Sunday, July 28, 2019

Profiling Intolerance Gang

Many on SM, leaders in different domains of business and politicians often talk about future careers. Some suggest digital world, some say space technology, some say electric vehicles, robotics, AI and so on. It’s a fairly long list. The one thing that is getting emphatic is that human intelligence will be far more relevant and impactful in future careers than ever before. On my educational site, I frequently write on future careers. Behavioural Analysis and Profiling is one such important career-job that will be much in demand. PM Narendra Modi often keeps chanting this mantra of “Demographic Dividend”:
There is no demographic dividend in India. Modi is deluding himself and everyone. The useless, galloping population growth has ZERO benefits. A company starts with a small pool of talent. It brings out new innovative products. They acquire more employees and become giant-sized. In this process of acquiring more people, one not only acquires more talent but a higher chunk of low-productive passengers. Consequently, the company suffers losses, comes out with bad products or gets left behind in new developments. Top companies like Apple, Microsoft have all gone through this experience.

Translate this to a whole country. When more useless passengers start multiplying it is the worst addition to the population. Unemployment, crimes, unrest, violent agitations – everything goes up. Productivity and growth go down. Potty-mouth Azam Khan states Muslims produce more children because they are unemployed. That’s a problem-multiplier. An unemployed couple, 3-4 kids to feed, inability to pay bills. This is what uncontrolled population growth does and there is no demographic dividend in it. Jobs don’t increase as quickly as population. There are 1 million net births per month in India. This July, auto-makers have warned of 1 million job cuts. Vehicle sales fell 18.4% in the first of quarter of this FY, the biggest fall in 18 years. A vast population can only be employed if manufacturing is the biggest undertaking. China is a manufacturing unit for the world. India has been struggling. The vehicle sales, industrial production figures etc. will keep going up and down but wanton population growth ONLY promotes ghettos and crimes.

Crimes will increase. Terrorism is not going to stop any time soon. Terrorism, in particular, places an enormous cost on the country in terms of security. There is hardly a place that is not demanding a CCTV, even in school toilets. To combat crimes, human intelligence is the biggest key along with technological tools. Robert Ressler of the FBI was the one who coined the term “Serial Killer” when it dawned upon him that some crimes had a pattern and modus operandi that remained similar. Some other agents started profiling criminals by talking to convicted murderers. They faced a lot of ridicule from the FBI itself initially. But they realised profiling helped in countering and catching criminals. This was how the Behavioural Analysis unit at the FBI was born. Its pioneer is John Douglas and I had featured the process in an earlier post with a video of him accurately profiling a criminal.

As crimes and terrorism grow – behaviour profiling will become a major endeavor and a career. India is currently not very great on this or in forensic science. The mob violence that has come to be termed as “lynching” is mostly a spontaneous reaction to criminals in action. Lynching is nothing but murder by a group of people. But even the SC is foolishly caught up in this nonsense and asks Parliament to pass anti-lynching laws. There is no authorized or legal lynching in India as used to be practiced in the West. I have explained this in “The Lynch Fraud”. Mob violence and resultant deaths have been around in India for quite a long time and it’s not something that started under ModiSarkar. But it has become more prominent due to the shrill noises being made by the “Intolerance Gang” that seeks many cities, states and the whole country as “Lynchistan”.

This gang selectively bats for one set of victims. And the criminals on the other side, who commit far more crimes on any given day, get bolder – they rape kids, break temples, damage public property, issue mass-murder threats to Hindus, they threaten blowing up Bareilly station if Kawariyas pass through Muslim areas. It all happens because ModiSarkar is a Limp Bizkit when it comes to confronting these criminals:

In line with the script, another bunch of 49 Commies wrote a letter to the PM on the “Lynchistan” affair. They screamed their freedoms were under threat, minorities were under threat, “Jai ShriRam” is becoming a war slogan. Everyone was under threat. In short, India is a dangerous place to live in as they often claim. With all the noise, India still is a place with a very low crime rate. First take a look at these worn out faces hung on a wall:
Each one is a licensed criminal liar, whiner and is either involved in some scam, has pilfered funds or is in the practice of constantly offending some community. Take the moron Ram Guha. He goes to Goa and tweets a pic of him eating beef. This is to simply offend Hindus and nothing more. Guha claims to be a vegetarian so what would he do with beef? Aparna Sen, the most vociferous of the Johny-come-lately 49-ers, is embroiled in the Sarada Chit Fund scam. There are many who aren’t there in this latest edition of “Intolerance Gang”. Aamir Khan, Yogendra Yadav and many others are missing. When I heard of this, I let out a tweet that loosely profiles these criminal jokers:
That was an off the cuff tweet in response the Intolerance-Gang letter. But maybe it is time that we profiled this gang in detail and understood their traits and attributes. It is in understanding their profile that will help us predict their future behaviour or any new entrant to the field of such fake agitations. Let’s start with a profile of the Male Commie Intolerant Gangster:

As a synchronized song to this “selective” whining by the Intolerance Gang, Mullah Kalbe Jawad came up with a plan to arm the Muslims with guns. This is in addition to swords and butcher-knives they already possess. And he has a perfumed-lawyer called Mahmood Pasricha who will execute this plan:
They will train Muslims to fill up forms, complete procedures, procure guns and provide training on using guns “productively”. Very Nice! Most of the lynching is a response to a “Mohalla thief” or a “Cattle thief”. Therefore, the criminal has to arm himself against his victims who, in their collective rage, seek to punish him as a group. Of course, these idiots assume that the other side will sit back, watch and applaud. When the population explodes, the ratio of threats and of fools explodes disproportionately higher to that explosion. There is no demographic dividend. Let’s look at the female profile of this Intolerance Gang:
They are “hip”. They are the “In crowd” and they are all over the place. One has to tread carefully in addressing these morons as they will jump instantly to “Womanly victimhood” and some may even file cases. The female version is more vicious and more anti-Hindu than the male version. They will ridicule every tradition, custom and social values that Hindus have cherished for ages. My earliest profiling of this gang was their “Big Bindi”. Invariably, the female Commie either wears no Bindi or a Big Bindi. And they have this obsession with “free sex” with many partners as the greatest liberating symbol of their womanhood:
Sagarika Ghose once wrote an article on why it should be Constitutionally mandated for men to compulsorily give orgasms to their wives or partners. It struck me then, that it’s possible many of these women don’t have great sex lives and suffer from lack of orgasms. Maybe that’s one reason they agitate so much more in public. One cannot be sure but it’s a possibility. And then there are common attributes and traits of both males and females in this Intolerant Gang:
A word of caution – while the profiles list 20 traits and attributes, it is not necessary that every gang member will possess all of them. It is also possible that there maybe some exceptions to these profiles itself. Profiling is not laboratory science. It is Behavioural Analysis. Therefore, it cannot be 100% accurate but serves the same purpose as a Polygraph test (Commonly known as a lie-detector test). The Polygraph test cannot be 100% accurate but provides a good decision-making tool on whether someone should be probed further as a suspect. It is not admissible as evidence in courts. Similarly, the “Intolerance gang” profile is also a good indicator and direction-pointer rather than a final judgement.

Psychologists have managed to understand and decode much of human behaviour or mental ailments. But they have not completely managed to understand “hate” as yet. They are still researching on the causes of hate. But the fact that Commies lie excessively and cover up their own crimes, cover up crimes of their own community or associations or their favourite political parties is quite well-known and proven. For instance, Walter Duranty of NYT won the Pulitzer prize in 1932 for his reporting from Russia. In a series of reports, he strongly asserted that there was no mass-murder in Russia, no crimes by Stalin and no famine-related deaths. All of it turned out to be utter garbage and a hoax. There were indeed millions of deaths. Duranty was so obsessed with Stalin that he probably fell in love with the regime. Thus, his clouded view deliberately suppressed the truth. That’s the Commie-specialty – suppression of TRUTH.

The same goes with the Intolerance Gangs and other Commie agitators in India. They are champions in clouding the truth and making criminals appear to be victims. Just hear Aparna Sen, Shabana Azmi or Brinda Karatin fluent English, they will so smoothly weave out their victimhood story that you will almost break out in tears. That’s the reason for profiling them so that these fake warriors are always on our radar of fake whiners, fake agitators and anti-India campaigners. Profiling is now used widely at all major airports, borders, crowded places to identify potential terrorists or criminals. India will need experts on this to identify anti-nationals and those with an anti-India agenda at an early stage. 

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Wednesday, July 24, 2019

Closet AntiHindu Goyal

Hindus have been struggling for decades to get out of the clutches of fake secularism of Indian politics. The Communist Nehru was so anti-Hindu that he never trusted them. He didn’t think Hindus were capable of great innovation or entrepreneurship. He, therefore, decided that the govt would build everything from chips to ships and even produce bread and run hotels. Because his economic policies failed and growth was sluggish, his sidekicks called it “Hindu rate of growth”. With each successive govt, the legal and Constitutional discrimination against Hindus has only worsened. And since the time of IndiraG, as Muslim population grew dramatically, Muslim appeasement became the cornerstone of every govt since then. Each time Hindus invested in the BJP, earlier with AB Vajpayee, and now with Narendra Modi, they haven’t found anything different in the govt approach.

Firstly, let’s get this clear – No Hindu is asking Modi or BJP to be “Pro Hindu”. All they are seeking is a fair and just govt that is equal and fair to all communities. So far, ModiSarkar has miserably failed in that. Those who think this is a sudden discovery, you are wrong. I had warned about Modi turning into Chacha much before in the posts “Chacha Returns – 1” and “Chacha Returns – 2”. All that I have seen Modi do is wear Saffron clothes during election campaigns, do his nautanki at temples (as RaGa does) and then post elections chant “Muslim, Quran, Islam Peaceful, Madrassa” or his ministers take over these chants.
For instance, the number of times Modi mentioned Hindu terror as insult to Hindus, number of times he mentioned JaiShriRam during the campaign is open to a count and everyone has heard it. How many times has he mentioned the words “Hindu” and “Ram” after May 30 since he took office again? You will have to hunt with a flashlight to find it. And new leakages on SM now make it appear that this is not a treachery by an individual but this is now a BJP approach to every aspect of governance. The latest anti-Hindu to be discovered accidently on Twitter is the Railway Minister Piyush Goyal (PG). Now, PG is an otherwise an affable, well-performing minister but what he said at a Muslim program on “Taalim” was quite a shock to everyone (even the BJP #BhajanMandli):
Although, for a pathetic hypocrite to subscribe to the view that there is no God but Allah is something I deeply find offensive against other religions, I would have still overlooked it as a stray blabber by a politician. But it wasn’t stray blabber. If you want to hear PG, you can watch the video. In contrast, you can see the former Congress Muslim minister refusing to light a lamp because it’s Un-Islamic. The program was organised by a guy called Zafar Sareshwala, a lapdog of Modi. This Zafar was a car-dealer when 2002 happened in Gujarat and suffered a lot of losses. He threatened to go to the International court against Modi. But Modi met him in London and fully rehabilitated him so that’s a side-story. PG tells the audience that this “Muslim Mantra” that he chanted is something he does everyday before Puja. REALLY?

If that is so, PG must at least keep half a beard considering his Puja starts with a “Kalma” (As that Muslim mantra is called) and ends with Aarti, and wear half a Tilak and half a skull-cap. Where do such hypocrites come from? And then the Sickular world and media accuses BJP of being a Hindutva party? They seem more like a “Mixed-Grill-Parent-Unknown” party of meandering confusion. This is what prominent Muslim journo Tavleen Singh says:

So, if PG is reciting this Kalma every day before his Puja and even doing so publicly then he is indeed a Muslim. Why then pretend to be a Hindu, fool the public, just like the whole BJP does, and do the “saffron nautanki”? According to what Tavleen Singh says, that reciting that “Kalma” is conversion to Muslim. Who is PG trying to cheat – the Hindus or the Muslims? After the LS2019 elections, PG went to Tirupati along with a few more ministers in June decked up in saffron. It seems he prayed there under the “VIP” quota (I thought Modi had abolished VIP quotas). So now, I have to wonder how PG started his Puja at Tirupati? Did he start it with the same Kalma? If so, he has desecrated the holy shrine of Tirupati where non-Hindus are not allowed.

But all said and done, what if PG is a practicing Muslim? There is absolutely nothing wrong in his being a full-fledged, devout Muslim and there cannot be any objection to that. And his being a Muslim doesn’t implicitly make him “Anti-Hindu”. He can also practice both religions simultaneously like MK Gandhi and that’s his absolute freedom. The only thing is PG should have declared publicly that he is “50-50” and there would have been no shock-surprise at all. He could be from the Pranami sect of MKG which followed both the Quran and The Gita. Even if PG followed all the 4200 known religions uniformly, that is not a problem. So, what makes PG an Anti-Hindu goon? Here is why:
In November 2018, PG in an interview to Rajiv Malhotra, a writer and a part-activist on Hinduism, says “Hindus mismanaged temples” and, therefore, by implication the govt control of Hindu temples is justified. Now, that’s where the rub is and that’s where the problem is. That’s what makes Piyush Goyal an anti-Hindu Sickular. What about RM? Since the anti-Hindu comment of PG broke, RM quietly deleted that portion of the interview where PG made the statement. Some newspapers that carried the article about this statement also deleted their article. Read this post on the image I quoted above.

Most people on SM are aware of RM but for those who aren’t, he came to prominence with his book “Breaking India” in 2012-13. I had promoted the book on this site too. RM too has some skeletons with which he rose to prominence but that story is for another day. There was a time when he released his book and he had no sponsors for his shows or travels. Now RM has reached a stage where he has access to top powers, ministers and so on.

In his nonsensical defence for censoring the comment by PG that “Hindus mismanaged temples” – RM says he asked the question to the wrong person and that the question should have been asked to the Culture Minister. I have never heard a sillier excuse. As if all ministers in a govt are “specialized” in the work of their ministry. In which case, RM should be asked the question – why in hell were you interviewing the Railway Minister? Certainly, RM’s specialization and writings are not about railways or why parallel lines never meet. Is that his specialization? What exactly did RM want to interview PG for? How ancient Hindus created railways through Vedas or something? If he wanted to only discuss culture and stuff, he should have interviewed the minister he wanted or someone else specialized in it. And if the question to PG was out of context, PG could have well said “out of syllabus” instead of an anti-Hindu comment.

But let’s get back to PG and his moronic comment about Hindus not being able to manage temples. This anti-Hindu Sicko should be reminded that some of the world’s most intricately carved and designed temples from India to Cambodia were built by Hindus. Their beauty, architecture and designs still remain unmatched. And Hindu Kings left enough Gold at temples like Padmanabhaswamy temple to revive some sick economies. And Hindus were mismanaging such temples from all those ancient times? Someone should tell this anti-Hindu lout that the sacking, loot and destruction of temples started with Mughals, then British, then Islamic mobs and now right under the nose of Piyush Goyal’s Sickular ModiSarkar. BJP and other State govts are the new Mughals, Britishers and Islamists that mismanage and loot Hindu temples.  

Hindus mismanaged temples? No, it’s the “new Sickular looters” who are destroying Hindu temples. This is the same stupid thing that Nehru thought – that Hindus cannot do anything so he started bread factories. BJP ministers and the new Chacha are still living in the same legacy? ModiSarkar built a National War memorial. Here’s a comment that should wake up BJP dodos from their slumber:

The comparison of the Chittorgarh Vijay Stambh with the Tower at the new National War Memorial should teach anti-Hindu hypocrites like PG what talent, skills and dedication Hindus possessed towards their Dharma, their warriors and the management of their shrines. And Sickular BJP govt is busy decorating and illuminating Safdarjung tomb and stuff – the destroyers of India. We should not demean the tower at the War memorial simply because it doesn’t match the architecture of the other tower. It is the sentiments that we feel for our Jawans and their sacrifices that is represented. But it serves as a reminder to the “Commie mentality” of ModiSarkar and his clownish ministers that being pro-Muslim and anti-Hindu is now coming out in bits and pieces. That his ministers will crawl at the feet of Muslims and their Maulanas to seek “approval”.

I don’t care whether you wear saffron or go to pray at temples or sit in a cave and meditate. None of that means anything. All that is your personal affair. Equal respect for Hindus and removing Constitutional discrimination is what they seek. Not two-penny crumbs by electoral Ram-hunters and Saffron actors