Friday, August 14, 2020

I-Day - Elusive Freedoms

Among the top headlines in Canada this week is “Hooting and Whistling” continue in Ontario despite a town-ban. Among the top news in Argentina is action against “illegal fishing”. Canada is a largely Christian country while Argentina is a Catholic country. Their populations are too small compared to India – Canada 2.6 crores of which 43% are Catholics and another 38% Christians of different denominations, Argentina population is around 4.5 crores with 75% Catholic. Sure, these countries may not be paradise and may have their own problems and daily strife but no country on earth compares to the daily tragedies that confront India. We not only have the mundane problems of life and “new arrivals” like COVID; we have “permanent” problems like China, Pakistan, Commies, Islamists and corruption. All of these problems are further heightened by an incompetent Judiciary and an even worse governments at the Centre and States.

With rare exceptions, all of the govts are anti-Hindu, anti-majority and feed the enemies as if it is their Constitutional obligation. Both the Centre and most States have failed to recognise the internal enemies that are eating away the foundations of this country. It may sound like a joke but the anti-national and traitor Shah Faesal, the so-called IAS officer of JK who resigned over junking of 370 and created a huge ruckus with all kinds of utterances against India may be back at some govt job. While elsewhere in Maharashtra, a young woman is arrested for trashing the govt. Another guy is in trouble for calling AdityaT a “Baby Penguin”. This country doesn’t seem to know who the real enemies are:
Whether Faesal gets reinstated or not is a different issue but the fact that his resignation remains unaccepted reflects on the cowards that run this country. The same cowards that are still not able to deal with Maulana Saad or the AIMPLB louts. The AIMPLB scoundrels issued a warning that included a threat to destroy the Ram Mandir again now that it is being rebuilt. Narendra Modi basks in the glory of “Bhumi Pujan” for Ram Mandir although I don’t credit him for doing anything for it other than sitting on the truck with LK Advani in 1992. Over the last 2-3 years ModiSarkar has completely degenerated into a mere personality-driven, lipstick-wearing govt that has incompetence written in every department barring a handful. The COVID episode is unfortunate for any country as it is for India and the govt and that too seems to have taken a huge toll on our economy and services. Our health infrastructure stands badly exposed.  

I have to wonder what ModiSarkar has to really offer now because the biggest challenge from the economy and defence confronts him now more than ever before. Fatigue normally sets in with a govt that is too personality-driven and Modi’s excessively stupid obsession with the MK Gandhi nonsense doesn’t go down well even with many of his ardent supporters. Two things about Gandhi that are simply intolerable and detrimental to the progress of India – he was anti-Hindu and a Muslim appeaser. Even if not actually following in his footsteps, Modi has made pleasing Muslims and the Islamic countries a cornerstone of his personality-driven govt. He started both his terms in office by media-attended prayers to Gandhi at the PMO.

Many in MSM and on social media do not travel frequently. Most of the media is obsessed with a few metros, especially Delhi, and their reporting does not extend beyond that unless there is a major tragedy like the aircrash in Calicut. If one leaves the metros and major cities of India and travels across the smaller towns and villages, you will find huge swathes of towns dotted with masjids and Muslim ghettos. Many of the highways in TN have turned into “Biryani towns” like Ambur on the highway from Chennai to Bangalore. Rural towns in the Jalgaon-Aurangabad belt are all Islamised. Vast swathes of rural towns have posh mosques that you may not find in cities. All the money for this flow from Saudi Arabia and other Muslim countries. Some of these ghettos are “no go” zones even for the police.

The Muslim leaders cleverly kept Hindus engaged in a battle over Babri masjid for decades while building large number of mosques all across the country. There is no official count for this as many of them may be illegal and our nincompoop govts don’t have the courage to confront them. Violence broke out in Bangalore on the night of August 11 over a post against Mohammad (Which is reportedly a response to an abusive post against a Hindu God). But when you see maps of the Calicut runway and the Bangalore DJ Halli police station, the number of mosques surrounding them simply looks like an invasion. You would also wonder why the need for one Babri when so many are being built so quickly:
The barracks and arsenal-depots of Mohammad’s warriors are underlined in red. The maps are obviously not to scale due to reduction in size but gives a fair picture of the mushrooming of mosques. The manner in which the Bangalore violence happened, after the Delhi violence in February, clearly indicates that these Islamic warriors are battle-ready at all times. They have communication systems that can immediately organise a mob of 1000+ and possess all kinds of innovative weapons for arson, attacks on public property and police stations and attacks on other communities. Amit Shah and Modi seem helpless at this onslaught. The factory building of Tahir Hussain of the Delhi riots fame was a den of improvised weapons warehouse with petrol bombs, Molotov cocktails, machetes, swords, guns, acid-bombs, large size catapults and cannon-ball shooters and so on:
It is not as if little Tahir Hussain, the darling of Sickular idiots, was an unknown quantity. In India, politicians and police are the best friends of criminals. There is hardly any doubt that Arvind Kejriwal is a good friend of Tahir Hussain and knew his henchman well. It is possible Hussain was a friend to politicians from all parties and also with some cops. Police and politicians don’t discover major criminals overnight:
Anyone who still keeps blabbering that a population of 130 crore (now over 138 crores) is an advantage to India is a moron. And, unfortunately, both Narendra Modi and Amit Shah keep making this idiotic statement. After the China attack and the love-affair between Modi-Xi broke up, they suddenly discovered “Aatmanirbhar” was some great magic potion. So, Amit Shah claimed if 130 crore people boycotted foreign goods, India can become Aatmanirbhar. Such childish gibberish is what is now passing for intelligence from ModiSarkar. For Modi, certain topics are like the latest hit song he hears on the radio. Sometime in 2016 he talked about Balochistan in his I-Day speech. In his 2019 I-Day speech he talked about population control but after that, such topics go into archives. Now the latest hit song is “Aatmanirbhar” and that because China killed our soldiers, occupied our land and dumped Modi’s friendship into the garbage can and Modi’s ministers keep blabbering nonsense as if Indians are morons who can be fooled all the time:
After 73 years, we are still into “Garibi Hatao” and “Save the farmer” schemes. And then Modi and his ministers claim population is a great asset for India. This is DISASTER written all over. There is nothing Modi has done in six years about excessive population growth which is a serious threat to India. The threat is BIGGER when you consider that this population growth is more in the Muslim segment. Population growth does not produce more productive youth, it produces more useless, unemployable louts. The Bangalore violence (and earlier the Delhi violence) is a sample of what is in store for India from the Islamists:

These violent goons now brazenly attack cops and burn police stations. And this continued assault is going on India is going on at some place or the other right from the time ModiSarkar came into power in 2014. And then they demand some woman should be given bail because she’s pregnant. India’s fate was sealed the day Partition was left incomplete. This was a country doomed to mediocrity, appeasement and a world-laggard in terms of our real potential. One of the Muslims arrested by Bangalore police after the recent violence is Musamil Pasha. This scumbag is a leader of the SDPI party which is a front for the terrorist group PFI. The PFI is from Kerala but has its tentacles spread across a few southern states and some more. The anti-national and violent activities of the PFI are well known to everyone. Yet, ModiSarkar refuses to act against the and ban them nationally.

With our size and potential, we should have been a super power long ago militarily and economically. Instead, we are always with the also-ran countries. Just yesterday Modi stated that out of 130cr Indians, only 1.5cr filed IT returns. The biggest hurdles stunting India are Reservations, Statutory Discrimination against Hindus and Muslim appeasement. Of these, Muslim appeasement is the MOST DANGEROUS. The reason is, a lot of time and money is being spent on this “Fake minority” trying to reform them. They are unreformable and are driven only by their religion not by India as the priority. The Congress and their Commies make deals with China and Pakistan. ModiSarkar appeases the Islamic nations. The most productive population bears the brunt of such stupid policies. And as long as Islamist threat is not countered, I see a very grim future for India. There will hardly be much freedoms to celebrate in the not too distant future. Happy I-Day still.

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Sunday, August 2, 2020

Ram BhumiPujan - Sickulars Unwelcome

Millions of Hindus have died over decades and centuries without their desire of seeing a Ram Mandir being re-built at the Ayodhya Ram Janmabhoomi. Some Kar Sewaks were shot and killed by Sickular scumbags like Mulayam Singh Yadav in 1990. The events of 1990 and the Advani-Rath Yatra of 1992 forced the issue of Babri-Ram Mandir dispute hanging for a long time. Thousands of Hindu temples were destroyed to build mosques over them – this was a normal practice by Mughal and Islamist murderers the world over. Even today, the Hagia Sophia, the oldest cathedral in Istanbul was turned into a mosque with just a govt order. In India, the criminal partition should have fully exchanged Hindu-Muslim population, the Muslims wanting a separate Pakistan being the main reason for its creation. That the Babri masjid was build over a Ram temple has been proved beyond any doubt by archaeology and by legal process.

Fake historians, Comme pigs and Muslim leaders held on to the bogus claim of Babri being an original masjid without any destruction of a temple. All these liars and Hindu-haters can now rot in hell. Hindu society should not afford them space or sympathy in anyway. Hindus living today are blessed to witness the Ram Mandir about to be re-built and the Bhumi Pujan for it on August 5. We are not only lucky; we must also consider ourselves privileged and remember all the lives and sacrifices that went into making this great event possible for us. Even in far off New York, celebrations have been planned at Times Square so we can imagine the festive-fever that must be on in Ayodhya. Yogi Adityanath has requested all Hindus to light Diyas on the night of August 4 and make it a Diwali and we must. In the town of Ayodhya streets and walls are being painted with the story of Ram:
There is also a warning that must be sounded to Hindu-haters, Sickulars and Islamists. Some of these vermin now claim all kinds of “Secular Right” to be at the ceremony. Their grand argument is that “Ram belongs to all”. Ram may belong to all but the question is do all stand with Ram? No, they don’t. The Congress has abused Ram the most along with certain Sickulars and Islamists. They even denied the existence of Ram in the Supreme Court. But, like true corrupt, anti-Hindu criminals – the Chinese Gandhis have not hesitated to exploit Ram and Ayodhya for their electoral pursuits. I have not known greater Ram-haters in politics than the fake Gandhi family who hold intense contempt for Hindus:

There are twisted, hate-mongering Muslim leaders and activists who have cleverly called Ram as “Imam-e-Hind” reducing his stature to an ordinary Imam. An Imam is nothing more than an ordinary preacher or a prayer-leader at mosques. Ram is no Imam. He is the Lord and higher than Allah. Ram does not need to lead any prayer – He is the one we pray to. He is the one that models our life. He is the one we sing for. His is the spirit that runs through our life like blood in our body. Fools like Dr Mohan Bhagwat who repeat this Imam nonsense should remember that Ram is the one we pray to and not the other way around.

Thus, Yogi Adityanath and the Ram Mandir Trustees must make it absolutely clear that no Sickular whatsoever should be at the Bhumi Pujan. Muslim leaders should first apologise for the abuses they have showered at Hindus and at Ram Mandir in a direct or indirect manner. A few Muslims calling themselves “Ram Bhakts” are not atonement and are not penance for historic crimes. Some “Ram Bhakt” walking 800 kms to be at Ayodhya or crawling on hands and knees to Ayodhya does not cut it. Even that appears to be a fraud as this Faiz Khan is alleged to be travelling by a car. Hindus do not need any specific bhakti or favour from any Muslim or Christian. The Ram Mandir ceremony is purely a Hindu issue and must remain so. 500 years of abuse cannot be washed away by some bhakt walking or crawling. People like Shahid Siddiqui, Rana Ayyub and others still mock Ram and such scum do represent the Muslim community:

Criminal hate-mongers like Siddiqui grandly claim Ram belongs to all but taunt PM Modi for going to the Bhumi Pujan and he tweets that they see it as a great victory over Mughals. I sort of agree; it is indeed a great victory over murderous Mughals who have destroyed thousands of Hindu temples. This is all the stupid architecture they could manage. I hope one day the Taj Mahal is also dismantled to raise the Shiva temple it buried. Hindus must show no mercy or sympathy and take back all the major temples because the Jihadis are not going to rest. Paid hate-mongers like Rana Ayyub delight over gown-wearing Hajjis gathering but mock Bhumi Pujan at RJB as if Corona has stopped life all over and no work is being done at all. This is the FILTH that Hindus must constantly guard against. What exactly were they planning with the Kerala gold smuggling operation? Grand series of terrorist attacks in India. The Kerala region of Jihadis also has ISIS popping up frequently with their operatives planning a grand destruction of Hindus. Unless Muslims themselves destroy these sleeper and active cells they cannot claim they really respect Ram:
ModiSarkar has still not managed to clean up Kashmir fully. We are still seeing terror attacks here and there. And the tentacles are growing in other parts of India like Kerala, Karnataka, Manipur and such areas. The Naxal violence has also not fully ended. The Commies and Chrislamists want India broken and Hindus destroyed for good. An event like Ram Bhumi Pujan provides for the biggest “Taqiya” act by enemies of Hindus. This should simply not be allowed. Swami Avimukteshwaranand Saraswati is not only strident but also very clear that Muslims cannot adopt double standards. They cannot abuse Hinduism and everything that Hindus value and still want their share of history by being part of the Ram Bhumi Pujan. I like the manner in which he bluntly dismisses claims of fake bhakti of Ram (video 2.20 mins):
The recovery of Ram Mandir from its destroyers took centuries. The losers will retain bitterness and will seek revenge. I have no doubts about that. The only way to deal with these destroyers of Hindu temples is to fight and recover all the other major temples destroyed by them. PM Modi is slated to be at RJB and do the Bhumi Pujan. I would have preferred he is only a guest and not involved in the Puja itself as that is best left to the senior priests of the temple. However, Modi is known to rush and take credit for everything, even if he didn’t have a big hand in the outcome. He is not going to help Hindus in anything, including temple freedom or more recoveries. His govt is fully busy in appeasing Muslims; the latest being the moronic Muslim Women’s Day. Slowly, they are trying to create a Muslim “state” within India with everything separate for them. There was some grand noise about renovating some 50000 damaged temples in Kashmir region after 370 was junked. I don’t think we have heard much about that after the news:
This is why Hindus must clearly assert that Ram Mandir is clearly only a Hindu matter and it does not have any room for fake Ram Bhakts and I certainly hope Modi does not give any Sickular “Vada Pav” speeches at RJB. The mostly useless BJP morons who are on TV and public space keep arguing with Thookiyas about why RJB Bhumi Puja now and not through e-Puja or get postponed. There is only simple answer to all such Hindu-hating Thookiyas: “It is none of your business” and that is all. Swami Avimukteshwaranand is absolutely right, it is Ram Mandir Bhumi Puja and not some beef-eating festival of Thookiyas:
Fake Ram Bhakts seeking to celebrate should do so outside the perimeter of RJB and have their own celebrations. Thookiyas can also celebrate in their own ghettos and homes. Millions of Hindus worldwide will also not be at Ayodhya, they too will celebrate from their homes. Like Yogi Adityanath has suggested, all REAL Hindus must light up August 4 night and celebrate a Pre-Diwali festival on August 5 also. There is no room for anyone but Hindus at RJB Puja. Keep everyone else out. Jai ShriRam.

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