Tuesday, December 10, 2019

CAB And Intolerable Leeches

The Citizenship Amendment Bill 2019 (CAB) has been passed by the Lok Sabha 311 to 80. This is clearly owing to a dominating majority by BJP and some of the Opposition walking out or abstaining. This was a foregone conclusion. Without a doubt, one has to credit both Amit Shah and Narendra Modi in their articulation and firm determination to get this done. I have said many times before and it might bore you to death to hear it again – The Gandhi-Nehru duo was visionless and imprudent in their greed for power. The Partition of India should have been complete with a full exchange of Hindu-Muslim population. We are left with this burden of a group’s population that is now more than Pakistan and growing at an uncontrolled pace. It’s a population that keeps demanding more and more privileges, benefits and doles in the name of religion without they or anyone asking them what their contribution to India is. And the Congress and Sickulars have made their population the cornerstone of their electoral campaign.

Those who oppose the CAB have absolutely no logic or reason to oppose it. Their opposition is merely based on emotional rants of “Muslim Muslim Muslim” and it will remain so even if you give them the moon on a platter. India today has more Muslim population than Pakistan. The essence of CAB is that religious minorities in Pakistan, Bangladesh and Afghanistan that are being persecuted will be given shelter, regularised and will be considered for citizenship. This excludes Muslims from the groups being persecuted because in Pak/BD they are the offenders and not the victims of such persecution. These opposers are nothing but leeches clinging on to the body of India and hoping to suck all the blood out of it, drain it of resources and eventually turn it into an Islamic, Sharia-driven country. What are leeches? They are interesting, blood-sucking worms:
The beauty of the leech is it clings tightly on to the flesh of the animal or human it wants to suck blood from. It can be pushed off with some effort and its bite is not very painful or fatal but the leech needs blood, that is its food. One of the unique features of the leech is that it has “suckers” at both ends of its body. The leech is so clever it injects fluid into your body so that the blood doesn’t clot so you hardly even realise that you have been “suckered”. And though the leech needs to suck blood only once or twice a year, it can suck blood ten times its size. Once it’s done with that load of blood, it will fall off and have a nice little siesta for a while.

Those opposing the CAB from Congress to DMK to TMC are all leeches on the body of India. They are corrupt, performance-wise worthless and have been sucking the blood of India for years. And they are ably assisted in this blood-sucking by individuals like Shekhar Gupta, Rajdeep Sardesai, C5M, Barkha Dutt, Tavleen Singh, and new little Jennies Arfa Khanum, Rana Ayyub and some Lafayette  Twisted-Tiffany D’Souza. These ignorant, anti-India louts know damn well what they are saying and arguing for is WRONG and immoral. But they are paid to so and their electoral and power-rush rests on it. These entities and individuals care two hoots about India. These criminal liars refuse to accept that Muslims in Pak/BD have systematically converted by force or butchered, raped and murdered their minority populations:

Ever since Islam was born, it has been in conflict with other religions. If there are no other religions left, they will be in internecine conflicts between their own – Shias, Sunnis, Ahmediyas. In Pak/BD they are the perpetrators of crimes against other religions so on what basis are idiots like Tavleen or Barkha demanding Shias, Ahmediyas etc are victims on the same lines as Hindus or Sikhs? Moronic to say the least! That would be equal to say that Pakistan should accept illegal Vokaligas or Yadavs because they may be victims of some hypothetical conflicts within the Hindu community. It simply doesn’t occur to morons like Barkha, Tavleen and their leech-gang that these may be internal problems within Hindus and that cannot make them victims of religious persecution by a Hindu-majority country. The same way, Shias and Ahmediyas are age-old conflicts within Islam and they cannot claim to be victims. After all, Shia Jinnah and the Ahmediyas were at the forefront in demanding and creating Pakistan.

The CAB DOES NOT alienate Muslim citizens of India nor does it rob them of any Rights. It is only those Muslims who are illegals here that will not be regularised as they are not victims. They are infiltrators who pose a danger to society and to India in every manner possible. But the entire gang of leeches keep screaming that Muslim citizens of India are being stripped of their citizenship. This stupid LIE is what their bogus opposition to CAB hinges on. And Tavleen Singh boldly threatens they will become terrorists if they are not allowed to suck our blood:
So, if we don’t get what we want – we will resort to terrorism. This is the threat the Tavleen-types hold out to India and that is why these leeches are dangerous. India is already a country of over 130 crores. Nobody knows that actual number of illegals but some estimate it at 2-3 crores. Whether they are sent back or not, these illegals simply cannot have any rights to citizenship or voting. These illegals are the backbone of Sickulars that want to destroy India and also destroy Hindus and Hinduism in their grand plan of Islamising India. Estimate the population of Shias and Ahmediyas in Pakistan. Shias – 22 million, Ahmediyas – 4 million and Balochis another 7 million. What Chamelis like Barkha want is that we should keep the doors for these 33 million to become citizens of India. These laughable leeches don’t even know what they’re blabbering. From 1947 the minority population of Hindus and Sikhs has been consistently falling in Pakistan and falling dramatically while the Muslim population is rising uncontrolled in India:
Demolition of temples, mass-murder of Hindus, their houses being marked for death, their girls and women mass-raped and killed – All these are crimes Pakistan has committed on Hindus in Pakistan and what is currently Bangladesh. The atrocities still continue. That’s what makes Hindus and other minorities in Pak/BD a human situation entitled to return home to India but NOT Muslims. They have got their “Pure Pak” and “Pure Bangla”. They demanded that land and should happily live there. And as it is, these Chamelis claim Muslims are persecuted in India, that moron Naseeruddin claims “Darra hua Musalman”. So, why still stay here, why not migrate, take refuge and seek citizenship in Pakistan or BD? Fact is, India is still exceptionally kind to Muslims and showers them with benefits more than deserved.

So, these leeches can SHUT UP. Their writ will not run anymore. There is another danger of the influx of Muslims from Pak-BD. They bring an inherent risk of terrorism, bomb factories and street violence. Here is a chat between Cathy Newman of BBC Channel4 and the Polish minister Dominik Tarczynski. The Polish minister absolutely stuns you with the blunt truth and is unapologetic about the truth of Muslim migrants (Video 2.55 mins):
I am glad Amit Shah was as assertive and as assertive as Tarczynski in the Parliament. There are idiots like Shashi Tharoor who applaud resolutions in the US Congress against India. He frequently rants BJP is turning India into a “Hindu Pakistan”. And morons chant the same line as a chorus. There are leeches who cannot tell the difference between Citizenship, Refugee, Legal Migrant, Resident-Working Permits and Illegals:
Historically, India has welcomed persecuted communities – Jews, Parsis and in recent times Buddhists from Tibet. Taslima Nasreen is a refugee and was given asylum here. The Dalai Lama and the Tibetans are welcome here as refugees and asylum-residents. India will NEVER become a “Hindu Pakistan” as these liars keep ranting. What we don’t want is India becoming an “Islamic India”. That is the danger that the CAB seeks to avert and rightly so. The leeches have sucked enough blood, the rest has to be saved for the body and survival of India.

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  1. Excellent article! The leeches are well exposed !Tge way Mr Shah presents the case during introduction of bill on abrogation of Art370 and this CAB the leeches are more disturbed as they are propey identified !I am sure Young generation will be enlightened about these anomalies and comeforward to support Saha Modi effort to clean the socio political dirt left by Gandhi, Nehru and constantly added by his dynasty and his Party !

  2. Hard-hitting as ever and forthrightly blunt in putting forth the core issue of CAB ! The Chamelis (to use the word by you) of Indian journalism are indulging in needless fearmongering through their syndicated columns in foreign newspapers.Not that we should worry but what it certainly does is to spread disinformation so fast that our official explanations come later and by which time the mind is poinsoned and a specific mindset is created to oppose it !

  3. Leeches of Indian blood well defined & described... Thanks to always inspiring Ravinar!!!

  4. Hey Ravi, one most relevant aspect which you seem to have missed is that what is today become Pakistan and Bangladesh were not so long ago India, and Hindus Sikhs were all Indians only. They were simply abandoned by Gandhi and Nehru when these gentlemen agreed for a Muslim homeland. Giving them citizenship on priority is simply restoring their citizenship of Inda, and a small recompense for their being forgotten and abandoned

    1. @Arun

      Seriously? The whole CAB and this post is about why Hindus & Sikhs of Pak/BD are entitled to Indian citizenship.. and not Muslims of Pak/BD and you claim that point was missed?... Hahha.. What exactly were you reading? You read an article from somewhere else and wrongly commented here? Do read again and concentrate...

    2. Really? Of course you highlighted that Hindus/ Sikhs are persecuted and hence entitled to Indian citizenship. But Hindus/ Sikhs could be persecuted in Malaysia or Fiji or Africa also. But there would be a difference in wouldthat in the cases of Pak/Bd, these were geographically part of the land identified historically as India whereas ohers like Malaysia or Fiji were not. . But for the partition of 1947, they would have been citizens of India and residents of India. Others may be persecuted Hindus / Sikhs but still may not be citizens of India or may be not be residents of India. For that reason alone Hindus and Sikhs on what has now become BD/ Pak have an added reason in their favour to be considered for Indian citizenship. I didn't see that point made in your article, so i thought i would since you were discussing this subject.

    3. @Arun

      In case it doesnt occur to you.. the CAB is specifically for Hindus & other Non-Muslims in the 3 Islamic States of Pakistan, Bangladesh and Afghanistan which were formerly part of India. That being the BASIS of CAB.. there is no need to separately write about which Hindus-Sikhs it is referring to.. Obviously, those in these 3 Islamic states which were partitioned. I think you need to first understand what CAB is about. There is no "added reason" required.. It is the ONLY reason...

  5. Should be translated in all Indian languages and be given wide publicity so that. Evey lay man should understand these leaches

  6. How this bill did not get traction when it was raised in Loksabha in 2016 . How are people like sardesai keep screaming bay of bengal . They would go the same way they came . what is the big deal about it ! Gulf repatriates illegals bangladeshis/pakistanis around thousands if not lacs every year . How are they taken back and even accepted by the government. US /UK you cannot even protest so paki tavleen and her khasam gupta dalals they write 30 lacs spent and indian government should take care of them and refund their money too ! This need to be told in the parliament too .

  7. Poland politicians seem to be very sensible to protect their country from Jihadis... Good...


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