Monday, September 14, 2020

The Hindu Delusions

One of the favourite chest-thumper statements of some Hindus is that “we have survived 1000 years of invasions”. This is now a self-defeating brag. The purpose of a whole culture is not merely to survive like the threatened tigers or lions – the purpose must be to progress and conquer new frontiers and challenges that weren’t attempted before. Hindus are usually proud of the achievements of their ancestors in science, math, astronomy, physics – almost all major forms of exploration. The “survival” brag is not one of progress. It is merely one of mundane reproduction and existence. In the last 3 decades, Hindu revivalism has been strong and more so with the advent of technology and the internet. Hindus are naturally good at technology and adapting to new techniques. This puts them at an advantage over other communities; especially the desert cults and some “victimhood minorities”.

The sand on the riverbed doesn’t get there with one rain or overnight. It takes years of denudation by the rain, wind or ice grinding down the rocks bit by bit to take the sand where it gets. Just like the light of stars take light-years to reach our eyes. The old methods of drawing out swords and indulging in conventional wars are not so easy or popular anymore. That is why terrorism is a popular choice of Islamic radicals. But they realised even that is not easy. Therefore, the best way to denude a whole culture is slow deposits of Chrislamic ingredients through various forms – peaceful, covert and violent methods. When the Peacock-Bapu blabbers “Ek haath Guran, Ek haath Phantom” it is not accidental. PM Modi desperately seeks the approval of Muslims in power in many countries. “Orchestrated awards” from Saudis, UAE and even Palestine are not simple accidents. A kind word of applause for his most stupid public displays is also icing on the cake:
Add to this heady mix of govt approval of violence by Thookiyas and you get a culture of assertion of supremacy. Be it Azaan on loudspeakers or namaz on the roads or riots for mundane nonsense or jokes on Mohammad, it is now almost mandatory to violently riot for anything. It is mandatory to burn the country even for CAA which does not harm them in anyway. It is mandatory to lynch for cows, goats and what not. And, still, after all this, play victim. Cry Islamophobia. Call the ModiSarkar a “Hindutva” govt when there isn’t a shred of Hindutva about BJP or ModiSarkar. The extent to which ModiSarkar has gone to appease the Muslims is beyond the 22000 crores over years of funding. It extends to constantly hammering the worthless tombs of invaders as monuments of Indian heritage:

Those who were around during the 1979-80 period and were conscious about world happenings would remember the Polish uprising by workers for freedoms and democracy. The protests started from the Gdansk docks led by popular labour labour-leader Lech Walesa. He would later become President of Poland and won the Nobel peace prize and many other laurels for leading the revolution. 2020 marked the 40th year of that revolution. Suddenly, GOI remembered there’s a country called Poland and wanted to celebrate the 40th anniversary of that movement. So, what do they do? They light up the Qutub Minar as if it's the most symbolic of Indian monuments or heritage. 

This is particularly odd when you learn that the Polish govt is dead against allowing any Islamic influence or Muslims into their country. In reality, most of these Islamic monuments are crime scenes. The Qutub complex is built by destroying Hindu/Jain temples, ruins of which are still there. PM Modi employs a brainless jerk called Prahlad Patel as “Culture Minister” and I call him “Tomb manager”. His job is to decorate and light up tombs of mass-murderers of Hindus from history and laugh in your face.

Everything may seem innocuous and innocent to you. But it’s not. Even in something as ordinary or routine as the IPL cricket tournament, you have to wonder what machinations are being worked. Due to Covid, it seems the BCCI decided to shift the play to other countries. Of all the places, they go to the same UAE crap from where India had to stop cricket for dubious reasons. Cricket is being played in England and, probably, Australia too. Not one UAE desert-land is known for any cricket other than having Indian expats, but they are not going to be in the stadiums anyway. So, what is the motive or goal behind GOI approving UAE? Ah! If you rack your brains hard enough, it’s just another favour to the Muslim countries that ModiSarkar gleefully offers:
You could say these are just conspiracy theories. Not one bit. There is no reason whatsoever that the same matches cannot be played in India with minimal crowds or zero crowds. In any case, the major attraction will now be only TV revenues. If you still think that’s a nominal Thookiya appeasement, then you’ve got another think coming:
While it was generally known that the GOI is trying to push Muslim candidates and tom-tom them as great achievers in the UPSC exams, most of it is “rear-entry”. Your rear! In what looks like almost a “Covert” operation, Muslim candidates are pushed through with lesser qualification, more attempts and age relaxation. And the Hindus think “Survival” is a great accomplishment. They think ModiSarkar is the last messiah and saviour of Hindus. Nothing can be more foolish. It doesn’t matter if ModiSarkar didn’t do anything whatsoever that is Hindu-specific but the discrimination against Hindus has gotten dramatically worse under Modi. And there is no dearth of morons who claim Modi built Ram Mandir or his “Shashtang Pranam” at Ram Mandir is a great boon for Hindus. And they brag about having survived 1000 years and hope to survive the nonsense for another 1000 because they cannot see the rats gnawing at their foundation. This is an invisible plague. While Modi does long “namaskarams” at Ram Mandir making Hindus dance like drunks, his BJP govt in Uttarakhand has taken over temples. Earlier, the Fadnavis-govt in Maharashtra stole temple money and took over temples. Even the Sickulars didn’t do this in these two states.

“Creeping Sharia” is among the oldest websites that chronicles how Islamists covertly push their agenda. Whether it’s UK, Europe or USA, the ultimate goal of the Islamists is to establish Islamic rule. I believe India will fall faster than any of these Western countries though Hindus like to think Western civilization is under an Islamic siege. A lot of noise emanates from UK over Islamic riots or acts of violence, but their population is still only 3% while in India their population can be anywhere between 17 to 20%. Nobody seems to know the exact population of Muslims in India. There are now villages brazenly imposing Sharia as in the image from Bengal. There are no-go zones in Ramathapuram in TN. There are similar places in Kerala. Not surprisingly, Kerala commies and mullahs have repeatedly proclaimed Kerala will become an Islamic state soon and I believe they are making sense:
There’s another thing that should worry Hindus. While Modi goes around giving sermons on Swami Vivekananda or pretends to be “Mor Bapu” of the jungle, his party BJP and their govts quietly condone the crimes of Mullahs. Maulana Saad is nowhere in sight, the Markaz have disappeared, many Shaheen Bagh criminals are now “honourable” members of BJP. The Markaz building at Nizamuddin which was the site of so much Covid ruckus has 8 illegal floors. Not one floor has been demolished despite the govt warning to do so. In short, if you are a Muslim you can get away with a lot. A woman was given bail just because she was pregnant while Hindu women would be tortured for years. It all boils down to the fallacy of so called “Hindu votes”.

The current population of India is estimated at 138 crores. Of this, approximately 80% is stated to be “Hindu”. But what these numbers don’t tell us is that all political parties have carved out a different religion from this 80% of Hindus. I don’t have an accurate number but I estimate 60-70% of this 80% Hindus are made up of Dalits, SC/ST, Farmers etc. Cleverly, Modi has made this population his core target of votes. Nothing wrong in that. It makes a heady mix if you add “women” to that population of voters. So, in effect, the actual number of Hindus clamouring over equal Rights, Temple freedom, RTE or against Islamic attacks are merely a small percentage. During election campaigns, throw this overall Hindu population a few words of condolences over dead Hindus, chant Jai Shri Ram and the Hindus are happy. They live in this delusion of BJP or Modi being friends of Hindus.

The intelligent class is not fooled by stuff like “Vishwa Guru” or “Vasudiyo Kutumbiyo” or “Aatmanirbhar” nonsense. Seriously, it took the Chinese to teach Modi the value of Aatmanirbhar? How is this “Aatmanirbhar” any different from the “Make in India” that Modi launched in 2014? It’s like buy a new imaginary-calf every crisis and keep bathing it till a new crisis comes around. The Covid thing too has gone beyond the intelligence of GOI. The “Thali Bajao, Ghanti Bajao and Batti Jalao” and the daily briefing by the Central Health Department has all vanished in the haze.

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  1. sir, i am glad i am old enough to die before the takeover happens.

  2. Its hightime hindu minded and nation loving leaders among BJP should come forward to expose and protest against the pseudo secular appeasement of Modi govt. They should not prostrate like congress darbaris before him and chant pyayers. They should know SM will not spare them and Modi led BJP will crumble like pack of cards if they persue this suicidal agenda of appeasement. Its the time after attaining age of 70 Modi should go.

    1. What about hindu minded and nation loving non-bjp leaders/people?
      or there are none?

    2. Yes Sir.
      There are none.

  3. It was very well researched and a very well written article. All Hindus must read it as soon as they can, and understand the grave problem we are facing in today's times. Choosing the BJP was good as it was like choosing between the lesser evil among the two. But it's high time that BJP needs to do some introspection and Modi needs to stop his Mahamta love as well... as for me all the problem lies in his Mahatma love, which is to make Hindus weak and forget Mahabharata or even Ramayana with the BS of ahinsa and what not...may the sense prevail soon

  4. A very apt article clearly indicating the extent of increased emboldement among Muslims and pathetic and utter ineptness in acting by the Modi Government rather can we say deliberate buttering by Modi Government. Excellently put. I wish this had two or three parts.

  5. Historian and scholar late Sita Ram Goel had long ago predicted that BJP will become a more fierce enemy of Hindus than even the Congress. He had seen through these cowardly 'nationalists'. The extinction of Hindus in Bharat is now more or less a certainty now. Perhaps this can be avoided if the armed forces stages a coup NOW.

    1. Right...

      Time to follow TamBrahms way settle down in foreign countries, if we can't let's ensure our next generation moves out of Dirty Anti- Hindu environment.

      Atleast Nityananda had got guts to launch digital Hindu nation and money with Hindu God and Goddess images.

  6. Online astrologer has predicted Modi will take Political Sanyas after 2024, till then we Hindus have to tolerate his Gandhigiri, and His maskabaji for Muslim votes.

  7. I think Hindus, survived last 1000 years, may be because of Hindus in Rural India, kept their faith in Dharma. And majority of them were uneducated. But, this perception changed with the people becoming educated, who cared two hoots for their Dharmic practice. And most Hindus became secular, abusing Hindu practices. This will be the main reason for extinsion of Hindus, as the author has rightly pointed out. Do one find any Muslim abusing Islam? No, but you can find lot of Hindus who support them, without knowing its consequences. We had many hopes on Modi, when he became PM, but he really back stabbed Hindus. Yes, I am old enough, as a Gentleman said inthe cooments, not to see the slow death of Hindus, in coming years. Even Lord Krishna might have forgotten, what he said.. "Sambhavami Yuge Yuge"..

  8. Dhimmi and timid Hindus say that "hasti mit ti nahi hamari" we survived after 1000 years of colonial rule.

    These weak hearted duffers do not know that Sanatan Vedic Dharma, Hindu'ism got wiped off from 84 countries in last 3000 years.

    Such jokers reap benefit of trees planted by ancestors, but not planting for next generations.

    Truth is in recent time of history, We Hindus lost Pakistan, Afghanistan, Bangladesh, Myanmar, Burma and Lanka.

    We lost Hindu dominating presence in states like Kerala, North East, Eastern
    Assam, Western UP and Kashmir. Hindus are minority in 8 states.

    Time is running. Only aggressive Hindus who can take to streets, work at ground level than rant in Social sites can make changes and bring resurrection of Hindu India. Dependence on political parties and coward leaders begets failure and submission leading to further decimation of Hindu'ism.

    Each Hindu should work on his iwn at ground level making a small local group of defence, building unity among Hindus.

    Vande Mataram
    Jai Shree Ram
    Har Har Mahadev

    1. EDIT: 1) on his own
      2) Western UP, West Bengal

  9. Modi gabbarment has turned to be more disappointment in version 2.0. Forget 22000 crores from central gabbarment if we add the state gabbarments towards thookiya gangs then it will be somewhere 50000 crores. As rightly pointed out Bharatiya Jokers Party cares only for dead Hindoos. Did attacks on Hindus stopped? Did Modi sarkar brought safety to Hindu women from love j8had? Are temples freed from gabbarment control? Are Hindus ensured equality? In current form BJP deserves to be wiped out. Again coming to Hindus lack of unity,regional and caste differences is costing a lot. I guess the population of true Hindus excluding those atheists and false ones may not cross more than 65%. Will be ours the last generation of Hindus I guess so.

  10. Very frustrating!
    Wish these nincompoop BJP leaders read this brilliant article

  11. Jogi Adityanath seems to be the only ray of hope now!

    1. We were thinking Modi is the only hope when we saw Atalji doing secularism. Now, Modi is doing the same thing. Don't how Yogi will be when/if he become PM in future. First and foremost, BJP should come out of Bapu ideology. That will be the first corrective step.

    2. Neither Atalji nor our current PM had the adhyatmik background of Jogiji. So far, all the actions of Jogiji have been people-centric. Of course only Mahakal can say what will happen in future.

  12. Another point - Atalji had always been accommodative and pro-secular.

  13. Indian Muslims most content in world, Constitution ensures space for all: RSS chief Mohan Bhagwat

    Traitor RSS.


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