Sunday, February 16, 2020

Delhi Belly Dancers

The BJP’s loss in Delhi is neither unexpected nor shocking. The party didn’t have any local leaders focused on Delhi and even their campaigning looked more like “tokenism” than a serious attempt to win. The corrupt Sickos of media didn’t mind that their original darling Congress was thrashed again to dust with a grand zero. They were more thrilled that their darling product Arvind Kejriwal had finally “evoluted” and retained power. And politically, it does no harm at all to keep Kejri tied up in Delhi. He is not a national figure that he and his media belly-dancers imagined he was. But now that he has won a second term very convincingly, his pimps in the media are out again with their grand orgasms. Who else could be first off, the block than the one who did a “Mujra” on TV over AAP’s win than Rajdeep Sardesai? Here he goes:
Rajdeep has a personal stake in Kejri. It is easy to forget that he was associated with the IAC through the back door since 2011. He was their media pimp while at CNN-IBN and both he and Ashutosh were Kejri’s main dancers in the media. Not just that, Rajdeep actually claimed that he was the one who advised Kejri to protest in Delhi instead of some other place with his IAC movement with Anna Hazare as the “Frontal Bakra” for the cause so that the blast would be louder and heard all across India:
You can read the text and watch the video of Rajdeep making that claim in this post. When it comes to BJP and Narendra Modi, for these Sickular pimps, anyone will do. Be it Kejriwal or even Kanhaiya Kumar. Another senile idiot called Nayantara Sahgal grandly claimed Modi had finally met his match in Kanhaiya. They are simply unable to stomach or figure out how to dent the popularity of PM Modi. So, any Johny or Jenny come lately seems to their next PM or challenger to Modi. This is not the first time that some Chameli like Rajdeep asks if Kejri can go national. Back in 2013, after the BJP won a few states in December and Kejriwal won Delhi but fell a bit short of majority and formed a govt with Congress, Arnab Goswami, then with Timesnow, started jumping with the same delirious orgasm:
Is AAP now a threat to Modi? Well, once again morons, everyone from ISI to Sonia to Hafiz Saeed to Chota Shakeel to all Sickular parties in India are a threat to Modi. We are used to this blabber and so is Modi. Since Arnab was sacked from Timesnow for his barking against Bollywoodias over Uri, he has since then become a Modi-poodle. While Arnab abuses every other BJP member or Hindu outfit, he is careful not to be taking on Modi in anyway whatsoever. The Sickular desire to see some other option to Congress since the lurking danger of Modi coming to power was always around. Back in 2007 when Mayawati won a clear majority in UP with what was called a “Rainbow Coalition” there were people like Barkha Dutt and others dancing in delight. They even asked if Mayawati could become the first “Dalit PM”. Manikankar’s brother too thought she would be a great PM for India:
Lately, one has to search where Mayawati and her shoes are. The whole Sickular gang then jumped on to Mamata Banerjee as the latest hit song after she won a clear majority in Bengal in 2011. It wasn’t long before Maomata showed up her true Jihadini colours and her chitfund scams. And then again in 2012 Barkha Dutt tried to “Evolute” the “Great White DopeRahul Gandhi during the UP campaign hoping he would finally mature and attain puberty. They have tried maturing “Pappu” almost twice every year. Morons like Aroon Purie, Shekhar Gupta, Rajdeep, Sagarika, Saba Naqvi all danced for their white master hoping he will dent Modi’s march. All that happened was Congress spent 500 crores with Dentsu and others trying to change a donkey into a horse. From 2012 to LS2014 elections, they also tried Nitish Kumar as their “united candidate” to upstage Modi. That too failed. The Mobile Dargah is so desperate that even during the run-up to the LS2019 campaign, she had dug a deep hole into the ground and found some magic lamp that told her Mayawati is the “Key” in the 2019 elections:
The brainless crawler that Barkha is, she first tom-tom’d in her Wapo Crappo about Mayawati being the key to any opposition plan to unseat Modi in March 2018. Not having found any buyers to her crap she again tried selling her rusty wares in the domestic virus called HT in September 2018. So, every six months these Little Belly Dancers get some itch about someone unseating Modi and suddenly taking over the national stage. Among their new heroes is also Udhav Thackeray since he got married to Congress and NCP in a polygamic alliance. Desperation drives these media morons to cling to anyone that appears to be the latest flavor. Even Akhilesh Yadav after the 2012 UP election was one of their favourites to storm the country and NDTV had made him one of their PM candidates in spurious “Surrogate” debates along with Maomata.

There are other lower rung clowns like Saba Naqvi, who often misfires like a bad Iranian missile fired by a mad Iranian. The jerks downed a Ukranian commercial flight recently by mistake. Her hatred of Modi runs so deep that she even dreamed of Kejri as a solid PM option in 2014 too. She tweeted from Varanasi airport that she was seeing a late surge for AAP in the city and Kejri might even defeat Modi in the contest. All these media dancers of Kejri found great solace in Shaheen Bagh, JNU and Jamia type agitations. Mobile Dargah had regular interactions and encouraged “Sana and Shaheen” with their FAKE patriotism. She also thought going to protest was “work” that the women were doing for Biryani and 500/- and it was a phenomenal achievement by them to take their infants and expose them to death for some stupid cause:
The abuse of infants, exposing them to bad weather is being applauded by all these media criminals as some great accomplishment and sacrifice. Barkha is not a mother but given that she thinks its fine to take infants to the sacrifice should make us wonder what kind of mother she would have made. A 4-month old did die due to the extreme cold weather but that doesn’t matter to these idiots – all they care is that they think Modi and Shah are being challenged and defied. That is as laughable as it comes.

In reality, BJP hasn’t really lost all that much and a dominant party for a decade is likely to face a certain amount of fatigue with the voters. BJP didn’t lose Maharashtra. Their alliance won and the party had the highest number. They lost to the treachery of a power-hungry UT who has more or less ended the political future of Shiv Sena. To the credit of Kejriwal, he had learned some hard lessons and unlike his media-mujra dancers he didn’t abuse Modi during the 2020 campaign or make Modi the chief target of his campaign. And those claiming BJP were thrashed, it is actually Congress that was slaughtered and BJP actually gained 5 more seats from their last tally of 3 in 2015. All this doesn’t matter though. The reason for heralding Kejri as the new messiah is also not new. Delhi results need not be overestimated and it will not mean much for the country’s political outlook the way I see it:
Once the Delhi results were out, the Shaheen Bagh Biryani-gobblers took a break and went home for a while (probably to take a bath and attend to other hygiene needs). They are lost now. Kejri has utilised them well without appearing to pander to Muslims. The media has no use for them. Nobody has any use for them anymore. They too want an honourable exit from the cesspit they dug. On February 14, the men who were so far hiding at homes letting their women suffer turned up to celebrate the Islamic festival of “Valentine’s Day”. They came up with “Pink hearts” with a message for Modi to come to Shaheen Bagh. I wonder for what. Do they want Modi to come and share their Biryani or do these clowns want to be saved?
Frankly, these guys look more like members of a “Gay pride” parade in Puerto Rico than a bunch of losers from Shaheen Bagh. Apart from the Pink hearts, it would have been a great sight if they had also decked their stupid heads with some flowers instead of the usual Topi. The Delhi election results will not have any great impact on the country but the squatters of Shaheen Bagh have made enemies across the country.

Nevertheless, one of the reasons that BJP did badly in Delhi is because both Amit Shah and Narendra Modi have been spineless against the violence of the Jihadis. Be it JNU or Jamia or Seelampur or other places in and around Delhi, the failure to combat violent thugs has indeed angered Hindus. The BJP govt has shamefully allowed the Jihadis to hold Delhi to ransom multiple times in the last 8 months. That alone angers Hindus and that is the real thing that should worry BJP in elections. Kejriwal or Maomata aren’t really threats – the anger of Hindus is. That is the real warning for Modi and BJP.

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Wednesday, February 12, 2020

The Minority Fraud

Today marks the 10th Anniversary of this blog site. It’s a nice feeling to be still on when bloggers normally do not sustain over long periods. The targets of Corrupt, anti-Hindu media, corrupt anti-Hindu politics and anti-national Communists and those who covertly waged war on Hindus have all taken a beating in the last decade. That’s another great feeling.

Much of the media stands discredited now. All their big stars who could get away with anything without a challenge are now trashed for every lie they peddle. Newspapers like Indian Express, TOI or The Hindu are no more valued for news content. Everyone on social media is a fact-checker, everyone with a mobile is a citizen-journalist that can influence events. As it should be in a democracy, SM has delivered immense power to the people – where it belongs. The Commies have dramatically diminished in power and relegated to a corner of India. The other Commie, anti-Hindu outfits like Congress, SP and so on are clinging for dear life. ModiSarkar has been bold in decisions like 370, Triple Talaq, CAA and more will come.

ModiSarkar has also shown the Islamists and Commies who have rioted, destroyed public property and squatted and blocked areas like Shaheen Bagh in Delhi that they will not deter the govt and nor will Modi-Shah give into violent tactics or idiotic journos screaming about what foreign politicians say. It is now a redeeming feature of India that we have a PM that is 100% Indian and thinks and works for India and doesn’t crawl for vested interests abroad like Sonia Congress. We all know very well that the riots and violence are engineered by Congress, their Commie allies and, without a doubt, their Paki sponsors. There is some more courage required – and that is in destroying the nonsense of “Minority”:
When the Ministry of Minority Affairs (MMA) was carved out of the Ministry of Social Justice in 2006 it didn’t cause much flutter and hardly received much notice. News transmission still wasn’t blaring and SM hardly existed. But this particular act of SoniaG and its criminal nature escaped the other political parties too. The Sonia-Congress agenda being dictated by her Catholic persuasions required that she create this particular ministry to break India even if it meant partnering the Islamists and radical Mullahs in her quest to completely marginalize Hindus. The Christian population being very low and having strong presence only in some parts of India compelled Sonia-Congress to make Muslims their mainstay. Sonia had learned the hard way that she didn’t really need “Thoo seventhee thoo”. All her Congress needed was some 180-200 seats to rule India – the rest could easily be made up by the other anti-Hindu parties in the south and north. Thus, the fraud of MMA was perpetrated with that specific agenda of perpetuating power for the Gandhi family.

This MMA was then used to launch quite a few “Minority” schemes and policies. Among the major laws arising out this was the RTE Bill passed in 2009 soon after the Congress got a second term. Following the lead of the Centre, many bigger states also had their own MMAs. In election after election, Sonia has also met radical Hindu-haters like the Imam Bhukari to seek Muslim votes. From its inception till date all the ministers of the MMA have been Muslims. So, the right title for the ministry should have been Ministry of Muslims. The other REAL minorities like Sikhs, Jains, Buddhists or Parsis are enterprising people and don’t beg for doles all that much from governments. The only major beneficiaries of this ministry have been Muslims and Christians and to a large extent Muslims and Muslims only.

While the Congress and its Muslim allies like SP, TMC, RJD practically did nothing for Muslims they repeatedly sucked up to all their Mullahs to keep all of them in their “Tabela”. Even terror-promoter Zakir Naik was donating money to the Gandhi Foundation. Congress also released over 20 Paki terrorists for no reason or rhyme and no bargain. The Hurriyat and Separatists were funded well by the GOI and their media criminals (like NDTV) enjoyed offices and stays in luxury govt buildings in Kashmir. The hands of security forces were tied in Kashmir and terrorists and stone-pelters had a free run. And in the rest of India they pushed Muslims into the clamour of “we are victims, we are victims, we are victims” of the Hindu majority. This had no basis but served Sonia’s politics well. She had almost passed the Communal Violence Bill that would have held Hindus as the culprit of any communal conflict.

Sonia did estimate the rise of Narendra Modi as a threat to her. There were friends like Ishrat Jehan & co that were used to deal with Modi. Even in the campaign leading up to LS2014 blasts were engineered at Gandhi Maidan in Patna. All that failed and Modi became the PM. The BJP won 2014 with a clear majority and won 2019 with an even bigger majority. Unable to combat Modi politically or in the Parliament the Congress and its “Muslim allies” knew this was the time to unleash their “programmed army” to wreak havoc across India. There is not a single country in the world where Muslims live in harmony with the majority or other communities. But they will happily keep claiming to be “minority” and under that garb unleash violence, blockades and many crimes. This effort is ably supported by many Jihadi media personnel who don’t carry guns or bombs but will twist every situation or incident to portray the Muslim as the “victim” when the original offence itself had originated from the Muslim:
Suhasini the Hissini, Rana Ayyub, Saba Naqvi – all of them come out of their burqa to help Muslims play victim. The nonsense above had started with “Kagaz nahin dikhayenge” by the Muslims but they don’t have a problem standing in line with their “Kagaz” to vote. Because voting for their Sickular party is compulsory – mandated by the husband or father and the Mullah. Their agitators are not seeking any explanation of CAA or NRC. From UP to Bengal to Karnataka to Delhi – the violence is orchestrated by the one that developed this “Minority fraud” format – Congress. The tag of “Minority” being victims of some imaginary nonsense is the hammer being used to drive a non-existent nail. And then they indulge in violence themselves with masks and claim to be victims as they did in JNU. In comes another product of this Jihad – Sharjeel Imam.

Sharjeel is an educated man, so his Jihad is a bit more sophisticated than self-inflicted wounds that the JNU idiots play with. He has larger plans. Among the many stupid rants that this guy let off was one to cut off Assam and NE from India. He wants 5 lakh Muslims to gather and block the “Chicken Neck” which is like a gateway to the NE. I am absolutely sure that the usage of this term and his bizarre plan to cut off India is not home-grown alone. There is an element of sinister foreign input in it. This is the reason why the GOI and many State govts were alarmed when they have been ignoring many stupid statements by the Muslim rioters. This brave Muslim warrior who wants to break India was hiding in his hometown of Jehanabad in Bihar and was arrested quickly.

Sharjeel wanted to show some extraordinary daring in baring the Islamists’ plan to break India. This community that claims to be a “victim” in everything frequently indulges in an orgy of violence all over at the drop of a hat. “Hinduon se Azadi”, “Desh jala ke rakhenge”, “Bharat tere tukde” all these slogans are coming from this lot that wants to play “victim”. It seems the only way to combat ModiSarkar is to use Muslims as the preferred “tool”. The idiotic protest at Shaheen Bagh in Delhi had women and tiny infants sitting in for nearly two months. One 4-month old infant died due to the cold. Such is the desperation for revolt that they didn’t spare even infants from their tyranny. Now that Delhi elections are over, I am sure this Shaheen Bagh jokers will go back home to plot some new adventure to again start earning their daily allowance of 500/- and biryani packets.

This “Victimhood” Minority has shown its potential for violence and disruption repeatedly. It has driven out Hindus from Kashmir. It has made life hell for Hindus in Kerala and TN through outfits like PFI. Hindu temples are destroyed right under ModiSarkar’s nose in Delhi. Kamlesh Tiwari was murdered in broad daylight. Scores of murders and rapes happen without fear. All this is not the handiwork of some “Darra hua Musalman”. All of this is organised violence by political parties that are using Muslims as tools of anarchy and violence. Since the Sonia regime, road-Namaz, rail-Namaz, highway-Namaz, garden-Namaz – all increased dramatically, all actions of assertions by this minority. This is one of the greatest crimes committed against Hindus and other Non-Muslims in India by political parties and various govts.

There are many parts and pockets in India where Muslims are not a minority by numbers. They are actually a majority in such places. And wherever they are in majority, there have been frequent cases of harassment of Hindus, including being driven out of the locality like in Kairana or Meerut, both in UP. Whether Muslims are in minority or majority it is an undeniable fact that other communities have suffered and that is why the CAA had to be passed. Not just that, Europe too is realizing that this is indeed a serious problem with violence, murders, rapes spiraling out of control. France too has started cracking down on this problem as did Switzerland earlier:
There is no one definition of what constitutes a minority internationally. However, each country or region can have a different yardstick. For instance, Sikhs are not a minority in Punjab. It is now a challenge for ModiSarkar to redefine what constitutes a minority and how it applies to different regions or to the country itself. Regardless of anything else Muslims certainly don’t constitute a minority in this country at around 17 crores of population which is growing without control. They are the second largest majority and not a minority anymore. In some regions in the country they are actually a majority. The violence in UP over CAA was quickly and deftly dealt with by the Yogi govt. It is the continuous violence in Delhi – be it JNU, Jamia or some other agitation or blockades like Shaheen Bagh that is alarming, even when it’s the BJP that is in charge of law and order in Delhi.

It is time Amit Shah and Narendra Modi redefined minority or completely scrapped this fraudulent classification. The fraudulent ministry created just to pander to Muslims with only Muslim ministers must also be scrapped. There is no need for any minority nonsense in India. If at all, minorities should be those who are less than 2-3% of the population. Along with other laws (like CAA), Uniform Civil Code must also be enforced and all citizens must have one civil law even if their social practices like marriage ceremonies have different patterns. Whether Hindu, Muslim or Sikh polygamy must be banned and the discrimination in education must also go. There cannot be minority education laws and majority education laws. RTE discrimination must end. This minority fraud has gone on long enough and is sure to create serious civil strife if this fraud is not ended.

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