Thursday, August 29, 2019

Dead Pak Factories

For nearly three decades the treacherous stooges of Pakistan in India made hay in keeping Kashmir on the boil. All of them were funded by Pakistan and ISI through various hawala routes. The most prominent among their funders was Ghulam Nabi Fai. He carried out campaigns for “Azaad Kashmir” across major countries with the active participation of “Useful Idiots” from India. Such idiots from India included the likes of the late Dileep Padgaonkar, Rajinder Sachar, Gautam Navlakha, Arundhati Roy and some more. Fai regularly used to send “Hate-faxes” to Indian Embassies and they had nicknamed it “Fax-terrorism”. At the time Padgaonkar was a “Useful Idiot” for Fai, he was also appointed an “Interlocutor” for Kashmir and had grandly stated “there cannot be a permanent solution to the Kashmir issue without the involvement of Pakistan”. With the junking of 370, the Pakistan involvement in any form has been permanently put to rest too.

The current clampdown on politicians from JK and a general clampdown brought about an orgy of bogus reactions from the Sickulars, particularly Congress, CPM and the Urban Naxals. Many of them wanted to rush to Kashmir as if they have to rush to a hospital treating Bhopal Gas victims. The front-runners among such idiots were Sitaram Yechury, D. Raja, Ghulam Nabi Azad followed by the worthless Rahul Gandhi. The only thing these anti-nationals wanted to go and do there is to instigate trouble and violence. After nearly 3 weeks of clampdown, relaxations started and curfew was lifted in many places. Predictably, this is what happened:
The usual Pak-sponsored stone-pelters rioted and killed Noor Mohammad, a trucker. Elsewhere, terrorists abducted two men and killed one of them (Name reported as Bakarwal). This kind of violence has no cause, no reason and such criminals do not deserve freedom. Fortunately, the threesome of Farooq Abdullah, his idiot son Omar and Mehbooba Mufti are still under house arrest. There is no doubt that when these three are allowed normal freedoms they will inflame more hatred, violence and endless abuse of India. The truth inevitably dawns on even the worst of the India-haters in Kashmir that continuous acts of violence in a region has to be met with an iron-hand and not with more doles and sops. Thus speaks Salman Nizami a Congi who finally acknowledges the truth of what really is the problem in Kashmir:
Article 370 was not created by Pakistan nor is it some kind of treaty or agreement with Pakistan. It was created by a foolish govt in India led by the vision-less Nehru. India, therefore, has all the rights to abrogate without consulting any country on earth. For decades 370 created a factory of India-haters who profited from it. This factory is now facing “sudden death” and closure. Some of the key factory operators of this factory are in the images below:
Manishankar Aiyar, Salman Khurshid, Shekhar Gupta, Barkha Dutt, Suhasini Haidar, Aakar Patel (currently the Paki stooge at Amnesty), Sitaram Yechury, D. Raja and their supportive Rudaalis in the media and the Urban Naxal-Tukde gang. Khurshid, in particular, is such a moron that as former EAM he chose to dabble with the Pak-sponsored filth and their idiotic “Track-2 broker” nonsense. I had predicted their death long back but can now confirm the death of this factory:
Dissent, protest and agitations are part of democracy and almost a natural Right in our system. But when this dissent becomes an orgy of endless violence, terrorism and well-organised plots to overthrow the govt and secede, it is the legal and moral obligation of the GOI to clamp down and that is all that ModiSarkar did. Had this been done 30 years ago, Kashmir wouldn’t have come to see this day. You cannot endlessly plot to overthrow the govt and secede and then demand that your normal freedoms of speech, communication and internet is your natural Right. Anyone claiming so is a moron and all those who were shouting loudly about freedoms being crushed are indeed pathetic morons. It is now up to Kashmiri Muslims to prove whether they deserve to live in India or not. If those constantly acting on behalf of Pakistan still want to continue their factory, they should be stripped of Indian citizenship and all voting rights and other benefits normally available to Indians.

The day Noor Mohammad was killed along with another at the hands of terrorists, this entire factory went quiet. Till then, they were blabbering and whining like idiots like the Pappu from across the border. Imran Khan, for whom many of these Pak factory workers in India demanded a Nobel a few months back, was blabbering every single day like a delusional fool with a psychological problem. There is no cure for this and the reason for existence of Pakistan itself is gone. The goal of Pak existence was not only to chew Kashmir region but to chew up regions of India bit by bit and turn them into Islamic ghettos. That goal has been blunted and defeated by junking 370 without a bullet being fired. Imran has declared himself the “Ambassador” for Kashmir and calls for a half hour “stand-up” comedy every Friday till eternity:
The Friday half hour “stand up” call by Imran is not all that “innocent” as it may appear. This is a call to all Jihadis and stone-pelters to wage war, carry out acts of terrorism, kill Indian Jawans and officials with stones and grenades. This is what the Pak-factory in India too wants. They want violence so that they continue keep Kashmir boiling and keep making their profits. People like Barkha Dutt and Shekhar Gupta are now like fish out of water – jumping, twisting, jiggling and wiggling for sheer life. That life is now dead. It’s over. No more profiteering from Kashmir and no more tolerance of nonsense from the violent and anti-nationals in Kashmir or their factory workers anywhere else in India. We must celebrate the death of this Paki-factory. What about the harem of Hafiz “Saab”? Long ago Kureel had put out this cartoon:
Anti-nationals like Barkha, Sagarika, Ranas and Kaanas, Rajdeeps can make their choices. They can remain in the harem of Hafiz but they will have to so in Pakistan and earn their keep. This harem cannot run in India anymore. Nobody will throw these Sickos anymore crumbs. These gangs and factories form the “Terror Support Services” for the Paki criminals and they all behave like “Terror Wives” of JeM or LeT or ISI. After I wrote the post “Terror support services” it did dawn upon many that terrorists don’t merely want to kill – they want publicity, propaganda and to whip up passion for their illegitimate causes. These are the terrorist-wives that should have been figuratively “killed” first and terrorism would be deprived of much of its oxygen to prosper. PM Modi acknowledged this need to kill the terrorist-eco-system and I am glad a serious blow has been dealt to these criminals with the junking of 370 and the clampdown on Kashmir regardless of their dog-barking:
 Article 370 was a crime that put the JK region in limbo and led the Pakis and their stooges to believe it is an “Instrument of Secession” rather than the instrument of Accession that Raja Hari Singh signed. This foolishness of Nehru cost India a lot in terms of manpower, money and endless drain of resources. These wives of Hafiz “Saab” in media, politics and NGOs who argue India wants only the territory and not its people. Nothing can be more foolish. India has poured more resources into Kashmir and its people than Pakistan has ever poured into POK or any of its own regions. And why is territory not important? Is India supposed to keep conceding territories like Bald Nehru conceded “Bald Aksai Chin”?

Tomorrow, these same idiots will argue the Dravidians of TN also have the right secede and from another “United States of South India” as the brainless MK Stalin once proclaimed. And the defunct factory earlier had one Pappu blabbering, now you have a Pappini joining the chorus. Two useless Break-India gang members produce the nonsense expected of them. And Pakistan gladly quotes these fools in support of their silly claims in the UN. It is time the BJP and the genuine media ignored these fools and went on with the agenda of regaining POK and making Ladakh, Jammu and Kashmir progressive regions in sync with the rest of India:
Pakistan was created merely on the basis of religion. Today, owing to the foolish, vision-less decisions of Gandhi-Nehru, India has more Muslims than Pakistan. By itself, religion cannot hold a country together. Three of five regions of Pakistan (Sindh, Balochistan, NWFP) maybe Muslims but they have no interest in the wretched country and want to break away. The progress and prosperity of these regions have been held up by a beggar-state that spends its resources only terrorism and nothing else. Today, no country stands by Pakistan, no country has anything to gain from it. The only ones in love with this cesspit of the world are some Sickulars in India. Their factory is dead. It is now junk and cannot produce anymore profits. The sooner they realise this the better. If Pakistan doesn’t stop terrorism, India has every right to break it into four parts just like Bangladesh was liberated. The world would be better off if Pakistan is restricted to one small hole.

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  1. Slam dunk, brother Ravi!
    That's called hitting the nail on the head!

  2. Bang on target!Pakis and their cohorts here can only say 'Ouch '!

  3. Very soon India has to play active role in disintegration of Pakistan.Sindh Baluchistan and NWFP(Pakhtoonistan) will be broke away from Punjabi Muslims dominance.

    1. Before that India has to be free from Pakipanjabi IslamoXtians (with fake names) occupiers

  4. 370 Gone means Muslim dominance in J&K is gone for all times Now delimitation will be done and J&K and Jammu region will have more seta than Kashmir where Hindu Majority will elect the state govt and CM

  5. Good expose of sickulars. New suggestion is being circulated - direct talk with Taliban. This can be suicidal for our national interests. Please address this issue as well. Thanks for good work.

  6. Great analysis,Thank you Sir

  7. Jack and Jill went Up the Hill
    If Mota bhai does not destroy you Ravi Sir will

  8. Excellent and forceful article. The whole attention should be to identify and punish the local agents of pak factory's products like fake news, jehad, terror supplies etc.

  9. I would love to know what ordinary Kashmiri Muslims think they were getting from Art. 370 in place? The most corrupt two families of Kashmir has brainwashed Kashmiri Muslims for seventy years.

  10. An explosive truth about Indian politicians & Media, making themselves available as Useful Idiots. Various Pro Paki gangs outrageously defending their wasted interests before their death.

  11. Sanjay Awasthi @sanjayawasthi01 has exposed the Italian Sonia Vatican conspiracy of 2001`2. ALL MEDIA GUTTER PIGS WERE ALREADY READY AND WELL FED..THOSE VIDEOS ARE A EXPOSURE BY PAKISTANI MEDIA OF SONIA-ISI conspiracy. ITALIAN SONIA ordered the burning of Karsewaks. This should be made Viral on SM, please. Twitter White skinned half Italian Half Brit bstd has blocked my almost 27 handles in last 2.5 years

  12. SONIA, AHMED PATEL, VINEET JAIN AND PRONOY JAMES ROY PLANNED THE LIVE BURNING OF KARSEWAKS. A very Xtian thing, Inquisition 9 million were burned in different savage instruments, Iron Bull, hot plates etc. IF THIS ITALIAN SONIA AND FAMILY IS NOT DEALT SAVAGELY BY PEOPLE on streets, she has planted her Vishbel in India and fools may bring them to power again. This family life is a death of all Hindus, the genocide of mammoth proportions being planned. If we do not wipe a few lakh families, 800 million will be wiped off. SONIA LIVES INDIA DIES, choice yours

  13. Indira Gandhi should have done it after 1971 war, while signing Shimla Agreement.We are late by 40 years but better late than never.The gang is now counting on petitions in SC which will come up for hearing in October.All those opposed to abrogation of Article 370 or similar measures must realize that a new India is born while they were providing necessary services to their paymasters.Article 370 will be consigned to dustbin, irrespective of what happens in SC or UN or so called liberal world abroad or in Pakistan.

  14. Nice article. Once again.
    I am. From. Jammu, and trust me we jammuites are loving it 😂😂😂.
    Just for precautionary measures,and to avoid celebrations section 144 was applied in Jammu from 5th to 9th August... Banks and offices were open on 5 th.. Curfew was never imposed.. And after 4 days it was a celebration time.
    Sweets were being net is not working coz romuor mongers are every where. Rest broadband is worokg fine... No restrictions on phone lines..
    And people say jnk is boiling.. BS


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