Sunday, December 27, 2020

Ministry Of Islamification

There is nothing redeeming about AMU that I have heard in decades. They were active supporters for the creation of Pakistan and post-Independence, their contribution to India is ZERO. PM Narendra Modi grandly recalls their contribution to Covid-help but that wasn’t unique to AMU but, still, let us give it to them. For a larger part of their existence AMU has been anti-India, indulged in violent riots for no real reason and had promoted hate-speeches. 70% of the student-faculty population at AMU is Muslim but Modi calls it a “Mini India”. While this may seem like a foolish comment, it is not. It is a very calculated comment by the PM to wash the tag of “Mini Pakistan” from an organisation that has never really merged with India. This is subtle, clever appeasement and is also idiotic. Why would there be a mini-India in India? As idiotic as saying Amritsar is mini-Punjab.

This “Mini-India” nonsense of Modi is consistent with the Islamification policies of ModiSarkar. While the Moditards were stunned by this comment they are also deeply in denial that while Modi pretends to be a token-Hindu with Pujas and Disco-Bhajans, his govt alarmingly promotes the Islamification of India more than ever. Earlier this month I had also written “Islamifying India Gently” and that process will become clearer to those are still blind as we progress in this post. In that post I had referred to a thread on Zakat Foundation which formulates “shadow policies” for Muslim-domination but the GOI seems to borrow a lot of their ideas in their dubious Ministry of Minority Affairs which in reality is nothing but a “Ministry of Islamification” of India. Zakat’s founder and President Syed Zafar Mahmood has an interesting profile:

Mahmood is a product of AMU. He is an IAS breed. He worked on the implementation of Sachar Report under MMS in 2005-06 and indirectly continues the work with ModiSarkar through Zakat. In line with his proposal of 13 Minority Universities, the NEP 2020 of ModiSarkar envisages many Muslim-only universities for the future. This Zakat format has editions in many countries including UK and the US too. The taint and burden of being painted as “Anti-Muslim” has permanently scarred Modi and has brought out the worst response from him. To combat this taint and win accolades from the Islamic world he has gone out to appease Muslims like never before. Calling a pathetic AMU, a “Mini India”, increasing Muslim officers in govt through “UPSC Jihad” and the extremist proposal of Muslims-only university are all manifestations of this burden. Silently and quietly, Modi is as much Bollywood in Islamifying India as any of their Hindu-abuse movies are:

A report by this “Ministry of Islamification” is being circulated on social media, especially Twitter, in bits and pieces. This is the Ministry’s Annual Report for 2019-20 (You can download the PDF) and while it deceptively calls itself the “Minority” ministry, the reality is that it’s a Ministry of Muslims and Islamification of India. The agenda of this ministry is sinister and anti-India, anti-Hindu to say the least. There is a section where the report lists the agenda-issue and action taken comment. The action-taken comment shows “Implemented” or “In process” or “Not implemented”. Here are some extracts from this section of the report:

So, only Muslims are deemed capable or eligible to police Muslim majority ghettos, be teachers there and look after health of Muslims. This is exactly like thousands of AMUs in India. And they are not “Mini India” as Modi deceptively cheats Indians – they are essentially thousands of Mini-Pakistans within India. And sure enough, people are listing ghettos in Ahmedabad, Hyderabad, Bangalore etc. which are indeed Mini-Pakistans.

 May be just as well; there are places like Ambur (a mini-Pakistan near Chennai) where regular police cannot enter. There are places in Odisha where Muslims beat up police. Police go to arrest chain-snatchers in Mumbai, the ghetto-queens try to burn them. I could go on and on and fill a whole page with incidents like these. At Azad Maidan, the police just watched as the mob rioted and molested female cops. In Bangalore they set police station on fire. After an open Fatwa on his head, Kamlesh Tiwari was brazenly murdered in execution-style. In Delhi they occupied Shaheen Bagh and one guy pulled a gun at a cop. In his worthless quest for medals and laurels, Modi has enabled and emboldened a culture of lawlessness that is now seeing FAKE minority-farmers driving tractors into cops at Uttarakhand. This is a disgusting drive of India into a hell-hole. And the Ministry of Islamification merrily continues its agenda in the report:

Worthless Madrassa education to be mainstreamed and non-Muslim universities to be forced to accept their students for graduate studies. Somehow increase Muslim numbers in local bodies. Special ministerial group to develop their skills with funding from NABARD and SIDBI. Financial help for Waqf boards whose land is usually abused. More bank branches in Muslim areas with more direct credit. Hindus get thrilled when Modi does Pujas at Varanasi or goes into a cave to mediate with saffron robes or does foot-and-hand-tapping to disco bhajans and laser beams. All that might give some “emotional thrill” to them but in reality, does not attend to any Hindu issues which are long pending. Thus, apart from Statutory Discrimination through the Constitution, Hindus are fooled into believing that Pujas and Disco-Bhajans are solutions to their problems and make up for the ever-increasing Muslim-appeasement. Never has such a vast population been so blinded. And the Islamification report has worse in store for them:

What this delimitation referred above means is that many Muslim ghettos or Muslim-majority areas will be turned into new constituencies for seats in Parliament and Assemblies. The current 543 seats in Parliament is based on the 1971-91 census. PM Modi is building a new Parliament building which is scheduled to be completed in 2022. At a rough estimate, once another delimitation exercise is undertaken after the 2021 census, then there may be 800 or more MPs. And the agenda is to increase the number of ghettos as constituencies thereby increasing the number of Muslim MPs. So, if there were to be 800 MPs, instead of one Owaisi, you might then have 200 Owaisis. These 200 Owaisis will be lawmakers in India – you can imagine where this is headed and why Modi chants “Demographic Dividend” and has zero interest in any form of population control. Obviously, this demographic dividend is intended to be highly profitable for the agenda of Islamification of India.

The problem with Owaisi type MPs or MLAs is that they will NEVER think for the good of anyone except Muslims. BR Ambedkar had warned of this long back – that the “Brotherhood” of Muslims is ONLY for the Muslims; it will never include others. At the other end, Modi has gone overboard with “Ek haath Quran…“ or “Islam is a religion of peace” or paying tributes at the grave of Yasser Arafat by visiting Palestine. Arafat is called the “Father of modern terrorism”. The desperation to win Muslims and the Islamic world was visible at every attempt.

As for the CVB, the Sonia-regime didn’t pass the law but it is surely not off the table yet under ModiSarkar. Under the CVB, a Hindu will be automatically deemed guilty, arrested, jailed and prosecuted if a minority member accuses him or her of attacks. That this CVB is still on the table shows the brazenness of ModiSarkar in holding the sword on Hindu-heads. In six years, ModiSarkar reportedly spent 22000 crores on Muslim-Minority scholarships and doles in various forms. This money part doesn’t bother me one bit. That is just one small part of the comprehensive Islamification of India through all possible avenues – Tomb lighting and Minar lighting by the Culture Minister, more Muslims in govt administration services through relaxed norms (Up from 4% to 10% according to Mukhtar Naqvi), freedom to riot without any fear anywhere, and continued glorification of Mughal murderers and increased abuse of Hindus in educational books. And after all this, ministers like Mukhtar Naqvi and Amit Shah shamelessly claim ModiSarkar has “ended appeasement”:

These deceptive appeasers want to win Bengal now. Amit Shah claims they will win 200 seats. I wonder what they will do that MamataB is not already doing. She is appeasing Muslims, allowing illegal Muslims ID cards and stuff, Hindus and their festivals are being attacked and killed relentlessly. The BJP is doing more or less the same except for the killing part. The BJP has destroyed Diwali, arrested kids and parents for firecrackers while violent goons run the streets. Maulana Saad keeps writing these jokers letters while their joker goes to Delhi riot areas to pacify Muslims. Amit Shah taunts Owaisi to give in writing that he wants Rohingyas to be evicted from India. The level of nonsense in the name of “Sabka Vishwas” is now nauseating and sickening.

Hindsight affords us a lot more wisdom. India’s economy is in doldrums. Unemployment is over 9% currently. Social fabric is torn apart. Lawlessness is rampant. But the only thing still working is more doles and appeasement. In face of the Sikh-farmer squatting and blockading Delhi borders, Modi rushed to a Gurudwara dressed up as a “Sikh” to offer prayers. Such theatrical acts have come to signify ModiSarkar. On December 25, ModiSarkar celebrated another dole of 18000 crores to farmers apart from other frequent doles. The pattern of governance is dominated by “appeasement-dole-appeasement-dole”. There are no other ideas left with ModiSarkar. While citizens are now being generally breast-fed with some “Aatmanirbhar katha”, the covert Islamification of India continues while your eyes are fixated with all the surrounding speeches, ribbon-cutting and drama. Modi’s own past statement on “Justice to all” is nothing but deceptive hogwash. 


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Sunday, December 20, 2020

Comic Govt Comic Courts

Proactive is not a word that BJP leaders are very aware of. PM Narendra Modi gave a speech to farmers at Bhopal through VC for an event. Although the event was in Bhopal the speech was meant for farmers across India but specifically for the agitators and fakesters occupying Delhi borders. This speech that comprehensively narrated the features of the 3 farm Bills and options and freedom available to farmers should have been made in June or July. But it’s being made now when the party and the GOI is in a firefighting mode. ModiSarkar has been on the defensive and firefighting mode right from 2014 starting with the FAKE “Christians under attack” scam. Any noise from Muslims, Christians, Sikhs (minorities) really frightens Modi. And thus, the unwillingness to enforce the law at Shaheen Bagh or at the latest ruckus at Delhi borders by Sikh farmers.

Talent is not promoted in India. Be it science, math or judiciary or agitations. There is a lack of innovation even in agitations. The last innovative agitation I read about was the “Chipko movement” over tree-felling in the Himalayan region. The latest fashion of “occupy” has nothing original about it. It has been copied from the “Occupy Wall Street” show in the US and adapted to Shaheen Bagh and the current Sikh agitation. The main difference is that the Sikh-farmer agitation is a small minority and the Shaheen Bagh one was by a fake minority while the Wall Street one was supposed to represent the 99% “silent majority”. It is hard to imagine what the GOI and these agitators would face if the 99% of silent majority did turn up on the streets. In all of this, PM Modi has not altered his tactics in dealing with the rioters and agitators. UP CM Yogi Adityanath has surpassed expectations in this.

In his fear or incompetence, Modi avoids talking to the media through general pressers even during a crisis. All his communications are a one-way traffic with no one asking any questions. The foolish argument that media is anti-Modi so there is no sense in talking to them does not hold. The failure of Modi is his unwillingness to “confront” adversaries as a govt and as a party Head. Had it been an individual social worker then nobody would care whether Modi deals with the Press or not. The govt sorely misses Arun Jaitley’s “Durbari skills” in blunting the media offensive against the govt during crises. In absence of this, the courts start ruling the country. And in the latest episode, the Supreme Court has been so bizarre in its statements that I have called it the “Govt of Bobde”.

In the Shaheen episode, some petitioners went to the SC seeking removal of the blockade by the agitators. That such a petition has to be filed in the court itself is a matter of shame for the ModiSarkar. And when the petition is filed, the SC too follows its moth-eaten procedure of sending notices to the Centre, Delhi govt and every Tomlina, Dickni and Harini to file their replies. It doesn’t matter if the issue is too serious and warrants immediate attention. Instead, the SC plays matchmaker arranging love-marriages by sending “Interloscooters” to dance with the agitators. Nothing can be more comic. The interloscooters were two depreciated lawyers of the SC. As fate would have it. None of it mattered and the Corona threat put an end to “Occupy Shaheen” and the SC’s intervention worthless. Long after the Shaheen Baghsterds divorced the roads after the Lockdown in March, the SC grandly ruled such marriages are illegal in October 2020:

Demonstrations expressing dissent have to be in designated places alone” says the SC in the above ruling. The “Occupy Wall Street” also did not indulge in blockades. They occupied a public-private park and in two months (by November 2011) the police forcibly evicted them. This is a common-sense fact and doesn’t need a court to say it. It is a natural principle that you cannot obstruct others in your quest to protest something. Even in the Ram Mandir case, when it reached the final stages of hearing and the court should have hastened the proceedings, the SC decided they will appoint a “mediation team”. People don’t question the judges and courts out of respect but, surely, this level of stupidity by the highest court certainly deserves mocking. The mediation team achieved nothing but delayed the process by another 8 months or so.

Now that the Sikh-farmers have occupied certain border parts of Delhi, some people have petitioned the court again for a ruling because the cowardly GOI is a wuss and will not act. Once again, the SC came up with the bizarre proposal of setting up a “Committee” to resolve the crisis. This Committee would be made up of eight groups of farmers and representatives of GOI. And if you think that is not silly enough, the SC went one step further and asked if the govt could withhold the new farm laws so that the agitation can be withdrawn:

Firstly, the SC shouldn’t be ruling on this silly petition at all. All it should have said is that their ruling on Shaheen Bagh blockade applies to this agitation too and the govt must relocate the agitators to designated places. That is That. It is not the job of SC to find a solution to these issues, it is the job of govts. This is as bad as a mother still breast-feeding her high-school kid. To top this, there is a judge in the SC who claims the Indian courts or SC hear more cases in a day than the US SC hears in a whole year. Naturally, the ever-interfering SC in India admits all kinds of silly petitions from Dahi Handi to reiterating MK Gandhi is “Father of nation” so rejected a PIL seeking Bharat Ratna for him. Many of the cases should be directed to lower courts which are being frequently superseded by petitioners or directed to the govt concerned or simply dismissed as nonsense and the petitioner penalised. 

In February 2020, Judge Chandrachud grandly claimed “Calling dissenters anti-national an attack on Constitutional values”. I have to say it is not justice that is blind, but judges that are not only blind but also deaf. How can slogans like "Desh jala denge... Hinduon se azaadi... Assam kaat denge" be dissent? How can they be slogans in any protest? I think the courts are unable to see the comedy they are creating by unwanted sermons. The SC is unable or unwilling to see that these Sikh-farmers are not protesting some mere farm laws. The deceptive agenda comes from across the world with slogans on Khalistan and as usual, our comic govt wakes up too late on the enemies of India fueling these bogus agitations, riots and stalling of Indian economy. Amit Shah has been on more trips to Bengal as an electioneer than being concerned with the crisis in Delhi:

While frequently shouting that India should be “Aatmanirbhar”, should be “Vishwa Guru” and the world is a “Vasudiyo Kutumbiyo” crap – Modi means none of these in seriousness in his actions. The comedy of the court is preceded by that of the govt. The Sikh agitators are in Delhi while Modi tries to pacify them at a meeting in Kutch on Dec.15. And then he addresses farmers in Bhopal with the intention of addressing the agitating Sikhs. In another comic nonsense, the ModiSarkar sent Guru Nanak booklets to Sikhs in Punjab to show Modi’s love for Sikhs because of the ongoing agitation. I am very clear – this is not a farmer agitation; this is a Sikh agitation and ModiSarkar too approaches it as such with inaction because they are a “minority”:

At a time of Covid pandemic, which is already a crisis, such worthless agitations cause India a loss of at least 10000 crores everyday due to blockades. A few thousand Sikhs agitating do not represent 15 crore farmers in India but, as always, the minority makes the loudest noise. In France, President Macron has found new vigour to CONFRONT Islamic terror and is reading the riot act to Mullahs and mosques. Leaders are expected to CONFRONT serious problems and not behave like comic relief. Whether it is Bengal, Kerala or frequent riots and agitations, ModiSarkar has used them as “electoral flesh” to use in election campaigns and play victim. Justice or concern for law-abiding citizens has not been on their agenda.

Someone rightly quipped that the Congress is permanently in “ruling party mode” even after it is reduced to rubble and the BJP is permanently in “Opposition mode” despite a clear majority in two straight elections. When the govt abdicates its role in enforcing law and order, criminals and anti-nationals feel emboldened. I stated in my previous post that India is facing serious problems – economic and social. Some are now calling it a “Banana Republic” because of failure of govt to enforce the law and for the Courts to enforce justice. Both, the govt and the courts have become comic actors in a series of never-ending crises.

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Monday, December 14, 2020

Blackmail Agitations

Incompetence and unwillingness to wield power invariably lead to lawlessness in different domains of public life. For over 3 months the anti-national protesters with no real cause occupied Shaheen Bagh in Delhi over the CAA law. Predominantly a Muslim agitation it was supported by Commies and the Break-India forces. The media in India and some across the world celebrated it as some great accomplishment. In reality, it was nothing but blackmail by a community which spoke the language of “My way or highway”. Bad laws and laws that adversely affect any community or group can be challenged in our courts. But when the groups realise there is nothing wrong with the law then this form of blackmail on the streets starts. It is fueled by the most useless bunch of people who are not even adversely affected by the law in question.

The ModiSarkar has been given an unprecedented mandate – the highest since 1984, not once but twice. Yet, the GOI has proved to be incompetent when it has to confront unruly mobs and their violence. For over six years, the GOI has watched the brutal regime of Mamata Banerjee in Bengal. Almost every week some Hindu is killed, some Hindu temple or celebration is attacked and usually it’s a BJP worker that is killed. Even last weekend, Saikat Bhawal, another BJP worker was killed by TMC goons. All these six years ModiSarkar watched in dumbness but suddenly woke up to such violence when their new President JP Nadda was attacked. He wasn’t injured as he was in a bullet proof car. Almost all senior leaders of BJP came out to condemn Mamata and TMC. HM Amit Shah summoned the Chief Secretary and DGP of Bengal to Delhi. In mild words, the response from Mamata was “Go to hell” and her govt will not comply with the summons:

The Mamata govt should have been sacked at least four years ago when the violence and murders in Bengal had become a routine affair. Fear, incompetence and unwillingness to act reached a stage that even JP Nadda got attacked and now the Mamata-govt again dares Amit Shah to act against her knowing well she can play victim as elections are just four months away. When a govt with the highest mandate in decades doesn’t act against crime and criminals, its voters feel a loss of self-esteem and a sense of despondency. Mamata doesn’t care about the law, she is just blackmailing ModiSarkar to dare to act if it has the guts.

Unfortunately, Shah and Modi have repeatedly shown Mamata they don’t have the guts so now she refuses to comply with the summons on her Chief Secretary and DGP. She had once held a midnight “Dharna” in Kolkata to protect her corrupt cop Rajeev Kumar against arrest by CBI. That case and other cases like Sarada-Narada have been completely buried by ModiSarkar. And because ModiSarkar didn’t act, their BhajanMandli fools grandly offered the excuse of “Federal Structure” which prevents GOI from acting against lawlessness in a State. This foolish, self-defeating defence by morons is now in tatters as GOI wanted to act now after attack on Nadda but Mamata cares two hoots. Incompetence by Amit Shah has been consistent. In a silly response to the Rohingya issue during the Hyderabad Municipal elections campaign this is what Shah had to say:

I don’t think Amit Shah was aware of his moronery. The Ghetto-Queen Asad Owaisi taunted the BJP stating that if the Rohingyas were all illegal, why they were on the voter list and not evicted. It is a very valid question. Firstly, the GOI doesn’t act against the illegals, the GOI doesn’t make any effort to evict them, the Rohingyas get on the voter rolls and get Aadhar cards and all. Then the Home Minister of the country comically taunts Owaisi to give a written confirmation for evicting them because they make noises in the Parliament when the topic comes up. Such idiotic logic and comment by a HM is unbecoming. Why should Rohingyas be even discussed in Parliament? And even if they are discussed, why should noises from piddly one-man party like Owaisi be of any consequence to action in deporting them?

Cowardice leads to poor thinking. Poor thinking leads to incompetence. And incompetence leads to moronic tolerance of anti-nationals and fake farmers. The GOI started negotiations with the FAKE farmers and agitators without even asking for a written statement on what their objections to the ‘three farm Bills” were. It didn’t even occur to the ministers that they should have strongly demanded that FAKE farmers, Naxals and Maoists should be thrown out of the agitation if the farmers wanted any discussions. But failure to assert authority results in worse behaviour and blackmail. Who are these people and how in hell are they holding the govt to ransom with no real stake in farming:

The violence of the CAA riots was uncontrolled and finally culminated in the blockade of Shaheen Bagh. This template was borrowed from the Anti-Trump riots in the US and the GOI ignored the dangers associated with it. Shaheen Bagh was nothing but blackmail, aided by anti-nationals, seditionists and potential terrorists. That also led to the Delhi riots just around the Trump-visit resulting in death of 52 people. All this under the nose of the govt with the biggest mandate in decades. The Sikh-farmers agitation has been less violent. They battled police at Delhi borders throwing barricades off bridges but have settled down to the “blockade” tactic quickly. And the sit-in protest, as negotiations were on with the govt, was not only colourful but also provided some humour as the agitators more or less set up a mini township:

As the talks failed, they declared a Bharat Bandh on December 8 which flopped. They declared a blockade of the Delhi-Jaipur highway. I wonder why they don’t blockade roads and highways leading to Punjab. The Delhi-Jaipur highway goes all the way to Mumbai through Rajasthan and Gujarat. Obviously, the idea was to damage transport of goods to and from the heavily industrialised states of Gujarat and Maharashtra thus affecting economic activities. The plan didn’t take off. They had also planned to march 7000 tractors carrying 50000 farmers from Punjab to Delhi to further fuel the protests. The other route they planned to block was the Delhi-Agra highway which would affect UP. Such sinister plans are not made by ordinary farmers – these are made by anti-nationals who aren’t interested in any solution to any problem.

Invariably, in all such protests the anti-nationals and enemies of India play a prominent, noisy role. They either hype up the anti-India propaganda or the secessionist agenda. Khalistani voices were heard all around during the current agitation. This should have been dealt with very severely by the GOI but they failed again. A group called “Sikhs For Justice” (SFJ) wants Sikhs in the Indian Army to revolt. Other Khalistani groups in Canada, US and UK keep abusing India. One covered MK Gandhi’s statue in Washington DC with slogans of “Khalistan Zindabad”:

The GOI should have identified every such anti-national in the farmer crowd and detained each one. The GOI should have publicised the faces of the anti-nationals so that the country knew about who these organisers are. The blackmailer-leaders allow such voices to be publicised through speeches and images and then claim they are not connected in anyway. How else does one explain the agitation including a demand to release Sharjeel Imam, Umar Khalid and such terrorists and Naxals? Are these criminally-charged antinationals in anyway related to farmers?

Increasingly, these agitations have tended to be communal in nature. The CAA riots were mostly by Muslims with mild voices from Christians and Sikhs. The current farmer agitation choking Delhi is mostly made of Sikhs. The Sikhs first blocked the railway lines in Punjab and the GOI stopped railway services in the state. Having failed there, they decided laying siege to Delhi is the only answer. At the very first sight of tents and temporary shacks, the GOI should have forcibly cleared the encroachments and prevented any blockade. But ModiSarkar is scared of minorities and also scared of the farmer vote-bank even when 99% of the farmers are not with the Sikh agitators. The farmers are no less leeches in many cases. Since 2008, the Centre and States have waived off Rs.3.12 Trillion worth farmer loans.

This dangerous pattern of “Gheraoing” and “Choking” Delhi as the Sikh-agitators in their “Tractor march” call it has to be stopped in its tracks. They are not all real farmers, most of their demands are unfair and fake, they are infested with Khalistanis, Commies and Jihadis who want to wreck India. Indian economy is already struggling with Covid problems and unemployment. We need at least 3 years of uninterrupted peace across the country to recover to a healthy situation from the Covid situation and from the economic slump. Agitational Blackmailers have no place in this and should be stopped dead in their tracks before they even start.


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