Friday, June 12, 2020

Killing The Future

After the fourth Lockdown when some parts of the country started opening up, PM Narendra Modi came out with yet another grand idea of India turning yet another corner. He called it “Aatmanirbhar”. In translation, self-reliance or you cook your own “Roti”. Many saw it as an implication of avoiding Chinese goods and beating Chinese products and creating Indian substitutes for them. Although Modi made no mention of Chinese products in his sermon. This “Self-reliant” stuff is not new. It has been going on since the days of MK Gandhi with different words such as “Swadeshi” or “Make in India”. It is just another hogwash to dodge serious problems facing us.

Some of the modern refrigerators have a two-door frame. One door opens to regular storage of milk, vegetables and stuff. The upper door opens to a deep-freezer which is mostly used to store meat and frozen foods. Some families have more items to store so they cram the fridge beyond its capacity. Such cramming makes retrieval of items difficult. To pull out one item, one may have to pull out many others. And just like an attic, there are many items thrown into the fridge that are never used beyond once and they stay there for centuries. Such items finally get thrown out only on the day of annual “Diwali cleaning” when the item has rotted and is probably stinking when you open its container. In short, the fridge has a limited space and there is a limit to how much you can cram inside it. It might sound like an odd comparison but a child’s brain too has a limited space in which it can absorb new facts and information. It is like a sponge that can absorb a lot but beyond a point it will just throw out the excess. That’s why frequent tweets like this surprise me:
Dr Frawley is an admirer of Hinduism and Yoga and everything that goes with all this. All he wants is “one” chapter on Yoga. But there are others demanding Vedic this, Vedic that. Someone wants Gita as a regular course. Someone wants Sanskrit to be the medium. Many others who send their kids to English schools want the teaching medium to be local language. The actual need is reducing the load on what is being to taught to children. What is taught and what is tested. There are endless morons who demand that like Japan, France, China or Korea India must teach only in the mother-tongue of the state. This demand is now redundant as parents themselves seek English medium and pushing for a change that is neither going to happen nor is feasible is wasting one’s energy for all the wrong purposes. A few days back, with nothing to do during the Covid Lockdown, PM Modi and some of his Cabinet members got together to discuss “education” once again:
I had to laugh at the tweet and the image. I wonder what these people discuss discuss discuss without having made any change in the last six years. I can understand time-pass. But the foundation of a country rests in its schools and education system. India burdens its school children very heavily while its higher education system is rotten to say the least. We have a PM who has never attempted a competitive academic test in his life yet lectures kids with “Exam warriors” and “Pariksha pe charcha”. Of course, his idiotic slaves will jump to say he passed many electoral tests. Well then, take your kids out of school and let them practice passing election tests too if that is the equivalent of academic achievements. But it is not. Schools are meant for mass production of educated citizens some of whom, we hope, will become great innovators, inventors and scientists. Unfortunately, what India produces is nothing but mediocrity in mass-abundance. Education is FREEDOM. But it becomes great only when the good ones exit India.

Education is the freedom to acquire knowledge and add a lot of independent thinking and value to it. But Hindus lament that the brains of their kids are being filled with nonsense of Akbar, Aurangzeb or Shahjehan being the only historical figures or filth in the name of social studies or abusing Hindus:
The above is just a sample. I am sure if you browse the SM and Twitter you will find lots of images of absolute garbage that fills our school history and social studies books. People were hoping that the so-called Hindu Narendra Modi will form a govt that addresses these assaults on Hindu culture and change it. NO! Evidence suggests Modi is more interested in pleasing his Islamic masters and getting some cheap awards to polish his stained image. In fact, the BJP and its parent RSS have been bowing to Islamic diktats for quite some time now. So, Hindus should forget this particular govt will attend to any Hindu issues like school books, RTE, Temple-freedom or any such matter. To teach your children Hindu culture, history or Vedas is now up to you. Schools are not the place for such education and never will be. Our higher education is now even more systematically streamlined to produce mediocrity:
So, for PM Modi to claim that India should become a “knowledge superpower” is as empty as his “Make in India”, 5 Trillion economy, “Vishwa Guru”. Modi likes to use such bombastic words and phrases in his speeches – Like his 56inch-chest claim. People understand this is empty rhetoric but it doesn’t do India any good. The only real ones who aspire to be a “knowledge superpower” for the purpose of putting that knowledge to good, productive use in India are Hindus. But the Hindus are the ones most deprived of the opportunities. This mental blockade for Modi doesn’t come out of his poor education alone. It also comes from his political pursuit much of which is now Islamic appeasement and winning Islamic hearts and awards:
Repeatedly, ModiSarkar lights up Mughal monuments in Delhi. Earlier last year was just a decorative exercise. Following the Covid lockdowns, the first pic above celebrates some 21 days of Covid lockdown by lighting up these Mughal monuments. It doesn’t stop there. They once again light up a Mughal tomb on the 41st day. All this, when Islamists and Mughals are not known for lighting candles or diyas at all. They don’t have a culture of worshipping light and therefore they don’t light any lamps or diyas. Someone in ModiSarkar is being stupid – very, very stupid and your guess is as good as mine on why this stupidity is being undertaken.

In terms of arguments, India does possess the capability to match or beat China in mass production and quality but it will NEVER happen. The simple reason is that the State in India is the biggest discriminator and stymies talent and skills. An earlier report and pic above show only 4% will make it to some medical course in the open category. The rest will be less on merits. In an article, Tim Cook, CEO of Apple explains why he prefers China as the producer of their products:

China has moved into very advanced manufacturing, so you find in China the intersection of craftsman kind of skill, and sophisticated robotics and the computer science world. That intersection, which is very rare to find anywhere, that kind of skill, is very important to our business because of the precision and quality level that we like… I visited ICT--they manufacture, among other things, the AirPods for us. When you think about AirPods as a user, you might think it couldn't be that hard because it's really small. The AirPods have several hundred components in them, and the level of precision embedded into the audio quality--without getting into really nerdy engineering--it's really hard… There's a confusion about China. The popular conception is that companies come to China because of low labor cost. I'm not sure what part of China they go to, but the truth is China stopped being the low-labor-cost country many years ago. And that is not the reason to come to China from a supply point of view. The reason is because of the skill, and the quantity of skill in one location and the type of skill it is”.

You can read the full article. Cook’s comments are very interesting because his choice of China is not merely about low cost and production capabilities. It is about the high skill and engineering quality also that makes a difference. India will shamefully lag behind as the present ModiSarkar as the others in the past are still struggling with rebuilding school curriculum. Half the subjects taught in schools are GARBAGE that shouldn’t be taught at all. What we produce from schools hardly makes for a great country that is going to see a boom in innovation and scientific thinking. Modi counts Samosawalas as a great employment sector too. Maybe it is but don’t brag about being Vishwa Guru or Aatmanirbhar if your basic school education is in shambles. They do hold out a promise though:
After 15 years schools to get new curriculum says the report above. Obviously, there won’t be change in subjects like Math or Science but even this new curriculum is only a “proposed” one. If you read the full report, you will learn that a committee will be formed by April 2021 which will then process the new curriculum which may be implemented by April 2023. It is to the credit of PM Modi that he is a school and college pass compared to the Class-5 qualification of SoniaG. But effectively, Indian govts have consistently killed school education, killed merit and killed the future of this country. I don’t see any stupid Aatmanirbhar blabber solving any great problem. You need dramatic change in education and the process of admissions to higher education. Until that happens India will produce only mediocrity.

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  1. This comment has been removed by the author.

  2. Modiji who won over hearts from the repressive Congress way of functioning is acting dud in quelling communal-ism - the right way, mediocrity in society through educational reforms, bringing book the culprits i.e. the likes of NH balists. His Ayushman Bharat would now allow non Ayushman Bharat public from getting looted by medical fraternity what with any patient going to any hospital has to shell out several lakhs now. Things are not looking up and the slide is very steep and slippery. Bureaucrats are ruling the roost and politicians are mum in the stupor of leadership which cannot handle volume of activity. The leadership did not resurrect others to safeguard themselves and are now wanting to do many things which they are just unable to do. God save India. I AM ANGUISHED.

    1. Dear Yogesh,

      It seems most of people here and generally a few Hindus forget a basic fact. Modi is a foremost a politician. He does & rightly so everything to promote himself & his politics. No-one should have any misconception in that regards.

      If you remember, his Govt brought many landmark bills in parliament including Triple Talak, Abolition of Article 370 & CAA. He faced much of criticism from the regular Left Liberal gang. But his Govt did not budge.

      Now about the technological & military challenge from China, he is taking steps which will ensure India does not loose & his popularity increases. Again the call for Atmanirbhar is a simple technique to ensure the local manufacturers & public does not use Chinese products. What's wrong with that ? How China's factories fuck out so many products at cheap cost is not our problem & nor can we a democracy match to their shit.

      Targeting Modi all the time for things he did not do yet is childish. He does not need anyone's suggestions to get re-elected or implement Hindu agenda. It just shows your lack of the actual situation he is working including the Corona epidemic & current china's aggression in Laddakh.

      Just because Modi does not implement your timelines doesn't make you an expert who can call him a dud.

  3. Comprehensively put..
    Disappointed with NM and MHRD as far as education sector is concerned.
    Please cover RTE also..Yet another constraint for institutions providing quality education.

  4. The History as a subject of study should be scrapped as it is almost fake filthy history being taught. Geography study alone is enough.

  5. The state of our education system. Humbling and hurtful. If PM Modi really ever reads this column, he will burn with shame. Just as a malware bot which can spawn a million malicious bots, PM Modi has unleashed a vicious army of vacuous morons on India through his ministry and bureaucrats. India suffers grievously.

  6. China is far ahead from India in terms of Innovation, Technology, Infrastructure, facilities and these things takes total load from any emerging Enterpreuner and businesses as the ecosystem is in their favour. However, during 1 of my visit to a big solar cell manufacturer, 1 thing I observed is a severe discontent among working class, they are being treated like Robots who cant move their head during working motivation as salaries are fixed by Govt and you cant revolt against the boss...I saw department rooms, where employees sit like sitting in a school....this will 1 day back fire in China...People wants freedom to work, to think, to grow.....

    1. Till that time - till world evolves actual machine robot to simulate activities of China - China capitalises on labour. So we have two segments - one which innovates, develop technology, bring in capital, govt. that brings infra; guinea pig working class keeps the costs down to enable China rule the world.

  7. Rightly put.All through my school I had to put up with cramming what grew in the Prairies or what king did what...and I now remember nothing of that...even in History only a basic timeline is needed...and let the student choose their chosen subject atleast after 7th...

  8. An excellent article! Mr Modi has not given any importance to intellectuals in his govt! Ministers are just avarage politicians except a few !His repeated speeches exposes crashness except political slogans! Very self conscious and creates a hero worship culture among his party colleagues! No much hope from him!

  9. Hindus bring an uneducated Sonia Gandhi as their supreme leader and she brings a well educated MMS as her slave with no independence for thinking.Now,Sonia's uneducated son and daughter are in the wings as national leaders.And in the South,Christian controlled Dravidian parties don't allow truly well educated Brahmins in decision making positions.They go to US,get recognised and shine.

  10. Hindus bring an uneducated Sonia Gandhi as their supreme leader and she brings a well educated MMS as her slave with no independence for thinking.Now,Sonia's uneducated son and daughter are in the wings as national leaders.And in the South,Christian controlled Dravidian parties don't allow truly well educated Brahmins in decision making positions.They go to US,get recognised and shine.

  11. Hindus bring an uneducated Sonia Gandhi as their supreme leader and she brings a well educated MMS as her slave with no independence for thinking.Now,Sonia's uneducated son and daughter are in the wings as national leaders.And in the South,Christian controlled Dravidian parties don't allow truly well educated Brahmins in decision making positions.They go to US,get recognised and shine.

  12. I'm just happy you are evolving from just being a blind bhakt(The swarajyamag is still to do so), and actually looking at this objectively, I say this from reading your posts demonetization, you called it a "reform" master stroke and what not back then..

  13. @Allwyn

    I have to laugh at your silly comment blabbering nonsense like "you are evolving from blind bhakt"... FYI... articles like Goody two shoes" was written in 2014.. and then "Chacha Returns" later..and last year "Selective Pain"... Its you who seems to be evolving as a reader rather.. And what nonsense are you blabbering stating I called DeMo a Masterstroke blah blah... I write the post "Noteban Blackhole" in Dec 2016... I hope you didnt come here reading stuff from somewhere else. LOL!


  14. i think boards have put in some changes for primary school... few subjects will be taught in mother tongue.... dont know much abt ant change in curriculum thou

  15. Although I see merit in some of the ideologies of BJP, but I am really disappointed with the Modi 2.0 regime. Everyone thought that a second term for him and the BJP was in order and brought both of them with a thumping victory, assuming that the second term and stability will kickstart changes that were pending in the economy and society will happen, but this all turned out to be a daydream!

    Raising slogans like 'Make In India' and 'Atmanirbhar Bharat' is one thing and taking right steps to make it happen entirely other. Unless NM is daring and willing to take steps such as Labour reforms, Economic reforms, Electoral reforms, Population control, Education reforms etc, nothing is going to change. Modi may please its electorate by raising popular slogans but the foreign investors and the Indian thinking classes are disillusioned.

  16. Though the author made a comparison with China the government there does not have to worry about getting re-elected every five years like the BJP or being accountable to certain segments of society and can therefore focus on a long-term vision for the progress of that country.That is the advantage of being a one-party dictatorship.

    1. Author is right to compare.
      303 seats, 0 balls and no zeal to change status quo just for the sake of farcical image.

      Accept offlate,
      Modi 2.0 is good in marketing, but not in ground level action, even failing miserably in that artistry in this term.

      Nitin Gadkari, (now tamed) Amit Shah, Giriraj Singh and to some extent kalma reader Piyush Goyal work without following modi's order religiously. So they are able to show some results.

  17. what is this "But it becomes great only when the good ones exit India." Do you mean exist?

  18. Let committee get constituted, to no surprise members are going to be JNU alumni.

  19. Non-khatnafied modi already started decimating Hindu existence, when he openly sided with muslim cow smugglers abusing self-funded gau rakshaks as gundas.

    He went to next level with new secularism tag "sabka saath, sabka vikas, sabka vishwas".

    He graduated in declining Hindu ethos when he tweeted and cried for thief Aklaq, Tabrez in parliament but NEVER UTTERED SINGLE WORD ON KILLING OF HINDUS, BJP SUPPORTERS AND SADHUS.

    When he is missing optics, forget about him even working to deep mine the changes for swadeshi and Hindu pride, to strengthen foundation for next generation. Education is last thing in the mind of this prize and rating chaser statesman.

    Global image obssesed, duratma Gandhi of 2019-2024 is here.

  20. Very apt article. In fact Education Reforms is one of the 2 major areas where Modi Sircar has not done anything - the other being corruption cases against the family and other politicians.
    In case of Education, even introduction of Sanskrit in schools was stalled, when the liberals and pair media made a hue and cry.
    History books are full of distortions.
    Pl see the article in this link
    This is just a sample and there are many more such distortions.

  21. This is good analysis sir. Modi needs to get his act together. I would say apart from equality to Hindus, education the other issue is India needs to completely overhaul is bureaucracy. Can’t imagine the useless system created by British colonial masters is still followed in independent India. Same goes for IPS and other shitty services. When it comes to this latest gimmick with Bharat appendix the Atmanirbhar Bharat well it is better to forget it. When people don’t even trust our local brands where is a need for calling people to buy our locally made stuff. May god really take care of India

    Please open the link.Hindus in general are growing impatient at Modis apathy towards his core supporters.Hope some body around him has the courage to tell him to take immediate steps to bring long awaited corrections especially in Education.

  23. Calling these textbooks garbage is doing an injustice to garbage.

    I read a few of these "texts" on SM. They read more like pamphlets of the type one might expect to see circulating in JNU or Jamia campuses, and not at all like textbooks.

    The creatures who wrote that rubbish need to be identified and kicked hard in their respective asses.

  24. Modi's 6 years:
    1. Pathetic lack of talent in the ministry.
    2. Squandering precious time.
    3. Lack of direction in areas that require immediate transformative policy intervention.
    4. Leaving Governance to the Babudom.
    5. Extremely slow pace in punishing the corrupt.
    6. No intervention in the Hindu's burning issues. ( Ayodhya is a SC intervention. Modi and Co, has not credit in it. )

  25. We can participate for peaceful exchange of talk with China over border dispute. It is taking place for the past six to seven decades and it is foolery to think that we can take to any logical lead. Discussions are taking place to address problems if any and decide but in relation to china it is reverse since, they take decision before come and sit for discussion. They will participate in discussion with a firm determination not to forego even an inch of encroached land which is why it is going on elastic for more than seven decades.
    The stalemate over the present imbroglio would come to an end only if India accepts Galwan belongs to China. The fly in the ointment lies in the ownership of Kalwan.
    Finally it was agreed in the talk between the generals of the two nations to retreat two to five kilometers. India adhered to in toto but China remained stiff and settled there that took to this present crux.
    Even after feisty scuffles between two sides and albeit loss of lives, China has not declared a disputed land but claimed ownership and mentions in all its information spread that is the problem in question. China is a dog’s tail cannot be straightened except its understandable way of military language. China’s bullying cannot be viewed as border problem. It is skulking behind all our internal disasters in India and also nuisance created by our neighbors. Under whose back the beggar state Pak, which is so pauper that it cannot foot even its PM office power bill is usurping terrorists in India? Should a war break, it must borrow under usury for ten tanks to be used against India. But it challenges India means it is having strong patron of china.
    It is in the strong ray of hope should India touch it, Asian Rowdy China would come for its rescue. Showing this it was sending terrorists and mocked our military and slain hapless citizen and our forces. It is high time to cuff the flat nose Chinese keeping in all hiatus in such scenario beggar state pak would run away leaving PoK


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