Sunday, September 27, 2020

Drugland Queens

Note: This post is not intended in anyway to condone or defend any form of drug abuse or drug offence. The discussion is only on the various aspects of current events.

The word “psychotropic” is somewhat self-explanatory. It indicates a mind degenerated into a psychotic state with narcotics. Such a mental state gives a sense of bliss and power. Drug abuse is not new to the world or to India. At the same time the noise around Bollywood and drugs is definitely excessive and is meant to cover up many failures and problems facing India and the GOI at a time like this. Surely, petty drug abuses by Deepika Padukone or some Rakul Preet or Rhea Chakraborty are nothing more than mundane cases. None of them are the “kingpins” of the business. At the most, these women are piddly abusers indulging in a fantasy life either due to some failed expectations in personal life or experimenting and becoming recreational-adventurers. None of these calls for a fat-head like Navika Kumar of TimesNow to make a sweeping statement on a non-existent drug culture in India:

For the kind of population, we have, there is nothing like a drug culture as is prevalent in the US or Colombia or Mexico. Narcotics has been popular with “Performance artists” for a long time. Movies, music, sports – all these domains have many who have fallen victims to drugs or have lost their prizes or winnings. The list of famous deaths due to drugs, since late 19th century, runs into over 700 names by this list alone on Wikipedia. Among the famous names are Marilyn Monroe, Michael Jackson, Prince (singer), George Best (explosive footballer) and even the legend that discovered and produced the Beatles music: Brian Epstein. Among the famous athletes that have been shamed due to drug abuse are Diego Maradona, Ben Johnson, Lance Armstrong, Maria Sharapova, Martina Hingis, Shane Warne and even Pakistani cricketer Shoaib Akhtar. There are many more on this “Shame list”. The WADA list of banned drugs is now so long that it is very difficult for athletes to dodge it.

Drug abuse has been prevalent in the West in the entertainment and sports industry since the late 19th century. But it sparked a revolution in the 1960s which came to be known as the “flower power” years and the “hippie” culture. The primary drivers of this pop culture included the Beatles themselves. The Beatles not only altered the course of rock and pop music, they had a phenomenal impact on the culture in almost all countries across the world. The Beatles stopped touring after 1965 and wanted to be more creative with their music in studio albums. The very first dramatically course-changing album “Revolver” had LSD-informed music. It became even more impactful with the “Sgt Pepper” album in 1967 which came to be known as the greatest “psychedelic” album.

The Beatles ended in 1970 but the cultural revolution they brought, especially with the drug-induced writing and composing left a permanent mark although they themselves got out of the drug habits. This led many entertainers to believe that psychedelic drugs enhanced their capabilities on and off stage/screen. But that is what drugs do – they make one delusional. Drugs don’t increase any artistic capability and at worst, it kills. The athletes use different drugs that elevate physical stamina and muscle prowess unlike the entertainers. In the current episode of Bollywood, one jerk even remarked that is difficult to act without drugs.

Let us also attend to an idiotic question that goes around in defence of the Bollywood drug queens and their escapades. Many have asked – why aren’t the Hindu sadhus who smoke “Ganja” being similarly prosecuted? “Cannabis” has been grown in India in the northern hills for centuries. The sadhus around this region have renounced all social forms of life for a reclusive existence in pursuit of their spiritualism. They are mostly Shiv-Bhakts. The entire northern hilly region (including what is now Pakistan) has always been grown Cannabis plants and more towards Afghanistan they grow Poppy (the source for Opium, Heroin and Morphine). One can read this NatGeo article for more information:

The image shows two young men carrying freshly cut “Ganja” from the fields. Therefore, smoking Ganja has been in practice with the Sadhus for centuries. Just as most Indian laws do not apply to Tribals, whether in Andaman or Assam or Meghalaya; some laws, in practice, do not apply to the lifestyle of these sadhus. They lead a life mostly away from civilization and survive on alms and chase their own spiritual goals in any manner they can. Some will stand upside down, some wrap themselves in wild thorns, some will walk naked, most of them have ashes all over their body. Their life does not interfere with our society unlike the Bollywoodiyas who earn from you and influence your children’s behaviour. Because of their tough lifestyle, people from all over the world visit them to understand them and Hindus generally respect them. Theirs is a primitive way of life that society cannot and should not interfere with just as we don’t interfere with the Sentinelese of Andamans. Most of these sadhus are also a delight to have a chat with. They are not power-drunk like the drugland queens:

Not just these sadhus but many Hindus make “Bhaang” from the same Cannabis plant residue on Shivratri and also during Holi. This is not seen as breaking the law but as a mild celebration of age-old tradition. People don’t go around drinking “Bhaang” every day. Bhaang is also found in movies in many comic situations. In 1956, the anti-Hindu Nehru govt did try to bring these sadhus under control but faced the strongest opposition from Acharya Kesari who scuttled the move. You may want to read up more on that episode from this image:

The illegal drug trade across the world is estimated at $400 billion and US alone is estimated at 150 billion. It is hard to get an estimate for India as there are no known statistics available anywhere. However, there is no doubt that the narcotics business has grown dramatically in the last 10-20 years and the prices of certain drugs have also escalated far beyond real estate prices. A recent haul alone put one single dump at 1000 crores:

That is 191 kg of Heroin seized and by the amount quoted, the street value is estimated at 5.23 crores per kilo. That is a bit unbelievable but the consignment was meant for the international market and was camouflaged as “Ayurvedic” material. There are stray cases here and there where a drugs haul is made and publicized but just as surely there must be hundreds of cases which are never detected or caught. They don’t get caught because like with all other crimes, the people most involved in drug running are the mafias, politicians, cops and their henchmen. In the FBI Files episodes, prominent ones related to drugs also involve cops. These include “Shattered Shield” and others like “Cracking the cartel” and “Final Takedown”. All these episodes are available on Youtube. Drug running is impossible unless you have cops and politicians involved. The same goes for the way in which Naxals and Maoists get arms. Naxals are hiding in jungles, their only connection to civilized world is through Commies and cops. You cannot be supplying guns, bombs, bomb-making material to Naxals without the participation of politicians and cops.

Coming back to the current case of Rhea, Deepika and others, it is possible they may have consumed drugs here and there. Mumbai reportedly has around 6 lakh drug abusers. But there is nothing so dramatically criminal as NCB and our criminal media is making out to be. Deepika, of course, did not help her cause by appearing at JNU and she seemed drugged too. Her eyes looked sick. There are other stories that she was paid 5 crores to suddenly appear at JNU by a Paki businessman. This is all for everyone to guess. These media morons clamoured for the CBI to probe into SSR death and after a month there is no ranting about CBI or the SSR case. It is now drugs and drugs alone. Actors and sidekicks have been arrested in Mumbai and Bangalore. I am not convinced the stupid NCB has really got any serious charges. If some have confessed to consuming drugs in the past then the courts may only ask them to go through a rehabilitation process under probation.

The lawyer of SSR family, Vikas Singh, now claims the whole case has been sidetracked and turned into a drugs case. He too is a moron. He enjoyed the airtime and probably good payments too. All his actions, including filing FIR in Patna, were driven and supported by CM Nitish Kumar. The guy is as smooth talking as Prashant Bhushan or Yogendra Yadav. Nothing in the SSR case called for so much shouting and dancing. All it called for was to report findings and pressurise agencies to investigate. Otherwise, be it SSR case or the drugs case we all know how much brains the NCB or CBI has.

There is a pattern of indulging in excessively noisy cases in the media by ModiSarkar and their alliance partners. Arnab even got Kangana Ranaut to dance over the dead body of SSR to play victim. And now she is all over the place. It is easy to forget. Before the LS 2019 elections, Modi’s Tattus like ED repeatedly called Robert Vadra for questioning. The Vadri came along with him with a workman’s lunchbox. All that bogus lipstick is long gone after the elections. Modi & co used ED to target Praful Patel and Sharad Pawar just before the Maharashtra elections. And though BJP came out the single largest party, they were screwed for bad choices and now whine like idiots about things that should be done in the state. Come Bihar, you can see a Bihari SSR being played out. And since the family named Rhea as the villain, it was important for BJP-Nitish Kumar that at least someone be jailed to claim “working for justice for a Bihari”. All these stupid childish but criminal games fool the people.

India is facing dramatic increase in Covid cases and deaths. Even a central minister and other prominent people have died. Economy is in shambles with unemployment at unprecedented high. Drugs are the perfect cure to live in an illusion of well-being for the GOI and the public. The Kerala Gold-terror case is also off the media because it involves Commie pigs. While Mor Bapu plays with his peacocks and gives lectures on eating “Haldi” and “Desi Ghee” and whether missing “Chole Bhature” affects Virat Kohli. This is putting lipstick on 1000 fat problems quite brazenly. The BJP not only are out of power in Maharashtra, they also couldn’t win Haryana cleanly. Since then they also lost Jharkhand. Overcooking anything has a bad outcome. Arrogance and moronery doesn’t teach that lesson. The drugland queens will be dancing with Modi again after Bihar elections, like his peacocks.


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