Wednesday, July 29, 2020

Vultures Over Sushant Flesh

There have been over a dozen suicides over the years from the film industry – some famous personalities, some lesser known ones. Some left suicide-notes, some didn’t. It is never easy to understand what drives a person to such an extreme step. That apart, except for Guru Dutt who died of excessive sleeping pills, all the others seem to have chosen the more painful way of jumping off a building or hanging from the ceiling. I say painful because neither jumping off a building nor hanging from a fan can guarantee instant death. High profile Mumbai top-cop Himanshu Roy shot himself through his head – that is sure to guarantee instant death.

Deadly poisons like cyanide potassium are also known to cause near-instant deaths. Strychnine is a commonly used in pesticides but is also used for poisoning because it can be extracted in seed form commonly in India. One Canadian-Indian murdered most of his close family and children with Strychnine for insurance money. This is a poison very hard to detect as is cyanide. Many suicides in history have turned out to be cases of murder on later investigation or through accidental discoveries. Thus, every death that is suspicious and appears to be suicide must not be taken at face-value. It is for the police to investigate every suicide thoroughly, motives of any possible beneficiaries of the death, revenge-killings, personal passions and so on:
So, when Sushant Singh Rajput was found dead and hanging from his ceiling fan, it was another wasted life of a man climbing the stairs of success at good speed. Naturally, questions are asked by everyone. Harder for his family and close friends to believe. The police went through their routines, did their thing and started some investigation. PM Modi instantly tweeted condolences. Obviously, some lives matter to Modi and some don’t. SSR was a Bihari and Bihar elections are close so all the politicians with a stake in Bihar mourned for him. It took a few days and the chorus of “Murder not suicide” grew. This became louder after an interview by Kangana Ranaut to Arnab Goswami on Republic TV. It seems Kangana again talked about the “Nepotism gang” and how they destroyed the careers of outsiders like SSR or attempted to destroy her career in the past. She particularly targeted people like Karan Johar, Mahesh Bhatt – both scumbags of the worst kind.

There were other videos of SRK, Saif Ali Khan and Shahid Kapoor badly trolling SSR on stage at award functions or trashing Neil Nitin Mukesh about his name. Some filmy morons claimed this is all “scripted” drama. I don’t think so. It may be scripted by the morons executing it but the victims may not have known it. So, because this Kangana made some claims of “Bollywood mafia” and “insider-outsider” Arnab went an overdrive claiming SSR case is not of suicide but of possible murder. Of course, Arnab doesn’t have any evidence but chest-thumping, loud whining voices, tear-jerking, more Biharis (like Shatrughan or Shekhar Suman) blabbering – all makes up for “evidence” of murder. This leads some in the public to believe that if so many people are suspecting something, there must be some fire.

An SC lawyer Ishkaran Bhandari, a part-social activist also joined in to demand CBI investigations. He is an associate of Subramanian Swamy, so Swamy also joins the shouting. Swamy writes a letter to PM demanding CBI inquiry. I don’t think Swamy cares about the case other than the fact that his assistant Bhandari has involved himself in the campaign. I have written many posts in the past where I have established how criminal and anti-Hindu Bollywood is. Nothing would please me more than to see this criminal gang called Bollywood see a miserable death or throw out the mafia and start again on a clean state. Castards like Mahesh Bhatt are simply repulsive animals who shouldn’t be in public discourse. The Khans are dubious in their connections to Pakistan and enemies but even Modi dances with them.

But if anyone wants to run a campaign on SSR case being “murder” then there has to be some evidence and not manic behaviour like the idiots of Republic led by Arnab. His channel has turned it into #BlackLivesMatter kind of agitation where many Americans were violent, had no connection with Floyd protests and started destroying everything in sight – everything that took years to build. Moronic madness is what Arnab is indulging in out of his own personal grudges against Karan Johar (who got him thrown out of Timesnow) and against Mumbai Police:
And the entire nonsense of Arnab is that the Kangana-interview changed the whole scenario and cast doubts about the suicide of SSR. There was hardly anything in the interview that Kangana said that would point to a sinister plot to murder SSR even if there really was one. On the contrary, Kangana was just blabbering more vicious tirade on her pet theme of “nepotism” and targeting those who once harassed her or were her friends. This is not unusual for Kangana or for any Chameli in Bollywood. The whole of Bollywood is full of filth without exception and Kangana is no angel as Arnab and some would like everyone to believe. Today Kangana complains of nepotism but her earliest film was with Mahesh Bhatt productions, the same guy she is viciously trashing now. What should not surprise us is that this same castard Bhatt was supporting Kangana in her previous round of nepotism claims in 2017:
I don’t have to add that Kangana’s coochy-coo pose with the yucky, filthy Bhatt at that time does not betray any enmity or grudges. She seemed quite comfortable resting her arm on his lap. If not for his age and our knowledge of him and her, they could have passed off for a couple. Kangana is also a Bollywoodia and no angel. To paint her as some kind of “revolutionary” and use her unconnected interview to trash everyone involved in the SSR case is a motivated act by Arnab & co:
Nepotism may be bad as a practice in any enterprise but it is inevitable in family-run businesses. Nepotism is also not a legal offence that can be punished. May be Kangana got a little upset that Yucky Bhat since her early movies promotes his own Aalia Bhat. We don’t know the motives for who does what in Bollywood and neither do idiots like Arnab. But we do know that media crooks like Arnab do have a motive and an agenda. He has been hounding many in the past without any success. This time he hounds Mumbai Police who simply don’t bother. He was taken to task by them over the cases filed by Congress. Since then, he does not mess with St Antonia all that much. The public in general and fans of SSR must not get carried away with the moronery of Arnab or any of those shouting hoarse about a conspiracy and demanding CBI inquiry and all that. The most important document in a case like this is the autopsy report that establishes cause of death and the condition of the body. The preliminary and final post mortem report have not suggested any foul play. This report is NOT BEING DISCUSSED by Arnab at all because it is not convenient to his campaign:
Arnab wants revenge against Mumbai police. He wants SSR case to be transferred to CBI so that Mumbai police is insulted. He cares two hoots about SSR other than feeding on him like a vulture for his personal agenda. That is why he ignores the forensic reports and drum-beats nonsense of nepotism and extraneous nonsense. The autopsy report is always recorded note by note on the observations of the doctors involved. To support the bodily findings, photographs are taken of all parts of the body that are mentioned in the report. So, it is not merely “opinion” of a bunch of doctors but supported by documentary evidence. The post-mortem confirms no bodily injuries, no flesh or hair in the nails – this means there was no struggle, which would have been the case if SSR was strangled before being hanged in a staged scene. The only other possibility that SSR was murdered was that he was poisoned to death and then hanged as a staged scene to show the death as suicide. But on July 27, the viscera report came out and that showed no poisoning of any kind:
Therefore, even if one wanted to hang all the persons they hate in Bollywood for various reasons, there simply isn’t enough proof to hang anyone. The only way to create suspicion of foul play and murder is to dispute the post mortem and viscera report scientifically. But neither Arnab nor anyone else wants to do that. They have not called any experienced forensic scientists and doctors to dispute the findings. Thus, all the noise they are making is simply for a political goal and nothing else. Poor Sushant Singh Rajput is being used as “Electoral Flesh” by various vested interests without a damn interest in facts:
I would certainly like to see Karan Johar, Mahesh Bhatt and all the Hindu-hating gasholes to leave Bollywood one way or another. But there is no way I can seriously pin the SSR death on any of them with the current evidence on hand. Simply abusing Mumbai Police as Arnab does is not going to cut it. What all these noise-makers know damn well is that there is nothing they can do about the current situation with ZERO evidence to suggest a murder. They have ZERO evidence to point fingers at anyone. SSR may have faced discrimination and harassment but no one knows who it was and who to hang for it, if at all such person(s) drove him to suicide. It is not justice for SSR that these clowns are seeking. None whatsoever. They are now screaming CBI CBI CBI so that they can claim some kind of “moral victory” for their campaign.

CBI doesn’t have any great reputation nor any magic to trash evidence available and turn this into a murder. The latest is that after a recent complaint by Sushant’s family, the Bihar police have deputed some cops to Mumbai to participate in the investigation. They don’t even have jurisdiction and legally shouldn’t even be involved in an ongoing investigation by Mumbai Police. Patna police has also registered an FIR against SSR's ex girlfriend Rhea Chakraborty for abetting suicide and multiple charges. It's nothing but cheap political campaign. It is just a bunch of vultures having another fill without challenging the post mortem report, the viscera report or produced any circumstantial evidence to suspect foul play.

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Monday, July 27, 2020

Covid Online Classroom Farce

ModiSarkar has spent 22000 crores in the last six years over Muslim scholarships and Madrassa reforms. The average per year spend is nothing alarming. However, what are the returns that the country is getting on this spend? If you ask me – negligible. Even otherwise, the Muslim community is one that will not go beyond its religion and it’s like spending money on a horse that refuses to run. The nonsense of “Ek haath Quran & Ek haath Computer” is perhaps the most moronic slogan I have ever heard from Modi. That was a couple of years ago. The biggest contributors to the Covid epidemic in India were the Muslims of the Markaz gang. Cut to the present Covid situation where schools and colleges are closed and normal schooling has ground to a halt. We hear many stories of difficulties and misery. One such recent story was a villager in HP having to sell his cow so that his kids could attend online classes being ENFORCED by the school:
I cannot vouch for this story but it seems actor Sonu Sood and others are now trying to help this man get his cow back. But as the story mentions, it is hard to understand how two kids in different classes would simultaneously learn online from one device. The smartphone is hardly a device to learn from in a regular classroom setting; one would need at least a laptop size screen and controls. Secondly, if the family has never used smartphones, laptops or internet before, they would need some training for a while to even get used to working with the smartphone and accessing online classroom. Covid is making even schools a gang of idiots. There is no way primary school students can learn from online classrooms. Schools and parents are also locked in a fight over fees and why fees should be paid when there are no regular classes. Schools demand full fees claiming they have to meet salaries and other expenses whether the school operates or not. In this Covid situation the idea should be to stick to the most essential but the news we keep getting alarms us and makes us laugh too:
Why in hell do schools behave so brainlessly? I believe it is the conditioning that they have gone through under every govt that they should not “think” in doing anything. They should behave like morons without any concern for the end-user (child) who consumes their products. A primary student, of say Class-3, wouldn’t attend online classes diligently on her own. She needs hand-holding by a parent. It’s the nature of kids to waver, to be distracted and to find some subjects uninteresting. PT and Yoga are not life and death matter for a student. People tend to forget that schools are basically “academic” centres. But the PM and GOI promote Yoga so much as a mania as against Math or Science that schoolish idiocy sets in. Instead of just Yoga, there should be a revolution that promotes interest in Math and making Math an enjoyable subject. But then Ramanujan Modi cannot wax eloquently on Math as he does on Yoga. There shouldn’t be any online classes for primary students up to Class-7 whatsoever. They can do home-study with the help of parents. But even if some online classes are held then only the most essential subjects should be taught:
English (Or Hindi, Tamil whichever is the medium) Math and Science are the only subjects that need to be taught even otherwise. These are also the subjects that should be tested. Other subjects like history, civic or social studies are not essential subjects and the students can read their text books casually and that is enough. Even otherwise, our history and social studies books are nothing but badly written garbage that the students will not miss anything in life if they don’t read them. It is only as discerning adults that people discover true history of anything. They also discover that MK Gandhi was not the only Independence warrior and that thousands of others played bigger roles. Schools are also battling with parents over fees. This is an area that the GOI or State govts should have intervened and created an amicable resolution so that both sides are satisfied. The Covid situation has brought about burdens and liabilities on everyone and parents cannot bear the same burden of fees and at the same time teachers cannot go without salaries. This should not have been such a great problem to solve if the HRD ministers of the Centre and State had sincerely involved themselves:
Once I put out a few tweets on this topic, I got some hilarious responses too. It seems there are schools charging even “transport fees” with the argument that they have to pay drivers and transport staff. This is downright stupid. In most schools, the transport is on a “contract” basis with vendors. Even so, the biggest component of transport services is the fuel. Schools would certainly not be paying for fuel with no transport. If they do have to pay salaries for drivers and staff it is manageable within the reasonable amount to be collected as fees:
Schools usually do not operate with much logic. They are centres of “Chaos” just like any govt is. Visit any school on any given day (when they are open) and you will find some staff member running here and there in some kind of emergency or the Principal still obsessed with old, redundant systems of teacher and schedule management. Schools are NOT centres of excellence in India as they should have been. They are more like assembly-line manufacturing units that produce finished goods to be packaged off to some college. There are thousands of people protesting the anti-Hindu garbage in history books in schools. This remains so as politicians have been using young students as raw-material for their own Communist garbage. If ModiSarkar has made no effort to change that, it is because Modi himself is a closet-Communist and that’s why the excessive devotion to MK Gandhi and excessive love for Mughal tombs.

A recent survey in TOI put out some information on what is happening in our school education system. It claims private schools are grooming 50% of the students being educated in the country. I don’t know what exactly they mean by “grooming” but assume it means being prepared for the next stage and a performance-driven life. Within this whole story is some damaging piece of information that everyone knows but it appears govts are totally clueless on how to measure school education. For a long time, govts’ only measure of education was enrolment in schools. They didn’t even bother to account for the drop-outs. Every govt has juggled these numbers to show they are doing better in the education domain and every govt is full of morons who really don’t understand what education is supposed to deliver: a “Learning outcome”. That outcome is never measured by anyone in the govt system:
My years of experience with schools have shown me one thing clearly – students and parents have developed a slight fear of Math. Adding to this problem is language skills that aren’t developed well. Instead of speaking, reading and writing well, language is taught and tested as some text and grammar material. These are the reasons India will remain a laggard and a country with poor innovations and enterprise.

Additionally, schools have been forced to create some kind of idiotic, composite culture that leaves a student rootless and disconnected to her own roots and culture. This is driven not only by garbage by our history and social studies books but also by social behaviour. SM has examples of glorification of Mughal mass-murderers, whitewashing of their crimes and nonsensical topics that look down upon Hindu culture and teach moronic stuff like “All Gods are one and Allah is the only God”. Why would a secular state be teaching any religious stuff at all? If the previous HRD minister Prakash Javdekar is an undisputed moron then the current one is not far behind. What does Pokri really think of education. If you see his own daughter – she strikes a Kathak dance pose (she claims to be a Kathak dancer) for her Eid greetings. In the South, Hindus often talk about Jesus and other Christian icons being dressed up as Hindus to fool people. Dressing up Jesus is not illegal unless you use it commit some fraud.

Covid is not some new disease that has afflicted our schools. For long our schools are centres of incompetence, over-burdened students and poorly trained and paid teachers. I have consistently argued that instead of increasing subjects, school education in India needs to cut down on subjects as many of them are outright garbage that students don’t need to learn. And even if any student is interested in some of this stuff then in this day and age there are enough tools to quickly learn anything. Covid will pass sooner or later but the bigger disease remains in the schools. Narendra Modi is not very interested in education. Time and again his govt forms some Committee and that is all. We will soon find more students leaving India for studies elsewhere. All this crap of Vishwa Guru, Aatmanirbhar etc are just as much lipstick as anything that this govt has been doling out. It is clearly up to parents to take care of their child’s education and culture. Leaving it to schools is a dangerous mistake.

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