Saturday, October 26, 2019

Remember The Fallen

Police incompetence, their wilful penchant to cloud issues, evidence and failure to investigate thoroughly is not new in the world. In the same manner, media trials, excessive outrage with a predominant bias also kills justice. Among the most famous cases is that of Dr. Sam Sheppard, a prominent neuro-surgeon who was accused of murdering his wife and sentenced to life. His conviction was dominated by media trials, pressure by media on the coroner and jury and an incompetent judge. Multiple appeals failed till renowned Defence lawyer F Lee Bailey took his case to the US Supreme Court. The Federal court slammed the media, the jury in previous trials and the judge too. It found Sheppard innocent and released him after he had served 10 years in prison.

In yet another horrible case of police incompetence and lack of proper investigation, a serial killer and necrophile, John Christie convinced Tim Evans he was the cause of the death of his wife and young baby. The illiterate Evans was compelled to confess to crimes he did not commit. Christie testified against Evans in court. Consequently, Evans was found guilty and hanged to death. A couple of years later, new tenants at Christie’s house found dead bodies in the apartment which compelled police to reopen investigations. Christie was a serial killer and a necrophile who had at least 8 victims to his list. He was convicted and hanged. The body of Tim Evans had to exhumed, he had to be pronounced innocent and buried again with honourable people with a proper funeral.

The biggest difference in the cases above and those in India is that religion becomes an integral part of the media trial, Sickular defence of terrorists and killers and muddying of rape and murder cases. The worst media and Sickular crime in recent times has to be that of the Kathua rape and murder case. In their quest to trash Hindus for the murder of a child, the Mehbooba Mufti govt formed a “corrupt” SIT who went berserk. The media, naturally, went on an Anti-Hindu rampage. All this just to make “Muslims” appear victims against Hindu atrocities. A few days ago, the whole fraud of the SIT was trashed by a court that ordered FIRs against them, one of the eight arrested was acquitted and there was custodial torture to force confessions and concoct evidences:
Some years back in 2011, a woman called Bhanwari Devi was murdered by a few men, including members of the Congress party. Her charred body parts were found many months later after the Rajasthan HC got involved as the Ashok Gehlot govt tried its best to bury the case. But the media, especially criminal channels like NDTV, continuously trashed Bhanwari’s character, her being very ambitious and being immoral and so on. As if all that justifies her murder. The recent case of quadri-murder in Murshidabad (Bengal) of the Bandhu Pal family – the police claims one single man, Utpal Behara, killed the couple, their kid and one in the womb with a machete. In my years of study of crimes, this is probably the most nonsensical story I have heard from cops.

In the Kamlesh Tiwari case, the cops quickly jumped to indicate it was an outcome of personal squabble. What turned out is that it was organised terrorist operation that killed Tiwari for calling Mohammad “gay”. In Ranchi a court had ordered a woman, Richa Bharti, to distribute Qurans as punishment for some criticism of Islam. This is how silly our judiciary has also become. Bharti rightly refused to comply with the stupid order.

Then there is the media “lynching” mob that claims every Muslim victim is made to chant “Jai Shri Ram” before being lynched, every Muslim is a “lynching” victim and cattle-owners have no right to protect their cattle. Most of these lynching cases are fraudulent concoctions by media and Sickulars. And their spurious rants are echoed by foreign media and politicians to malign the ModiSarkar and Hindus in general. This tweet of generalist dunderhead Tavleen Singh is enough to demonstrate how media-idiots portray crimes:
In the tweet that Tavleen quotes, Jaggi says many could be “hate crimes” that do not involve any mob-lynching and he quotes Kamlesh Tiwari as an example. Promptly, dunderhead Tavleen asserts Tiwari was “not lynched” but murdered. This, when Jaggi specifically says Tiwari’s murder was a “hate crime” and not lynching then where was the need for Tavleen to “clarify”. In fact, in 2019 alone, there have been more murders and lynching of Hindus by Muslim mobs. In the election month of May 2019 alone there have been nearly 20 cases of Muslim mob violence. Where Islamic terrorism or Naxal terrorism is concerned a majority are Hindu victims – whether civilians or in uniform. The worst cases of terrorism in 2019 being Pulwama (46 dead) and Gadchiroli (16 dead). In 3 decades of terrorism in Kashmir over 40000 have been killed.

One of the butchers that killed Kamlesh Tiwari happens to be an employee of Zomato, the food delivery operators. In an earlier case a woman had objected to a Muslim delivery boy for her personal reasons. Now more are refusing Muslim delivery boys from Zomato, Swiggy and such companies. They would be justified in their preference as nobody wants to invite death to their door like Tiwari.

From Amarnath Yatra to all other public celebrations of Hindu festivals there is some or other attack on Hindus in some part of India regularly. Durga Puja, Ganesh Visarjans, Holi, Diwali and all this apart from temples being vandalised or destroyed. And almost all of these attacks come from Muslim mobs, especially on roads that surround or run through their ghettos. Then there is the routine killings of Hindu workers of BJP or RSS or some other organisation. These attacks are growing in proportion, area and in number. Considering most states are now under BJP and the Centre too, one would have thought they would be tough on such crimes. In reality, whether it’s the temple demolition in Delhi or other murders, there is a stony silence from Narendra Modi to Amit Shah to Yogi Adityanath. In a recent incident, Muslim ghetto members attacked police who had come to arrest a couple of cattle thieves. It is this lawlessness that has been consistent with ModiSarkar appeasing them by ignoring crimes.

One of the many reasons that dampened the electoral results of BJP in Maharashtra and Haryana is this constant ignoring of injustices to Hindus and Muslim appeasement. Appeasement by not mere insignificant doles but ignoring and condoning their lawlessness and murderous attacks on Hindu festival celebrators. This “Sabka Vishwas” by Modi is one of the biggest delusions currently being perpetrated in India. In addition to this nonsense, Modi’s Gandhigiri has crossed the boundaries of psychotic obsession to win “approval” abroad. Gandhigiri is as big a fraud on Hindus as Mother Teresa is on the sick people she claimed to care about. In fact, throughout this campaign the biggest talking point of Modi & Co was junking Article 370 because there wasn’t much else to chest-thump about. And come Diwali the most incompetent and useless of lumps of men passing as ministers lecture on firecrackers and pollution:
The govt has passed laws on cracker-emissions and noise. They should simply monitor and enforce such laws instead of sermonising people. These are no different from moronic Bollywoodias who pollute the most and sermonise on Diwali and everything under the sun. Even otherwise, given that the economy is not so great right now, people are cutting down on Diwali purchases. Naturally, the biggest cuts would in vacations, travel and firecrackers. ModiSarkar is totally oblivious to the fact that the economy of India runs on Hindus, Hindu enterprise and some communities like Parsis, Jains and Sikhs. But most of the doles are given to the Muslim community that contributes far too little to the economy but a huge chunk to social strife and violence. Ignoring this reality will eventually cause the downfall of ModiSarkar and BJP as a political party.

Still, however, Hindus do celebrate their festivals one way or another. Diwali being their biggest festival, price and economic-sensitivity is lowered for the celebrations. The economy is in a slump where high-end goods are concerned – like cars, foreign vacations or jewellery is concerned. But at the smaller but equally significantly priced segments like mobiles or electronic goods, this Diwali has seen good sales – and, of course, a large chunk of these purchases come from Hindus and not the Jihadis:
It is a Hindu practice not to celebrate any festival for at least a year if there is death in the family or of a close relative or friend. The deaths at the hands of Jihadi terrorists and butchers may not have happened to “our” families. These have happened to “other” families. Such tragedies don’t stay long in public memory not because people want to forget but because an equally bad tragedy happens soon enough to replace the earlier incident. Pulwama happens. And soon enough Gadchiroli happens. Murshidabad happens and soon enough a Kamlesh-Tiwari happens. It is almost getting impossible to track these slaughters. Hindus may not diminish their celebrations but it is worth remembering the fallen in our hearts and minds when we do. Given our arrogant, Gandhigiri hoopla ModiSarkar or any other Sickular govt in the near future – Hindus are going to get a raw deal and Muslim appeasement will continue.

Hindus should not play victim as they are not surviving on govt crumbs or doles. But at the same time prepare themselves for a longer fight. Our young girls and boys should be taught self-defence courses and where crimes against Hindus are high, apply for legal possession of weapons. Neither ModiSarkar nor any Sickular equivalent gives a damn about Hindus. It is for us to find a way. Either way, celebrate life and remember the fallen.

Happy Diwali!

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Sunday, October 20, 2019

What Killed Kamlesh Tiwari

This post is certainly not about crackerjacks and wisecracks. It’s about criminology and why one desert cult is hell bent on continuous crimes. In the AFL tribute to honour Robert De Niro, his co-star from the vicious mafia movie “Goodfellas”, Joe Pesci narrates an incident while shooting. The three wiseguys kick Billy Batts to near death and stuff him in the car-trunk. Before burying him, they realise he is still alive and kicking. So Joe Pesci stabs him furiously with a knife borrowed from his Mom’s kitchen. Pesci says De Niro looked at him funnily and he asked RDN what the matter was. De Niro didn’t answer but when prodded he told Pesci “I think you’re going too fast. A knife won’t go through that fast through the ribs”. That is true. To kill someone with a knife or a machete requires extreme violence, especially when the man is not hurt yet and is likely to put up a struggle. There will be many misses. The knife/machete will hit furniture or the wall multiple times as the killer swings it wildly.
Many may not have heard the name of Mohammed Bouyeri. He was the guy who killed Theo Van Gogh in November 2004. Theo is the great grand son of legendary painter Vincent Van Gogh. He made a film called “Submission” with outspoken ex-Muslim Ayaan Hirsi Ali that showed how Muslims ill-treated and tortured their women. In revenge Bouyeri killed Theo on the streets of Amsterdam because it exposed Islam. Bouyeri slit the throat of Theo on the streets, stabbed him with a knife several times and left a message with the knife impaled on the chest of Theo. When in prison, Bouyeri was asked what he would do if there were more such documentaries exposing Muslim cruelty to women. He nonchalantly said “I will kill again”.

Slitting throats, stabbing multiple times is an “OVERKILL”. It’s a form of “RITUAL” killing dictated by the Quran. This is a treatment all “Kafirs” deserve according to that book. So, when a whole family of 3 and one in the womb is slaughtered with a Machete, it is not “personal revenge” for some grievance. It is a ritual overkill dictated by an ideology. In a personal affair a person would kill quickly, inflict death and run just as quickly. Not so in a “ritual” killing. The killer is dictated by his religion to SLAUGHTER, dismember and inflict extreme brutality to send out a message. Remember, some years back, two of our Jawans were not only killed by Pakis but their head were chopped off and their eyes gouged out and their bodies dismembered. The butcher starts at “Halal” then goes on to “Kheema”. In response to such a killing of Bandhu Prakash Pal, his wife, his 8-year old kid, and his unborn child these are the tweets from BJP morons:
These Johnies are in power. They are the govt in charge and the only thing they are bothered about is how liberals are responding to the slaughter at Murshidabad. I never thought ModiSarkar would turn out to be such a bunch of nitwit cowards. It is truly devastating. Sometime back, a young man Hitesh Mulchandani at Pune was kidnapped and killed by a few Muslim thugs just because he asked them not to pee at a wrong place. What provokes such killing? It is not something you or I say. It is not something that society provokes them. It is not some govt policy or scheme. It is purely their religion. I cannot believe little Utpal Behara (if that’s his real name) can really kill 3 people with a machete. He looks so puny he couldn’t chop a piece of wood in two with a sharp axe. And chopping wood is not easy either.
Hardly had we decided to wait for more on the Murshidabad slaughter comes the brutal slaughter of Kamlesh Tiwari. KT was jailed for long, without bail for calling Mohammad names. On October 18th, 3 people clad in saffron, two caught on camera slit his throat, stabbed his body several times and then shot him to death or vice versa in the procedure. This is not “personal” or murder as “revenge”. This is a ritualistic overkill prescribed by the book of the killers. It will not be hard to find and hunt down these killers because they are on video and theres an eye witness who interacted with them:
There is no blasphemy law in India. You can abuse Hinduism, Hindu Gods, and Hindus and it will all be passed as “research” work or “alternative opinions” or FoE. Seriously, even calling Durga a “Prostitute” has become alternative views of FoE. But then, the Islamic clan enforces blasphemy laws when it comes to Mohammad or Ayesha or even his images. THEY KILL NONCHALANTLY. This is because the state watches stupidly and even covertly sympathises with such killers. ModiSarkar is too dumb or is too oblivious that promoting Madrassas or trying to reform them is only encouraging them to kill. KILL KILL KILL AND KILL SOME MORE. It will never stop till all non-Muslims are dead – that’s the long term plan. And after all, even an economist wisely said “In the long term, everyone is dead” and in our case “Every Hindu will be dead”. Kamlesh Tiwar’s wife cuts a sorry figure for all her laments and cries of threats and calls for help:
Neither Yogi Adityanath nor Narendra Modi has a wife or family to speak of. They will not know the pain. Over and over again, Hindu families lose a member to Jihadis while these guys lecture about “Sabka Vikas” and stupid “Gandhigiri”. Two things kill Hindus – Appeasement and Gandhigiri. It is not who killed KT but what killed KT that we should be thinking about. More Hindus have died under Modi’s watch in Bengal, UP and Kerala than at any other time. More young Hindu girls are trapped into Love Jihad or raped under ModiSarkar. Yet, all this while, anti-Hindu criminals continuously abused Hinduism and Hindu Gods. From Ram to Sita to Durga – no Hindu God has been spared from abuse. But when it comes to the truth about Mohammad, Narendra Modi recalls “99 Dosa varieties” sold on the streets of Bangalore. On the other hand, this abuse of Hinduism has gotten way  out of hand and has now come to be described as “open discussion” or “freedom”:
Muslims have been taught from Madrassa onward, that killing someone if there is a perceived insult to Mohammad or Allah is a divine thing. And in the process, if you die too, then you have achieved Paradise. The crime of ModiSarkar is in promoting these stupid Madrassas which have no place in Indian society. All Madrassas get funding with zero accountability and should rightly be banned. Dumb Devendra thinks namaz on the streets is some grand “secular unifier”. He’s a moron. Road-rail namaz, loudspeakers are all assertions that the non-believers must die – there is no other way. If people had to be killed for merely blabbering stuff, then the Barkhas, Ranas and Sabas and Khanums should have been killed many times over for the constant “English-coated” abuse they hurl on Hindus and Hinduism. Hindus don’t kill anyone for ranting against their religion but the time has now come for a clear law on the bastards that issue Fatwas. These Fatwa issuing bastards have no right to live and no right to be among society and decent people:
Sometime back, the Jihadis of UP put out an open threat, among many others that they usually do. They threatened to burn a whole railway station if the “Kawariyas” got anywhere near it:
This cannot go on any longer. Madrassas must be banned. The entire cult of killing someone for being an idolater or a Kafir is a concept born in the darkest crevices of barbaric skulduggery. Either ban Islam or ban those who perpetuate and entrench the evil teachings that ordain murder from their books. Anyone who issues a Fatwa to kill someone for beliefs or opinions DOES NOT BELONG IN INDIA. Kamlesh Tiwari was murdered by knife and gun wielding terrorists but the source code is their book, their Mullahs, their Fatwas and their criminal Deobandi Mafia. Ban Fatwas with life sentences, Ban Deoband and Ban Madrassas... They simply have no place in India. The onus is on Narendra Modi to fight terrorism. Pakistan is a tiny enemy that our Army takes care of. Don’t ride on the shoulders of our Jawans and IAF fighters like a coward. Fight the enemies within. That is what killed Kamlesh Tiwari and will keep killing Hindus till your chest is full of medals of awards from the ideologists of such killers.

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