Friday, December 13, 2019

CAB Rats

If we forget historical crimes, we are likely to make the same mistake again. The following words should be etched forever in every Hindu’s mind: “The massacres perpetuated by Muslim invaders in India are unparalleled in history, bigger than the Holocaust of the Jews by the Nazis; or the massacre of the Armenians by the Turks; more extensive even than the slaughter of the South American native populations by the invading Spanish and Portuguese”. This is credited to Indophile Francois Gautier. Another Indophile Koenrad Elst calls the whitewashing of these crimes from our history books “Negationism”. Far from holocaust museums for such murderers, the Congress and their Commie associates glorified the murderers of over 800 years as great cultural import of India. Some morons even allude that these barbarians brought economic glory to India. Hindus do not harbour a sense of revenge for these acts but must be wary enough never allow this to happen again. Just remember this simple story about the frog and the scorpion:

A scorpion, which cannot swim, asks a frog to carry it across a river on its back. The frog hesitates, afraid of being stung by the scorpion, but the scorpion argues that if it did that, they would both drown. The frog considers this argument sensible and agrees to transport the scorpion, but midway across the river the scorpion stings the frog anyway, dooming them both. The dying frog asks the scorpion why it stung despite knowing the consequence, to which the scorpion replies: "I couldn't help it. It's in my nature”.

It's because we keep forgetting history that the Partition was left truncated without a complete exchange of population. Many Congi idiots now raucously claim that Partition was mooted by Veer Savarkar. Absolute nonsense! That this is a falsehood not meriting debate. Partition was agreed to by Jinnah and Nehru-Gandhi. And it was indeed on religious lines. Who was to benefit by Partition? Only the power-lust of Nehru and Jinnah. Regardless, not having exchanged populations, the scorpion kept on stinging Hindus and other minorities in Pakistan and East Pakistan (Now Bangladesh). The horror of what happened in East Pakistan has been verified by multiple agencies and the late US Senator Ted Kennedy records it:
The rape, murder, slaughter, burning of homes had the sanction of the Pakistan govt. It was a State approved genocide. The Pak State did not go around killing Ahmadis, Shias or Balochis back then. Jinnah was a Shia who wanted Partition. The Ahmadis were also in the forefront demanding Pakistan. So, such groups have no business in now claiming to be victims of persecution in Pak. Pakistan and Bangladesh are Islamic States. Thus, it makes life hell for Non-Muslims to live and breathe in these states. The population of different sects of Islam hasn’t declined the way the population of Hindus-Sikhs has been butchered and reduced. While population, especially Muslims, is growing everywhere, the only places where Hindu-Minority populations have dropped dramatically are Pakistan, Bangladesh. In contrast, the Muslim population continues to grow uncontrolled in India. That’s another danger that CAB averts – the Islamisation and ghettoization of India or parts of India:
Forget Pakistan or Bangladesh. Muslims have raped, slaughtered, burned homes and driven out Hindus from Kashmir where they are in majority. And they will indeed drive out Hindus from any locality or town where they get to a majority. This is another reason why Muslims of any sect cannot be allowed in as refugees and then into citizenship. All that being said, the Citizenship Amendment Bill (CAB) does not affect Muslims in India in anyway. They remain equal citizens with all others in India. Not just that, it doesn’t even affect the “illegal Muslims” that came into India over many years. The fear-mongering by the Sickular rats in battalion is just that- fear-mongering. I have asserted this repeatedly that Muslims, even illegal ones have nothing to worry and only the illegal ones in the last 4-5 years may or may not be deported:
Obviously, illegal creepers cannot expect to have voting rights and other privileges of citizens. No country would allow that. But their stay might be regularised to enable them to work and earn their livelihood without hindrance. This is a generosity by India that is hardly being appreciated. Especially because India is not a tiny labour-starved country to desperately want to absorb illegal creepers and workers. The CAB is not Anti-Muslim in anyway. It seeks to protect those minorities that are victims of state-approved and state-neglected persecution by mostly Pak. Bangladesh and Afghanistan are now good friends of India and are anti-terrorism, Pakistan is pro-terrorism. But the provision for BD and Afghan victims is a provision for protection.

There are 33 million Shias, Ahmadis, Balochis put together in Pakistan. Of the 16 crore population of Bangladesh there are 3.2 million Shias and Ahmadis. It would be stupid to argue that India is liable to accommodate these sects as “victims” along with Hindus and others. All these sects are Muslims and that does not change their contempt for Kaffirs. They follow the same Book that ordains the elimination of Kaffirs. This is a fact that the CAB-rats fail to acknowledge. And all you have to do is look at this TMC Rat Derek O’Brien trying to whitewash their crimes by calling the BD genocide a “linguistic” act:
And this gashole Derek has the audacity to rant his party and govt in Bengal will not implement CAB in Bengal. These goons behave as if the state of Bengal was inherited from their Irish Catholic fathers or Allaudin Khilji and that makes them the biggest rats in our society. When the time comes, I am sure ModiSarkar will deal with these anti-India rats appropriately. The Congi President SoniaG, who herself is a foreigner with no roots in India, rants like a rat gnawing at India’s Hindu fabric about the GOI passing the CAB. She behaves as if no Bill should pass unless it has her personal approval and she believes she runs a private fiefdom with her stupid slaves like Tharoor, Sibal or the latest abusive-moron Adhir:
Not one single law brought by ModiSarkar has been forced upon anyone. Each law has gone through the parliamentary process with extensive debates, abuses, mockery, bogus arguments and what not. If the govt manages to get the Bill through, these Congi louts better learn to accept that verdict. Anything else makes them UNFIT to be in a democratic country or process and they can go live under the army in Pakistan, which is their natural home considering their ideology. Then there are eternal moronic rats that seek to destroy India simply because their favourite, corrupt party is not in charge anymore. Shekhar Gupta is a Stratfor pimper and he does not disclose it anywhere which is against ethics of journalism. This rat blabbers BJP was not voted for CAB. A simple cursory glance at the BJP manifesto would have been enough. But then, reading and comprehending is not a gift stupid journos possess. All they possess is limitless ability to lick Sonia’s boots and peddle LIES in the public domain. BJP was indeed voted for their promises; past performance and the trust Modi has earned as PM:
There are the other Congress-Commie media-rats whining about CAB. One is Malini P and the other being Tavleen Singh. Of these two, Malini is a clueless dunderhead who frequently blabbers nonsense on anything. Tavleen is an extremist who still bats for her darling Pakistan and is more ruffled over the recent rejection of her son’s OIC status:
Let’s make it bluntly clear. CAB is not about Muslims. It does not affect Muslims in India. It is clearly meant to protect minorities of Pakistan from atrocities and those non-Muslim refugees in India to aspire for citizenship so that they need not be thrown back to the wolves. Paki Muslims and their State are the persecutors here and their Muslims who carry out such persecution are not victims. Recently, a Sikh girl was kidnapped, forcibly converted and married off to her criminal abductor. Then again, a Christian girl aged 14 (Huma) was abducted and forcibly married off to her kidnapper. Needless to say, these girls will be raped and brutalised without their consent to sex. We don’t want such criminals in India to seek refuge for any reason whatsoever. We have enough of them already.

The biggest whining rat who gnaws at every fundamental improvement in the status of Hindus and other victims of Islamic terrorism and persecution by Pak is none other than the terrorist-sympathising Barkha Dutt. She’s on a grand trip batting for Shias, Hazaras, Bazaras, Vanaras – no not Vanaras. Here she conjures up an imaginary “martyr” called Abdur Rahman who resigned from his job to protest CAB. Both these rats think they can fool people but they fool only themselves:
This Abdur Rahman is a corrupt crapper who is facing legal charges and for “Muslimising” his police department. He also sought VRS on August 1 but now claims he resigned because of CAB. These Chamelis really believe everybody is a fool and their stupidity can be sold. In these days of SM, a lie doesn’t travel too far. And Barkha has been caught lying no less than 786 times every year. A disgraceful, fallen journo will even clutch at a rat’s tail to peddle her fake narrative. There are some foreign journos and activists and even that dim-bulb Imran Khan blabbering about CAB. None of these jokers have any business or justification in pointing fingers at India. The CAB has been passed after thorough debate and Parliament process, which is what is done in a democracy. In the US, from Bill Clinton to Barack Obama to Donald Trump, entire Muslim countries have been banned from transacting or entering the US and their Federal SC has upheld the ban:
India should have completely banned any Muslim from Pakistan travelling to India for any purpose for the same reasons. Whether temporary or long-term, there are inherent dangers attached. The US fears terrorist threats from these countries and India has faced terrorism from Pakistan for decades. Even Islamic Saudi Arabia has deported 40000 Pakistan over terror-threats. The Chrislamist gang - Sickulars, their media and assorted corrupt NGOs and activists are all enemies of India. Their media pimps, in particular, do not waste one minute to abuse India, abuse ModiSarkar with no facts, logic or truth. Security expert Brahma Chellaney rightly points to these rats and the damage they cause and why ModiSarkar should form some oversight body:
Christians, Muslims and in the current age even Jews have some homeland to go to. Donald Trump has reiterated that among those seeking refuge in the US, Christians will be given priority. Hindus and those from religions of Indian origin have only India as their real home. The CAB is as much a legal and moral need as it is a correction of civilizational injustice. No Hindu and those of Indian religions should have to suffer at the hands of barbarians without some place to go. CAB addresses only Pak-BD-Afghan. In the near future, the same benefit should be extended to Hindus and others of Indian religions across the world. Anti-India Jihadi and Commie Rats don’t belong in India nor is it their home. India should soon welcome Hindu refugees and families in distress from any corner of the world.

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  1. the congoons & the rats supporting them have now slowly & circularly arrived on the same (counter)argument after clutching at various straws in opposing the bill, that victimised Hindus (& Sikhs) from SL, Myanmar, all the way to america should be granted citizenship under the bill. yet, even in all this, they dont forget to yap 'muslim this, muslim that'.

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  4. one point (which i may've missed to notice though) that i found amiss in BJP's counters to the congoons' & the garden-green variety of traitors' demands of including muslims too under CAB is, about exactly why they cant be included, in plainspeak, straight-in-your-face terms - that since the muslims, all sects, & part. the shias & ahmadiyas, had their chance earlier & they made their choice, they're now thoroughly & absolutely unqualified & ineligible to claim persecution & undeserving of ticket back to India. what at most the BJP is asserting is that we believe muslims cant be oppressed by muslims religiously-speaking, and that these three countries are muslim-majority States so muslims there are not minorities...if anyone still seeks asylum or citizenship in India, there're official channels through which they can apply separately; we've given citizenships to more than 560 such muslims from our neighbouring countries in the past 5 years.

    what also perhaps they could add in plainspeak and straighttalking terms is that if muslims are also to be considered under CAB, then why the hell & for what the hell was partition done & these countries created?! no, they're SIMPLY NOT welcome back as they already had their way & fill earlier!! though may be realpolitik and political correctness restricts them to say that and speak so.

  5. OMG ! Can there be any better excellent exposition than this on CAB?

  6. Thanks Ravinar for explaining your views on CAB.
    Can you please do an article on NRC? What do you know about NRC? Based on your knowledge, do you extend your support to NRC as well?

  7. Congress hide all crimes by Mughals and Britishers as Jawahar Lal Nehru as PM has entrusted and instructed the Muslim Ministers to white wash the crime by Mughals and Britishers and hidden all revolutionary works by our freedom fighters.Our freedom fighters were butchered by Britishers on information provided by Nehru to British Govt.But Nehru was Uncle of India and Gandhi was Father of India.Both are brothers in all crimes against Indians.As Nehru was having a Muslim Mughal genes from his grand father,The Kotwal Of Delhi in 1857 while British Army massacred all Mughal dynasty people and its armed forces in Delhi he escaped by hiding his Muslim identity and showing as Hindu.Hindu were left untouched by British army.Ghiyasuddin Mohammad was grand father of Nehru.He later took shelter near canal in Allahabad .Then he changed his name as Neharwala.Which is late Nehru from Neharwala.AS his genes is Muslim he took revenge on Hindu for the insult.He changed our history and all books and academics to suit Islam.He made the constitution as per Muslim needs

  8. CAB NRC UCC are badly needed hing now.Congress is agitated due to loss of its vote bank in India.It will lose 5 crore votes all over India when CAB is implemented along with NRC.Congress and its partners in crime have started agitation by burning the Buses cars and shops only to show that it is goons party but Govt should strictly deal with them.They should be arrested and shifted to far off places from one state to another state.If all leaders are arrested and transferred out of state all will calm doiwn in 2 days.

  9. Not only Hindus but also Sikh Buddhists be allowed to come and settle in India and all Muslims be repatriated to own country.The identification process be started and the army be put at stand by.Congress panicked by CAB NRC UCC and Family Planning Control measure this govt is going to take.First ban all Madrasa and merge them with Govt schools.Repeal RTE immediately.

  10. Dear Mediacrooks
    I want you to suggest some measures to be taken by Modi govt to save India from enemies.Repeal RTE,Implement Family Planning in country with 2 children,Merge Madrasa with Govt schools,Implement article 44 UCC,File Petition in SC against amendments made in 1975 by Indira Gandhi while all opposition MP were in Jail and there is no Opposition to protest her constitution amendment and insertion of word Socialist and Secular to remove both words made illegally,NRC,CAB be implemented by 2020.

    1. Part by part implementation of any constitution amendments supporting Hindus will help secular keep agitating and scare everyone..

      Now next amendments like UCC, family planning must come at same time..bring in laws making India a Hindu Rastra...its time to settle issues once and all.

  11. Excellent exposure of media and political rats. However, I would ask for caution in going overboard. Though it is true that neo Hindus which are increasing in millions and Hindu immigrants abroad are fresh and energetic emerging naturally happening positive development, the wholesale adopting of and promotion or preference of Hindus from hostile lands have devastating implications on native Hindus of India. Most of secular rats in politics, media, Bollywood, lutyens are from Stockholm's syndromed refugees from Pakistan, Bangldesh and Afghanistan.

  12. We need to learn lesson from the stupidity of President Carter in late seventies when he allowed deliberately of just plainly ignored when boatload of Cubans started showing up at Florida ports. When Castro saw that he emptied his jails and sent all criminals to America. If we allow Muslims from Pakistan and Bangladesh, watch out we will be flooded with Pakistani criminals.

  13. Is it possible for a pakistani muslim to convert to hindu, so he can apply for Indian citizenship to avoid persecution by his religious bigots for apostrophy

  14. Excellent description of hypocrisy behind supporting infiltration of illegal Muslim immigrants in the name of secularism! The politicians like INC, Commies and TMC are exposed of their vicious agenda! CAB is rightly passed to protect the victims of religious hatred by 3 Muslim countries !

  15. I am still not happy with Modi since the best way to deal scorpions is to kill them and we have around 18% living in India and this bill does not address that problem it needs to get down to 0% by 2050 that should be the target

  16. Very good analysis For preservation of Bharat rashtra CAB is important But at present it has provided much needed fuel to Chrislamists and Secularists to set ablaze North East and Bengal Central Govt should deal firmly and tactfully to control the situation Unfortunately law and order is under State Govt's purview Present time will define future course of our survival NaMo govt needs firm support from us

  17. Govt should talk tough, in court against PIL filed against CAB.

  18. Lovely article and an eye opener for many. Well done Sr.

  19. Hi Ravi, Miss you in twitter. Do you have a new handle?


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