Tuesday, August 6, 2019

Death Of 370

Freedom in a country also means that one is free to move freely within the country, seek education and gainful employment anywhere in the country and to seek a legal dwelling anywhere without encroaching on public or private property. You cannot have Hawaii acceding to the US as the last state (in 1959) and then bar US citizens from living and working in Hawaii or vice-versa. What vicious brains concocted Article 370 over the accession of Kashmir to India and why, has never been thoroughly investigated. Such a thoughtless and brainless action has led to decades of conflict over the territory, with and by its people, and in recent times the gateway to terrorism in India.

Since the times of Sheikh Abdullah, it’s not as if Kashmiris did not get the govt they wanted. Since inception, every govt there has had a Muslim majority or when it collapsed there was Governor’s rule. Every govt in Kashmir has ABUSED 370 to create a roadmap for secession or as they popularly call it “Azaadi”. Then, it worsened with Pakistan feeding terrorism and the killings of Hindus, raping of Hindu women, forcing their exit from their homes in Kashmir. The early 1990s onward, Kashmir has been a hell-hole that should have been met with the strongest military force. No one has been punished for the hundreds of killings of Hindus or their mass exodus. Nobody cared for justice for them, not even the Supreme Court:
If anything, 370 only helped to consolidate the fiefdom, corruption and misrule of the Abdullahs and Muftis. Under the brazen nonsense of 370 they behaved as if they are unquestionable, supported terrorists, acted as Pak stooges and then played victims. As if all this was not enough, the GOI was spending crores for the Kashmiri people with real results. Not just on the Kashmiri people but the GOI was doling out money to Separatists and anti-India individuals who slept with Pakistan in broad daylight. As the BJP got a clear majority at the Centre, the threats emanating from these anti-nationals, especially Omar Abdullah and Mehbooba Mufti were nothing short of open incitement to violence:
 Won’t let you set foot in Kashmir and the region will break from India if 370 is abolished. Who are these people? And who in hell are they threatening? And under whose backing and money? Obviously, there is covert backing by Pakistan for these individuals and groups and that’s the reason they keep barking like mad dogs on every issue. Mehbooba furthers asks “Would a Muslim majority state want to stay with you (India)”? Not wanting to be left out, the other brainless Kashmiri Pappu says “Terrorists are not such big threats but those wanting to abolish 370 are”. These guys really thought they were running their own private kingdom to be talking such nonsense and issuing such treats:
The removal of 370 is important for multiple reasons. First and foremost, it will end the fiefdoms and blackmail by anti-India forces like the Abdullahs and Muftis. And apart from the other attributes like uniting fully with India and enabling free movement of people and work opportunities, I see the following as key outcomes:

# The maniacal nonsense of “Azaadi” will slowly stop not only in Kashmir but across other places in India. 370 gave them “imaginary power” of thinking they can secede from India with Pakistani help.
# Economic progress in the region will stop the temptation of those wanting to pick up arms.
# Terrorists still floating around have got the clear message that India is neither going to negotiate nor move back. It has made their mission all the more impossible to accomplish.
# Apart from the terrorists, a clear message will go to the “Terror support service” providers in media, NGOs and politics that they can no more profit from their criminal enterprise of stoking Kashmir unrest and supporting terrorists.

There are those who are still trying a last-minute attempt to thwart the abolishment of 370 and rake up legal aspects. Their entire “WhatsApp” organisation has been busy trying to figure out if they can get the judiciary to block the removal of 370. They will get more money in their attempt to do so but if they attempt some “misadventure” it will the be the last Kashmir battle that they will ever fight. One can understand their desperation and their plight. A huge investment in them in the last two decades by anti-India forces is now going to the gutter. Barkha Dutt and Prashant Bhushan are almost in a “Synchronised Swimming” costume on 370:
While the BJP has promised to remove 370 in its manifestos from its Vajpayee days, every credit must go to Narendra Modi and Amit Shah for finally making it happen. In the final count, it did not any magic other than a bit of courage to do it. And this courageous move wouldn’t be a politically unpopular one as most other courageous moves are.

There is also a question of timing it. Maybe there were already planning it but push had come to shove. Since ModiSarkar 2.0 came in, the last two months have not exactly rosy for them. Muslim appeasement had made Hindus angry; the economy is not exactly in flowery health and the Budget too turned out limp and did not make any great waves. In reality, the Budget has invited sharp criticism from every quarter. Elections are looming in some states. Thus, ModiSarkar did need something to boost national sentiments and 370 would do the job for now. Besides, if not for the removal of 370 Modi didn’t have anything really dramatic to brag about in his August 15 speech. It can now go down as an I-Day gift that he can and will claim.

Either way, Kashmir has long been used as a “business” by all the powerful people and entities. From terrorists to the Abdullahs to Muftis to Congress to Sickulars to NGOs to criminal lawyers – everyone had a hand in the Cookie-Jar. Everyone had a cut from the phenomenal investment by anti-India forces in Kashmir. Everyone profited. The removal of 370 makes any more business ventures of anti-India forces in Kashmir all the more difficult:
 There cannot be any more talks. There are other outcomes of this move that are not being discussed in media or elsewhere. The removal of 370 is a clear warning to some other states not to attempt any secessionist moves. There are groups like Khalistanis lurking in the shadows. There are other groups like PFI lurking in Kerala, TN and even in Jharkhand. The Central govt will not get another big majority again as it did this year. The opportunity to finish off all anti-India groups is this term. The pressure, though, on ModiSarkar will return on many other issues promised in the BJP manifesto. For now, the removal of Article 370, the bifurcation of JK into two Union Territories ends the rule of profiteers and anti-nationals.

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  1. An excellent and an insightful commentary on the move by Modi government to abolish Article 370. Not many Indians are aware that "Kashmirification" was in the works across many states in India: as Ravi points out advanced plans were being worked out in TN, KN, KL, UP, PN...
    The sheer misgovernance of Congress over 70 years has emboldened NGOs, chrislamists, ambulance chaser lawyers, corrupt judiciary and presstitutes. Please read and share this column widely.

  2. All these jehadis will now be after Amit Shah. Modi appears to be like saint in front of him. I hope and pray for the life of Amit Shah because he is going to be PM from 2029. Bharat mata ki jai, vande mataram.

  3. One has to congratulate the trio of Modi-Shah-Doval for doing the unexpected. A great deal of planning and logistics seems to have gone into it.

    Thankfully, this wasn't another 1961 style Goa Liberation. Those were Nehru days, the economy going where leftie economics inevitably sends it, the Chinese threats too out in the open to be denied any longer. So Nehru sent in the army to Goa to liberate it from a fourth rate colonial power, Portugal. It was good that he did it but his motives were purely selfish. As it turned out, the feel-good factor evaporated with the onset of the summer of '62.

    The shooting is far from over in Kashmir but at least a start has been made. Now the Paki quislings won't be in power, doing everything possible to make things difficult for the security forces.

    Long term, only a thriving economy can deliver peace. And that will not come through socialism.

  4. Jihadi Azaadi funding tap will now close down.THREE CHEERS for Modi & Shah. A well timed courageous bold step.Next cast based reservation must go.

  5. After reading this their is nothing more to be discussed of.. MEDIACROOKS has extensively has covered every nook and corner.. Thanks sir

  6. Whatever one might say, pappu JLN made enough safeguards in the constitution to protect turka interests.

  7. Read https://www.organiser.org/Encyc/2019/8/6/Excerpts-from-Parampujya-Guruji-s-Interview-to-Organiser.html

  8. Ravinar - In one Tamil movie theres a very funny dialogue (by actor Sarathkumar) - there are some problems that "we can't talk and bring to an end"but "bring to an end and then talk". Modi and Shah have done just that in Kashmir..

    Without saying so in so many words they have just said to all the antinational snakes " We are not asking you but we are telling you "!!!

  9. Right.This was THE moment to push it through.You have not mentioned Trump gatecrashing on mediation table without invite and Trump wanting to get out of Kabul with help from GHQ.If Taliban are installed in Kabul by GHQ then you need different kind of security set up in Kashmir.You are also right about "J & K Industry" going out of business with this.One of them , an advocate has already written a piece in today's TOI, describing legal loopholes in this move.Likes of Prashant Bhushan are bound to approach SC with writs.It will be interesting how SC responds.More interesting is the unexpected support NDA got from non NDA parties for its passage.Also note the support of few Congressmen.These are straws in the wind.Nation is moving towards its goal of becoming a true Hindu nation.

  10. Great piece! The only scene that comes to my mind is the SC rubbing its palms together and waiting to hear the cases from the likes of Slappedbhusan and Raidedjaisingh. Hopefully, once the curfew is gone and lesser army presence, things get back to normal.


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