Sunday, January 12, 2020

Shun Bollywood Filth

This site has chronicled the crimes and criminals of Bollywood frequently. Bollywood Sleepers dealt with the pro-Pak bent of their trash. Media Lynch Mob recalls how nano-actresses claimed they cannot live in India if Modi is the PM and India doesn’t deserve democracy. Honourless People explained how the scumbags glorify rapists and murderers like Khilji, Tipu Sultan and abuse Hindu icons and how Deepika Padukone calls Hindus a “regressed” lot. Taimur Psychowar looked at how media with paid PR operators were normalising a filthy mass-murderer like Taimur into psychological acceptance by Hindus. Bollywood Psychotic Fringe on the Chamelis like Shabana and her family defending all the fake causes against PM Modi. And lastly, while everyone speculated over Arnab Goswami’s sacking from TimesNow, I was the only one to inform that he wasn’t sacked because of journalistic reasons but for offending Bollywood biggies like Karan Johar over the Uri terror attack in the post Why Arnab Quit. Two months later, Arnab confirmed this himself. Read all of these at your leisure to understand the anti-India, anti-Hindu DNA of Bollywood.

Regardless of all the current events over CAA, NRC or JNU, it is now well-known that much of Bollywood is an Islamic Ghetto and have been abusing Hindus and Hinduism for decades. In the posts I have referred above, you will find specific examples of such abuse. While Hindus are abused, Muslims will be portrayed as do-gooders, good Samaritans and even Pakistanis portrayed as helping Indians fight terrorism. From the early 1960s you will find movies where suddenly an “Allah-Maula” song pops up even when there is no Muslim character in the movie at all. This became more pronounced from the early 1970s when the Mafia goons not only funded but also dictated the hiring of many Muslims or persons of their choice in movies. The case of Monica Bedi, a decent girl from Punjab, who destroyed her life with Abu Salem is just one classic example. In addition to all this, brainless Bollywoodias will stand for and with all the wrong causes as if they even understand a damn thing. An IIM Professor also confirms all that I have said about Bollywood in the past:
The current ModiSarkar has not offended or harmed Bollywood in anyway. Yet, some idiots from the business frequently abuse him and indulge in political wrangling. It’s all very fine to air political opinions and one may be anti-Modi, anti-BJP too but many voices support anti-India forces. On January 5 evening violence broke out at JNU. By all evidence, it was the Commie goons that attacked some students, offices and faculty over registration of new students. These Commie goons then played victim and suddenly, a string of protests erupts in Pune, Aligarh, Mumbai and some more cities. These protests were so “instant” that one had to conclude they were “organised and choreographed”. Bollywood idiots too didn’t waste any time and assembled at the Gateway of India:
They had all kinds of placards at the Gateway. One said “Free Kashmir” and there was one that said “Lord Ram is watching you bigots”. I find it funny that anti-Hindu bigots should even use Ram for their venom. It’s rather hard to figure out what exactly upsets this Islamic Ghetto of Bollywood. Maybe the rise of BJP and Modi along with Hindutva is dampening their Islamic agenda. The Chrislamist agenda of Congress and their Commie allies is to destroy Hinduism completely from India. This agenda has been on for centuries. The more they fail, the more their anger. And all these bogus protests over CAA, NRC or JNU are being “scripted and directed” by none other than Congress and their Commie allies. I have absolutely no doubt about it. Even silly Deepika Padukone appearing for 7 minutes like a grand sympathiser at JNU is also directed by Congress and none else:

Deepika’s act was fairly decent I would say. She looked sullen, almost teary-eyed and the script was well written by her PR agency after the political instruction to make an appearance at JNU. Deepika is a “Latcher”. She will latch on to any opportunity or person for publicity or personal advancement. Soon after the JNU episode, her PR agents were splashing her JNU-pics all over and the “paid tweet” business was up quickly with #IstandwithPadukone with the exact same text in all the tweets. There is little doubt that the stunt was pulled to attract more publicity for her new movie “Chhapaak”. It doesn’t matter if the ones she stands with are the “Tukde Gang” or the worst scumbags and scroungers in India. But Bollymorons are known to be stupid enough to stand with all anti-people or anti-Modi movements and blabber nonsense. This is just because Modi was seen as the face of “Hindutva”:
Of the “3 Idiots”, Aamir Khan grandly joined the anti-Narmada protests. Little did the moron know that a vast population of Gujarat was suffering water-starvation for decades and the displaced tribals were well-compensated and relocated. And Medha Patkar is a criminal with funding-frauds and passport-frauds. Aamir’s wife also claimed she can’t live in India over the “Intolerance” campaign. Aamir now runs a “Paani Foundation” after burning his fingers. Snapdeal, in particular, taught him a lesson after public outrage. The other moron SRK also indulged in the “Intolerance” crap. Ever since, his movies have been flopping. SRK also runs an NGO now called “Meer Foundation” (after his father) for battered women. He didn’t start it anew but launched the website in January 2019. The third idiot, Salman, is a convicted criminal. After killing footpath-sleepers and black bucks, Salman discovered the value of “Being Human”. He now brings “humanity” to the world by selling garments. All of these senior guys have learned their lessons and don’t get into JNU or CAA type crap that other B-grade Bollymorons get into.

There’s the other family of Bollymorons – that of Javed Akhtar and Shabana Azmi and their stupid son Farhan Akhtar. All three keep blabbering nonsense on various topics without an iota of knowledge or intelligence. Then they play victim. Javed claims to be an atheist but all his abuses are reserved for Hindus and Hinduism. He doesn’t find any evil in Islam or Christianity. In another episode over the recent agitations, the moron Javed again claimed police cannot enter university premises without being authorised by the VC and that’s the “law of the land”. Naturally, the ignorant moron invited a slap from none other than an IPS officer:
On January 10 evening, the Delhi Police released evidence and pictures of those who attacked students, staff and property at JNU. It was clear that the pre-planned violence was perpetrated by none other than Aishe Ghose and 8 of her Commie goons. And these were the criminals that some Bollymorons, including Deepika Padukone, stood with. After her stupid act, Deepika was seen praying at Siddhi Vinayak in Mumbai for her movie to succeed. There are many patriots in Bollywood but the usual Commies and anti-nationals are the ones that always come out to stand with other anti-national goons and violent rioters. Soon after Delhi police released the photos of the violent Commie goons, Ajay Devgn tweeted this as a slap to Bollymorons like Padukone, Anurag Kashyap, Anubhav Sinha, Taaapse, Vapsee, redundant Diya Mirza and others:
I strongly believe their hawala funds and black money industry have been badly damaged by PM Modi. These anti-nationals forget, that it is stop their dependence on Mafia funds that the BJP govt of Vajpayee gave them industry status and access to normal bank and legal funding for their ventures but that’s not what they want. They want their corrupt life back just as much as Rahul, Priyanka and Sonia Gandhi and their media poodles do:
All the above notwithstanding, Hindus must realise that a majority in Bollywood are anti-India, driven by Pakistani forces and party of the “grand design” of “Ghazwa-e-Hind”. Their abuse of Hindu Gods, Hindu culture and Hindu icons in their movies has been nonstop since the 1960s. Their abuse of Hindu Goddesses in their songs and stories is relentless. Many stupid Hindus are still oblivious to these realities and gladly take their kids to watch stupid movies. They are indirectly funding their own abuse and destruction of their culture. Bollywood is a mega mafia scam that is not transparent in its funding, puts out spurious box office collections and no payments to any actor is published or is transparent. At least in Hollywood, all these financial figures are transparent and available to the public. 90% of Hollywood movies are trash, 99% of Bollywood movies are trash. So, Hindus should shun Bollywood filth and stop wasting their hard-earned money to fund morons and anti-nationals whose abuse Hindus and India. Draw the line.

There are a few good actors, producers and directors who make good movies that do not abuse Hindu culture. Choose to read reviews, opinions and watch such movies and shun the filth. The filthy Bollywood movies will anyway be available on TV in a few weeks to watch if you still want to watch. But shun the filth and don’t fund the destruction of your own culture.

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  1. The poor and the ignorant are the majority who watch movies in the theaters. They are also the gullible lot who do not have access to social media. The Government should increase the entertainment taxes on one hand, give tax concessions to pro hindu movies, and sabotage anti national movies through piracy, depriving revenued to the producers of such movies

  2. More or less true about depicting pseudo secular stereo scenes items of Muslim Mullah/priest with folded hand with pious/ divine motive for all however Hindu priest as jokers / tainted.

  3. And that Laxmi must be having her small time of fame...Deepika needs her so taking her....

  4. Bollywood is the physical manifestation of the spiritual ghetto that is Islam.

  5. padukone must thank and credit the original acid attacker for getting cheap publicity and heap of illgotten money.

  6. An excellent article! Now the Bollywood thugs have realised their anti Hindu agenda cannot succeed!All superstar icons are left high and dry! Only the mediocre ones are shouting!The young generation should be aware of this evil agenda of Bollywood and shun their dream stars!SM is doing successfully in this direction! An

  7. I simply don’t understand how can somebody like DP can be that much idiot and removed from reality.

    I sometime pity my helplessness when I spend good 300 INR on a weekend to watch these dunderheads. On what planet, standing with tukde tukde is good PR ? I would have surely watched the movie for sake of acid attack survivors, had this publicity stunt would not have happened.

  8. If Bollywood songs are with Allah, Mullah, then Under world funded, if it has Rabba, Punjabi kind of Movies then Its Kalistanis..

    Just don't go by Sikh, punjabi comedian movies,have we ever come across there leaders speak for Hindus, all they are worried about there Religion. Selfish they are.

    Hindus must worry about Hindus, others B, J, S, group just join Hindus to get benefits.

    I stopped worrying about them.

  9. Hi, This short film is based on ‘KISS OF LOVE’ protests that happened in nov. 2014 in almost all universities across india! This is my take on that. Please help this message to reach as many as possible. Thank you!

  10. You are right.Only way to punish these guys is to stop watching their C grade movies.All box office figures appear fudged.Industry employs more than 3 lakh people excluding those employed at cinema houses.Out of such huge number about 50 are there who have problems with Modi Hindus and Hindusthan.As per media reports many of them are being investigated for hawala transactions and other such misdemeanors.Though many of them claim they are leftists.If so why so many scams? Right from days of Jawaharlal Nehru filp guys have been a pampered lot like journos.Modi has stopped all this nonsense.Reason why few have gone against him as an individual.You are also right about industry's Muslim bias.This has no rationale as most of the movie goers are Hindus.There is no logic for hiring so many Pakistanis in the industry as if Pakistan is gold mine of talent and India has nothing to offer.As you said like media, entertainment industry too is being used to break up Hindu society.

  11. "Deepika is a “Latcher”. She will latch on to any opportunity or person for publicity or personal advancement". ------ That's so Spot On.

    BTW, Can someone not investigate Who funds Anurag Kashyap ?

  12. Though NRC been not approved by Parliament, then too there is so much if violence...

    So BJP wants once again similar kind of violence, after passing NRC bill in Parliament..or they will not bring ant such bill in Parliament..

    I don't understand, what's running in Amit Shah mind, just replace JNU VC with someone from Army college...

    Freedom of Internet is Freedom of Speech, then what about Right to live for soldiers? Just because soldiers come from poor background,Judiciary is fine with they getting killed by local terrorists. Its time to remove Javdekar and RS Prasad from cabinet.

    1. BJP should go ahead with all its plans and parallel work on strong public opinion making.

  13. Most of the Bollywood actors know zilch about the politics (and economy, for that matter). Ask a top actor price of any food item consumed by masses and you would almost certainly laugh at their answer. They earn tonnes of money and splurge it freely and are as far away as Australia when it comes to issues of a common man. I wonder what motivates them to comment on the matters they know nothing about. Many a times (as seen in case of Farhan Akhtar recently) they have to eat their own words of stupidity.

    Ask any big star about CAA or NRC. They may not go beyond the full forms of the words.

  14. Muslims portrayed as do-gooders, good Samaritans started long back in marathi films. eg shejari

  15. Is it not strange that TRS and MIM opposing NPR, NRC is that not TRS after coming to power for 1st time they carried out Door-to-Door campaign for data collection of all family members details..across Telengana?

    They did noted down whatever ID details shared by family members...

    How come MIM and TRS can now oppose any such data collection? When they themselves carried out once...

    Double standard exposed!!!

  16. I Do not understand where this psudo seculer word come from. Was it invented by likes of javed akhtar who in guise of being atheist are working on agenda of gazwa and hindu hate?

    Iq levels of many BOLYWOOD people os on display and we just saw one exemple of dipika whatever... what was she thinking standing with tukday gang. UNBLIVABEL.

    I am surprised bolywood gets so much importance in INTELECTUEL matters. The great artist amitabh once said we are just actor's no big deal dont make in to demi gods and that's a fact. Like any other proffesion bolywood is a profession unfortunately run mainly on underworld money through muslim gangsters for years.

    Muslims persay are not just anti hindu but anti thoes who are not muslims bcs thats what they are taught from childhood that non muslims are kafirs and ok to kill so when your thinking since birth is buit like this you are always in this mind set though many muslims escape from.this mind set but most csn not so even after getting educated to alawyer etc they have comunal mind set of mazhab while followers of dharam grow up with open mind of acceptance about EXISTANCE of non hindus and they are fine with it. So when educated class can also go bonkers these morons of bolywood and a perfect target to pramote anti himdu sentiments since decades.

    We may discuss this on this plaform but there are billions who belive thease morons are demigods and thus country has to suffer them no choice .

  17. Anti Hindu agenda is going on in Bollyweird for long time. Other weirds like Mollyweird, Kollyweird are also in same league. The sooner these scumbags are thrown out of business the good for society.

  18. The main problem is that Hindus are generally looking to make friends with Muslims, even at the cost of ignoring wrongs done by Muslims (such as Kashmiri terror and Hindu exodus) but Muslims are hell bent on destroying all non-Muslims, even those who are trying to be friendly with them.


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