Friday, February 28, 2020

Lawless Antinationals

Narendra Modi and Amit Shah will have to quickly learn that the bigger the margin of electoral victory the bigger the motivation for EVIL to raise its ugly head. If the clear majority in 2014 was unpalatable to the evil Congress and their Commies, the bigger margin in 2019 is surely an invitation for them to burn the country. They are antinationals and will make every attempt to burn India, to bring down ModiSarkar and create violent hurdles in everything that the GOI does. Once in govt, PM Modi & Co have been very defensive against such evil. You have not been voted with bigger margins to play Jesus or Mahatma. You have been voted with bigger margins to play Shiva in dealing with evil and antinationals. One of the most chilling messages that terrorists have ever given is now being used as an “Inspirational quote” across the internet. This is after the IRA almost killed Margaret Thatcher in a daring attack on her hotel in Brighton in 1984:
Maybe PM Modi should make a plaque of this statement by IRA and keep it on his desk. The antinationals are doing everything they can to destroy your govt and, if they get lucky, to even kill you. But in the process, they are subjecting society and peaceful citizens to turmoil, hardships, disruptions and violence. This is where ModiSarkar has failed and particularly Amit Shah. They have seen that their darling Pakistan cannot afford more terrorist adventures as India is willing to go deep into Pak territory to hunt them. So, their weapons are no more AK-47s, grenades or suicide bombers. Their new weapons are Muslims – especially women and infant Muslims. This tactic was already explained in a previous post: “New, Improved Terror Tactics”.

Delhi has been in the grip of violent incidents for almost two years now. Some incident here, some incident there. The Eid riots of June 2019 was condoned without a single arrest. Over some frivolous rumor the Muslims vandalized a 100-year old temple. And then violence over junking 370 followed by violence over CAA. In each episode Delhi Police have behaved like clueless nincompoops. It’s not enough to say they have been given a “free hand” which Amit Shah frequently claims. It is your job to ENSURE law is enforced. JNU, Jamia goons come out on streets pelt stones and missiles and then run back into their hostels and libraries. Some long-haired junkie throws stones and then pretends he was shot by another goon with his girlfriend swooning over him. And then, the new tactic of women and infants is implemented.

Shaheen Bagh nonsense is not “leaderless” as reported by media and claimed by many antinationals. These ideas don’t spring from housewives who have to slog to feed their husbands and kids. These ideas don’t spring from grannies who have suddenly found the desire to squat on the streets on cold days and nights. These women are mere puppets and their manipulators are in Congress, CPM, AIMIM and Pakistan. Radical extremist Ghetto Queen Asad Owaisi turns up at Shaheen Bagh and screams “If your protest stops, India will become a Hindu nation”. Such morons are Muslim leaders. There is an abject failure to investigate and find out the source of this conspiracy to disrupt life in Delhi. If only morons like Prakash Javdekar spent some time inquiring instead of constantly lamenting what Sonia says or seeking endless apologies from the dimwit Rahul, the GOI will find that the pattern of protests has some plot behind it. Across democracies, left-wing parties are becoming unpopular. In most places, with no reason or rhyme, the Commies use women as their weapons:
For three years straight, women are marching against Donald Trump. They want the Trump regime to fall. For what? Nobody can give you a decent justification. But Trump must fall. That is the same approach that Congress and Commies have taken against ModiSarkar but your idiotic ministers are busy selling lipstick instead of understanding this serious plot – using women and infants as “shields” because police will not deal with them in the same way as they would with men. That the Shaheen Baghsters get Biryani or 500/- per day as many reports suggest is an added incentive to stay on the streets. And if the moronic I&B minister Javdekar still doesn’t get it, then someone has to hammer it into his brains, that the most vicious liars, propagandists, India-abusers and Pak agenda stooges in the media too are women. Take a good look at this treacherous lot and the poison they spew in the market:
That the riots erupted in Delhi in the evening on February 25 is not a surprise. Criminals in the media and politics, including most named in the image above, name Kapil Mishra as having provoked the violence. Are these morons really that genetically damaged that some statement by one man can result in such violence? Firstly, there is nothing so dangerous that Mishra said that can provoke violence. Secondly, the Jihadi louts had already stocked up on weapons, Molotov cocktails and rocks with an action plan to burn Delhi. Tahir Hussain, the AAP member, and his gang were firing petrol-bombs and rocks. Tahir was running more than a “Terror factor” – he was running a “Horror house” with suspected tortures and murders. The family of IB Officer Ankit Sharma have named him as being involved in his killing. That both Hindus and Muslims and died is co-incidental. There were targeted killings like Ankit Sharma. Earlier, a Head Constable, Ratan Lal, was stoned and shot. And when so much poison is spewed on SM, a senior cop comes out and begs Twitter to handle “blue ticks” appropriately:
Delhi Police (And police in other metros) have been frequently informed of these blue-tick criminals regularly abusing, peddling fake news, inciting communal hatred and what not. They have not acted on even one such complaint. Of 1000 complaints, let’s say 990 are frivolous but there are hundreds of genuine offences that Delhi cops have ignored and these media women continue spewing their poison and inciting Muslims to victimhood and, consequently, more violence. The violence in Delhi started immediately after Trump-events were over. The lawless antinationals must have got heartburns with images like these:
The media criminals, Muslim riot-leaders and assorted Comrats like Sitaram Yechury and Congress expected Trump to make negative comments about CAA or the Shaheen Bagh nonsense. Trump made none. Despite repeated prodding by some idiotic journos at his presser Trump refused to tickle their fancies. That is another reason why anger mounted with the Jihadis and their urge for violence. The manner in which Ankit Sharma was killed has all the hallmarks of brutal Islamic terrorism:

There are judges who have become activists and who frequently attend social meetings full of sweet-smelling, fat-bottomed idiots of society. They use such forums to comment on current situations which is against their ethical code of conduct. Specifically, clause 8 which reads: “A Judge shall not enter into a public debate or express his views in public on political matters or on matters that are pending or are likely to arise for judicial determination”. Two SC judges, DY Chandrachud and Deepak Gupta, claimed dissent should not be quelled and dissent is not antinational. 

These guys sit in courts, sit in their chambers, move around with security and probably haven’t seen common life in about two decades. How exactly is dissent being quelled when women are squatting for over 2 months disrupting lives? How is dissent being quelled when cops are killed, stones pelted, acid thrown on cops? Indian judges have completely lost touch with real life. I wonder how holding a gun directly in the face of a cop or threatening to chop off Assam from India can be dissent. It is time PM Modi came out in public and spoke against such “Judicial Politics” or directly interacted with the CJI to curb such judges indulging in cheap politics, especially when the Shaheen Bagh case was already in the SC.

There are many Mullahs and assorted known and unknown Muslims who have made vile statements against India, against Hindus, against Modi. Many of them threatened to wreak havoc or cleverly explained how the extended agitation will damage Indian economy and so on. Such utterances are not dissent but outpourings of a suppressed agenda that is quietly being sown in many mosques and madrassas. The AIMIM with a single MP is a terrorist organisation with Asad Owaisi frequently spewing nonsense like his statement at Shaheen Bagh. His brother recently reiterated he wanted to wipe out Hindus. And then again, another vicious terrorist from this party, Waris Pathan, claims 15 crore Muslims will destroy 100 crore Hindus:
There is enough evidence that the Delhi riots were well planned and executed by Tahir Hussain and his AAP workers. In a strange turn, as the riots were unfolding, Arvind Kejriwal and Sanjay Singh went to Rajghat to pray and acted like they were Manu and Abha. I view this as a crime-covering act. Both Kejriwal and Sanjay Singh knew of the riots being executed. They went to Rajghat for public and as an “alibi” of not being involved in the riots or being in touch with the goons executing the riots. All this nonsense has nothing to do with CAA or any law. This is to increase the assertion of Muslims in certain pockets and drive out Hindus to create more Islamic ghettos.

There is an inevitable thing that PM Modi, Amit Shah and many are well aware. Because Delhi is the Capital, every blast there makes a lot of noise, gets all the media attention. Paki pimps, Western pimps – everyone has a watering hole in Delhi and they relay negative impressions and falsehoods to their masters abroad. Shaheen Bagh in Kolkata or Hyderabad wouldn’t have made that much noise. The SC also being in Delhi adds to the drama and nuisance with poor take or lack of urgency in clearing Shaheen. This nonsensical Shaheen model was replicated in Chennai, Mumbai, Bangalore also but the State govts quickly wound them up as they don’t want extended nonsense. Even the vicious Mamata Banerjee whose state had kicked off the violent orgy against CAA has realised it doesn’t pay and she was appealing for peace.

Delhi has been on the boil with agitations and violence for more than a year now. PM Modi cannot ignore the damage it is causing his govt and all other work. No agitation, protest should be allowed in public places or roads. Designated spaces only should be allowed. There was total lack of intelligence on the violence that was building up through the antinationals operating via Shaheen Bagh. Waiting for the bomb to explode and then making appeals for peace will never work:
ModiSarkar has achieved great success in combatting Pak terrorism through our armed forces. It is now time that serious attention is paid to domestic terrorists, specifically the Islamic Supremacists, who threaten to disrupt every path of India, including acts of violence. These domestic terrorists are also in the media spewing poison in society for their paymasters abroad. Freedom is not FREE. These terrorists must now receive the investigation and attention of PM Modi and Amit Shah. If not, they will plan and execute more attacks and disrupt India and you can forget 5 Trillion economy and face impediments in major projects.

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Sunday, February 16, 2020

Delhi Belly Dancers

The BJP’s loss in Delhi is neither unexpected nor shocking. The party didn’t have any local leaders focused on Delhi and even their campaigning looked more like “tokenism” than a serious attempt to win. The corrupt Sickos of media didn’t mind that their original darling Congress was thrashed again to dust with a grand zero. They were more thrilled that their darling product Arvind Kejriwal had finally “evoluted” and retained power. And politically, it does no harm at all to keep Kejri tied up in Delhi. He is not a national figure that he and his media belly-dancers imagined he was. But now that he has won a second term very convincingly, his pimps in the media are out again with their grand orgasms. Who else could be first off, the block than the one who did a “Mujra” on TV over AAP’s win than Rajdeep Sardesai? Here he goes:
Rajdeep has a personal stake in Kejri. It is easy to forget that he was associated with the IAC through the back door since 2011. He was their media pimp while at CNN-IBN and both he and Ashutosh were Kejri’s main dancers in the media. Not just that, Rajdeep actually claimed that he was the one who advised Kejri to protest in Delhi instead of some other place with his IAC movement with Anna Hazare as the “Frontal Bakra” for the cause so that the blast would be louder and heard all across India:
You can read the text and watch the video of Rajdeep making that claim in this post. When it comes to BJP and Narendra Modi, for these Sickular pimps, anyone will do. Be it Kejriwal or even Kanhaiya Kumar. Another senile idiot called Nayantara Sahgal grandly claimed Modi had finally met his match in Kanhaiya. They are simply unable to stomach or figure out how to dent the popularity of PM Modi. So, any Johny or Jenny come lately seems to their next PM or challenger to Modi. This is not the first time that some Chameli like Rajdeep asks if Kejri can go national. Back in 2013, after the BJP won a few states in December and Kejriwal won Delhi but fell a bit short of majority and formed a govt with Congress, Arnab Goswami, then with Timesnow, started jumping with the same delirious orgasm:
Is AAP now a threat to Modi? Well, once again morons, everyone from ISI to Sonia to Hafiz Saeed to Chota Shakeel to all Sickular parties in India are a threat to Modi. We are used to this blabber and so is Modi. Since Arnab was sacked from Timesnow for his barking against Bollywoodias over Uri, he has since then become a Modi-poodle. While Arnab abuses every other BJP member or Hindu outfit, he is careful not to be taking on Modi in anyway whatsoever. The Sickular desire to see some other option to Congress since the lurking danger of Modi coming to power was always around. Back in 2007 when Mayawati won a clear majority in UP with what was called a “Rainbow Coalition” there were people like Barkha Dutt and others dancing in delight. They even asked if Mayawati could become the first “Dalit PM”. Manikankar’s brother too thought she would be a great PM for India:
Lately, one has to search where Mayawati and her shoes are. The whole Sickular gang then jumped on to Mamata Banerjee as the latest hit song after she won a clear majority in Bengal in 2011. It wasn’t long before Maomata showed up her true Jihadini colours and her chitfund scams. And then again in 2012 Barkha Dutt tried to “Evolute” the “Great White DopeRahul Gandhi during the UP campaign hoping he would finally mature and attain puberty. They have tried maturing “Pappu” almost twice every year. Morons like Aroon Purie, Shekhar Gupta, Rajdeep, Sagarika, Saba Naqvi all danced for their white master hoping he will dent Modi’s march. All that happened was Congress spent 500 crores with Dentsu and others trying to change a donkey into a horse. From 2012 to LS2014 elections, they also tried Nitish Kumar as their “united candidate” to upstage Modi. That too failed. The Mobile Dargah is so desperate that even during the run-up to the LS2019 campaign, she had dug a deep hole into the ground and found some magic lamp that told her Mayawati is the “Key” in the 2019 elections:
The brainless crawler that Barkha is, she first tom-tom’d in her Wapo Crappo about Mayawati being the key to any opposition plan to unseat Modi in March 2018. Not having found any buyers to her crap she again tried selling her rusty wares in the domestic virus called HT in September 2018. So, every six months these Little Belly Dancers get some itch about someone unseating Modi and suddenly taking over the national stage. Among their new heroes is also Udhav Thackeray since he got married to Congress and NCP in a polygamic alliance. Desperation drives these media morons to cling to anyone that appears to be the latest flavor. Even Akhilesh Yadav after the 2012 UP election was one of their favourites to storm the country and NDTV had made him one of their PM candidates in spurious “Surrogate” debates along with Maomata.

There are other lower rung clowns like Saba Naqvi, who often misfires like a bad Iranian missile fired by a mad Iranian. The jerks downed a Ukranian commercial flight recently by mistake. Her hatred of Modi runs so deep that she even dreamed of Kejri as a solid PM option in 2014 too. She tweeted from Varanasi airport that she was seeing a late surge for AAP in the city and Kejri might even defeat Modi in the contest. All these media dancers of Kejri found great solace in Shaheen Bagh, JNU and Jamia type agitations. Mobile Dargah had regular interactions and encouraged “Sana and Shaheen” with their FAKE patriotism. She also thought going to protest was “work” that the women were doing for Biryani and 500/- and it was a phenomenal achievement by them to take their infants and expose them to death for some stupid cause:
The abuse of infants, exposing them to bad weather is being applauded by all these media criminals as some great accomplishment and sacrifice. Barkha is not a mother but given that she thinks its fine to take infants to the sacrifice should make us wonder what kind of mother she would have made. A 4-month old did die due to the extreme cold weather but that doesn’t matter to these idiots – all they care is that they think Modi and Shah are being challenged and defied. That is as laughable as it comes.

In reality, BJP hasn’t really lost all that much and a dominant party for a decade is likely to face a certain amount of fatigue with the voters. BJP didn’t lose Maharashtra. Their alliance won and the party had the highest number. They lost to the treachery of a power-hungry UT who has more or less ended the political future of Shiv Sena. To the credit of Kejriwal, he had learned some hard lessons and unlike his media-mujra dancers he didn’t abuse Modi during the 2020 campaign or make Modi the chief target of his campaign. And those claiming BJP were thrashed, it is actually Congress that was slaughtered and BJP actually gained 5 more seats from their last tally of 3 in 2015. All this doesn’t matter though. The reason for heralding Kejri as the new messiah is also not new. Delhi results need not be overestimated and it will not mean much for the country’s political outlook the way I see it:
Once the Delhi results were out, the Shaheen Bagh Biryani-gobblers took a break and went home for a while (probably to take a bath and attend to other hygiene needs). They are lost now. Kejri has utilised them well without appearing to pander to Muslims. The media has no use for them. Nobody has any use for them anymore. They too want an honourable exit from the cesspit they dug. On February 14, the men who were so far hiding at homes letting their women suffer turned up to celebrate the Islamic festival of “Valentine’s Day”. They came up with “Pink hearts” with a message for Modi to come to Shaheen Bagh. I wonder for what. Do they want Modi to come and share their Biryani or do these clowns want to be saved?
Frankly, these guys look more like members of a “Gay pride” parade in Puerto Rico than a bunch of losers from Shaheen Bagh. Apart from the Pink hearts, it would have been a great sight if they had also decked their stupid heads with some flowers instead of the usual Topi. The Delhi election results will not have any great impact on the country but the squatters of Shaheen Bagh have made enemies across the country.

Nevertheless, one of the reasons that BJP did badly in Delhi is because both Amit Shah and Narendra Modi have been spineless against the violence of the Jihadis. Be it JNU or Jamia or Seelampur or other places in and around Delhi, the failure to combat violent thugs has indeed angered Hindus. The BJP govt has shamefully allowed the Jihadis to hold Delhi to ransom multiple times in the last 8 months. That alone angers Hindus and that is the real thing that should worry BJP in elections. Kejriwal or Maomata aren’t really threats – the anger of Hindus is. That is the real warning for Modi and BJP.

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