Wednesday, November 11, 2020

Arnab Aftermath

The arrest of Arnab Goswami has left the channel in tatters. For any organisation, it is dangerous to place all its eggs in one basket. In the aftermath of his arrest, the other anchors and journalists of Republic are just campaigning for sympathy and help from wherever it can come. So far, a lot of sympathy has come but real help hasn’t come from any powerful source. However, these anchors and journalists have carried on in great fighting spirit and kept the channel going with much reduced news content. Most often they have been inserting old monologues of Arnab to keep his fans and the public enthused. Arnab’s arrest is fundamentally, legally and morally wrong. The case of “abetment to suicide” is simply nonsensical and does not hold water.


Since 2016 Arnab turned a different corner and became a Modi poodle. Thus, Modi supporters forgot his past and applauded all his monkeyness regardless of how bizarre they were. Arnab has a record of being obnoxious, hounding those he doesn’t like and being a witch-hunter himself. Today, he has become the target of a witch hunt. To refresh your memory, I recommend you read Arnabgate, Arnabgete-2, Arnaboxious – The Witchunter and Arnab’s Hoax. In the period from 2012 to 2016 Arnab hounded many BJP leaders, anything in saffron, innocent citizens and his journalism was simply trash. All this for cheap popularity and desperation for TRPs. Not one single witchhunt by Arnab has ever reached a conclusion. Even his recent targets in the case of Sushant Singh or the Palghar Sadhus haven’t reached anywhere despite the SSR case being handed over to CBI as many demanded. Most of Arnab’s claims are full of holes, often lies and outright theatrical nonsense.

The big mistake Arnab made was abusing Sonia Gandhi for no particular reason or rhyme in April 2020 and that started all his problems. There are many fools, liars and extremely brainless morons who claim Arnab was hounded by Sonia and Congress and many FIRs were filed in Congress-states because he called her by her original name “Antonia Maino”. I wonder how such fools are birthed; especially even those from the BJP and some of them senior leaders. Arnab’s attack on Sonia over Palghar was brazen, abusive and totally uncalled for. This video on his Hindi channel is simply shocking how any journalist could concoct such abusive nonsense against anyone without a shred of evidence. Listen to what Arnab said about Sonia on April 20, 2020 (58 seconds):

In summary, Arnab said “Italy-waali Sonia, Rome se aayi hui Italy-waali Sonia Gandhi, she wouldn’t have been silent if a Maulvi or Padre would have been killed, today she is silent and I think in her heart she is happy, she is happy that Sadhus were killed under her govt and she will send report to Italy that where I (Sonia) have formed govt I (Sonia) am killing Hindu Sadhus and from there she will great praises and wah-wah that you did very well”. Does anyone think this level of public abuse without a reason is journalism? Can Arnab accuse Sonia of wanting Sadhus killed, feeling happy, reporting to Italy and getting certificates from there? They must have their stupid heads checked if they think FIRs were filed against Arnab for merely calling her “Antonia Maino”. That’s how lies are peddled by Republic and their idiotic supporters from BJP.

So, let’s get rid of this notion that Arnab is an innocent journalist without any prejudice and just doing his job seeking the truth. There is not one iota of truth in the above video but just wild, mindless abuse of Sonia just for cheap popularity with Modi-supporters. This is not journalism. Naturally, the Congress retaliated with FIRs and will now how hunt him forever through their ally Uddhav Thackeray and Sharad Pawar. If that wasn’t enough, Arnab repeatedly abused Uddhav in the SSR episodes, along with excessive abuse of the Mumbai CP Parambir Singh. In another wild diatribe Arnab outraged against UT, implied his son Aditya was involved in the Disha case. The manner of finger-pointing and the style of threatening tone towards UT, AT and Shiv Sena is certainly not going to be taken lightly by a party known for strong-arm tactics on the streets. Watch this video (45 secs):

You and I, as ordinary people, might get away with a little bit of ranting and abuse at CMs, Ministers and even the PM but a professional journalist holding a mic and running a TV channel cannot afford to use similar language or wanton accusations and threats. In his quest for targeting UT as the main mouthpiece of BJP and Modi Arnab had clearly gone overboard in his wild accusations and abuse. This is an undeniable fact. Even in May 2020 when there was a mild migrant violence in Bandra, Arnab linked it to communal violence and accused the UT govt. So, it is not one single event or incident but a string of moronic incidents that let to final arrest of Arnab.

After the April show where Arnab excessively abused Sonia, the Maharashtra HM Anil Deshmukh announced the reopening of the Anvay Nayak suicide case in May 2020 in which Arnab was earlier investigated and the case was closed. Arnab ignored that event and didn’t take any preventive measures despite knowing a vindictive govt is out to get him. He didn’t seek any anticipatory bail nor did he seek to temporarily move out of Mumbai which would have been a good idea for him. He thought himself a “Big Dada” and an “Untouchable” like Sonia and that nobody would dare to arrest him. His arrogance would prove wrong. Arnab was just lucky that the Bombay HC Stayed all the FIRs in this case.

As usual, during and after the arrest a series of theatre and drama acts followed. Arnab and his journalists went the whole hog claiming to be victims and indulging in excessive lies about being assaulted, tortured and beaten up during and after the arrest. The public and Arnab’s coolies in the BJP naturally lapped it up without once batting an eyelid that these were lies even when the full video of the arrest was available to them. Nothing in the videos suggest any assault. In fact, there are bogus claims that the cops that went to arrest Arnab carried “assault rifles” like AK-47. Here’s the full video of 8.30 minutes. It is long but you may watch if you wish to:

Surprisingly, the cops were rather kind to him and none of them carried any AK-47s. Those cops carrying rifles were on the streets on protective duty and not in Arnab’s house. It is normal for cops to be heavily armed and secure the perimeter before a major arrest to avoid sudden protests or violence on the streets. (Sudden protests happened near Alibaug PS). Secondly, cops tried to pull Arnab out but he pushed back and went inside the house so they had to follow. Arnab sinks on the couch and claims “Assault” and asks why they were surrounding him. Stupid question. It’s what cops do when they come to arrest someone.

Finally, when the cops forcibly lifted Arnab from the couch (which police are entitled to do if arrest is resisted) he resisted arrest, wrestled with the cops, stupidly shouted “Assault Assault” and again flopped on to a couch. It was almost like the heroine shouting “Bachao Bachao” when the goons try to kidnap her in a movie. The cops again lifted him and took him out of the house. Even while getting him into the van, Arnab was resisting and trying to make a public speech to his journalists before being shoved into the van. Arnab claimed his son was assaulted by the cops. Nonsense! His son may have been in the way during the “wrestling” and may have got pushed and that doesn’t amount to assault. His wife and son now have FIRs against them for obstructing the police in the arrest. The Alibaug CJM also did not accept any nonsense of “assault”:

There were no visible signs of Arnab being assaulted and later he only showed a minor injury (looking like a scratch) on his right arm which didn’t happen at his house. We don’t know how it happened. Therefore, instead of concentrating on proper legal action to get Arnab out of custody his entire bunch of morons of Republic, his family and his supporters concentrated on “assault, torture”, victimhood and sympathy-hunting crap which got them nowhere:

His lawyers were overconfident and went straight to the HC instead of seeking bail on the same day at Alibaug. Arnab’s lawyers filed a Writ of Habeas Corpus and an appeal for interim relief in the Bombay HC. They wanted the entire case and arrest declared unlawful and the accused to be released on that ground. It backfired in the HC despite the best legal brains. If they had sought bail in the Alibaug courts on November 4 itself Arnab would have at least been out of jail and fighting a better legal battle instead of shouting more victimhood from police vans. At the time of writing he has already spent 7 nights in jail over a bogus case. This is the same guy who wanted Rhea Chakraborty arrested in the SSR case for murder and stealing 15 crores without the slightest evidence. Karma seems to have got to Arnab.

Regardless of all that transpired, Arnab is now seeking bail from the Alibaug sessions court and also appealed the HC ruling in SC. A bail application does not go into the merits of the case and nor does the judge do that. Bail is decided mostly on the basis of the nature of the case, past record of the accused, whether he will tamper with evidence or run away from the law. Arnab doesn’t pose any such threat and should get bail in the normal course. That he had had to spend a week in jail is simply unfortunate and bad handling by his lawyers. The case of abetment to suicide is also garbage and will not hold in any court of law.

There are many clamouring “Democracy is dead or is in danger”. This is how democracy has been in India for decades. Arnab is a privileged man who is getting all the attention and can afford all the best lawyers money can buy. There are 4.5 lakh undertrials in Indian jails, some for over a year, mostly without a lawyer, no hearing and no help. Kamlesh Tiwari was helplessly locked up for a year and it took an SC intervention to get him bail only to get murdered. Some want GOI to intervene and somehow get Arnab released. That is simply not possible as the cases are now in multiple courts and no govt can interfere in such cases.

The problem with Arnab is that he started believing his own nonsense of being some kind of superman. In his competitive arrogance he abused even his own community calling them “Lutyens cabal” or “Lutyens Lobby”. So, even many from the journalist community don’t care about his situation. Arnab became the mouthpiece of Modi and BJP in trashing Uddhav, Sonia and other Opposition leaders. He forgot that he’s a journalist and not a political opponent. Even the BJP and other political opponents of Sonia and UT don’t trash or abuse them so much. Arnab became the main “Opposition Party” to these Sickulars. 

Arnab will get bail soon and everyone hopes he stays in good health and continues his work but life will not be the same again. The UT govt will not stop hounding him and his channel that is a certainty. Yesterday, their Asst VP Ghanshyam Singh was arrested in the TRP scam case. How Arnab conducts his journalism now remains to be seen. He certainly cannot wildly abuse Sonia like he did in the Palghar case. He has to evolve a new strategy and better tactics to lampoon these Sickulars and he should stop abusing his own community so often. Arnab is on his own from now on and all the BJP street support in India or the dances from California or Chicago doesn’t mean a damn thing.

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  1. Agree with most of it, It's time for BJP to go hammer and tongs after so called secular media. Modi and BJP have been hounded falsely for so long and so many non existent issues

    May Arnab's arrest break this unwritten rule of don't touch media and mediacrooks can be punished as per law of the land.

  2. I liked some of your earlier blogs. But this is just crap. You also abused Sonia and Modi in similar manner. See your earlier blogs. Arnab is true to himself as you think you are true to yourself through these blogs. FOE can go to any extent until it can be proved that because of your FOE some harm happened. Arnab is a true journalist. I give 2 hoots to your this blog piece. I appreciated many of your blogs.

    1. @BhanuPrakash

      Very typical of a mindless supporter of Arnab to talk nonsense. There is nothing I have written on Sonia or Modi that can be called abuse nor have I called them murderers. Regardless of that, you seem to be oblivious to the fact that Arnab is a journalist with a mic and a TV channel... I have neither of these and the post clearly says ordinary people can take some liberties but not professional journalists. Whether you like my blogs or not... your problem is accepting and living with the FACTS and TRUTH presented with evidence in the post. Dont try to fool me by accusing me of abuse. I dont buy your nonsense your stupid prejudices.


  3. It's business. As you have been writing about other Journalists/ Anchors. Everyone has taken a position. Agreed, that Arnab's loudmouthing is unbearable personally for me. But he is into business and whatever maximize his return, he'll clinch to it. Most of the jounalist has taken clear side. Only issue with Arnab is language or style.

  4. His brand of "debate" is so popular, hurts me really. But so does the popularity of Big Boss and IPL.

  5. This article is a little bit harsh on Arnab.. u cant deny that when the ruling establishment is gunning against u, there are very few options for u.

  6. I expect a sequel to this article, on what he did just after his release, from the studio.

  7. Now that #Arnab is out on Bail, I noticed that he has gone much less noisy about Maharashtra govt ot its principal leaders. which is proof enough that he has got the message that he must play his activist game shrewdly henceforth

  8. Very well written Sir. You cant go hammer and tongs . You need to change the game plan. Also in Arnab's debates there is hardly any substance. simply random shouting.


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