Tuesday, May 14, 2019

Sons Of Sam

Right from the start, this blog-site has laid an emphasis on facts, truth and logic. Since then, many “fact-checkers” have cropped in SM and even in MSM. But it’s not merely about facts and logic. Consistently, it has been a study of the behavioural patterns of the MSM crooks, Sickulars and Commies. Criminology is the study of crimes, the causes, effects and social impact and prevention in the future. Behavioural analysis studies the criminals, their motives, the reasons for their psychologically damaged mind and enables profiling of unknown suspects. The pioneer of such analysis and profiling was John Douglas of the FBI. One video sample of Douglas’s profile of an unknown kidnapper and murderer was included in the post “Confirmed Losers – 1” in which he had profiled the unknown criminal dead right. Douglas’ book is now a TV series and one line explains how he hoped to get ahead of criminals when profiling suspects:
Another FBI agent who joined Douglas’s unit in the FBI, Rob Ressler, was instrumental in changing the random term “mass-murderer” for crazed killers used then to “Serial-killer”. Thus, the very term explains what serial killers are. They have a “pattern” of killing, they have a consistent modus operandi and they leave the same tell-tale marks on the victims or the crime-scene. And most serial-killers have some kind of trauma, experience of abuse in childhood or a disturbed family and are mentally deranged in some way. To a large extent, this pattern also applies to groups like extremists or terrorists or even political groups. Once you understand this, it is easy to explain and predict the behaviour of corrupt Congis.

We have seen past behaviour of Congis when in power. We have seen their behaviour when in Opposition. Now we are seeing their behaviour in their desperate quest for power. A retired tennis player wants to go out and play some more. A serial-killer wants to escape from prison and kill some more. A drug addict will steal, mug or even kill to get his next fix. All three – Sonia, Rahul and Priyanka have lived in the corridors of power all their lives. The Gandhis are also known to be extremely corrupt. They have had trauma in the form of seeing IndiraG and RajivG killed by assassins. And in the last few years the manifestation of the psychological damage comes in the form of Rahul Gandhi. He doesn’t possess much brains, is a traumatized person and a serial-offender when it comes to blabbering nonsense and lies.

Thus, Rahul makes the ideal malleable “Bakra” for someone like Sam Pitroda who was once a sidekick of RajivG. When in power, they will behave like “Dadas”, nonchalantly abuse power, misuse public assets, misuse armed forces, indulge in excessive loot and believe they are above the law and country. When outside power, they will tar their opponents, abuse their main target and concoct endless number of lies in this pursuit. They will mock Indians as inferior people, mock Hindu culture and while pretending to be saviours of the poor and backward, they will abuse a man who has risen from that very background. This is their established behavioural pattern. And they surround themselves with everyone who follows such a pattern and BUY those who seek to PROFIT through illicit means. Most journos are PURCHASED by Congis. Most NGOs and activists were allowed to indulge in illegal fund-collection by Congis. Most Babus have been allowed the freedom to loot as long as they stand by the Gandhi family.

Take Navjot Sidhu – he was in BJP but was low-key. The moment he joined Congress he hugs Pakis, bats for Pak, abuses endlessly and lately even hurls racist comments like “Kaale Angrez”. He has adapted perfectly to the Gandhi-Congress behavioural pattern:
Piddly Sidhu’s behavioural pattern changed once he joined Congress and this is not his brain or daring that spews such abuse. Little Pappu also does not possess the brains to coin abusive slogans or lies big enough to tar PM Modi. For that, we have to look at the source. And the source is none other than Sam Pitroda, the mentor of RG and the current default campaign manager of Congress. Here are some stupid things Sam himself has said:
Sam claims he’s a “scientist”. Laughable! You are neither a scientist nor an analyst. You are just a Pidi hoping to corner some glory days in trying to get Congress back to power. A scientist would not trash the Balakot strikes off-hand. He would typically verify, seek sources and then make a statement. As it stands, ironically, it’s an Italian journalist who has undeniably confirmed the Balakot strikes accuracy and the death of terrorists. Then, the arrogant fool that he is, Sam ridicules Indians as Monkeys who don’t know how to use mobiles. After the stupid “HuaToHua” insult to Sikhs over 1984 he claimed it was because of his poor Hindi. Some quack scientist this. Naturally, when you bowl such a dolly to PM Modi, he is bound to exploit this in every rally.

It doesn’t stop there. As with RG, this Sam also keeps claiming Rajiv brought computers to India, brought mobiles to India and so on. This childish nonsense is what the arrogant Congis are capable of. They even claimed the ASAT success was because of Nehru. The thing is, computers were in India before Rajiv came to politics. Besides, it’s the PC launched in 1981 by IBM that made the computer a must for every business and slowly for many households. The world adopted “IBM compatible” PCs right from 1981. If anything, Rajiv was a slow-coach to wait till 1988-89 to realise its potential. Mobile Phones and Internet came into India in 1995 under PVNR. But the Congress doesn’t claim “India me mobile aur internet PVNR laaya”. Because, PVNR is not from the corrupt family that loots India and also claims they are the ones who brought everything to India. Moronic to say the least.

Since Rajiv’s political career ended with being called a “Chor” and “Bhrashtachari No.1”, the smart-aleck RG also thought he could tar PM Modi with the “Chor” tag and stupid things like 30K crores to Ambani, Rafale etc. But this is not RG’s brainchild. This is back-room typist Sam coaching him, along with Steve Jarding. RG told a news channel that Modi has a clean image and he will destroy that clean image. Therefore, he was forced to make “Chowkidar Chor” his main election plank. The simple tactic of throwing mud nonstop and hope some mud will stick. The move boomeranged when Modi retaliated by exposing the corrupt deeds of Rajiv and abuse of power. This has hurt and dented the Congress badly. It’s a psychological inferiority complex in RG and Congress that forces such abuse of Modi.

So, Sam has advised RG not to abuse the PM anymore and it’s now outsourced to smaller goons like Navjot Sidhu. But the fountainhead of this abusive campaign remains the same – Sam Pitroda. And when Modi retaliated with just a few lines against hundreds of abuses, the behavioural pattern of Congress coolies from media was predictable. When Sam goofed up with “HuaToHua” the Congress coolies responded in the same predictable manner like a box of parrots:
This person who regularly tweets a compilation of such tweets by Congress coolies is probably not aware that he is not merely collating their hypocrisy. He is actually doing so because he is monitoring their “behavioural pattern” and that is, defend all crimes of Congis and condemn all acts and statements that are likely to damage their bosses. Most SM commentators who expose such hypocrisy are not merely tweeting or writing with facts or logic. They are continuously watching the behavioural patterns of these Congress coolies. For instance, when the going is very bad for Congress, the idiots of NDTV will discuss something like the predictions of IMD about delayed monsoon. Or, they will discuss some incident in Syria or Ukraine. And NOW, all these coolies are suddenly demanding why REAL issues are not being discussed in the election campaign.

They have been so soaked in their slavery of the Gandhis that they are more or less “victims” of a traumatized career. Somewhere in their heart and conscience, a worthless life of slavery must hang heavy. There’s another Congi called Pawan Khera. He is a permanent tenant at NDTV and was the former Pantry-manager for Sheila Dikshit. He stupidly abuses Modi almost nightly. After the slap by Modi, he too whines we should get back to real election issues:
The funny part is, this same Pawan Khera make the dumbest of claims of Modi using “Diamond facials” worth 8 lakhs every day and some 80K worth of mushrooms. He must be the barber that serves Modi well to know all this and these are his “real election issues”. These stupid ridicules and lies are election issues when they feel the freedom to abuse but when Modi slaps back, they whine like little rats caught by a hawk. All of these morons are psychologically damaged and all of them are sons of Sam. They are serial-killers with their abuse without having stabbed with a knife or fired a gun. The worst of these traumatized coolies is none other than Shekhar Gupta. He is easily the most corrupt and immoral journo India has ever seen:
If Rajiv had committed a murder and was caught red-handed, ShekharG would still justify the crime with some excuse or argument. Serial-killers like Shekhar will keep justifying crimes because they too are psychologically damaged and an investigation into their lives will reveal much more than their public persona and appearances do. There is one female journo who has been so used and abused by every prominent journo and politician that she is now psychotic and schizophrenic.

The entire string of abuses hurled at Modi, the consistent behaviour of extreme hatred towards Indians, towards Sikhs that were killed, the continuous defence of crimes by Rajiv and Sonia is a reflection of the serial-killer’s mindset. If the media or someone investigates, they will find Sam Pitroda’s template in all of this. Son of Sam was a real serial-killer who terrorized New York. He was a bastard child, failed in many jobs, and saw demons in his neighbour’s dog. He finally stated that he was forced to commit all his murders by a “demon”. You can make a wild guess who is the demon-force driving the corrupt and nonchalantly abusive behaviour of Rahul and all the abusive Congis. They are all “Sons of Sam” with a serious mental disorder, traumatized somewhere in their past and they all belong in jail.


  1. TV-MSM malaise crept into Print quite fast. The Indian Express which held a torch of bold reporting against Chinese Gandhis misadventures soon became a coterie of their laundry darbar. Shravan Garg of Dainik Bhaskar writes without logical reason in Dainik Bhaskar favouring RaGa behaviour and questioning NaMo. After every such read (very difficult to even read few para as it is all filth) - I but feel only one thing that these people are forcefully showing their loyalty. Somewhere down their hearts they also know "game is over" but they have to repay their masters for the favours and loots they acquired during their hey days. Slowly their own crime graph would become so big that only fate remaining for them will be to "go into oblivion". Sooner this happens better it is for public space print and TV media.

  2. There is so much muck that the BJP 2014 should have used all time and resources in exposing and eradication of this manace called Congress Parivar and their misdeeds

  3. Where was Sam for the last 5 years ? How come he is seen in India NOW ?

    1. He changes countries like clothes. He had become a US citizen and when called by indira, he gave up that and became Indian citizen again. He loves money and power.

  4. Who is that lady journo who went psychotic and abused?

    1. DumboDuttJumboButt maybe? (excuse the language, I got this moniker from Twitter @vel_jaya ;))

  5. brilliant exposed these gandhis and ther coolies feeding on crumbs of the feudal gandhi family

  6. This article hits one cpu (central processing unit) on the congi motherboard. Easily moves to the top of the chart of mediacrooks.com's exposes..

  7. Hitting the nail on head ...spot on

  8. Very good analyses of Sons of Sam. Sharing it to my facebook.

  9. I saw first computer in 1970-71 in Panjab University Chandigarh on an educational tour as student of B. Com studying in Govt College, Ludhiana. It was housed in a large room and punch card system was used. I punched my name and had to wait for almost half an hour before I could see my name printed on a large DM printer. In 1979, one of my clients Norton Motors Ambala Cantt received about 110000 applications for Priya Scooter and we took the help of Kurukshetra University for conducting the computerized draw. Right from feeding of data from applications to allotment letters were printed by Kurukshetra University. Taking cue from this client, Maharashtra Scooters Ltd. asked its dealers all over India to get the application data computerized. Rajiv Gandhi did not bring computer to India. By the way what about other countries who had all this much before. Incidentally, I saw the first digital camera in 1981 or so when one of NRI clients brought one to Ambala Cantt and he invited whole of my branch to his residence to show us on a TV screen.

    1. Sir, put this as a whatsapp message. for fast circulation of this crucial data.

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  11. Conclusions from wiki:
    1. His name is Satyan Pitroda. Calls himself Sam (doesn't want to be called by Indian name, I guess)
    2. Apparently, his family was influenced by Gandhi philosophy. This one gave me laughs. Looks like they forgot to tell him which Gandhi.
    3. Was chairman of National Knowledge Commission 2005-09. This is super scary to me. Think about how much damage he has done.
    4. Founded a council for Public Information Infrastructure and Innovation - scary again.
    5. Through his GKI (Global Knowledge Initiative), looks like he i deeply connected to pak, afghanistan and middle east. This is concerning as well. All the other countries listed are poor, backward (maybe except Kenya). These people reinforce the "India is poor" narrative.
    6. He established "India Food Banking Network" which is active today. Think about how many he would have bribed (with food) to vote for congress.
    7. Lastly, he is a "Founding partner of the Young Indian Company, India (now the majority owner of National Herald)". Ye naam hi kafi hai.

  12. Sir, please put this as a whatapp message. It will be ditributed to all india in a minute.

  13. Comment on Twitter :
    1961 : CSI started
    1968 : TCS started
    1972 : Patni started
    1976 : HCL started
    1980 : WIPRO started IT
    1981 : infosys started
    1984 : Rajiv became PM and brought computers in India
    So what these companies were doing" Selling Pakodas?

  14. All Hindus should read this, however, Many hindus will vote the Italian Nazi Conquistador (Inquisition) Party. = INC (I), specially Andhra, TN,Pakipanjabi, same f..krs who have forgotten Razakars, what is happening in Kerala, TN is occupied by the Ethiopian tribe of Nagas already. Only Karnataka is single state where India survives, other Southern states will vote, Italian and Pigs bcz of way they move their Tongues

  15. A must read for all Hindus. Still many fools, will vote Italian Nazi Consquitadoer (Inquisition) Party, specially Andhra TN Southies. EVEN Many of oldies there do not remember Razakars

  16. This thought and more such , are constantly discussed and we too wonder what has prevented the BJP and what it is waiting for.. Just a thought that that somewhere deep down it has missed winning over key press elements and the judiciary to its side.. They appear zapped by the media , English media. The man on the street repeats what RaGa belts out on TV and this is faithfully repeated by the panelist’s and the print media.. Whether bought and paid for media or not... Congis vipeksha strategy has done its job in convincing the man on the street to go along with their slander guided as truth

  17. Satyam Gangaram Pitroda one Gujarati whose parents settled in Odisha and his father was a carpenter at Titilgarh.Sam Pitroda duped Rajiv Gandhi with outdated telecom equipments from US started instal C Dot exchanges.


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