Sunday, June 30, 2019

Selective Pain

Prior to 2004 Hindus had zero outlets to vent their anger and frustration. Whether this was Constitutional discrimination or murders of Hindus, the criminal media and Sickulars ruled public discourse. They established one important principle “Only Muslims can be victims of any kind of violence, Hindus are chopped liver”. This was best demonstrated during and after the Gujarat 2002 riots. Sickulars and media reported 3000, 5000 – any number of Muslims and ONLY Muslims killed. At the final count, the total dead was around 1200 of which around 250 were Hindus. This is not counting the 59 Hindus barbecued at Godhra which provoked the riots. The biggest beneficiary of those riots was none other than Narendra Modi. As the entire Sickular gang vilified him, he got to play “victim”. He used the assertive Hindu majority in Gujarat (which has been electing BJP since 1995) to play “Hindu Hriday Samrat” as he came to be called.

After the riots there was a terrorist attack on the Swaminarayan temple in Gandhinagar in September 2002 – 30 were killed and many injured. Immediately after, Modi called for mid-term elections which were held in December 2002. His vilification, his oratory, chest-thumping Hindutva, Hindu anger for Godhra and the temple attack were all heady ingredients for an electoral win. BJP did win handsomely. “Miyan Musharraf” or “Hum paanch, humare pachees” filled his speeches. Although I coined the phrase “Electoral Flesh” only this year, the 2002 election was the first time Modi used “Dead Hindus” as electoral flesh. Six were arrested for the Akshardham attack – all were acquitted by SC in May 2014. Talk about justice for the Hindu victims. There was not a whimper anywhere.

As the SM platforms grew from 2004-2010, more and more people heard about Modi, his vilification and all that earned him “sympathy” from Hindus across the world. Modi too played the victimhood very well in all campaigns along with the Hindutva card. Many may not be aware – the media and Sickulars called Gujarat the “Hindutva Laboratory” right from the mid-1990s. Modi made Hindutva his main plank to rise in Gujarat and later on to become PM.

Cut to the present. Hindus are still outraging on SM over targeted or wanton murders of Hindus, including lynching and there being no outrage by media or political parties. I have no doubts that Hindus killed by the “peaceful” barbarians far exceeds Muslim victims. But now that Modi is PM, he doesn’t think so. This was his latest comment in RS on the murder of a Muslim man – Tabrez.
Nothing wrong in what Modi said. He is right in accusing “selective outrage” by Sickulars and he is rightly “pained” over Tabrez. Modi is very careful about his “anti-Muslim” image and phobia. The Sickulars have painted him into that corner. He is very careful about his lipstick too. It is easy to be a “Hindutva Samrat” in Gujarat. Most Hindus in Gujarat have good money, don’t like govt intrusion in their life or business, mostly very religious, cow-loving vegetarians and will not tolerate any Muslim appeasement. It takes a man with guts to be what he was in Gujarat (which helped Modi eventually become PM) to be the same in Delhi. So, what is the problem here? Gutless Modi has repeatedly demonstrated that just as he accuses Sickulars of “selective outrage”, he too feels only “Selective Pain”. From Hindu Hriday Samrat he is now the “Sultan of Pain” for Muslims. When provoked by media and Sickulars, Modi feels PAIN for Tabrez. When provoked by them, he feels PAIN for Akhlaq. But Modi feels NO PAIN whatsoever for murdered or lynched Hindus because they are good “Electoral Flesh”. He never feels any pain for them because the Sickulars don’t provoke him.

When MMS made the statement Muslims (or Minorities) have the first Right on resources, everyone mocked him. At least MMS implied others have “second Right” on resources. In case of Modi, ONLY Muslims have the right to his “Selective Pain” – Hindus and others can go fly a kite. Feeling pain at wanton murders is a matter of conscience and justice and not wearing lipstick for your Sickular adversaries or Islamists in the ME. Here are some recent samples of wanton murders of Hindus:
A Lassi-seller is lynched in the first image on the left. In the middle image a Hindu is killed, his body parts removed like a “ritual killing”, in the pic on the right (Moronic TOI asks if it’s a crime of passion) Soumya, a Kerala cop, was stalked, then knocked over by her Muslim murderer, then chased into a building, then butchered into pieces, then the body parts were burned by him. This is an extreme “OVERKILL” that pains neither Modi nor any of his ministers. The Sultan of “Selective Pain” Modi is not pained at any of these horrible murders. He will use these “dead Hindus” in the next elections. Modi sent the NIA to arrest killers of Ramalingam only in the middle of LS elections. There’s Ankit Saxena, there’s Dr. Pankaj Narang who was killed by a Muslim gang for celebrating a cricket win in Delhi. There’s Dhruv Tyagi who was killed because he protected his daughter from eve-teasers. The funny part is, the criminal-tabela of Aroon Purie claims assailants “unidentified” but “arrested”. Such Sickular jerks don’t even know what crap they write. How can some people be arrested and their identity still remain “unknown”?
Neither the Sultan of selective pain nor any his ministers felt any “pain”. Had Dhruv Tyagi been a Muslim, some BJP minister would have visited him and Congis would have protested on the streets and criminals in media outraged like their own father was killed. In another recent incident, a father of an abducted daughter was lynched because he filed a police complaint:
He’s a Hindu, so naturally Sickulars won’t give a damn. But the “Selective Pain-feeler” Modi or his UP CM or any of his ministers are also the “Selective Pain” gang. They won’t feel any pain because his name is “Gangaram” and his daughter has now been orphaned for he trying to protect her. The other issue related to Gangaram is that “peaceful goons” are trying to force Hindus out of that locality. Not just his area; “peaceful goons” on tw0-wheelers in Meerut were firing in the air threatening and forcing Hindu families to quit the area. 150 Hindu families have exited according to Republic TV. And Yogi and Modi want to “modernize” Madrassas. Try teaching donkeys to fly – you might still succeed.  The hypocrisy of PM Modi is becoming more alarming in the statements he now frequently makes. Comically, in the run up to LS2014, a Reuters journalist asked Modi if he feels any remorse for the deaths in the 2002 riots. Modi then gave his infamous analogy of feeling PAIN for even a puppy being crushed under a car:
Very sensitive Sultan, indeed. Naturally, the Sickulars quickly latched on to this statement accusing Modi of equating Muslims with puppies. While that accusation was foolish, we must now ask Modi. How come a man who would feel such deep pain for a puppy being run over has never expressed one bit of sorrow or pain for many Hindus wantonly murdered in the 5 years of his PMship? Now he feels “selective pain” only for Muslims. Stupid Hindus must be worse than puppies that their deaths at the hands of criminals have not caused the slightest bit of pain or sorrow to him. In five years, Modi has not made ONE STATEMENT condemning or feeling pain at Hindus killed, especially in many cases by Muslim mobs.

Not just hypocrisy, the sheer deception of the useless, chest-thumping statements Modi makes during campaigns and then plays “opportunistic victimhood” is unbecoming of a PM voted a second time with such a mandate. This tweet would have been missed by many as a demonstration of Modi’s hypocrisy and his idiotic “Bhajan Mandli” would have done “Wah Wah” but the unbelievable stupidity of this tweet is too glaring to miss:
Some “members” asked you? Laughable! Which members? Surely, Congis and Sickulars wouldn’t ask as they are the ones facing possible jail. If it’s BJP members that asked you, then they are bigger Chamelis than I estimated. This tweet is nothing but “camouflaged acceptance” of deception, playing “victim” over failure by Modi on the Emergency anniversary. Modi’s entire 2014 campaign was based on “punishing” the corrupt. Nothing happened. Fine! But in 2019, who claimed he will send people to jail? Monalisa from Mehsana? No! It is you PM Modi. You are the one who grandly claims repeatedly that you will put the corrupt in jail. Let me remind you the statement you have repeatedly made this campaign when you played bigger than Hanuman claiming you will put people in jail:
Forget putting corrupt politicians in jail. That won’t happen in the tenure of Modi as I have stated earlier. What Modi is UNWILLING to explain is… Why are ED, CBI, IT all playing “notice-summons” games with people like Vadra, PC, KC etc? Not a SINGLE case against these people is in any court. Which only means the drama of “notice-summons” will continue. A court can act only if a case is filed and trial commences. So, why deceptively transfer your failure to the courts? There is no case in any court against most of these scamsters. The only case brought to court is by Dr. Swamy against the Gandhis on NatHerald (it’s now SEVEN years old). That too is being handled shoddily by ModiSarkar, thanks to “Gandhi Chintaks” like Jaitley & co. Jaitley as FM didn’t approve prosecution of PC for many years. Is this also the courts’ doing? One can compel a court to daily hearings through SC.

Imagine, if the PM of a country is now feeling “helplessness” in bringing criminals to justice because he CANNOT reform judiciary then who should you appeal to? The World Wrestling CEO? Because his entire Cabinet is a bunch of bootlicking slaves, so are other BJP members and “Bhajan Mandlis”, nobody points out the silliness and hypocrisy in the statements Modi now makes.

In summary, other than the issue of terrorism, BJP is turning out as Sickular as Congress or any other Commie party. Going to temples or covering oneself in a saffron blanket and sitting in a cave means nothing. That is Modi’s personal pursuit not any symbol of policy. Feeling the pain of Hindus too and serious issues concerning them would mean something. If Sickulars are guilty of “selective outrage” then Modi and his entire Cabinet are equally guilty of “selective pain”. They feel pain ONLY for Muslim victims. Hindus are garbage to them. Accepting that reality will help Hindus in looking at new paradigms.


  1. Ravinar Sir, I compliment you for saying truth as truthful as possible. Nothing political but truth. We feel the same pain as Hindus. Law of land should be applied same to all citizens. Where Modi as PM is failing is being selective in choosing his condolences for Muslim victims and remaining unconcerned for pain of Hindu deaths. Every dead Hindu adds multiple votes. Kerala didn't vote for BJP due to Sabrimala aloofness or RSS backing SC judgement but Bengal killings have fruited well for BJP. I had briefly liked politics but now I hate every politician. Modi included because nothing matters to them other than winning elections at any cost. Worst is cost paid by dead soldiers and foot soldiers of political parties. I still fail to fathom what makes local political activists pay with their lives when there bosses don't even appropriately acknowledge their sacrifices.

    1. Dear All,

      Why is everyone being delusional about what Modi was, is & will be?
      Hen was, is & will always be a politician first. So their is no point in chest beating or tear jerking about Modi to start with.

      Modi knows too well that Hindus are hopelessly divided between Caste & Language. Hindus can't see eye to eye on in numerous issues, Hindus are politically divided between leaders of caste & subcastes.
      But knowing all his, he used this Hindu desperation to build a truly Nationalistic Government. Albeit, he is not focussed on resolving Hindu issues but aren't we Hindus to blame for our misery ? Modi is atleast using our worthlessly divided Hindu votes to build something which Muslims & Christians are truly hating to their guts. We should appreciate atleast this much.

      So instead of cribbing about half the glass empty, lets celebrate what a united Hindu vote behind Modi has been able to achieve. Believe me no other political leader has been able to achieve even half of what Modi has achieved using our votes.

      Think about it with open heart & you will realise what hopeless situation we Hindus were before Modi with our divided votes & Muslims ruling the politics with their votebank. Modi has effectively brought Hindu pride back with his nationalistic vision. He might be just a politician in the end but atleast he is not anti-hindu like the Nehru clan nor is he depended on Muslim votebank. I am still happy with this situation.

  2. Ravi bhai, you have hit the nail on the head again. He does nothing at all for Hindus during his 5 year term. The Hindus get frustrated. As the elections come closer, he pretends to do something, becomes an 'Election/Ponzi Hindu' and gets them back on his side due to their sheer frustration. After getting re-elected, removes his makeup and wears his 'Maulana/Mahatma' lipstick again for 5 years. Rinse and repeat!

  3. As always true assessment of events, now can;t shift the blames to next door. the corrupt should be in Tihar. countdown has started ticking @narendramodi.
    Action is only recourse, than repenting in leisure. so act fast and decisively

  4. Dear Ravinar,
    We are proud that you are doing great service to India with your eye opener columns.True to best your blog shows mirror to Narendra Modi.He himself told that in last 5 years I had pulled them Jail door but in next five years I will put them all in Jail But now says that he is not autocrat to put them in jail.So he is shirking from his responsibilities now.WE know he is a Machiavellian leader.

  5. Has anything changed for HINDUS after this govt coming back to power. Nothing has changed. The lynchings of Hindus have increased everywhere. Now in UP hindus are being hounded out of many places by Peacefuls. Both the governments at the centre and state are inactive fearing outrage and condemnation by Seculars. Earlier with opposition govts there were possibilities some kind of action fearing taking advantage by BJP and other HINDUs. Now they being the ruling parties that door is shut and Peacefuls and their Secular left illiberal friends and supporters are free to do anything against Hindus. After coming back to power the atrocities against hindus have increased. Peacefuls have become very bold that the present govt is afraid to take any action against Peacefuls. This govt is feeding the crocodiles.

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  7. Goel, not Girl please. Forced typo.

  8. Spit on Ravinar as usual. I think all his statements are meant to satisfy the media that outrage incidents selectively.

  9. Yes, 'looking at new paradigms' is the issue. In fact, that was the situation even three decades ago. Read 'Why I became a Hindu' by S R Goel and you will know. This new episode of six or twenty years has only confirmed his conclusion arrived at after years of close observation. It is ideational-systemic fault of rss-bjp combine, well nigh impossible to repair.
    So, waiting for Godot?

  10. Dear sir, deviously portraying it as if modi meant he will drag gandhis to jail himself soon after elections, is like 15lakh moment.
    While loathing optics, you are demanding optics (pro-hindu kind).
    I guess modi doesn't overtly make any pro-hindu "statements", because, he doesn't have to. He is pro-hindu by actions. Will some hindus get upset by these media antics? yes looks like.
    I really pity the depth of thinking/ vision of some commenters who naively assume things can be overturned by mere intentions or pseudo media talk.
    It requires long term strategic thinking, even at the cost of short term discomfiture and trade-offs, which modisarkar clearly sees and set right on.
    But criticisms like these are also absolutely essential to keep govts alert.

    1. Hayairi

      You should first admit that you are a confirmed ModiBhakt or Bhajan Mandli as MC calls it. From 2002 to current statements and conduct of Modi with proof and logic means nothing to you but all your silly hypothetical arguments with no logic and what Modi is doing to impact the future becomes sound wisdom and logic? Argue with facts or just keep chanting Modi Modi.

    2. My bhakti doesn't fit in your implied definition.
      About facts, biggest fact is he got 5 year mandate to implement. There's enough time to judge

  11. Very powerful analysis of Modi ! Sad despite so much gruesome murders,rapes and killings of women,children not a single BJP local or national level leader visited the victims or officially condemned the crimes.Mr Modi and Shah have silenced them.Many known nationalists,Hindu sympathisers are there but they are mum now! A very bad signal!More over a man like Naqvi has guts to abuse a sr leader ! All my impressions on Modi and BJP are now seem totally obliterated! Seems Power has gone to his head and he wants to ride on Hindu sentiments befooling them like 2014,2019 ! God save Hindus!

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  13. मोदीजी की प्रत्येक कथनी भ्रामक सिद्ध हो रही है।
    एक कृतिशून्य शासक हैं मोदीजी।
    हिंदुओं के प्रति उदासीनता दु:खदायी व निषेधार्ह है।
    हिंदुओं को अब सशक्त व सशस्त्र होना अपरिहार्य हो गया है मोदीराज में!!

  14. Monalisa from Mehsana it is! This Mahatma who must be looking at a Nobel prize picture every day in the morning lovingly when he wakes up is much an opportunist as any of the politicians. Atleast congress does not pretend, while this Mahatma recalls us only 30 days before elections.

  15. For doing all this drama, can BJP or he - get one peacefool vote? No
    It's the stupid sanatani vote he has to depend on finally to win election

  16. I don't understand why BJP always rake up issues of emergency, Dr. Samy in his book has clearly mentioned that most of the top BJP leaders where in jail for just few days, by sending pardoning letter to IG, all where out.
    Good part of Congress is that, they don't tell this or else BJP will have no place to hide.

    How come reservation for economically weaker section was passed, cant it be done similarly for UCC, 370 and 35A, the way term secular was added in our constitution, cant it be removed same way?

    I still don't know what's the job of Law ministry.

    If Judges will decide who will be jailed or bailed, then why country need so many enforcement and investigation agencies.

  17. Its shame that BJP govt and
    Narendra Modi is doing covering up of the islamic crimes against hindus and apologistic about 1 or 2 crimes against them. More than 250 hindus have been killed in muslim hate crime since 23rd may 2019 and not a word from Modi.
    He will finish off hindus in 10 years which congress could not do in 70 years.

  18. Mr Ravinar's observations are so astute. It does appear that Mr Modi in his second term is more concerned about promoting a secular image of himself and leaving his primary Hindu-centric agenda. That there should be economic development and growth for all, irrespective of religious beliefs, goes without saying. The prime reason for which he was elected with such a thumping majority was because we Hindus felt he would replace the pseudo-secularism of Congress (and other regional-family owned parties) and the blatant anti-Hinduism of communists (and their sympathizers in media and universities) with what we truly deserve: A Hindu-centric society. Alas , what we are getting is a lot of lip service only.
    Mr Modi should show his sincerity towards his carefully crafted image as a soldier for Hindutva by:
    1. Declaring the building of Ram Temple at Ayodhya by an ordinance within 2019.
    2. Taking away the Minority status of Aligadh Muslim University.
    3. removing article 370 and 35a as soon as possible.
    4. Declaring the intention of his government to reclaim and develop the Kashi vishwanath site and the Krishna Janmabhoomi exclusively for Hindus.

  19. So unfortunate to have such a weak government at the centre.

  20. Mr Ravinar is one of the few people who call spade a spade. Mr Modi has surrounded himself with clowns who have no clue what Hindus are suffering from . Come election time they come to beg Hindus for vote and after that just forget them and get one with appeasing Sickulars. Such a sick mentality .

  21. RSS and BJP, got habit of blasting Congress for Partition of India, infact its good for Hindus it happened.

    Partitioned minority has taken Hindus and all political class for granted and holding it for ransom in return of Secularism, I can't even imagine and sometime gives sleepless night, how things would have been before partition and it would have been for Hindus without Partition.

    What kind of love BJP and RSS has got with that piece of land gone as Pakistan. Difficult to understand them...

    BJP's journey is on broken boat one part is Sardar Patel and another is Pakistan...

    Surendra Kulkarni rightly pointed out in his blog on NDTV referring to a Gujarati novelist, that its Sardar Patel went into jubilant mode when Jinnah proposed Pakistan.

    1. You are relying on a traitor called Sudhir Kulkarni. Sardar Patel is a very focussed person. Please read history once again than relying on someone else talk or interpretations. There is a need to get back PoK area & also split Baloochistan from Pakistan. It is strategic & trade related design

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  23. Pappu is really & brave strong person as told by his elder sister Glamor Doll Priyanka, else after losing 11 elections & still be in race for Khangress Party president & dreaming of PM chair atleast in near future .. the Pappu is indeed a brave lion.


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