Wednesday, December 4, 2019

Broken Windows - 2

It is unusual to be writing a sequel to an article after 7 years. But not much has changed in our crime and justice system since I wrote “Broken Windows” in 2012 after the Nirbhaya incident in Delhi. In some cases, the crimes have gotten worse and the predictable outrage follows. The big difference now is that the outrage depends more on the politics and religion of the victim than the crime itself. In these intervening years, Criminology should have advanced as a science and profession in India but it hasn’t. On the other Educational site of mine I just concluded a 3-part series on “Behaviour Analysis” and why Behaviour Analyst will be a great future career for “Cerebral” students in crime solving, justice system and national security.

In the absence of qualified Criminologists working with Police, Govt and Justice system we regularly have a bunch of Big Bindi activists from different organisations outraging on TV or doing street agitations and candle marches. In a brutal crime like that on “Disha” in Hyderabad (That’s the cover name given by the cops after the victim’s name, Priyanka Reddy, and face was already splashed all over), your blood naturally boils and one can be forgiven for the urge to hang the criminals or shoot them instantly. There is a “housekeeping” chore that is missing in all this. As explained in Broken Windows part 1, lack of housekeeping gathers dust, dust gathers disease, disease turns to severe illness, severe illness costs a lot to treat. In most cases, brutal crimes are the outcome of lack of housekeeping. Brutal criminals are usually people who have some record or other of smaller crimes. When smaller crimes are ignored, the offender graduates to bigger crimes. Believe it or not, Jerry Williams was sentenced to 25 years to Life for just stealing a Pizza-slice:
Three strikes is a Baseball term. Bill Clinton used the term to warrant laws which have a severe punishment after a third offence, usually of Life. In Williams case, he had five prior offences and the judge had no hesitation in punishing him severely. When he stole the pizza-slice, Williams was a bit drunk too. Had he been let off again, Williams would have graduated to bigger crimes like sexual assault or murder. In India, instead of looking at the background of prior offences of criminals, you have Rudaalis like Barkha Dutt and others describing how Burhan Wani was the son of a Headmaster or how someone took to terrorism because his girlfriend dumped him. In the recent attack on London Bridge, Usman Khan was shot dead but some stupid media claimed he took to terrorism because he was bullied in school. In reality, Usman was convicted for terror-plots and was jailed but released earlier than completion of his sentence.

Take Tarun Tejpal as a sample. He is facing a rape case from his company’s Goa event. But once that incident broke, people came out with news about his past misbehaviour with women, his sexcapades and exploitation of women. There are many women in media who are “wilful” victims of such sexcapades but they come out years later when some “Me Too” campaign breaks out because of Harvey Weinstein. The worst of the outragers have to be some of our moronic MPs. In the Parliament Jaya Bachchan wanted to lynch the criminals in the Hyderabad case. One MP wanted to immediately castrate rapists. They all shout “Death Death Death” to rapists but it doesn’t occur to any of these johnies that the ones seriously holding up justice are the courts:
What is different from Nirbhaya 2012 and now is that a so-called “Hindutva” party is now at the Centre and there is a distinct conspiracy to communalise each serious case of rape and murder. This campaign is driven by the usual Sickular gang which consists of NGOs, media junkies and assorted Bollywoodias. The “Darra hua Musalman” as Naseeruddin Shah claims is frequently in the midst of such crimes. In a few cases, this Muslim is also the victim of the crime. But it’s only when the Muslim is the victim that the whole gang of louts from all over come out from their holes in their glorious placard-carrying manifest when they are PAID for it:
To call these people filth would be an insult to any sewer. Not one of them came out for Disha with any protest or placard. Not one of them claimed they are “Hindustan”. And they demonstrate their extreme bigotry and hate for Hindus in many tweets and articles like this latest bigot Arfa Khanum does:
These are “Broken Windows” of society through which criminals creep in. They are the outlets through which criminals find justification too. There are many such broken windows in our society – the biggest one being our courts. How in hell can courts be giving bail to offenders even when serious crimes like rape are non-bailable? Of course, the discretion lies with the judge in all cases but look at what happens when they give bail to morons:
That rapist Mulakkal was given bail without the slightest objection by the police or the prosecution just because of his religion and position in the Church. Out on bail, he and his gang of Padres have been busy intimidating the victim and other nuns. In a worse case, Tinku Anwar was given bail for a rape case and he comes out and promptly attacks his victim and family brutally and sends them to hospital. They are in a critical condition. The awful truth is, Indian judges are poorly educated in psychological behaviour of criminals. Across the world, criminals, even after completing their sentence or out on parole, go back to their same habits. This is true for most criminals. It’s like a tennis player wants to pick up the racket and play even after retirement. The intense desire to get back to the game is true for hardened criminals too. It’s not very different in India either:
In 2018, about 20 death-sentences were handed out by lower courts and the SC reduced 11 to Life. The remaining are either still pending with the SC or with the President. Unfortunately, judges are not made responsible for the crimes of people they bail out without sound basis or preventive-prudence. If the evidence of crime is compelling, bail should be strictly denied in case of serious crimes because the offender will either intimidate the victim or the witnesses or commit the same crime again. The is the very reason PC is still in jail. He is powerful and influential enough to intimidate witnesses and destroy evidences. And PC is a White-Lungi criminal so on what basis do courts release rapists and murderers on bail? This is a broken window that should be repaired at the earliest. Bail in such cases should be rare when the judge is convinced that there is excessive doubt about the accused being the criminal and there is absolutely no danger to society or witnesses.

But the most broken window is that of the Govt – both Central and States when it comes to nipping offences in the bud. And because of the govts, the police also have their hands tied. Nothing was more glaring in incompetence and tolerance of crimes than the Azad Maidan riots by Muslims in 2011. The mob went on a rampage, destroyed properties, desecrated a Jawan memorial and even molested female cops. All the while, the Mumbai cops watched in helplessness as they were ordered “not to offend” or hurt this rioting mob. Effectively, riots and crimes by this particular group has been on the rise, especially after ModiSarkar took over in 2014. In June-July this year, people were putting up instances of rape-murders, including those of children. All the names point to a pattern of crimes that seem pre-planned and orchestrated as the image on the left would show. I have repeatedly said, that ModiSarkar’s unwillingness to combat crimes right under their noses in Delhi EMBOLDENS these criminals. How else do you explain a slaughter of a young girl (Kirti) in broad daylight in the heart of Delhi? The murderer Mohammad Munasir would have run off if the public had not thrashed him:
Road Namaz, rail Namaz, Namaz on highways and Namaz at public places and even in the small spaces inside a train coach and blaring loud-speakers. How long will this nonsense go on? When such smaller offences and public nuisance are condoned and ignored, they become a broken window to let in bigger offences:

Each time we think we have seen the worst of the barbaric gang; they have more shocks in store for us. The outrage over Disha had not yet subsided and the body of a 35-year old woman was found in the same area in Hyderabad just a kilometre from where Disha was found. Two days later a 50-year old woman was gangraped and murdered. These are not random crimes. These are an organised sequence and a pattern of criminal intent. Rapists don’t just sexually attack the victim; they seek a brutal control over the person that gives them the absolute power of holding the life and death of a person in their hands. And nothing can be more barbaric than the latest incident that is reported from Azamgarh in UP:
This barbarian Nazirudeen raped the woman twice, killed her and had earlier raped and killed her young daughter, killed her husband and attacked their kid and another infant. It is hard to understand where such brutality and barbarianism comes from. But it should be clear to ModiSarkar and also to UP CM Yogi Adityanath that the more you tolerate the smaller crimes of such scumbags, the bigger the crimes grow. They are emboldened to such an extent that they are not bothered about the consequences whatsoever.

The final broken window is none other than the police force itself. And most of the time you cannot blame them. They are poorly staffed, many of the senior ones not in physically good shape, frequently over-worked and treated like domestic servants of ministers and politicians. If all that is enough, many of them are corrupt, badly behaved and ordinary citizens simply don’t ever want a situation when they have to seek help from the police. The international ratio frequently suggested for the police force is 225 cops for every 1 lakh population. India is badly short of this mark and our police force is 5 lakh personnel short of the required strength:
There are beat cops and highway patrol cops. Most of them do their jobs diligently. But there are some on the highway who are negligent. Not so long ago, while travelling on the highway of a northern city I found a highway patrol Jeep parked squatting peacefully on the shoulder at a junction on the highway. What should be interesting is, this Jeep was parked bang outside a liquor shop which was well decorated with lights and was open at 2am. Sometimes, people find it scary to run into cops anywhere.

ModiSarkar has the unenviable responsibility of making judiciary, police and every other system work to protect citizens. No other govt in the past has ever been charged with so much. And the more ModiSarkar and other BJP govts in the States appease the minorities, the more some of them retaliate negatively. In particular, the barbaric cult of rapists-murderers are the biggest broken windows in the last few years. They cannot be repaired anymore. These windows must be shut down permanently at the smallest of offences. Leave these small offences open or condone them, you leave the window open for greater horrors on innocent women, children and other citizens. 

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  1. All these broken windows are smiling at us that how we the citizens are helpless.
    Truthfull factfull writing...
    heard lots of suggestion but no law to have basic need of this hour making compulsory
    necessary training for all from these types of situation in school from primary school.
    Definately not at all helpful in recent infant to toddeller gruesome cases but
    a little confidence and courage to fight these situations for others.

  2. My God. What compilation and how nicely you bring out logic!!! Kudos.

    On the other hand there was Kathua which was all made up case against Hindus, real culprits walked away from the very initial crime scene because Mehbooba Mufti and her police wanted to protect their darre hue criminals. Even when courts have found that even the SIT was compromised the case is still languishing in court and no attempt is made to bring out the truth. So broken window must also be repaired when wrong people are detained and that becomes the biggest mockery of state and justice system. Now urban naxals are demanded to be freed in Maharashtra - Centre should direct very strictly and take over police if any such misadventure is carried out there. Otherwise even politicians (not only criminals) get emboldened.

  3. Swift, unbiased disposal of cases and appropriate punishment can solve the crisis, unfortunately Modi Government lacks directions nor the spine to do it. Indira Gandhi declared emergency, though it brought authoritarianism and oppression but was good in inculcating discipline, law and order.

    1. Sorry Modi government showed interest but judiciary did not want any control. They want to continue opaque NJAC, they do not want to fast track cases of politicians having criminal charges, they do not want to overhaul system because lawyers and judges are hand in gloves to prolong cases. Independence of Judiciary from Legislature is required but blatant misuse of independence should not be.

  4. I wish, CJI reads this blog and ask all judicial officers all over India to read this. And this should also be made a study material for LLB courses.

  5. I am of the view that India should stop the facade of 1rule4all . it was never so and it seems it will never be . If Modi really had 56" he should have trampled this book if not burnt it and officially declare Gandy Marji Gandy rule kon kya ukhaadlega. The whole of the establishment works to protect their own fiefdom and give them the liberty to do what they want at the cost of honest hindus who were , are will be continue to be raped , looted , tortured till their last breath . Most literate politician and pm even in the history of Independent India Manmohan singh was let off as poorly advised by another tughlaq going by the label of Chief Justice of India. The illiterate indira/sonia gandhy and their troupe trampled as they will and not one media speaks about it . It is OK to be idi amin . y cant it be made official . So it is known to all . Buyers beware , ignorance of law is no excuse etc would make more sense . There is no rule, no product only my marji . all cases started like bhima koregaon reversed, all politicians can keep their loot . Let it be announced 5 times a day on loudspeaker from madrassas and sung in satsangs if any are still be allowed to be conducted in times of sharia

    1. Education has not given us wisdom. Wealth has not given us concern for others. What is the remedy for greed, perversion? Misplaced priorities in families,society and in turn governance. Unfortunately, our political masters and administrative have failed the nation miserably.

  6. Judiciary Accountability Bill is need of an hour, if Judges protests President must throw them out with no Pension.

  7. What is lacking of this modi govt is they are also wrongfully approached 'Sabka Bishwas' for those 'Dara hua Muzlims'.Shameless to say most brutal crimes are being made by these so called 'Peaceful' community,yet the govt ignored the same!

  8. High time Judges are made to face the public, or days are not far when Judges will be also lynched.

  9. I have traveled and stayed in many east Asian countries like Singapore, Malaysia and Taiwan. Except in Malaysia, women are not scared to travel alone in late nights. Malaysia is slightly different because of Indian population there. The police system in these countries are quite effective, like they do not hesitate to draw and fire in situations. Indian police, poor subjects, are always at the mercy of politicians, activists, lawyers and what not!


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