Sunday, February 16, 2020

Delhi Belly Dancers

The BJP’s loss in Delhi is neither unexpected nor shocking. The party didn’t have any local leaders focused on Delhi and even their campaigning looked more like “tokenism” than a serious attempt to win. The corrupt Sickos of media didn’t mind that their original darling Congress was thrashed again to dust with a grand zero. They were more thrilled that their darling product Arvind Kejriwal had finally “evoluted” and retained power. And politically, it does no harm at all to keep Kejri tied up in Delhi. He is not a national figure that he and his media belly-dancers imagined he was. But now that he has won a second term very convincingly, his pimps in the media are out again with their grand orgasms. Who else could be first off, the block than the one who did a “Mujra” on TV over AAP’s win than Rajdeep Sardesai? Here he goes:
Rajdeep has a personal stake in Kejri. It is easy to forget that he was associated with the IAC through the back door since 2011. He was their media pimp while at CNN-IBN and both he and Ashutosh were Kejri’s main dancers in the media. Not just that, Rajdeep actually claimed that he was the one who advised Kejri to protest in Delhi instead of some other place with his IAC movement with Anna Hazare as the “Frontal Bakra” for the cause so that the blast would be louder and heard all across India:
You can read the text and watch the video of Rajdeep making that claim in this post. When it comes to BJP and Narendra Modi, for these Sickular pimps, anyone will do. Be it Kejriwal or even Kanhaiya Kumar. Another senile idiot called Nayantara Sahgal grandly claimed Modi had finally met his match in Kanhaiya. They are simply unable to stomach or figure out how to dent the popularity of PM Modi. So, any Johny or Jenny come lately seems to their next PM or challenger to Modi. This is not the first time that some Chameli like Rajdeep asks if Kejri can go national. Back in 2013, after the BJP won a few states in December and Kejriwal won Delhi but fell a bit short of majority and formed a govt with Congress, Arnab Goswami, then with Timesnow, started jumping with the same delirious orgasm:
Is AAP now a threat to Modi? Well, once again morons, everyone from ISI to Sonia to Hafiz Saeed to Chota Shakeel to all Sickular parties in India are a threat to Modi. We are used to this blabber and so is Modi. Since Arnab was sacked from Timesnow for his barking against Bollywoodias over Uri, he has since then become a Modi-poodle. While Arnab abuses every other BJP member or Hindu outfit, he is careful not to be taking on Modi in anyway whatsoever. The Sickular desire to see some other option to Congress since the lurking danger of Modi coming to power was always around. Back in 2007 when Mayawati won a clear majority in UP with what was called a “Rainbow Coalition” there were people like Barkha Dutt and others dancing in delight. They even asked if Mayawati could become the first “Dalit PM”. Manikankar’s brother too thought she would be a great PM for India:
Lately, one has to search where Mayawati and her shoes are. The whole Sickular gang then jumped on to Mamata Banerjee as the latest hit song after she won a clear majority in Bengal in 2011. It wasn’t long before Maomata showed up her true Jihadini colours and her chitfund scams. And then again in 2012 Barkha Dutt tried to “Evolute” the “Great White DopeRahul Gandhi during the UP campaign hoping he would finally mature and attain puberty. They have tried maturing “Pappu” almost twice every year. Morons like Aroon Purie, Shekhar Gupta, Rajdeep, Sagarika, Saba Naqvi all danced for their white master hoping he will dent Modi’s march. All that happened was Congress spent 500 crores with Dentsu and others trying to change a donkey into a horse. From 2012 to LS2014 elections, they also tried Nitish Kumar as their “united candidate” to upstage Modi. That too failed. The Mobile Dargah is so desperate that even during the run-up to the LS2019 campaign, she had dug a deep hole into the ground and found some magic lamp that told her Mayawati is the “Key” in the 2019 elections:
The brainless crawler that Barkha is, she first tom-tom’d in her Wapo Crappo about Mayawati being the key to any opposition plan to unseat Modi in March 2018. Not having found any buyers to her crap she again tried selling her rusty wares in the domestic virus called HT in September 2018. So, every six months these Little Belly Dancers get some itch about someone unseating Modi and suddenly taking over the national stage. Among their new heroes is also Udhav Thackeray since he got married to Congress and NCP in a polygamic alliance. Desperation drives these media morons to cling to anyone that appears to be the latest flavor. Even Akhilesh Yadav after the 2012 UP election was one of their favourites to storm the country and NDTV had made him one of their PM candidates in spurious “Surrogate” debates along with Maomata.

There are other lower rung clowns like Saba Naqvi, who often misfires like a bad Iranian missile fired by a mad Iranian. The jerks downed a Ukranian commercial flight recently by mistake. Her hatred of Modi runs so deep that she even dreamed of Kejri as a solid PM option in 2014 too. She tweeted from Varanasi airport that she was seeing a late surge for AAP in the city and Kejri might even defeat Modi in the contest. All these media dancers of Kejri found great solace in Shaheen Bagh, JNU and Jamia type agitations. Mobile Dargah had regular interactions and encouraged “Sana and Shaheen” with their FAKE patriotism. She also thought going to protest was “work” that the women were doing for Biryani and 500/- and it was a phenomenal achievement by them to take their infants and expose them to death for some stupid cause:
The abuse of infants, exposing them to bad weather is being applauded by all these media criminals as some great accomplishment and sacrifice. Barkha is not a mother but given that she thinks its fine to take infants to the sacrifice should make us wonder what kind of mother she would have made. A 4-month old did die due to the extreme cold weather but that doesn’t matter to these idiots – all they care is that they think Modi and Shah are being challenged and defied. That is as laughable as it comes.

In reality, BJP hasn’t really lost all that much and a dominant party for a decade is likely to face a certain amount of fatigue with the voters. BJP didn’t lose Maharashtra. Their alliance won and the party had the highest number. They lost to the treachery of a power-hungry UT who has more or less ended the political future of Shiv Sena. To the credit of Kejriwal, he had learned some hard lessons and unlike his media-mujra dancers he didn’t abuse Modi during the 2020 campaign or make Modi the chief target of his campaign. And those claiming BJP were thrashed, it is actually Congress that was slaughtered and BJP actually gained 5 more seats from their last tally of 3 in 2015. All this doesn’t matter though. The reason for heralding Kejri as the new messiah is also not new. Delhi results need not be overestimated and it will not mean much for the country’s political outlook the way I see it:
Once the Delhi results were out, the Shaheen Bagh Biryani-gobblers took a break and went home for a while (probably to take a bath and attend to other hygiene needs). They are lost now. Kejri has utilised them well without appearing to pander to Muslims. The media has no use for them. Nobody has any use for them anymore. They too want an honourable exit from the cesspit they dug. On February 14, the men who were so far hiding at homes letting their women suffer turned up to celebrate the Islamic festival of “Valentine’s Day”. They came up with “Pink hearts” with a message for Modi to come to Shaheen Bagh. I wonder for what. Do they want Modi to come and share their Biryani or do these clowns want to be saved?
Frankly, these guys look more like members of a “Gay pride” parade in Puerto Rico than a bunch of losers from Shaheen Bagh. Apart from the Pink hearts, it would have been a great sight if they had also decked their stupid heads with some flowers instead of the usual Topi. The Delhi election results will not have any great impact on the country but the squatters of Shaheen Bagh have made enemies across the country.

Nevertheless, one of the reasons that BJP did badly in Delhi is because both Amit Shah and Narendra Modi have been spineless against the violence of the Jihadis. Be it JNU or Jamia or Seelampur or other places in and around Delhi, the failure to combat violent thugs has indeed angered Hindus. The BJP govt has shamefully allowed the Jihadis to hold Delhi to ransom multiple times in the last 8 months. That alone angers Hindus and that is the real thing that should worry BJP in elections. Kejriwal or Maomata aren’t really threats – the anger of Hindus is. That is the real warning for Modi and BJP.

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  1. How incisive you write sir. Really happy to read you what with you back in vintage form.

  2. The same game will be repeated in Bihar and W Bengal elections, and BJP has to deal Belly dancing with a firm hand.

    1. Yes. Rehearsal started in TN by anti nationals.

  3. I read the sentence before the "Valentine" photo as "do these clowns want to be shaved". Realised it makes good sense.

  4. "Frankly, these guys look more like members of a “Gay pride” parade in Puerto Rico "
    Superb analysis.

  5. Well AAP won because of the "vote bank" vote only..with the 40% vote share BJP would have got the 2/3rd seats they were aiming for if the vote bank had gone to congress. The vote bank controllers do not realize that have made a mistake here, they should have gone with congress..

    And Modi/Shah are not interested in resolving Shaheen Bagh styled paid protests, this is only highlighting the anti national types again and again, and at a national level this works perfectly for BJP.

  6. I agree with Avinash that Modi-Shah is deliberately ignoring the Shaheen Bagh protests as those protest are making Hindus more and more angry nationally. The Shaheen Bagh protesters have become desperate to save their face and pretty much begging either Narendra Modi or Amit Shah meet them so they can find an excuse to end this drama. It is also possible that Modi-Shah want the Jihadists to consume as much as their funds which they otherwise would use in some more nefarious activities.

    And as far as Delhi election is concerned, if Congress had maintained its vote share of 9 percent the result would have been much different. One thing for sure that Kejriwal took Muslim votes for granted and tried to fool Hindus by publicly chanting Hanuman Chalisa. All in all I wish the greedy Hindus of Delhi had shown a lesson to the Jihadists that giving them trouble by occupying busy thoroughfare in the nation's capital is unacceptable.

  7. Delhi election shows national issues fail traction when pitched against free-bees.

  8. Action against Shaheen Bagh would have proved disastrous, bringing criticism from International Community especially to Amit Shah they all where waiting for such action from govt and Modi, Shah did right thing by not taking action, Mere by revoking 370, so much pain among European and US, even Muslim countries do criticize but they don't interfere by visiting J&K and make statements against govt.
    AAP is blessed by Sikh community, and they form good % among Delhites, this is where BJP failed, they think they are different, but BJP thinks we are all one.
    Time to act by Law ministry against judges, why so much anger just because telecos failed to pay dues, anyhow they have not stopped there services, in future MNC's will think twice thrice setting up a business or there expansion. MHRD such ministry is not at all required, mere silent spectator.

  9. Right.MSM and anti Hindu crowd starts salivating at the sight of every new kid in the block.You have not mentioned Prashant Kishor but expect odes to great Prashant in coming months.Kejri for them represents return of the prodigal.But Kejri is getting smarter.He has found out the uselessness of allying with seculars and Leftist fringe or with Congress.You may have surprises in coming months.You are also right about BJP not acting firmly against those trouble makers in Delhi.Hindus of Delhi might be giving signals to BJP that their vote is either for a staunchly Pro Hindu party or for local known crooks.

  10. "Marvelous summarization of Indian Polity in the last decade with the most aptly described words, Mr Ravinar Sir".

    Your staunchest interpretations of the most chaotic multiparty political system's various "Franks" (By the Realists who genuinely live & die for India) & "Pranks" (By the most nefarious & unequivocally disruptive mindsets from rest others) clearly outwit even the most seemingly credible Media houses (!!!) And most certainly this group, must have reacted out of their sheer desperation, Nation by far, & hence provides us the much needed "Unbiased Political - Bird's Eye View" for solving such deep-rooted (thankfully not black holes ones & hence are solvable with the right resolve & courage) mysteries.

    Kudos to your persistency and accuracy of the Analytics of the Masses' opinions and your contribution in Media deserves utmost attention and backup for reaching the masses even more and more than ever.

    As I always remember the "story of repetition leading to the contrarian belief of even the most naturally evident and logically visible of the problems in Humankind. This has shaped several Nations' fates & sealed them prematurely and sometimes destroyed the most logical proofs and turning them into the most ballistic antinationalist movements, trying to disrupt the health and harmony of the Nations.

    Hope your truest words of wisdom form a "Source of enlightenment" (derived from "righteous facts cleansed out of chaos" ) created by the"most ignorant of the souls" including the most frugal comments from CEO-Microsoft make them illiterate again! Who can't read even the basic CAA amendment before declaring & misleading Nation with unscrupulous comments!!!


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