Tuesday, December 10, 2019

CAB And Intolerable Leeches

The Citizenship Amendment Bill 2019 (CAB) has been passed by the Lok Sabha 311 to 80. This is clearly owing to a dominating majority by BJP and some of the Opposition walking out or abstaining. This was a foregone conclusion. Without a doubt, one has to credit both Amit Shah and Narendra Modi in their articulation and firm determination to get this done. I have said many times before and it might bore you to death to hear it again – The Gandhi-Nehru duo was visionless and imprudent in their greed for power. The Partition of India should have been complete with a full exchange of Hindu-Muslim population. We are left with this burden of a group’s population that is now more than Pakistan and growing at an uncontrolled pace. It’s a population that keeps demanding more and more privileges, benefits and doles in the name of religion without they or anyone asking them what their contribution to India is. And the Congress and Sickulars have made their population the cornerstone of their electoral campaign.

Those who oppose the CAB have absolutely no logic or reason to oppose it. Their opposition is merely based on emotional rants of “Muslim Muslim Muslim” and it will remain so even if you give them the moon on a platter. India today has more Muslim population than Pakistan. The essence of CAB is that religious minorities in Pakistan, Bangladesh and Afghanistan that are being persecuted will be given shelter, regularised and will be considered for citizenship. This excludes Muslims from the groups being persecuted because in Pak/BD they are the offenders and not the victims of such persecution. These opposers are nothing but leeches clinging on to the body of India and hoping to suck all the blood out of it, drain it of resources and eventually turn it into an Islamic, Sharia-driven country. What are leeches? They are interesting, blood-sucking worms:
The beauty of the leech is it clings tightly on to the flesh of the animal or human it wants to suck blood from. It can be pushed off with some effort and its bite is not very painful or fatal but the leech needs blood, that is its food. One of the unique features of the leech is that it has “suckers” at both ends of its body. The leech is so clever it injects fluid into your body so that the blood doesn’t clot so you hardly even realise that you have been “suckered”. And though the leech needs to suck blood only once or twice a year, it can suck blood ten times its size. Once it’s done with that load of blood, it will fall off and have a nice little siesta for a while.

Those opposing the CAB from Congress to DMK to TMC are all leeches on the body of India. They are corrupt, performance-wise worthless and have been sucking the blood of India for years. And they are ably assisted in this blood-sucking by individuals like Shekhar Gupta, Rajdeep Sardesai, C5M, Barkha Dutt, Tavleen Singh, and new little Jennies Arfa Khanum, Rana Ayyub and some Lafayette  Twisted-Tiffany D’Souza. These ignorant, anti-India louts know damn well what they are saying and arguing for is WRONG and immoral. But they are paid to so and their electoral and power-rush rests on it. These entities and individuals care two hoots about India. These criminal liars refuse to accept that Muslims in Pak/BD have systematically converted by force or butchered, raped and murdered their minority populations:

Ever since Islam was born, it has been in conflict with other religions. If there are no other religions left, they will be in internecine conflicts between their own – Shias, Sunnis, Ahmediyas. In Pak/BD they are the perpetrators of crimes against other religions so on what basis are idiots like Tavleen or Barkha demanding Shias, Ahmediyas etc are victims on the same lines as Hindus or Sikhs? Moronic to say the least! That would be equal to say that Pakistan should accept illegal Vokaligas or Yadavs because they may be victims of some hypothetical conflicts within the Hindu community. It simply doesn’t occur to morons like Barkha, Tavleen and their leech-gang that these may be internal problems within Hindus and that cannot make them victims of religious persecution by a Hindu-majority country. The same way, Shias and Ahmediyas are age-old conflicts within Islam and they cannot claim to be victims. After all, Shia Jinnah and the Ahmediyas were at the forefront in demanding and creating Pakistan.

The CAB DOES NOT alienate Muslim citizens of India nor does it rob them of any Rights. It is only those Muslims who are illegals here that will not be regularised as they are not victims. They are infiltrators who pose a danger to society and to India in every manner possible. But the entire gang of leeches keep screaming that Muslim citizens of India are being stripped of their citizenship. This stupid LIE is what their bogus opposition to CAB hinges on. And Tavleen Singh boldly threatens they will become terrorists if they are not allowed to suck our blood:
So, if we don’t get what we want – we will resort to terrorism. This is the threat the Tavleen-types hold out to India and that is why these leeches are dangerous. India is already a country of over 130 crores. Nobody knows that actual number of illegals but some estimate it at 2-3 crores. Whether they are sent back or not, these illegals simply cannot have any rights to citizenship or voting. These illegals are the backbone of Sickulars that want to destroy India and also destroy Hindus and Hinduism in their grand plan of Islamising India. Estimate the population of Shias and Ahmediyas in Pakistan. Shias – 22 million, Ahmediyas – 4 million and Balochis another 7 million. What Chamelis like Barkha want is that we should keep the doors for these 33 million to become citizens of India. These laughable leeches don’t even know what they’re blabbering. From 1947 the minority population of Hindus and Sikhs has been consistently falling in Pakistan and falling dramatically while the Muslim population is rising uncontrolled in India:
Demolition of temples, mass-murder of Hindus, their houses being marked for death, their girls and women mass-raped and killed – All these are crimes Pakistan has committed on Hindus in Pakistan and what is currently Bangladesh. The atrocities still continue. That’s what makes Hindus and other minorities in Pak/BD a human situation entitled to return home to India but NOT Muslims. They have got their “Pure Pak” and “Pure Bangla”. They demanded that land and should happily live there. And as it is, these Chamelis claim Muslims are persecuted in India, that moron Naseeruddin claims “Darra hua Musalman”. So, why still stay here, why not migrate, take refuge and seek citizenship in Pakistan or BD? Fact is, India is still exceptionally kind to Muslims and showers them with benefits more than deserved.

So, these leeches can SHUT UP. Their writ will not run anymore. There is another danger of the influx of Muslims from Pak-BD. They bring an inherent risk of terrorism, bomb factories and street violence. Here is a chat between Cathy Newman of BBC Channel4 and the Polish minister Dominik Tarczynski. The Polish minister absolutely stuns you with the blunt truth and is unapologetic about the truth of Muslim migrants (Video 2.55 mins):
I am glad Amit Shah was as assertive and as assertive as Tarczynski in the Parliament. There are idiots like Shashi Tharoor who applaud resolutions in the US Congress against India. He frequently rants BJP is turning India into a “Hindu Pakistan”. And morons chant the same line as a chorus. There are leeches who cannot tell the difference between Citizenship, Refugee, Legal Migrant, Resident-Working Permits and Illegals:
Historically, India has welcomed persecuted communities – Jews, Parsis and in recent times Buddhists from Tibet. Taslima Nasreen is a refugee and was given asylum here. The Dalai Lama and the Tibetans are welcome here as refugees and asylum-residents. India will NEVER become a “Hindu Pakistan” as these liars keep ranting. What we don’t want is India becoming an “Islamic India”. That is the danger that the CAB seeks to avert and rightly so. The leeches have sucked enough blood, the rest has to be saved for the body and survival of India.

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Sunday, December 8, 2019

Karmic Justice For Criminals

Indians frequently come out on the streets and all forms of media in loud outrage over serious crimes like rape-murder. This is one of the healthiest signs among our citizens. They come out in outrage because Indians are still not used to barbaric, brutal crimes. In the US or South Africa brutal crimes far more horrible than in India are quite common. People don’t come out in large numbers and outrage because they are mostly used to it. All of us should be glad that we are not used to such crimes and therefore the pan-India outrage over Nirbhaya or Priyanka Reddy.

Following a brutal crime, the worst scumbags in our society are not ordinary people. They are the media-criminals who start shouting “24 hours no arrest, 24 hours no arrest”. These are the morons who should be shut up first because they have the least understanding of crimes and police work. Crimes are not easy to solve no matter how advanced your mechanism is. That Indian cops manage to relatively find and arrest the criminals fairly quickly reflects the fact that they work and society provides no escape route to most of these criminals. Some of the cases in advanced countries like US or UK with their scientific labs, forensics and intel-agencies have been duped by criminals merrily:
In the first case above, Gerald Mason, assaulted teens in a car and raped a 15-year-old. While escaping, he passed by a police car who just waved him by. But he stopped ahead and still shot two cops and killed them. It took 45 years to find the killer and punish him. In the second case, Harold Shipman was poisoning his elderly patients to death for over a decade. It is when he got greedy and forged the Will of one such patient that the daughter complained and the cops woke up. Shipman is estimated to have killed over 200 of his patients. In the third case, Glennon Engleman, a dentist, was a professional hitman for insurance frauds and had killed over 10 people over 22 years. It took over 2 decades for the FBI to nail and punish him. India is nothing barbaric like the Western criminals. But for small mistakes these butchers would have escaped. But they hadn’t ever heard of Karma. And for the moron Rahul Gandhi to claim India is the “Rape capital” of the world just reflects how treacherous these India-abusing Chinese Gandhis are.

Solving a crime, catching the culprits is one thing. Prosecuting them in court is an altogether different thing. This is where the Indian judiciary fails its ordinary people. The judiciary exists only for those who buy the “Iron-dome” of law to protect themselves. Our Judges are not well-versed in Criminology or Psychology. When they release those accused of heinous crimes, that is when they cheat society and cheat the victim. And their allowing bail for the most horrific of crimes is what angers the public:
Mulakkal has been intimidating the victim and other witnesses. Tinku Anwar attacked his victim and family and they are in hospital. The Unnao rapists attacked and burned the victim and now she is dead. As soon as the news of the rape-murder and brutal burning of Priyanka Reddy broke, the entire country was outraged. Not just that, a whole truckload of bogus, rape-profiteering activists was baying for the blood of the killers. They wanted instant justice. One of them, Swati Maliwal, the DCW Head and an Aaptard even went on an indefinite hunger strike for the killers to be hanged. Events have a strange way of slapping such liars. Early morning on December 6 all the four rapists were shot dead by the Hyderabad police. There was nothing left to profit from for these scumbags. So, some of them turned to how these “encounters” are an injustice and a crime. Of course, the general public celebrated across India and people in Hyderabad showered flowers on the cops and women were tying “Rakhis” to the cops.

The public is patient almost all of the time. What they are fed up is with shoddy police work and even worse judiciary nonsense. Most of these activists are usually found defending the human rights of some criminal or the other. The rapists released on bail by courts is the most inhuman action unleashed on the victims. The Unnao rape victim would have survived had her rapists not been released. The cops did not file the FIR for over 3 months till a court ordered them to. She was not only a victim but also a witness to the case. They killed her in no time. The poor girl was raped, ill-treated by the cops, deceived by the courts and finally killed by her barbaric rapists. The parents and family of the girl would be justified in thirsting for revenge against all 3 groups – the cops, the judges and the rapists. At a time like this, CJI Bobde comes out and sermonises people on justice and revenge. Nothing can be more ill-conceived and ill-timed:
If the CJI lives in delusion, then Darth Vader help the others. Bobde claims the presser by four judges was a “self-corrective” measure. Nothing can be more delusional. That presser was an “agitation” by disgruntled judges against their own. They were agitating for the rights to some order of hearing cases and not for dispensing justice to people or for speeding up justice. Nobody wants instant justice; NOBODY. People are not as stupid as Bobde thinks. People know there is a process and it takes time. But what exactly is “reasonable time” according to these judges? They don’t have a clue of the suffering of the victims or their families. That Nirbhaya mother is still running around courts to punish her daughter’s killers. Tarun Tejpal with his moneyed and influential lawyers is still dodging trial after six years. So, what exactly is this stupid rant about “Instant justice”? Who exactly is demanding instant justice? Nobody!

But the judges are totally disconnected with reality. For decades they have lived only in courts, their chambers and decorative seminars attended by five-star lawyers, sweet-smelling crooks and other Chamelis. Imagine, the family members of a young woman are called by the police to some place to identify the victim and confirm it’s their family member. They arrive on the scene and this is what they find:
What exactly will the family members identify? All they can see is the charred remains of a human being beyond recognition. What would go through the minds of judges if they had to see one of their daughters in such a condition? It is normal and natural that one would feel a sense of deep sorrow, distraught in destruction and slowly develop a thirst for revenge against someone. Families still choke, hold their breath and swallow such extreme sorrow in hopes that our justice system will punish the criminals. But when it takes 10-20 years despite fast-track courts to do so, then matters will indeed be resolved instantly in the “Vigilante” fashion. Whether the Hyderabad police is telling the true story or not is not the concern of any public member. They are simply happy that the four bastards were put away. And many of them now wish that the Unnao criminals had also been delivered to hell now that the victim is dead after they burned her. It doesn’t end there. A young girl in MP jumped into a pond and committed suicide after she was sexually assaulted by a gang:
Note the words in the tweet – she was molested on “multiple occasions”. Each time, the family either doesn’t complain or the cops don’t take it seriously when a complaint is made. In many cases, cops also suggest a compromise just like that evil, rape-profiteer Arvind Kejriwal told a woman “compromise kar lo”. That woman too committed suicide. 

In another case, a Darbhanga judge has released four rape-accused under the condition of “community service”. Nothing can be more stupid; nothing can be more inhuman to the victim. In the West, “Community service” punishments are given to petty, first-time thieves or traffic violators or drug-abusers and not to brutal rapists and murderers. This is a power that is being ABUSED by judges without any sense of proportion or nature of the crime. It is also not a secret that many judges are corrupt and can be purchased. One such Allahabad HC judge was just arrested in a medical scam. There should be laws made to ensure judges don’t overstep their powers and strictly curb bails for rape-murder accused when tangible evidence is too strong. And the worst enemies of victims and friends of criminals are none other than the scumbags of media. These uneducated morons think police should end all crimes once and for all. One cop took the time to educate one such idiot (Video: 1.30 mins):

The final nail in the victim’s coffin, of course, is none other than the govt. In this case the GOI. Murder after murder, rape after rape – they simply sit and watch as the “organised racket” is being operated to tar them. Their “Selective Pain” is also reserved only for a Tabrez or Akhlaq not when a Hindu is the victim of a brutal crime. So, what do they do? They once again promise this nonsense:
As far as I know, many of the existing fast-track courts are gathering dust and don’t even have judges. There isn’t need of excessive 1000 fast-track courts. Given the number of cases 2-3 in each state would be enough. What is lacking is the “Daily hearing” of these cases. Unless that daily hearing happens, all these fast-tracks are as useless as the fully-depreciated aircrafts of AirIndia. Tejpal is able to dodge courts for over five years because of lawyers and judges. It is daily hearing or at least weekly hearing that must be mandated in these fast-track courts and any appeals must be disposed off within a month. When all this fails – Karma doesn’t. Karma is not subject to the Constitution or the myriad laws of the State. It will indeed visit criminals like the Hyderabad ones in its own ways. Criminals, cops, courts and other humans are mere tools in its hands. Barbaric criminals must be put to death. Sometimes, it wont matter how. 

In the movie “IQAlbert Einstein and his crazy gang of scientists plot the marriage of his brash, scientist niece with a man who’s intelligent but is a garage-mechanic who they make up as scientist. When every trick fails, they plot an accident to unite the two and Einstein says” “Sometimes, accidents need a little help. God does not pIay dice with the universe but I wiII”.

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