Thursday, January 30, 2020

New Improved Terror Tactics

Terrorism is difficult to sustain over the long-term. Whether its German groups or Northern Ireland or Palestine – terrorism hasn’t paid. Northern Ireland’s IRA (Irish Republican Army) and their armed extension the PIRA waged a long war with Britain. Though the Irish had genuine causes they were able to extract a long-lasting peace pact and a certain level of autonomy in lieu of independence. The Pakistani govt and army are realizing slowly that terrorism in Kashmir and elsewhere in India cannot sustain itself forever. As a bigger economy, India will wear them out in the battle while Pakistan will drain itself. They are now the beggars of the world. Imran Khan claimed his trip to Davos was funded by business friends. His earlier trip to UN was facilitated by a Saudi aircraft which too was withdrawn later on the return trip. Sometime back a report stated Pak PMO is unable to pay power bills. Pak attacks on LOC are proving costly. India has also shown with Balakot that retaliation will now go deep into Pak territory and may even result in a military campaign to regain POK:

Hizbul Mujahideen has been more or less wiped out. The dirty-dozen of Burhan Wani has been wiped out. The security forces are mopping up the leftovers after the junking of 370 and the Separatists working for Pakistan are also dumped into a hole. One such stooge grew a beard after being house-holed for the last six months. All the Jihadi ladies whined in unison over why Omar Abdullah didn’t shave. As stupid as they are, they don’t seem to accept that beard-flaunting is the final resort of the Islamist. It’s an assertion of his Muslim identity. There is nothing wrong with Omar. He is healthy and smiling with snow-flakes on him. Saba Naqvi, Barkha Dutt, Nidhi, Sonia Singh, Mamata Banerjee all these ladies had snow-flakes in their head. The Abdullahs, the Muftis, the Geelanis can no more stoke terrorism in the valley or blackmail India. That’s another major loss for Pakistan. That would call for fresh thinking and new tactics. And the tactic is not all that new but has been used in the Mid-east and Pakistan before but some improvisations have been undertaken. Take a look at the new warriors:
That’s right; the age-old technique of Islamic terrorists of using women and children as frontline sacrifices and suicide bombers. It works very profitably for some of their terrorist groups. The ISIS uses the women as weapons and as sex toys. When the criminal coward Al Baghdadi was finally cornered, he used his two kids as shield to protect himself rather than protecting their lives. As the anti-CAA riots faded the Islamists working for Pakistan were frustrated. In UP, CM Yogi Adityanath completely clamped down on the violence and assured dire consequences for any anti-India sloganeering. The male voices of Owaisi, Lechury, weren’t going very far. So, the Jihadis resorted to the old tactic of women and children with slight improvisations.

The women folk from JNU and assorted aunties and grannies assembled from all over at Shaheen Bagh in Delhi became the new tactic. On January 5, violence erupted at JNU campus and though the criminals played victims the evidence pointed to the fact that the Commie student leader Aishe Ghosh was the main perpetrator. That’s one pawn down. Who picked another goon called Sharjeel Imam to organise the Shaheen Sleepathon is not known but we can estimate multiple forces from across and within the border are at work? It is how well these events are coordinated – from the JNU violence to Shaheen Sleepathon to Muslim women from media and other outfits indulging in hate-speeches that should impress us. As part of the improved tactic, the ever-whining, Hindu-hating bigot Arfa Khanum was the chosen one to open another front at AMU with a speech clearly outlining the agenda of the “Islamic rule dream”. Here’s her speech along with another one by a JNU Jihadini called Afreen Fatima in the second part (video: 1.27 mins):
The vicious bigot Arfa very cleverly tells her Muslim audience that they should indulge in “inclusive” battles till an “ideal” state is reached. I guess that “ideal” state is when the whole world is a fool and she can grandly establish her Islamic State in India. The second Jihadini is even more direct and articulate. From 0.43 onward you can hear Afreen stating Afzal Guru had no hand in the Parliament attack, that the agitation is far beyond CAA or NRC and that SC ruling on Babri is also not acceptable. Videos of Sharjeel Imam inciting blockades on how 5 lakh Muslims can cut off Assam from India are also floating around. In short, it is a grand Muslim revolt against the GOI, against Hindus, against the SC and a quest of nothing less than Islamic rule. What else do they want? Because NRC hasn’t been introduced and CAA doesn’t harm any Indian Muslim whatsoever. And slogans like “Hinduon se Azadi” with images of Ma Kali in a Hijab and a slaughtered cow on the lotus at Shaheen Bagh are certainly not works of artistic expression:
And since the criminal Sharjeel exposed the real agenda of the “New, Improvised” terrorists, the defenders of the Shaheen Sleepathon stupidity are running helter skelter trying to defend their foolishness and bogus agitation. Barkha Dutt tries to distance the guy from the Shaheen while another Muslim journo, Marya Shakil, tries to twist Arfa’s camouflaged call for Islamic supremacy into some vague “inclusive” nonsense:

At multiple levels, this poisonous anti-Hindu and anti-India campaign is skillfully being defended by women in the media. They are crawling all over the web seeking anything that can tar India and feed into the Pakistani agenda of Ghazwa-e-Hind. Rana Ayyub, the eternal India-hater, keeps peddling lie after lie with no basis because now the WaPo rents her rants for a small price. She claims persecution of Muslims by Modi when even the article she quotes does not remotely suggest that. Elsewhere, the brainless Nidhi Razdan quotes some EU resolution against India over CAA. Little does this dimwit realise that this resolution is sponsored by a Pak-origin Shaffaq Mohammad and has no buyers. The other Jihadini called Suhasini is a true worm that crawls and seeks every dead crumb that can tar India:
Soros blabbers nonsense like Salma and Hissini quotes and peddles his crap like Sabrina. This intense desire to hunt for every bit of news item, even very obviously fake ones, and then peddle them in tweets and articles betrays the extreme contempt these women hold for the country. Worse, I see them as part of the grand plan of “women” being now the main front of the Jihad against India and Hindus by Pakistan, ISI and the enemies of the nation. There is no other way to explain Suhasini’s constant and regular abuse of India through borrowed news items and headlines from all over:
Moronically, Suhasini quotes that both Hasina and Karzai have called India a “second home”. Why not! After all, it is India that welcomes everyone and treats them well. No refugee, asylum-seeker or persecuted being has suffered in India. Suhasini only amplifies the fact and the need for CAA to protect minority victims from the countries she quotes that treat India as a second home. What her brainlessness does not allow her to ask is – would Indian politicians treat Bangladesh or Afghanistan as their second home? Would at least some Muslim politicians like to settle there? Would at least Suhasini like to settle there and make it her home? I don’t think so. These Islamic countries are a hell for any non-Muslim individual. This simple fact underlying the CAA seems to escape all these idiots or they simply want to live in denial. And if all this new terror-tactic is in motion, then there has to be a new modus operandi where funding is concerned too:
The biryanis and 500 notes at Shaheen cannot be pulled out of thin air. Someone has to pay for it all. Someone has to pay for the travels and rallies of Sharjeel Imam. Someone has to compensate for the work done in indulging in violence and destruction of public property from UP to Delhi to Bengal. All evidences so far point to the Popular Front of India (PFI). This criminal outfit is suspected to be the new avatar of SIMI. I am surprised the GOI has so far not banned it and frozen its bank accounts. However, investigations are underway and I’m sure the full extent of PFI funding the anti-CAA violence will be known. Besides, what their director Shamoon says about BJP guys deserving death or being chopped off for gangrene indicate what they really have in mind. From Shaheen Bagh to JNU to various other speeches – the whole act is full of anti-India, anti-Hindu bile with the assertion of “Muslim Supremacy” and the threat of “Islamic rule” one day.

The cowardly rat Sharjeel has now been arrested. In a campaign rally, BJP’s Anurag Thakur repeated the popular line “Gaddaron ko goli maaro” (Shoot the traitors). So, as a monkey-balancing trick the Sickular journos wanted him arrested as Sharjeel was. It doesn’t occur to these stupidosaurs that shooting the traitors is not a treacherous statement and is a line that any patriot would parrot at these times when there are so many traitors floating around. Well, trust the Hyderbadi Ghetto-Queen Asad Owaisi to rise to the challenge of seeking the “Gaddaar-Goli”:
That’s what cowards sound like. They have sent their mothers, sisters, wives, grannies and infants to do the battle at various places. They sit at home like lazy old Nawabs eating biryanis and playing chess. And then, they claim they are heroes who seek the bullets meant for traitors. Dumb in his chest-thumping, Owaisi stupidly admits being a traitor. Something we always suspected. And that is the core of this new and improved terror tactic – send women and children to battle because the govt and cops won’t act against them. On the contrary, Amit Shah has gladly allowed the Shaheen folks to make a through fool of themselves and for the country to watch their dubious agitation over nothing. This terror tactic is also doomed for failure. They should try Surf next time.

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Sunday, January 26, 2020

India's Most Toxic Groups

Even as the CAB was being discussed in Rajya Sabha on December 11, 2019, it was evident that the outcome would not be acceptable to Congress and the Commies. The Bill was passed with a decent majority in the RS. In a very concerted and coordinated manner, the Congress and its main allies organised riots and agitations across India. In Bengal, Mamata Banerjee hardly needs an invitation to violence. Her gangs were ready, burning everything from police stations, railway stations to trains. It took a few days for Congress to get their university goons to riot but JNU, Jamia, AMU and a couple more got into top gear quite soon. As the riots started fading and the violence got more condemnation, the universal “rat-pack” had to be activated. So, The Economist comes up with a sham it calls “Intolerant India” and at Davos, George Soros, rants about Kashmir, Muslims and Hindu nationalism with a promise to invest $1 Bn for a new university of anarchy in India.

Amit Shah has made it absolutely clear – you can protest all you want but the CAA is not going to be withdrawn. The CAA does not alienate or affect even one single Muslim of India. But the CAA is not really at the heart of this orgy of violence. It’s a culmination of TripleT, Ayodhya, Article 370 and now the CAA and possibly UCC not far off. All those claiming Muslim-patriotism shouldn’t be question heard all kinds of slogans – “Pakistan Zindabad”, “Jinnahwala Azadi” “Bharat ke Tukde” again. Good! That brings to the fore all the most toxic and dangerous groups that pose a continuous threat to India and to Hindus. Many law enforcement agencies use lists like “Most Wanted” or “Top 10 Wanted”. This Republic Day, let’s look at India’s most dangerous and toxic groups.

JNU, AMU, Jamia & some others:

All these universities really contribute nothing to India. They are most known for being Commie hotbeds and frequent violence. The students at these universities are mostly leeches who exist there to scrounge on govt benefits. Some are outright criminals. JNU being in Delhi obviously makes more noise. In the recent protests, there were fake attacks on themselves and the staff/properties in JNU. At AMU, their former union Head gladly announced they would “break India” to achieve their goals:
The language of “will break India” repeatedly comes from Muslims. And “repeatedly” cannot be a mistake. So, those claiming Muslim patriotism shouldn’t be questioned can go fly a kite. We will question it everyday as long as your idiots keep threatening to destroy India. As for the govt, they will have to figure a way of phasing out these universities just as loss-making PSUs are being disinvested. There are now enough colleges and universities for govt to get out of this business.

Bollywood Sleeper Cells:

This is one of the most corrupt and criminal dens of anti-India elements. Here too, much of the anti-India rants come from Muslims and some closet-Muslims. The senile Naseeruddin Shah, for the second time, came out ranting “India is a dangerous place for Muslims”. We know well this is a lie and we know this fart is a frustrated pig that went to Pakistan and said it “feels like home”. If India is so dangerous for Muslims, we don’t see a big gold-rush for their darling Pakistan from here. Elsewhere, the most flop actor Saif Ali claimed the concept of India originated with the British. The orgasmic delight that an average “item dancer” like Javed Jafferi gets in quoting some spurious survey from a Pak media declaring “India is the most dangerous country” on earth should tell you what these Paki-dancers have in mind. These goons are not patriots and will never be loyal to India. They resent every hour that India has not been converted into an Islamic country.

These names are not the only ones. There are others like Javed Akhtar, Mahesh Bhatt and some more who are driven by an intense desire to turn India into an Islamic ghetto. Hindus and others should now seriously stop paying for the movies of these anti-nationals. The JNU-queen Deepika Padukone learned a lesson with her “Chhapaak” flop and others will too. The GOI must put many of the Bollywood anti-nationals under surveillance. Their statements don’t come off the cuff. I am damn sure they are regularly in touch with enemies of India outside our borders.

Dangerous Media Anti-Nationals:

Most journalists don’t have brains and say things just be in the “in-crowd” and do so out of intense hatred for PM Modi. Some Rohini Singh or VasudhaET or Vidya Krishnan are all immature idiots who really don’t know what their job is. They like to shout and tweet stupid stuff simply because their “Senior Sickulars” applaud. Otherwise, none of these idiots are really known for any journalistic piece of work. I have named three and there must be many more. These are non-dangerous morons. The most toxic dangerous ones in the media are those who work for or write in foreign press:
It’s not what the depreciated and redundant junk-peddlers like Barkha, Rana or Suhasini write. We know much of it is trash and generous with lies. What GOI should look into is what international nexus these people are connected to and working with. In the middle tweet above, the Lizard writer Rana quotes an article and claims “Modi’s persecution of Muslims” in India. The article itself does not say anything like that and the equation with Rohingyas is equally dubious. But having lost any journalistic credence they ever possessed these 3 ladies tweet anti-India poison day after day as if their life depended on it. Suhasini, in particular, is like a worm that crawls around the web for anti-India, anti-Modi articles and keeps tweeting them. She even quotes an idiotic, illogical statement by Hamid Karzai. There are others in this group like Shekhar Gupta, Rajdeep Sardesai etc who are puppets dangled by Sonia & co. GOI is too burdened with many issues but I am sure if they go after a dozen individuals in media, they will find a whole can of worms of money-laundering, toxic agenda and a nexus with enemies of India.

Freelance Criminals:

These are “opportunistic” creeps that are as terrible as the Nirbhaya rapists and killers or the ones that raped and killed a young doctor in Hyderabad. The moment they chance upon an incident or opportunity to slam India, slam Modi and openly incite war against India, they will surface.

Take Salim Yogendra for instance. He grandly claimed on NDTV that GOI is curbing “Civil liberties” over the CAA riots. When all other arguments failed, Salim brings in an ambiguous term to defend his stupidity. What civil liberties were curbed? ZERO, NOTHING! On the contrary, the level of violence would make one believe this had become a free-for-all like Somalia. Not one single protest against the CAA has been totally peaceful. But then you wonder how leeches like Salim, who frequently appear at conflict zones and TV operate. That’s the job George Soros does. Directly or indirectly, Soros funds all these antinational scumbags through various routes. There are others too – Harsh Mander, PB Mehta, assorted online news sites like The Print or The Wire.

Talking about the anti-national “Wire” (which houses products like Rohini, Mohini, Khanum, Phanum etc) one of their hired criminal, Sharjeel Imam, went on a rant at the “Muslim ladies Sammelan” at Shaheen Bagh in Delhi. He threatens to break India, he exhorts Muslims to swamp and cut-off Assam from India, to block all railway tracks and so on. Very interesting the grand design of Muslims to destroy India. Video (39 secs):

The Assam govt has indicated action against this Sharjeel Imam but that is to be seen. But far from Assam and Delhi there is a ghetto in Hyderabad being run by two of the worst scumbags in India – Asad and Akbar Owaisi. Both have FIRs and pending cases against them. Both have been protected from the law by a subservient State govt and both have different ways of spewing venom against India and Hindus. Akbar The Idiot is more open and direct in his desire to completely eliminate Hindus from the country. Asad is the poor man’s English Lalu Tharoor who has learned to speak English so couches his radical agenda more smoothly. With no strength in politics, during the recent Maharashtra campaign, Asad wanted 40 MPs in LS so that he could protect terrorists like Yakub Memon. I am absolutely sure, one major crackdown on this Hyderabad ghetto will reveal what goes on in there and what great anti-India plans are being hatched. It will not happen soon but these two must be on the list of Toxic-watch all the time.

The Gandhis & Congress:

It would be an understatement to say there’s a Congress hand in every act of violence during these CAA protests. Time and again it has been proven, from the time of Independence, that the Congress has frequently turned almost every agitation into a violent communal riot. The current Gandhis are the worst of the lot from the clan. Apart from being soaked in corruption and scams they have no stake whatsoever in India other than grabbing power by hook or crook. RahulG has abused India in many international forums. Sonia & party have provided all the lines to Pakistan for justification of terrorism. Under Sonia, Congress has released 2 dozen Paki terrorists with no reason or rhyme. They take matters like 370 to British politicians for their agitational support. In short, this family and party is the “apex body” of all the anti-nationals operating in India – Media, politics, Bollywood, NGOs… everywhere. Every key member of this party must be kept under surveillance and that alone will reveal multiple plots to destabilise GOI and the country itself.

Needless to say, in all the groups I have mentioned there are “exceptions” to the general toxic and dangerous elements. Recently, there was a report that India’s economic growth slowdown was dragging down world economy. Naturally, many Sickular idiots used it as yet another tool to slam ModiSarkar. Let them be happy. But what these morons do miss is the fact that under PM Modi, the Indian economy and diplomacy has become dominant enough to impact world economy and policy. This is a dramatic change from the many years when Nehru-Gandhi had kept India as a “begging bowl” in front of other economic powers. ModiSarkar is spending a lot on Space exploration. I would recommend some part of that amount be used for strong surveillance on the groups and individuals most dangerous to India within India. The termite within is greater than outside.

Happy Republic Day!
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