Thursday, September 19, 2019

Salma Sabrina On Kashmir

For decades the Commies have played a fantastic game in India. They are members of a small corrupt group that feed on each other, fertilised and irrigated from Nehru right down to SoniaG. This group will peddle lies, falsehoods, accusations with no basis, no real source and no truth whatsoever. To tell the truth you don’t need company, to peddle lies you need company and you need to memorise your story. Salma and Sabrina represent this incestuous gang that feeds off each other. I first used the term to describe the Catch-22 situation with these Commies peddling lies on Ram Mandir and the Gujarat 2002 figures of the dead. Here’s how it started from a post six years ago on the Communist poison:

The Distortians who posed as witnesses in the Ram Mandir case above in Allahabad HC didn’t have any original research or data of their own. Each one quoted another or some newspaper report with no original source for any of it. When it comes to the Gujarat 2002 riots and Muslims killed, these fraudsters have peddled numbers anywhere between 2000 to 5000. Forget that Hindus were also killed. It is hilarious how they don’t know where that 2000 number came from:

It’s an incestuous circle. The usual moron Sagarika once claimed Hyderabad blasts had meat shops around it. She quoted a friend who had called. If you ask the friend where s/he got the information, she would probably say “from Sagarika’s tweet”.  In reality Dilsukh Nagar seems to be surrounded with at least 20 Hindu temples. These idiots are like a bunch of dogs chasing each other’s tail in a circle and flopping tired. Salma says it, Sabrina peddles it as gospel truth. None of it has any facts or truth. 

Post August 5 and the junking of Article 370, a much-warranted lockdown on Kashmir was clamped. Suddenly, every politician and every known and rookie journo wanted to rush to the place. Even little Vijaita of The Hindu or some Swagata from somewhere wanted to rush there and report. Enthusiasm! Nothing excites moronic politicians and journos like a potential conflict zone. So, you also have the Lechurys, Gulams, Yashdunks, Pappus all wanting to rush to Srinagar. At least a couple even went to SC to demand permission to visit Srinagar. Maybe the drugs and arms business from Pakistan was in trouble and these guys wanted to check on the status. Some managed to go there and some did not. But what they all tweet is the stuff the legendary Salma-Sabrina gang is made of. For a change, Individually, their tweets and messages might seem isolated. But a pictorial tour will demonstrate how much they concoct anguished nonsense. Let’s start with the British scum called BBC; one of the biggest anti-India, anti-Hindu hate-mongers currently on it:
You could be forgiven for thinking all our Jawans are equipped with “Electric shock kits” and tasers and stuff. GOI has already issued notices to the liars of BBC and Al Jazeera for their previous reports of protest and riots. In those reports both these Salmas had used images from POK or Pakistan. Doesn’t take long for moronic Sabrinas in India to pick up the thread:
Rana the “Lizard’ crawled into Kashmir and grandly rephrased what the BBC had tweeted. She claimed 12-year olds beaten, boys given electric shocks, women threatened with rape and family members disappearing. I assume the Lizard constantly dreams of ISIS and hopes for her paradise where these things happen. Rana promised Tavleen a detailed report, with images and videos, on her imaginary findings. I have not seen any such report till date. Then there is Harinder Baweja. She proudly calls herself “Shammy”. I find that natural considering almost all of her career reporting has been a sham. In DMK they have names like Shamminathan – the Punjabis-Pakis just shorten it to “Shammy”:
Collective slicing of the Kashmiri heart, the mood is volatile and defiant, this trip was particularly tough”. Laughable! Of course, this trip would be tough because earlier these Jerkologists used to be pampered by the Abdullahs and Muftis, stay in posh hotels or Govt bungalows, do a dance for their Moon-God and then write how Pakistan should be involved in dialogue over Kashmir. If I were to describe Shammy in short – she is the poor Pakistani’s Barkha. She has yet to earn the affection of rich Pakis like “Hafiz Saab” which Barkha earned so quickly. Talking of Barkha, she and Shekhar Gupta would have made great partners as Salma and Sabrina but, unfortunately, their partnership at TheCrapPrint died within a month. Nevertheless, they do the tango from miles apart – all over Fabdullah:
Ironically, it’s his father Sheikh Abdullah who dug the hole with the PSA (Public Safety Act), and Fabdullah gladly fell into that hole. It doesn’t occur to Jerkologists like Barkha and Gupta that this man has been covertly waging war and blackmailing India for a long time. And F is not in some “Kaala Paani” prison, he is under house arrest under good old country comfort in his farm. The Abdullahs and Muftis are POISON in Kashmir that has been stoking anti-India fires and sympathising with terrorists and stone-pelters. They do not deserve the freedom anymore to wage a covert war or blackmail India. They can peacefully whine inside the comfort of their homes as long as it takes. There is this female Barkha in Pakistan – Hamid Mir. He’s another of those Jihadi pimpkins. He reports from London on a misquoted statement of Haryana CM ML Khattar and peddles second-hand news about Kashmir from a Salma in London:
Then there are “Jennies come lately” – the new Sabrinas in town. Everybody loves them. One is called Vijaita from The Hindu and another is called Swagata.
The moron that Vijaita is, she peddles a question – Bihar and UP students go to other states to study so what is wrong in Kashmiri students going to other states too. I don’t have to use my mobile flashlight to find a bigger moron than this. Jerkini doesn’t realise that the question should have been the opposite. Kashmiri students do go to many states for studies and work – so why can’t other Indians go to Kashmir for studies or work? But then, if these jerkologists were gifted with logic they wouldn’t be journos in the first place, would they? Swagata’s life has changed since she went to Kashmir. She discovered the role of Press and Nationalism. These guys don’t have a learning curve, they possess a damaged spectrometer that doesn’t provide any light. Then there is another Sabrina called Nirupama Subaramanian. I don’t who or what she works for but she rightfully calls herself “@Tallstories”. Her stupid tweet about loss of identity for Kashmiris gets whacked in two responses on Twitter:
Then there’s a Sabrina called Faran Jeffery who writes in some PorterMedium.Com. His story “Coming home to caged Kashmir” is very interesting. He hasn’t been to Kashmir but he writes a whole article based on a tweet by some handle that narrates the story of some Kashmiri returning home for Eid. So, Farhan quotes a Twitter handle that narrates a story about someone that no one can verify. This is way over Salma-Sabrina – this is Sabrina quoting Salma and her third husband too:

There is one particular stinking-naxal who is not from the journalistic Tabela but very few can match her in extreme hate-mongering generously sprinkled with lies. Kavita Krishnan often looks like a left-over relic of the Chambal Dacoits. Although, the Chambal Dacoits were a lot more adored in our folklore. In these tweets, KK (another K in her name would have been perfect for this bigoted Commie) claims Yasin Malik is not a terrorist. This is the reason I call this whole lot “Terror-wives”. They can whitewash even murders and acts of terrorism without any qualms. Malik had killed 4 Airforce officers in cold blood in two incidents in the early 1990s. He was protected by the Congress, Fabdullah, Blabberdullah for a long time. Former PM MMS even invited this terrorist, shook hands with him and posed for photographs. All these Jihadinis in the media are as paid as the stone-pelters. These Paki stooges live a life of luxury and blabber about Kashmir with zero intelligence and zero facts:
KK is the female version of Malik except that she hasn’t used her chances to commit murder. Another terror-wife is Suhasini Haider. Every time India gains or promises to gain an advantage or recover POK this Jihadini goes off muttering and sputtering like a broken auto-rickshaw in Peshawar:
Behind the suave image and smooth language, Jihadini Haider is nothing more than a “Terror-Wife” constantly peddling Paki agenda. She never asks why Pak wants Kashmir when it is sinking in a cesspit but agitates when India vows to take back POK which is rightfully our land.

After decades of violence, everything cannot be “normal” in one shot because these Terror-wives have wet dreams and face the danger of their Paki funding and junkets disappearing. The security forces haven’t fired bullets or killed anyone (other than armed terrorists). The only person to be killed was a trucker, Noor Mohammad, at the hands of stone-pelters. A recent report also claims a few men being killed through explosion of their car by protesters. Much of the real news is coming from Kashmiris – Handles like @Ibn_Sena or this tweet that was posted with a video. The tweet on the left confirms that normalcy is returning but some blockades have to remain for quite some time to tame barbarians in the valley. There are many people from Kashmir who are messaging on SM completely refuting the fake stories of the media and NGO Salma-Sabrinas (Video 1 min):
For 30 years none of these Jihadis and Jihadinis in the media and other NGOs ever protested the violence and terrorism. They never wept for victims or our Jawans. On the contrary, many of them claimed India had brought it upon herself as if it was ordained by some Skylight Book. Instead, all of them were chest-beating and weeping like forlorn and forsaken widows of the Wanis and Musas. Unfortunately, 370 wasn’t junked three decades ago. We would have not seen the kind of terrorism and stone-pelting we have witnessed. And not everything is blacked out in Kashmir as these liars claim. Newspapers are being printed, most communication has been restored and violence is far less. Salmas and Sabrinas of Kashmir are being stripped so naked that their “Synchronised Swimming” is not even exciting to watch. Someone called it “Synchronised Stinking”. Their misery delights me no end.

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  1. Hard hitting as usual ! The Salma-Sabrina syndrome is stripped and exposed like never before post August 5th.

  2. Wow brother Ravi!
    Top of the form, as always!
    Jai Hind

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  5. but irony is this suhasini haider is the daughter of Subramanian swamy. Swamy could not instill nationalism in his own family but boasts of PTs on twitter. He has accused on and on both late Vajpayee and Jaitley where as I have not seen a single publicly or among known people the 2 mentioning anything against swamy. I admire swamy's taking the cause of corruption but he is obsessed with himself. Maybe he had a bad equation with Vajpayee and Jaitley. Had Modi not given him a MP seat he would not be in limelight as lone member and president of Janata Party.

  6. जो झूठ ये लोग फैला रहे हैं , उन्हीं को बताना चाहिए कि ५ अगस्त के बाद कितने शव कब्रगाहो में दफनाए गए हैं। मरने वालों को कहीं तो दफनाया होगा। झूठ के पांव नहीं होते।

  7. Best line in article was.
    "Kavita Krishnan often looks like a left-over relic of the Chambal Dacoits."

  8. Blistering and brutally honest on our pretentious presstitutes and their vile tricks. It's serious and funny tone doesn't hide the ugly reality as to why till now India did not abrogate Article 370 and had continued to suffer as a result. A must read column for upcoming youngsters to know and understand the distortions about J&K.

  9. Salma & Sabrina.... what a well researched article... full of acts & exposes the clandestinie anti-India mafia.


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