Sunday, October 13, 2019

Demographic Dangers

Political Heads of States and Countries are not the greatest of visionaries. This is probably because their terms are limited and therefore their vision is also limited from the campaign stage to another 10-15 years of their rule. I might make a rare exception of the Founding Fathers of the US who created a Constitution that has stood the test of over 200 years. In particular, their 1st Amendment on free speech/religion does not allow Congress to abrogate or amend it in any manner. PM Narendra Modi frequently talks about “Demographic Dividend”. In the 12 years that he was CM of Gujarat, I do not recall him using the term. It is only after becoming PM that some economist probably hammered that term into his head and he frequently quotes it as an economic advantage.

Technically, Demographic Dividend (DD) represents the growing population in the productively employable category – that is from age 15 to 65, According to population statistics India will “enjoy” a DD till the year 2037 as its population grows. But, as always, statistics don’t tell the whole story and are often deceptive. India’s population addition in the DD category is made up of quite a large uneducated, unskilled and unemployable number. In previous articles I have pointed out that the highest growth in this population is the Muslim and poor category which grows uncontrolled. For the first time in the last 5+ years of his PMship Modi made a comment about the urgent need for population control in his I-Day speech this year. However, in the last 30 years or so no one has acted on the need to control population. There is no DD in India, there is only Demographic Danger. And, predictably, the GOI is wilfully blind to it. But for political reasons (and to some extent realistic reasons) Modi continues to tout DD as an advantage of India to the world:
It’s a bit boring to repeat that both Gandhi-Nehru were visionless and had no prudence at the time of Independence. Their greed for power and legacy created a state that did not fully exchange populations at Partition. Their ill-conceived notion of everybody on earth living in peace like Jesus was among the most stupid mistakes of Political Heads in recent history. It is proof that Political Heads are not great visionaries. When Alexander Graham Bell invented the phone, around 1876, he presented one to the President who didn’t know what to do with it. It took 50 years since its invention for the US President to formally start using the phone. Although political Heads tried to keep it under wraps, they made the world wait for around 30-40 years to catch up to the Internet. The US Govt wanted the internet system as a tool for its Army alone. When a population is continuously under social strife, there is no silly DD to it. A cursory on why US doesn’t have to brag about DD can be seen in the consumption patterns:
The Indian condom market is likely to reach $180Mn by 2022 while the US market has already reached $814Mn in 2017. I would have thought India would use more condoms if population was a stress. US Auto sales in 2017 was 18Mn units, while India is under 3Mn a year. Cola consumption is an average of 44 bottles per capita in India on 2015 while in the US it is 1496 bottles. Although, I have no regrets if the Cola consumption in India goes down and becomes zero. It is nothing but sugary poison that stunts the brains. Need to remember that the US population is less than one-third of India or 10 crores more than UP. It’s not production alone but high consumption that drives the economy. And high consumption results only if your demography can be productively employed with disposable incomes. This is where India fails and it is a problem indeed.

Much of the youth (under age 35 as Modi claims) is unproductive and shows no signs of enterprise and depends on govt doles. The political lout Azam Khan even says “Muslims produce more children because they are unemployed”. The eternal beggary of Muslim leaders like Asad Owaisi is that because they produce more, the govt should do everything for them while they will grow their population. This is an extract from his speech in 2015:
The radical lout Owaisi claims “injustice” has been done to Muslims. What injustice exactly? Did the govt produce your kids? Did the govt stop you from educating yourselves properly instead of at “terror-preaching Madrassas”? Why would I employ someone from a Madrassa who comes in with nothing but “Rock-N-Roll Quranic knowledge”? A vast number of Muslim leaders constantly bat for Pakistan and anti-India forces. Any measure that leads to progress they first check if its compatible with their religion. They slaughter and cook at home is not a problem but they want all outlets to sell Halal food. Much of their youth’s favourite hobby is rioting, breaking temples and national monuments.

Owaisi’s ghetto in Hyderabad is a “Muslim island”. Hindus have to live by their rules, cannot celebrate festivals, cannot ring temple bells and no law enforcement has any jurisdiction. Owaisi wants to turn much of India into similar ghettos like his Hyderabad island. In this recent speech for Maharashtra elections he explains what “Demographic Dividend” really means for the Muslims (Video 2.17 mins):
Asad Owaisi wants secularism to go to hell. He further screams that for 70 years Muslims have suffered in India. Who the hell asked you to stay here in the first place when you created Pakistan for yourself? And why don’t these eternal-whining Muslims go to their Paradise? And Owaisi further whines that he wants around 40 MPs so that they could save terrorists like Yakub Memon. Not one single moron of this lot of Muslim leaders says – “If we had 40 MPs, we will take India to greater heights, improve the condition of Muslims, of all poor and jobs for everyone”. The first thought of this filthy moron is that he will save terrorists if they had 40 MPs. This is why, they are simply INCOMPATIBLE with the idea of democracy and their population growth is a DANGER and not a DIVIDEND.

This radical Owaisi is not even saying we will bring back certain rights for Muslims like Triple Talaq, right to father-daughter marriage or Right to sex with goats and donkeys or Right to steal cows. All that he wants with 40 MPs is to save terrorists. And these laughable clowns are Muslim leaders who actually subjugate ordinary Muslims and keep them in poverty and joblessness forever. They cannot think of one good innovative idea for India but only play victim, dance for Pakistan and indulge in Jihad and grab territories and create ghettos. There is a serious danger from this demographic nonsense. Many parts in India are now a “No-go, No-live” areas for Hindus and others. There is mortal danger as the incident in Murshidabad on Dussehra, where a family was slaughtered brutally, shows:
Not one single Hindu festival passes without attacks from Muslims or Christians. In the left pic above, Christians object to a Hindu procession as it is “Christian territory”. Almost as if Jesus came down, planted a Cross and claimed “This is private property under our Management”. These ridiculous behavioural patterns come from intolerant louts which India and Hindus and, particularly Modi, is ignoring at a great damage to his own slogan of “Sabka Vikas”. There will be only so much progress when many areas have become “Terroritories”. In recent Hindu festivals, Hindus have been attacked at multiple places and in some cases even murdered:
There are hundreds of wanton murders of Hindus in Bengal right from the CPM rule to the last 8 years of Jihadidi Mamata’s rule. Not one case is under prosecution and hardly anyone has been convicted. The simple goal of Islamists is to increase their ghettos and then drive out or wipe out Hindus from that ghetto. To top that, there are criminals like Rajdeep Sardesai and some idiotic factchecker like Boom that claim the Murshidabad slaughter has nothing to do with politics or religion:
The Murshidabad cops claim they still don’t know who the killers are. They have no suspects and no arrests have been made. So, how in hell is some corrupt cop peddling nonsense of “no politics, no religion” angle without any basis? The simple answer is, when the victim is Muslim this whole ISI gang will shout “lynching, lynching” and in case of many Hindu victims, they will desperately try to whitewash the crime and sanitise it as “no big deal”. This is the serious outcome of “Demographic Damage”. It is not that they don’t like Modi, these filthy criminals don’t like anything Hindu and that’s the source of their crimes. And what is it about Madrassas that ModiSarkar so want to reform actually teach kids? Nothing but Jihad, wipe out Hindus, drive out Hindus and the quest for an Islamic State (video: 2.19 mins):
Every Hindu festival celebration is attacked by Muslim groups. And why should we shy away from saying “Muslim groups”? The govt and media cowards will keep chanting “some members of minority group” and this is the greatest nonsense being heaped on this country to cover for criminals that consistently attack Hindus. Even though Gujarat is relatively peaceful, there are still regular attacks on Rath Yatras, Ganesh Visarjans, Durga Puja processions in ghettos of Baroda, Dahod or Godhra. Because these incidents are smaller in nature, they don’t face a “Gujarat-2002” type retaliation by Hindus and media too ignores it. Here’s another score by “members of minority community” at Tonk, Rajasthan over Durga Puja celebrations:
But I can warn that a major flare up cannot be averted if this is allowed to continue by cowards in the State or Central govts. Hardly a couple of days had passed since the horrendous Murshidabad slaughter than another gruesome incident of 3 more Hindus being killed in Bengal was reported:
Govts don’t seem to learn from the Kashmir tragedy. Thirty years of terrorism and still continuing. Violent driving out of Hindus – their girls and women raped, houses burned, men murdered openly on the streets. All this to turn Kashmir into a huge Muslim ghetto. They have mostly succeeded. And there are hundreds of Mini-Kashmirs being plotted and executed in many states in India. Some of these plots are already succeeding. PM Modi has to realise SERIOUSLY, that Demographic Dividend is mostly with ONLY Hindu economic activity and productivity. And much of that is destroyed by spend on violence and doles for the useless and unproductive.

It is not me, if you want proof, all you have to do is listen to Jihadini Barkha Dutt who justified the violent driving out of Hindus from Kashmir by stating it’s because those Hindus were economically well off. China successfully benefited from its DD because it keeps the Jihadis isolated and controlled from mainstream economy as they contribute nothing to their economy other than nuisance. There is no Demographic Dividend in India – What we truly have is a “Demographic Danger” and PM Modi and his govt should not be deluded by some FAKE DD.

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  1. Apart from Sanjay Gandhi, no politician or party has tried to impose nasbandhi on muslim population. Modi and BJP is a big cropper and a let down for Hindus, hope UCC becomes a reality in 2020

  2. Modi & RSS seems to be on eternal illusion that mere speeches will turnaround the country. Unless they improve the sanitation at Hindu temples, make cities clean, plant & grow trees, instead of cutting them in midnight (AAREY forest), they could have transported the trees to other favorable locations & thereby establish committment to environment & set a precedence than to cut trees. It is possible by today's science to transport a grown up tree with roots & regrown at a new place & India would have set an example for the world.

    Your comparison of cola in USA & India is fantastic. Time to fix the Owaisis of Hyderabad permanently. The news media is going gaga over the D-Gang links of Sharad Pawar / Praful Patel, which is known to everyone in Mumbai for long, but govt of the day kept mum & did not take any action.
    It is now 3-4 years, no news on Clean Ganga status, Bullet train status, What Michel mama is doing or what is happening with Vijay Mallya (who is to divorce & remarry a lady half his age) or Nirav Choksi, media will speak only when BJP govt gives information to it in a file, till then they will not do anything on their own.

  3. The Information & Broadcasting minister could have called entire film industry & could have given sermond on
    1) making mandatory to have dance sequence on traditional dance themes of India
    2) than on entire village dancing to those western tunes or steps
    3) Women or actresses are increasingly showing their flesh & websites are full of soft porn
    4) Star TV / Star Bharat airs Savdhan India Naya Adhyah, which if replete with all times of love & extra-marital crimes (all imaginative) including stories of incest - this program should be banned but the ministry is sleeping
    5) Textile minister has no guidelines to prevent customers getting cheated from synthetic silk to natural silk, "polyblend" is a common term used to cheat when selling pure polyester.
    There are many more which I shall post later, but BJP govt sleeps, which believes to make life more complicated.

  4. Compare a metro city of India (even the "financial capital" like Mumbai) to any of the cities of West or even of China, you'd find huge difference in economy, work culture, civic sense and cleanliness. It appears that our big cities are frozen in some time past and haven't grown up. One of the surest reasons, as pointed rightly by you, is the population explosion.

    Rather than just imagining by our "visionary" leaders that population is an asset, it, in fact, huge liability. Esp. in terms of its cost on economy and ecology. Cities cannot bear the burden of millions of tonnes of solid and liquid waste generated by the huge population. It's high time India should introspect and heed to the warning and make necessary laws to encourage control on population.

    As always, you have nailed it right. Instead of hardcore appeasement of Muslims by likes of Mulayams, Mayavatis and Mamatas, Modi government is soft-appeasing them.

  5. Its hightime Modi govt with a huge majority should not pretend under the garb of secularism. His party should call spade a spade ! Stringent law needs to be made against attack on religious places, rituals and deities ! Laws on Temple admn and RTE should be amended to suit Hindus !Law on population control should be made with stringent provisions ! Only present govt can do if Mr Modi becomes tough and free from love of so called secularism.Mr Ravinar's excellent eye opener article should be taken by BJP, RSS, RW intellectual seriously and find solution at the earliest unhesitatingly !


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