Thursday, August 29, 2019

Dead Pak Factories

For nearly three decades the treacherous stooges of Pakistan in India made hay in keeping Kashmir on the boil. All of them were funded by Pakistan and ISI through various hawala routes. The most prominent among their funders was Ghulam Nabi Fai. He carried out campaigns for “Azaad Kashmir” across major countries with the active participation of “Useful Idiots” from India. Such idiots from India included the likes of the late Dileep Padgaonkar, Rajinder Sachar, Gautam Navlakha, Arundhati Roy and some more. Fai regularly used to send “Hate-faxes” to Indian Embassies and they had nicknamed it “Fax-terrorism”. At the time Padgaonkar was a “Useful Idiot” for Fai, he was also appointed an “Interlocutor” for Kashmir and had grandly stated “there cannot be a permanent solution to the Kashmir issue without the involvement of Pakistan”. With the junking of 370, the Pakistan involvement in any form has been permanently put to rest too.

The current clampdown on politicians from JK and a general clampdown brought about an orgy of bogus reactions from the Sickulars, particularly Congress, CPM and the Urban Naxals. Many of them wanted to rush to Kashmir as if they have to rush to a hospital treating Bhopal Gas victims. The front-runners among such idiots were Sitaram Yechury, D. Raja, Ghulam Nabi Azad followed by the worthless Rahul Gandhi. The only thing these anti-nationals wanted to go and do there is to instigate trouble and violence. After nearly 3 weeks of clampdown, relaxations started and curfew was lifted in many places. Predictably, this is what happened:
The usual Pak-sponsored stone-pelters rioted and killed Noor Mohammad, a trucker. Elsewhere, terrorists abducted two men and killed one of them (Name reported as Bakarwal). This kind of violence has no cause, no reason and such criminals do not deserve freedom. Fortunately, the threesome of Farooq Abdullah, his idiot son Omar and Mehbooba Mufti are still under house arrest. There is no doubt that when these three are allowed normal freedoms they will inflame more hatred, violence and endless abuse of India. The truth inevitably dawns on even the worst of the India-haters in Kashmir that continuous acts of violence in a region has to be met with an iron-hand and not with more doles and sops. Thus speaks Salman Nizami a Congi who finally acknowledges the truth of what really is the problem in Kashmir:
Article 370 was not created by Pakistan nor is it some kind of treaty or agreement with Pakistan. It was created by a foolish govt in India led by the vision-less Nehru. India, therefore, has all the rights to abrogate without consulting any country on earth. For decades 370 created a factory of India-haters who profited from it. This factory is now facing “sudden death” and closure. Some of the key factory operators of this factory are in the images below:
Manishankar Aiyar, Salman Khurshid, Shekhar Gupta, Barkha Dutt, Suhasini Haidar, Aakar Patel (currently the Paki stooge at Amnesty), Sitaram Yechury, D. Raja and their supportive Rudaalis in the media and the Urban Naxal-Tukde gang. Khurshid, in particular, is such a moron that as former EAM he chose to dabble with the Pak-sponsored filth and their idiotic “Track-2 broker” nonsense. I had predicted their death long back but can now confirm the death of this factory:
Dissent, protest and agitations are part of democracy and almost a natural Right in our system. But when this dissent becomes an orgy of endless violence, terrorism and well-organised plots to overthrow the govt and secede, it is the legal and moral obligation of the GOI to clamp down and that is all that ModiSarkar did. Had this been done 30 years ago, Kashmir wouldn’t have come to see this day. You cannot endlessly plot to overthrow the govt and secede and then demand that your normal freedoms of speech, communication and internet is your natural Right. Anyone claiming so is a moron and all those who were shouting loudly about freedoms being crushed are indeed pathetic morons. It is now up to Kashmiri Muslims to prove whether they deserve to live in India or not. If those constantly acting on behalf of Pakistan still want to continue their factory, they should be stripped of Indian citizenship and all voting rights and other benefits normally available to Indians.

The day Noor Mohammad was killed along with another at the hands of terrorists, this entire factory went quiet. Till then, they were blabbering and whining like idiots like the Pappu from across the border. Imran Khan, for whom many of these Pak factory workers in India demanded a Nobel a few months back, was blabbering every single day like a delusional fool with a psychological problem. There is no cure for this and the reason for existence of Pakistan itself is gone. The goal of Pak existence was not only to chew Kashmir region but to chew up regions of India bit by bit and turn them into Islamic ghettos. That goal has been blunted and defeated by junking 370 without a bullet being fired. Imran has declared himself the “Ambassador” for Kashmir and calls for a half hour “stand-up” comedy every Friday till eternity:
The Friday half hour “stand up” call by Imran is not all that “innocent” as it may appear. This is a call to all Jihadis and stone-pelters to wage war, carry out acts of terrorism, kill Indian Jawans and officials with stones and grenades. This is what the Pak-factory in India too wants. They want violence so that they continue keep Kashmir boiling and keep making their profits. People like Barkha Dutt and Shekhar Gupta are now like fish out of water – jumping, twisting, jiggling and wiggling for sheer life. That life is now dead. It’s over. No more profiteering from Kashmir and no more tolerance of nonsense from the violent and anti-nationals in Kashmir or their factory workers anywhere else in India. We must celebrate the death of this Paki-factory. What about the harem of Hafiz “Saab”? Long ago Kureel had put out this cartoon:
Anti-nationals like Barkha, Sagarika, Ranas and Kaanas, Rajdeeps can make their choices. They can remain in the harem of Hafiz but they will have to so in Pakistan and earn their keep. This harem cannot run in India anymore. Nobody will throw these Sickos anymore crumbs. These gangs and factories form the “Terror Support Services” for the Paki criminals and they all behave like “Terror Wives” of JeM or LeT or ISI. After I wrote the post “Terror support services” it did dawn upon many that terrorists don’t merely want to kill – they want publicity, propaganda and to whip up passion for their illegitimate causes. These are the terrorist-wives that should have been figuratively “killed” first and terrorism would be deprived of much of its oxygen to prosper. PM Modi acknowledged this need to kill the terrorist-eco-system and I am glad a serious blow has been dealt to these criminals with the junking of 370 and the clampdown on Kashmir regardless of their dog-barking:
 Article 370 was a crime that put the JK region in limbo and led the Pakis and their stooges to believe it is an “Instrument of Secession” rather than the instrument of Accession that Raja Hari Singh signed. This foolishness of Nehru cost India a lot in terms of manpower, money and endless drain of resources. These wives of Hafiz “Saab” in media, politics and NGOs who argue India wants only the territory and not its people. Nothing can be more foolish. India has poured more resources into Kashmir and its people than Pakistan has ever poured into POK or any of its own regions. And why is territory not important? Is India supposed to keep conceding territories like Bald Nehru conceded “Bald Aksai Chin”?

Tomorrow, these same idiots will argue the Dravidians of TN also have the right secede and from another “United States of South India” as the brainless MK Stalin once proclaimed. And the defunct factory earlier had one Pappu blabbering, now you have a Pappini joining the chorus. Two useless Break-India gang members produce the nonsense expected of them. And Pakistan gladly quotes these fools in support of their silly claims in the UN. It is time the BJP and the genuine media ignored these fools and went on with the agenda of regaining POK and making Ladakh, Jammu and Kashmir progressive regions in sync with the rest of India:
Pakistan was created merely on the basis of religion. Today, owing to the foolish, vision-less decisions of Gandhi-Nehru, India has more Muslims than Pakistan. By itself, religion cannot hold a country together. Three of five regions of Pakistan (Sindh, Balochistan, NWFP) maybe Muslims but they have no interest in the wretched country and want to break away. The progress and prosperity of these regions have been held up by a beggar-state that spends its resources only terrorism and nothing else. Today, no country stands by Pakistan, no country has anything to gain from it. The only ones in love with this cesspit of the world are some Sickulars in India. Their factory is dead. It is now junk and cannot produce anymore profits. The sooner they realise this the better. If Pakistan doesn’t stop terrorism, India has every right to break it into four parts just like Bangladesh was liberated. The world would be better off if Pakistan is restricted to one small hole.

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Wednesday, August 14, 2019

A Different Independence Day

Some political or spiritual leaders often leave us with lines that become a lifetime guiding light. In a few words they become a principle, a philosophy and a pointer to the direction we can take. Lokmanya Tilak charged up people with “Swarajya is my birthright and I shall take it”. Swami Vivekananda still reverberates in our lives with “Arise, awake and stop not till the goal is reached”. JF Kennedy redefined the roles people play in a democracy with “Ask not what your country can do for you, ask what you can do for your country”. And after recent events, Shyamaprasad Mukherjee lines have finally found fruition “There cannot be two Constitutions, two Prime Ministers and two flags in one nation”. For a start, let’s read the excerpts and lines from speeches of a famous politician who is as revered as he is reviled:
That was none other than Mustafa Kemal Ataturk. There is a road named after him in Delhi. “Ata” in Turkish means Father – so that title literally means “Father of the Turks”. As the Ottoman empire fell in 1923, Ataturk successfully defended Turkey and led it to independence, there were rebels who wanted Islamic rule and the Caliphate and not democracy. In India, it was called the “Khilafat” movement. Muslims in India, with no connection to Ottoman or Turkey, agitated for that Khilafat. And who supported it? None other than MK Gandhi. This is where MKG’s politics and vision failed. There are many enemies who still want Islamic rule to return to India and they have been making sincere efforts from across our borders and through their pimps and stooges in India. Ataturk is now called an “Enemy of Islam” by some and the current President of Turkey, Recep Tayyip Erdogan, is making all efforts to impose Islamic rule and Sharia back in Turkey. The junking of Article 370 deals the greatest blow to the designs of Chrislamists and that is why they are shouting their lungs hoarse.

PM Narendra Modi will be addressing the nation in yet another Independence Day speech. After dabbling with some Muslim appeasement and wrong directions in the first two months of this term, ModiSarkar has finally come to show the much-required “assertiveness” in its rule. As Gujarat CM, Modi had some memorable lines that I remember. To a question by Rajdeep Sardesai on whether he nurtures ambitions of becoming PM many years ago, Modi replied “I am attached to a Mission, not Ambition”. In another line that defined his governance in Gujarat, Modi repeatedly stated the much-liked line “Justice for all, appeasement of none”. Uncharacteristically, the most remembered line from Modi’s first term is “Ek haath Quran…”. I hope that changes this year.

This country has quite a few external enemies. Our courageous Army men and women with their arsenal are quite capable of dealing with them. It is our internal enemies that have long been gnawing at this country’s foundations like rats. And there are media and lobbies from abroad who would like Hinduism and Hindus to sink and see the establishment of a Chrislamic rule – Half the country Islamic and half Christian, just like Sudan was broken in two. But we are not Sudan and these enemies are now facing imminent death and the assault on their designs must be sustained and relentless. Let’s take just one sample of the campaign to incite violence with fake news by channels like BBC and Al Jazeera over the clampdown in Kashmir:
These channels used fake videos or videos from Pakistan or POK and claimed them to be agitations in Srinagar. They are now not able to back up their claims which were also circulated by many idiotic Indians who bat for Pakistan. The GOI is right in clamping down in Kashmir. We have tolerated the nonsense emanating from Kashmir long enough. Incrementalism never pays when you face tough conditions on a continuous basis – only a drastic measure forces change. Kashmir warranted it.

The bottleneck is always at the top. The “Top” is usually reluctant to learn or change. Take Congress, their bottlenecks are the Gandhis. But they are still trying to heal a fracture with a Bandaid. At the top of India’s map, the JK territory was figuratively a bottleneck to the integration and uninterrupted progress of India. Successive govts were trying to heal the fracture with Bandaid. ModiSarkar has finally and bravely put an end to it by repealing 370. There should be no looking back and no mercy for anti-nationals and enemies. For the ones who want peace and integration we should take two steps more than we did before to enrich their lives and give them the chance for the best life and opportunities in India. In the past, we were rewarding Separatists, Muftullahs and rioters with lollypops. That should end, the good deserve a better deal not the enemies. Anything and everything in politics can be “negotiated”. But threatening to break India is non-negotiable and that message should be again given clearly by PM Modi in his I-Day speech.

Then there are Paki comedians like Tariq Pirzada who frequently appears as a panelist on Indian TV channels too. This Pirzada grandly claimed on Pak TV that “If Hindus return to Kashmir, they have no right to live even for one second” and Muslims would be justified in killing them. This is after lakhs of KP Hindus were driven out of Kashmir and now they want an Islamic State in the region. This is the real motivation for their rants – they want an Islamic State not only in Kashmir but the whole of India. In yet another TV show, another Paki Mushahid Hussain claims Congress, Mamata Banerjee, Arundhati Roy, Commies are with Pakistan for Kashmir Azaadi. It is not merely terrorism; we now know who our real enemies are. Their preliminary “work in progress” has been killed with one stroke of junking 370 and creation of two UTs. It is in this context that separating Ladakh as a UT is one of the most historic decisions. The new map of the region is welcome and while there is no hurry in recovering POK, we must hold out that aspiration publicly in all the contextual speeches of PM Modi and HM Amit Shah:
We are now very familiar with the language of the enemy. They will always talk as if Muslims in India are victims of this or that. Yet, not ONE MUSLIM wants to quit India and settle in their paradise called Pakistan. Not one wants to go and settle forever in Bangladesh, China or any neighbouring country. Ineluctable TRUTH is, Muslims enjoy more freedoms and choices in India than in any other country on earth. Anyone denying this is the biggest hypocrite floating around. And we should be proud of the fact that not just Muslims, every Indian enjoys a remarkable freedom and the power of choice not available in a vast majority of countries in the world.  The language of all enemies is inadvertently demonstrated in this foolish tweet by Barkha Dutt:
What kind of moronic thinking would compel anyone to believe that we must make policies and take decisions that the Separatists and Militants should support? This Pak-paid agenda is what the Sickular cabal of the Barkhas, Shekhar Guptas and their gangs have been driving all along. That we should please the separatists and militants in our policies. If the militants and terrorists still want to fight, let it come. We should fight them till the last of them is dead.

Pak PM Imran Khan threatens violence and suicide bombings against India. And if he foolishly wants that war, then let that come too. Indian freedom and progress cannot be held to ransom by blackmailers anymore. And along with external enemies, Amit Shah must start dismantling the dens of anti-nationals within India and those media channels spewing hatred and break-India agenda continuously through their foot-soldiers. This includes Congress and other Sickular parties in India. As long as they bat for Pakistan and breaking India, every effort must be made to make them irrelevant and face eventual death. Ironically, the truth about Kashmir and India comes from none other than a maverick Imam Tawhidi:

There is another thing that PM Modi must clearly assert in his I-Day speech or any other forum. There are anti-India MPs in Britain and some more countries which constantly rant against India or lecture India on Kashmir. He must make it clear to the govts of such countries that this will be seen as interference in India’s internal matters even if that is not the official position of their govt of the day.

The exorcism of the demons in Kashmir that have waged war against India for so long makes this Independence Day special and different from many that we celebrated in the last two or three decades. Light up the Parliament and many important monuments in Delhi and in JK and Ladakh. And in his I-Day speech, PM Modi should find the lines that integrates this new India in spirit as it does physically. Last but not least, send out the harshest warning to traitors within and those who toe the Pakistani line to sabotage everything good that happens for and in India. The economy may be a bit down at the moment but economy, jobs and such things have “swings”. What cannot be ever swung again is the uncompromising equality among all States and all UTs from Ladakh and JK to the tip of Kanyakumari.

Happy Independence Day & Happy Raksha Bandhan!

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Sunday, August 11, 2019

The Criminal Abuse Of 370

The Native Indians (Red Indians in folklore) of the US reached that land thousands of years ago from Asia. They were there long before the Vikings, Columbus or Amerigo Vespucci (after whom America is named). The British colonisers killed many of the Natives, grabbed their lands and nearly annihilated them. Centuries later, the US govt created Indian Reservations for the Natives which are like “Independent countries” within the US. There are over 300 such Reservations in the US. They are technically called “Domestic Dependent Nations”. Within the Reservations, the State Govts have very limited or no authority. The Natives can make their own laws, have their own police and judiciary. They are only subject to US Federal laws. If the US govt has to negotiate any treaty with the Natives, it is practically as good as they negotiating with India or France. That’s how Natives practically continue to be an “Independent” nation within the US.
Much like the US Natives, J&K was like a “Domestic Dependent Nation” within India, except that we have a bickering neighbour who wants that real estate. They had their own Constitution, own laws except for Defence, Finance and Communications. This “autonomy”, was bestowed upon them through the now defunct Article 370. The Natives of the US have made peace with the US and apart from the usual legal and political issues, do not have any violent conflicts with US govt. In contrast, Kashmiri govts from Sheikh Abdullah right down to the last Mufti govt have constantly been in conflict with the Union of India and often violently so. Far from being run as a peaceful, autonomous state, the Abdullahs and Muftis turned Kashmir into a “Private Kingdom”. The situation got worse after Pakistan suffered a humiliating defeat in the 1971 war. They turned Kashmir into a battleground and plotted war against India through their Kashmir sympathisers and stooges.

The first step in this clandestine war was to cleanse the Kashmir region of Hindus. Kill them, rape their women and drive them out of Kashmir. Brazen murders of Hindus were committed on the streets. That started in 1989 and by mid-1990 much of the KPs had fled the region. Their properties looted, taken over, their lands gone. And Kargil “War Criminal” Musharraf’s tweet explains why they want to keep out Hindus at all costs. The Pakis and their Kashmiri murderers had practically turned Kashmir into an Islamic State. Now, that would make the takeover of the region politically and militarily a lot easier. They tried the military adventure with Kargil in 1999. Having failed, they operated through their proxies in Kashmir, in media, in NGOs and politicians. Week after week saw Palestine-style “Intifada”, stone-pelting, grenade-pelting, suicide-bombings and not to mention, unending terrorism.

In return, the pussyfooters of Congress and other Sickulars fed the anti-nationals and Separatists with tons of money and sympathy. Paki stooges in media, NGOs, Legal fraternity and politics fought the Kashmir-Azaadi battle outside Kashmir. Article 370 had become the grand “Iron Dome” under which a fierce battle was being fought against India. Corruption, loot of Central funds, uncontrolled Babu-loot, all were hallmarks of the Abdullah-Mufti govts that ruled in succession. Former CM Ghulam Nabi Azad even made a bizarre claim that only corrupt officers are efficient. Just take one instance of the loot. The CMs of JK had lavishly spent on their official residences (50 crores) which became lifetime homes because SC rulings don’t apply to Kashmir. 370 was a license to loot.

Our Jawans were targets of daily violence – from stone-pelting to terrorism. From Uri to Pulwama every score was a victory for the corrupt Kashmiri govts and the Pakis. And now that 370 is gone, Kashmiri Muslims are being portrayed as victims. They are not victims of anything but their own device. The entire Sickular media feeds them, Pakistan and the world that they are victims. But who asked them to dance for Pakistan? Who asked them to dance for Separatists? Who asked them to constantly riot, throw stones and grenades at Jawans and kill some of them? Nobody! They are painting GOI as the villain when the Indian govts have consistently doled them limitlessly. If anything, the Kashmiri Muslims have brought this situation on themselves and I refuse to pity them. If not all of last 70 years, at least in the last 30 years Kashmiri Muslims have been lawless:
Even in Cricket matches, Mufti danced for Pakistan. Most Kashmiris and many Muslims across India dance for Pakistan in cricket. These were the rulers of Kashmir. When it came to natural calamities – India poured her heart out regardless of anything and her money and resources, whether it was Kashmir or POK:
In their hatred for India, the Separatists and anti-nationals did not even hesitate to thwart the operations by the rescue teams of our armed forces. What do you call such barbarians? Pakistan couldn’t help its own and has no resources but wants to go all the way to help Kerala. Why? Because Kerala is WIP in Islamisation. And not once, but around 15 times in two years, traitors fueled contempt and hatred for the forces that save them:
Some people are not meant to be saved. Many of us would rather see such scoundrels die a miserable death under nature’s fury. But our armed forces don’t think like us in rage, fortunately. They are primarily a “defence” force and not an “offence” force and they save lives. Even if it is the life of a barbaric scumbag like Syed Geelani:
But that is the nature of barbaric Separatists of Kashmir. Syed Geelani continued to wage war against our AFs and against India. Under the cloak of Article 370, banking systems, funding from various sources and scrutiny by Central authorities was never undertaken for the entire decade of Congress rule of Sonia. It is only after ModiSarkar came to power in 2014 that the entire funding of the war against India came to light in bits and pieces. And the final count is still not done. A former vicious anti-India MLA called Rashid Engineer was recently arrested for terror-funding. The funds were flowing from Pakistan through multiple routes of Hawala without any control and the Abdullahs and Muftis were well aware of it. There have been reports of funds being laundered through Italy. One has to wonder with whose support. This money went to fund terrorism, stone-pelters and procuring weapons:
If this level of funding went on for years for the Separatists. You can rest assured – the Kashmiri Separatists and Terror-sympathisers in media, NGOs, Legal fraternity would have also been funded through various sources and routes. Maybe it cannot be proved legally but WaPo paying some Crappo 500 dollars an article when their normal rate is 300 means the 200 extra comes from some extraneous source. Or IndiaToday billing some party in Netherlands for consultancy and getting paid. Or some money “Funneling” group parading as “Media freedom champions” funding The Print, The Wire, The Liar, The Quint, The Squint, The Pint…. The whole rotten lot.

Is it any surprise that Shekhar Gupta, Varadabhai, Barkha Dutt and the usual suspects of Sickular media are so inflamed about 370 being revoked and wanting curfew and other security measures to taken off in Kashmir? They want violence, they want bloodshed, they want absolute mayhem. That is what drives their income and survival. Peace is not what these media criminals want. Seriously, knowing the Kashmir tinder-box, 370 being revoked, are these morons expecting things will be normal in Kashmir, that curfew should be withdrawn, mobile communication and internet be restored? These are the men and women who profit from the Kashmir conflict and bloodshed lingering forever. The dynasties in Kashmir and the media-NGO goons were the biggest profiteers of the abuse of Article 370. And it is not new. Long back, Ghulam Nabi Fai was arrested by the US for undeclared funding (used for anti-India activities) and his foot-soldiers included many similar suspects in India.

The criminals in Kashmir, including those in the govt, and much of Indian MSM elsewhere celebrated terrorists like Burhan Wani and his gang. They wrote sentimental stories about him and others glorifying them. And whenever you heard the moron Omar or Mehbooba it was always “Pakistan this, Pakistan that, we should talk to Pakistan” blah blah. These anti-nationals didn’t work for Jammu, Kashmir or Ladakh. They worked for Pakistan. Fridays were dedicated for abusive anti-India speeches from mosques. Mosques were the centres of war-calls and Jawan-killing appeals. A recent Home Ministry order has asked all mosques in Kashmir to register full details of the Mullah who runs it and its owners. This cache of arms recovered from some mosques in Kashmir doesn’t surprise anyone at all:
I cannot vouch for the pics on the right column of being from Kashmir but they too are from mosques. There are many Madrassas and mosques across states like UP where arms are being routinely recovered. In Kashmir, all this weaponization for terrorism happened with the knowledge of the “Muftullahs” (a name coined for the freeloading Muftis and Abdullahs by a Twitter user).  And each time some change was proposed for JK, these Muftullahs reacted with threats of violence, burning Kashmir and so on. All this under the cloak of Article 370. Their abuse of power and public funds and support to terrorists and Pakistan was not to be questioned at all.

Refugees and partition-migrants from Pak were denied voting rights in State and local elections even after decades. Workers in many domains were denied proper wages and the usual work benefits and financial benefits like in other states. They did not even have the status of citizens in the state.  All of this under the nonsense of Article 370. As for Ladakh, that region did not even figure anywhere in their rule. Now that Ladakh is a separate UT, one can understand the spontaneous celebrations breaking out in the territory.

In a well-argued article with facts, MJ Akbar shows how Nehru was the sole blunderer in creation of this Article 370, the UN reference and the plebiscite nonsense about Kashmir. 370 was meant to be TEMPORARY but it became the biggest weapon and shield for Islamists to wreak havoc on India and hold the country to ransom. Separatists, Sickular politicians, terrorists, thousands among ordinary Kashmiris, all of them are guilty of this. The manner in which the Hindus (including Sikhs, Buddhists) were treated in JK shows up these scumbags for what they are – Islamic goons parading as secular charlatans.

Successive US govts have tried rendering a proper, formal apology to the Natives for historic crimes against them. The last attempt was made by Barack Obama who signed an “apology resolution” but that too didn’t render a proper one. It is not just territory that is at stake in Kashmir, it is eons of evolution of Hinduism and its history that breathes in that region. Hindus have been slaughtered for centuries in Kashmir and this continued even after Independence. It is the criminal abuse of Article 370 that enabled the perpetrators to get away. Those defending such crimes are the ones also defending 370. If not the JK govt, the Union govt must now make efforts to render a properly apology for the crimes against Hindus in Kashmir. With what moral standard do we demand an apology from Britain for Jallianwala, when crimes against Hindus under the cloak of Article 370 go unpunished with no apology? The criminal abuse of Article 370 is nothing short of crimes against humanity. We should celebrate its death.

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