Wednesday, February 12, 2020

The Minority Fraud

Today marks the 10th Anniversary of this blog site. It’s a nice feeling to be still on when bloggers normally do not sustain over long periods. The targets of Corrupt, anti-Hindu media, corrupt anti-Hindu politics and anti-national Communists and those who covertly waged war on Hindus have all taken a beating in the last decade. That’s another great feeling.

Much of the media stands discredited now. All their big stars who could get away with anything without a challenge are now trashed for every lie they peddle. Newspapers like Indian Express, TOI or The Hindu are no more valued for news content. Everyone on social media is a fact-checker, everyone with a mobile is a citizen-journalist that can influence events. As it should be in a democracy, SM has delivered immense power to the people – where it belongs. The Commies have dramatically diminished in power and relegated to a corner of India. The other Commie, anti-Hindu outfits like Congress, SP and so on are clinging for dear life. ModiSarkar has been bold in decisions like 370, Triple Talaq, CAA and more will come.

ModiSarkar has also shown the Islamists and Commies who have rioted, destroyed public property and squatted and blocked areas like Shaheen Bagh in Delhi that they will not deter the govt and nor will Modi-Shah give into violent tactics or idiotic journos screaming about what foreign politicians say. It is now a redeeming feature of India that we have a PM that is 100% Indian and thinks and works for India and doesn’t crawl for vested interests abroad like Sonia Congress. We all know very well that the riots and violence are engineered by Congress, their Commie allies and, without a doubt, their Paki sponsors. There is some more courage required – and that is in destroying the nonsense of “Minority”:
When the Ministry of Minority Affairs (MMA) was carved out of the Ministry of Social Justice in 2006 it didn’t cause much flutter and hardly received much notice. News transmission still wasn’t blaring and SM hardly existed. But this particular act of SoniaG and its criminal nature escaped the other political parties too. The Sonia-Congress agenda being dictated by her Catholic persuasions required that she create this particular ministry to break India even if it meant partnering the Islamists and radical Mullahs in her quest to completely marginalize Hindus. The Christian population being very low and having strong presence only in some parts of India compelled Sonia-Congress to make Muslims their mainstay. Sonia had learned the hard way that she didn’t really need “Thoo seventhee thoo”. All her Congress needed was some 180-200 seats to rule India – the rest could easily be made up by the other anti-Hindu parties in the south and north. Thus, the fraud of MMA was perpetrated with that specific agenda of perpetuating power for the Gandhi family.

This MMA was then used to launch quite a few “Minority” schemes and policies. Among the major laws arising out this was the RTE Bill passed in 2009 soon after the Congress got a second term. Following the lead of the Centre, many bigger states also had their own MMAs. In election after election, Sonia has also met radical Hindu-haters like the Imam Bhukari to seek Muslim votes. From its inception till date all the ministers of the MMA have been Muslims. So, the right title for the ministry should have been Ministry of Muslims. The other REAL minorities like Sikhs, Jains, Buddhists or Parsis are enterprising people and don’t beg for doles all that much from governments. The only major beneficiaries of this ministry have been Muslims and Christians and to a large extent Muslims and Muslims only.

While the Congress and its Muslim allies like SP, TMC, RJD practically did nothing for Muslims they repeatedly sucked up to all their Mullahs to keep all of them in their “Tabela”. Even terror-promoter Zakir Naik was donating money to the Gandhi Foundation. Congress also released over 20 Paki terrorists for no reason or rhyme and no bargain. The Hurriyat and Separatists were funded well by the GOI and their media criminals (like NDTV) enjoyed offices and stays in luxury govt buildings in Kashmir. The hands of security forces were tied in Kashmir and terrorists and stone-pelters had a free run. And in the rest of India they pushed Muslims into the clamour of “we are victims, we are victims, we are victims” of the Hindu majority. This had no basis but served Sonia’s politics well. She had almost passed the Communal Violence Bill that would have held Hindus as the culprit of any communal conflict.

Sonia did estimate the rise of Narendra Modi as a threat to her. There were friends like Ishrat Jehan & co that were used to deal with Modi. Even in the campaign leading up to LS2014 blasts were engineered at Gandhi Maidan in Patna. All that failed and Modi became the PM. The BJP won 2014 with a clear majority and won 2019 with an even bigger majority. Unable to combat Modi politically or in the Parliament the Congress and its “Muslim allies” knew this was the time to unleash their “programmed army” to wreak havoc across India. There is not a single country in the world where Muslims live in harmony with the majority or other communities. But they will happily keep claiming to be “minority” and under that garb unleash violence, blockades and many crimes. This effort is ably supported by many Jihadi media personnel who don’t carry guns or bombs but will twist every situation or incident to portray the Muslim as the “victim” when the original offence itself had originated from the Muslim:
Suhasini the Hissini, Rana Ayyub, Saba Naqvi – all of them come out of their burqa to help Muslims play victim. The nonsense above had started with “Kagaz nahin dikhayenge” by the Muslims but they don’t have a problem standing in line with their “Kagaz” to vote. Because voting for their Sickular party is compulsory – mandated by the husband or father and the Mullah. Their agitators are not seeking any explanation of CAA or NRC. From UP to Bengal to Karnataka to Delhi – the violence is orchestrated by the one that developed this “Minority fraud” format – Congress. The tag of “Minority” being victims of some imaginary nonsense is the hammer being used to drive a non-existent nail. And then they indulge in violence themselves with masks and claim to be victims as they did in JNU. In comes another product of this Jihad – Sharjeel Imam.

Sharjeel is an educated man, so his Jihad is a bit more sophisticated than self-inflicted wounds that the JNU idiots play with. He has larger plans. Among the many stupid rants that this guy let off was one to cut off Assam and NE from India. He wants 5 lakh Muslims to gather and block the “Chicken Neck” which is like a gateway to the NE. I am absolutely sure that the usage of this term and his bizarre plan to cut off India is not home-grown alone. There is an element of sinister foreign input in it. This is the reason why the GOI and many State govts were alarmed when they have been ignoring many stupid statements by the Muslim rioters. This brave Muslim warrior who wants to break India was hiding in his hometown of Jehanabad in Bihar and was arrested quickly.

Sharjeel wanted to show some extraordinary daring in baring the Islamists’ plan to break India. This community that claims to be a “victim” in everything frequently indulges in an orgy of violence all over at the drop of a hat. “Hinduon se Azadi”, “Desh jala ke rakhenge”, “Bharat tere tukde” all these slogans are coming from this lot that wants to play “victim”. It seems the only way to combat ModiSarkar is to use Muslims as the preferred “tool”. The idiotic protest at Shaheen Bagh in Delhi had women and tiny infants sitting in for nearly two months. One 4-month old infant died due to the cold. Such is the desperation for revolt that they didn’t spare even infants from their tyranny. Now that Delhi elections are over, I am sure this Shaheen Bagh jokers will go back home to plot some new adventure to again start earning their daily allowance of 500/- and biryani packets.

This “Victimhood” Minority has shown its potential for violence and disruption repeatedly. It has driven out Hindus from Kashmir. It has made life hell for Hindus in Kerala and TN through outfits like PFI. Hindu temples are destroyed right under ModiSarkar’s nose in Delhi. Kamlesh Tiwari was murdered in broad daylight. Scores of murders and rapes happen without fear. All this is not the handiwork of some “Darra hua Musalman”. All of this is organised violence by political parties that are using Muslims as tools of anarchy and violence. Since the Sonia regime, road-Namaz, rail-Namaz, highway-Namaz, garden-Namaz – all increased dramatically, all actions of assertions by this minority. This is one of the greatest crimes committed against Hindus and other Non-Muslims in India by political parties and various govts.

There are many parts and pockets in India where Muslims are not a minority by numbers. They are actually a majority in such places. And wherever they are in majority, there have been frequent cases of harassment of Hindus, including being driven out of the locality like in Kairana or Meerut, both in UP. Whether Muslims are in minority or majority it is an undeniable fact that other communities have suffered and that is why the CAA had to be passed. Not just that, Europe too is realizing that this is indeed a serious problem with violence, murders, rapes spiraling out of control. France too has started cracking down on this problem as did Switzerland earlier:
There is no one definition of what constitutes a minority internationally. However, each country or region can have a different yardstick. For instance, Sikhs are not a minority in Punjab. It is now a challenge for ModiSarkar to redefine what constitutes a minority and how it applies to different regions or to the country itself. Regardless of anything else Muslims certainly don’t constitute a minority in this country at around 17 crores of population which is growing without control. They are the second largest majority and not a minority anymore. In some regions in the country they are actually a majority. The violence in UP over CAA was quickly and deftly dealt with by the Yogi govt. It is the continuous violence in Delhi – be it JNU, Jamia or some other agitation or blockades like Shaheen Bagh that is alarming, even when it’s the BJP that is in charge of law and order in Delhi.

It is time Amit Shah and Narendra Modi redefined minority or completely scrapped this fraudulent classification. The fraudulent ministry created just to pander to Muslims with only Muslim ministers must also be scrapped. There is no need for any minority nonsense in India. If at all, minorities should be those who are less than 2-3% of the population. Along with other laws (like CAA), Uniform Civil Code must also be enforced and all citizens must have one civil law even if their social practices like marriage ceremonies have different patterns. Whether Hindu, Muslim or Sikh polygamy must be banned and the discrimination in education must also go. There cannot be minority education laws and majority education laws. RTE discrimination must end. This minority fraud has gone on long enough and is sure to create serious civil strife if this fraud is not ended.

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  1. Congratulations on 10th Anniversary of this blog site...

  2. Congratulations brother Ravi! It's my fond hope that you'll continue your good work for the next 50 years!

  3. Congratulations Ravi sir. Mediacrooks should live long, Hale and hearty.

  4. The saddest part of the story is Sikhs joining hands with Muslims totally forgetting how they were butchered by the same fanatics during partition riots.Hindus of East Punjab received the fleeing Sikhs with open arms and helped them to establish themselves in field of agriculture and industry.Yet,today's Sikhs align themselves with Muslims and even Congres which organised largescale killings of Sikhs.Kamal Nath was made as MP,Chief minister and still no sikh dared question Sonia and buffoon Son Rahul about that.

    1. Best answer for it is BJP should drop all charges against Jagdish Tyler and Sajan Kumar...saying it's Hindus anger against sikh supporting Kalistanis..

      Something recently Center denied love jihad in parliament..sent shock wave to Christians. Most girls victim turned out to be Christians.

  5. What change these 10 years have brought! So much awakening of sleeping junta. Congratulations on 10 years!

  6. congratulations on your 10 years of blogging. I am grateful for your teachings. you have offered sharp actionable insights to what ails India . disappointed that the government has not been able to do enough inspite of a comfortable majority ! they r finding it hard to implement the law. I am surprised how foolish of all the presidents and the judges to call India a country and too democracy . rohingyas & illegals have reached where natives could not rather not allowed. shaheen bag & anti citizenship should have been called out as Muslim protest & telecast 24*7. even this could not be done . the collegium judiciary is gandy marji gandy rule and Hindus r guilty with or without communal bill. the basics r denied to the citizens & rajas continue the loot. I would prefer it be declared openly. modi himself is a slave of mullahs/Vatican . this is the only explanation for india still in coma

  7. Fantastic article. More power to you

  8. Heartiest congratulations Sir. Keep it up. Awakening of Hindus.

  9. Worthwhile presence for a whole decade giving clarity to many issues which escape the attention of so called intellectuals.Keep it up

  10. Heartiest congratulations Sir.

  11. Ravi Sir, I had read all your article from 2010 to till date just within week, such is the effect of your articles, please never ever stop writing. Many congrats on 10th anniversary and may i get a chance to congrats you on 100th anniversary as well.

    Sachin A. Sawarekar

  12. Heartiest congratulations.

  13. Ravinar congratulations on your 10 years of blogging!!

  14. Congratulations from the bottom of my heart. Wish some day I'm able to see you in person and offer my Namaskar.

  15. Congratulations on completing 10 years and enlightening the country men.I am also a beneficiary of your dissection and assessment of crooks in the media and exposure of their anti anti national thought and actions.

  16. First and foremost, compliments for completing a decade of blogging.Indeed you have created awareness among thousands like me about crookedness of media.Before reading your blog I actually thought that Prannoy Roy was a very decent and erudite gentleman spreading goodness all around.I am sure you will keep up the good work for many more decades to come.
    You have not discussed election results in Delhi where AAP has returned with 62 seats.Congress did not win any and lost security deposit in 63 constituencies.Many of these constituencies were Muslim dominated.So Sonia Gandhi's sins have started revisiting her.BJP has declared that it wont go back on CAA just because it could not win enough sits in Delhi.That sounds good for future.BJP should now go ahead with NRC,NPR and UCC irrespective of the noise within the country and without.You are also right about doing away with this fraud called Ministry of Minorities.With CAA and the noise that it is attracting, it is unlikely that even 0.5% Muslims will vote for BJP in coming elections.They can win only and only with Hindu vote.Even parties like AAP and Congress will be wooing Hindu voters.BJP needs to be ahead of these pseudo Hindus in convincing Hindus that it is the only party that has stood by Hindus steadfastly.

  17. Dear Ravinar - my greetings and congratulations to you !!.

    "அஞ்சுமுகம் தோன்றின் ஆறுமுகம் தோன்றும்
    வெஞ்சமரில் 'அஞ்சல்!' எனவேல் தோன்றும் - நெஞ்சில்
    ஒருகால் நினைக்கின் இருகாலும் தோன்றும்
    'முருகா!' என்று ஓதுவார் முன்." - - - - - - - - - - - - 6

    My prayers to Lord Muruga to always be with you and give you success in all the battles that you are fighting !!.

  18. Well done. Almost at two million viewers. We Hindus had one chance to show the trouble makers that more you agitate the more Hindus will unify. Delhi election was one of that chance. The greedy Hindus let it slip. Shame on us.

  19. "Sawarekar" ! ...Feels like Veer SAWARKAR himself is bestowing choicest blessings to RAVINAR !

  20. Congratulations for great efforts to herald awakening public to media fraud and exposing crooks Great service God bless you.

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  22. We used to hear heart wrenching facts from Bengali Hindu refugees (From East Pakistan presently Bangladesh) about 1947 to 1971...Educated elders used to describe how pakistan planned to break India...I came to know about Chicken Neck from them. And so when I heard that term after many years... I felt happy...because It proved what I was saying for years to everyone whoever I met and who had no idea... what happened during those years.
    Yes Sharjeel said... But the roar and claps supporting that says more than that. And this is not a stray incident. Many before Sharjeel expressed their wishes to eliminate Hindus and capture/destroy India in many ways. So my point is that... What Sharjeel said is dangerous... But more alarming is that whole Qaum is either silent or directly/indirectly supporting him. They even provided shelter when he was trying to escape. And a large section of media which very cleverly either tried to cover up/black-out the matter or tried to delink it from anti-CAA protest so that the real
    motive/intentions behind this protest frotest and arson are not revealed. Using minority status,victim card, media all are part & parcel of that sinister plan. Not a single political party except BJP expressed concern about it. Kudos to Narendra Modi govt as IB is working overtime now else the situation could have been really grave.

    A decade... the material Mediacrooks contains is truly priceless. But i wish the silent revolution started with the Mediacrooks never stops. With many ups & downs of life...People struggle, survive,
    create and progress... So do I but still least once a day i go through at least one article of Mediacrooks. Immensely grateful to Mediacrooks for many reasons ....Keep Walking...

  23. Judge rules estranged Muslim wife's Sharia marriage is NOT VALID under English Law - leaving her a 'limited' claim on his cash and property in divorce row

  24. Congratulation on the tenth anniversary of your great blog ! Wish it continues from strength to strength and inspire, educate thousands of readers! You are one of the few powerful bloggers whom the media are very much afraid of for your powerful way of exposing their duplicity, frauds and hypocrisy !I am sure BJP leaders must be reading your blogs to learn sarcasm, art of countering the thugs, opponents with facts and logic ! Politicians, darbari media, pseudo seculars are more afraid of SM than BJP because of a few bloggersand some SM worriors
    like you ! Pl keep it up !

  25. congratulation sir
    keep it going sir

  26. Congrats.. One of saviour of Indians... Long live ravinar ..

  27. Dear Sir,

    Request you to be back in social media. Twitter doesn't feel the same as before. I joined twitter in 2011 only to follow you. There are also other social media platforms that have gathered steam. The Left wing fiberals have been very successful in instagram/ Facebook/ Tik-Tok. Request you to please open accounts in Insta and FB as well. I request you to consider this as a request

    your fan


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