better to state the truth India is gandy marji gandy rule right from a tatti cleaner to rupas to mullah naqvis & justice is shariah la illah illahla where kafirs get death by tughlaq collegium ! facts & problems correctly stated offer hope for a respectable exit if not life. high time sanatanis emulate rana Sangha & rani padmini !

  2. Nice article exposing the suicidal libtards,sold out media in their diabolical agenda. The proposed action by few BJP CMs are praiseworthy but GOI needs to amend IPC or bring some specific law to apply on whole of India because some states which are major victims will not enact any such law. Dont know if Mahatma Modi will do.

  3. What to expect from those who shamelessly don't acknowledge the core problem. They ignore it then how will they solve it.

    Daily Hindus are attacked in Muslim majority areas. Hindu girls are trapped by Muslim men changing their names, still our govt leaders, regularly, from Modi to yesterday V Naidu falsely say "Terrorism has no religion". They don't have guts to admit and name it, how they will fight it.

    At opposite side entire Muslim community, their families, bureaucrats, their leaders, politicians, zakat funds, their ummah are organising love jihad attacks and at our side there is no ecosystem to retaliate it. But deny the root cause of it.

    French learned it in couple of major incidents. But even thousands of major incidents in India did not break slumber of our Hindu politicians.

    Die soon vote bank politics and cancerous anti-Hindu political correctness.

    We Hindus are on our own. We need to form mobs at local level and oppose violently. There is no option left under apathetic govt.

    Jai Shree Ram
    Har Har Mahadev
    Vande Mataram

  4. Have lots of hope from Yogi. I fervently hope he wins from UP for next term and is an able successor of Modi to do what Modi has not been able to.

  5. This comment has been removed by the author.

  6. Like in case of CAA, a narrative is being built very meticulously against the laws being framed by few state governments.Hindus and those who have been voted to power by Hindus should not be misled by such false narratives.LJ has been a fact of life for Hindus since past 1000 years.Amri Khusro's mother was a Hindu, so is Amir Khan's wife and so are the wives of late Mansur Ali Khan Pataudi and Saif Ali Khan! Yet their progeny are all Muslims.Islam has become a 180 crore strong religion not so much because of swords but because of LJ.All those non Muslim women who were kidnapped and raped through out history have given birth to Muslim progeny.Most of the women in the harems of Muslim rulers, their minsiters,their generals and their hangers on were non Muslims.All gave birth to Muslim children.Modern days Hindus have woken up to these realities.Strangely those who are opposing such laws are non Muslims! idiots all. You are right about need for creating awareness among Hindu parents about this menace.This law too will help in creating awareness among Hindu girls that they can't be converted forcefully.Next step should be for such Hindu women [ married to Muslim men] being given freedom to raise their children as Hindus.

  7. Even after rangila rasool Calcutta petition , Nowhere across decades it is discussed the Guran is the source of terror ! every year hundreds of religious head gather and agree to call it ROP ! Now Indian srisri jaggi refuse to acknowledge the rishi parampara , even Yoga/ayurveda is not Hindu all for love for $$ . But $$ were from 1970; What clout did this region have during WW2/UN times? In India Manusmritis are burnt regularly but not 1 atheist has dared to burn Guran where multiple verses cited as reason for terror ! Not 1 MP/MLA widechud gogays past & present in Collegium judiciary fiefdom ever mention it in passing ! Such is the tyranny of this guran that so called hindu nationalist now mullah modi bows down to this Indian constitution by Dalit Ambedkar has guran and written all over it ! Hindus are born slaves & must continue to be slaves till eternity . By April 2024 Modi would be penning what fun it was to completely erase traces of Hindu ethos of India in the name of ek hath guran ek hath computer,sabka vishwas ! allah ho akbar ! la illah illahla !

  8. But is a new law needed? Using fake identity before marriage should be punishable by existing law. Why not enforce the existing laws, before creating a new one?

  9. love jihad activity is similar to grooming gangs of Britain. successive govt. have been complacent accomplish to apprise the peacefools..

  10. love jihad activity is similar to grooming gangs of Britain. successive govt. have been complacent accomplish to apprise the peacefools..

  11. Amazed at the Intellectuals blocking the solution to this problem but it is in the DNA & we honest have to just pray that God help us .
    India need a huge library of of books to get to the blunders during and after independence & the rot continues The problem can't be solved with Indian intellectuals & 0/100 toppers MP/MLAs drunk on power or robots in the hands of mecca/vatican . Even dehati rustic wisdom & jugad are way better in finding solutions and work around . It is common basic to identify the problem and find solutions. Indians only shout big bang reforms but for what & how - No mention of it ever.
    To name a few
    1) Out of 23% Muslims 10% Muslims stayed back after India surrendered 35 % of land for them . Not One book describes it . The population jihad hum5hamare50 now continues
    2)- The Murders & Hindu relegated to 3rd class citizens still continues
    3) Identified problems not acted upon and now they are cancer destroying all natives of India
    4)- Purposely keeping India poor when it still has the required resources except fuel. There have been always alternatives. we had plenty of cement, steel, coal to get the best of road/rails/water and people gainfully employed. Not one person demanded or promised this when the technology was fully settled & delivered much before Indian independence ( UK Metro since 1850s & expressways/RORO/waterways all available from 1940s if not earlier )
    5)- Loot , rape torture of hindus is enshrined in Indian guran with no hisab ! Have we ever seen Govt giving hisab of temple money loot - day light robbery
    6) Enforcement of Law ! Look at how even the thakreys bhaving worse than hitler with Police ! & the tughlaq collegium helpless even the current EODB Index for last 5 years consistently revealing India is bottom of 3rd world country when it comes to contract enforcement ! Forget the Jungle raj of laloo they are saying it never was there
    7) Garibi hatao ! what nonsense ,what effort was made to do it correctly
    8) Teaching Lies Purposely and wasting tax payers on likes of JNU for worthless education & research ! even a commoner would ask how it would benefit before spending & Modi is a Gujju at that !
    Kudos to Narendra Modi that he is working at scale/pace to deliver the basics ! He is again making a blunder by not acting on law & order and real 1rule4all no appeasement that should be the 1st priority always and in all phases !
    Hope & prayers that this current generation who has seen better security has it in them to take the establishment headon & restore India to its rightful place ! that is the best country and people in the world !


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