Friday, May 10, 2019

Congotri Of Corruption

Everything about the Gandhi family has been shady. Their education, wealth, sources of income, secret foreign trips, illnesses of Sonia, family history, foreign powers and vested interests they tango with – all of it. Their biggest tactic for survival in politics and power was the large corrupt establishment which looted govt and the public and a corrupt media that glorified them because they too were bribed. All the media crooks that constantly defend the crimes of Gandhis are corrupt, have received vast sums of money, have crawled in the Lutyens sludge and abused everyone who challenged these Gandhis. After the recent string of abuses showered by Rahul Gandhi, PM Modi hit back with the corruption of the “Gandhi Pariwar” right from Rajiv Gandhi. The Congress coolies were up in arms claiming a dead man was abused, martyr was abused. They forgot a natural principle that runs from the time of Julius Caesar:
Rajiv, as with IndiraG, got away with all his crimes just because the entire system was corrupted by this family. The institutionalization of corruption started with IndiraG. She had a very cavalier attitude towards it and found nothing wrong in it. During her rule, you could get nothing without bribes. You couldn’t get bank loans without bribing the manager, you couldn’t get cement without bribes, you couldn’t even file an honest sales-tax or IT return without bribing the clerk. IT officers used to collect lakhs of rupees just to issue Assessment Orders for Returns with even genuine accounting. So much so that even outgoing President Sanjeeva Reddy had to issue a warning on corruption. Such an adverse public comment is rare for Indian Presidents:
IndiraG merely pooh-poohed corruption as a “Global phenomenon”. Indians have suffered excessive misery under this one family. And when the going got tough, the Gandhis would tar their opponents, declare Emergency, lock up people in jails. But more than IndiraG, the real massive loot of India started when RajivG became the PM. Though smaller amounts of loot started even before he became PM. And I am strongly of the belief that the misconduct and corruption by RajivG started ONLY after his marriage to Sonia. A bar waitress married into a rich and politically powerful family was a heady cocktail for someone who pretended to be some kind of angel who wanted to serve India because of a conscience-call. I don’t buy this conscience and inner-voice nonsense. It was mere survival, lust for power and greed. In 1976-77, during Emergency, Rajiv is alleged to have collected bribes for Boeing aircraft purchases by IA:
The entire Gandhi Pariwar suffers from a psychological disorder. Rahul is a known sociopath, Sonia is a victimhood-queen, IndiraG had a phobia with the “foreign hand” and Rajiv was driven to despair by the pressures of power that he didn’t know how to handle and made some of the most stupid decisions. Rajiv was perhaps too naïve and advised by a gang that scrounged off the “Gandhi-table” of crumbs. The abuse of office, immoral conduct, and treating everything in the country as “Baap ka maal” started from Nehru. Before Rajiv, he was also misusing the Navy for private, luxury trips. The Gandhi kids had joyrides and parties on aircrafts. All this, while ISRO scientists carried rocket parts and equipment on cycles and bullock-carts:
The list of Rajiv crimes is now well-known and in the public domain. Bofors, IPKF blunder costing 1200 soldiers’ lives, Bhopal gas tragedy blunder, allowing the butchering of Sikhs across India with no clue what to do, ShahBano crap and even to the extent of abuse of powers to have his family and others vacation on the Navy Ship INS Virat while our soldiers in the IPKF mission were dying in battle. The Swedish govt had shut down Bofors investigations to save Rajiv.

I don’t believe Rajiv was a bad man as a starter. He was certainly not as uncouth and uncivilized as Sonia and his children. Rajiv was gentle in his pressers, often laced his words with humour and he wasn’t abusive towards his opponents. Often times, he abused power in sacking people off the cuff and insulting his own CMs but that came with the excessive power he had acquired. I believe for every crime of Rajiv, the force behind it is Sonia. After all, it cannot be denied that the beneficiaries of the Bofors loot were indeed Sonia’s friends or relatives.

RajivG did get bribes from the KGB on which Subramanian Swamy has repeatedly petitioned to no avail. A Swiss magazine reported Rajiv as being a billionaire with US$ 2 billion in Swiss banks. What should be shocking is that he has been profiled with Tinpot dictators like Idi Amin, Saddam Hussain, Baby Doc Duvalier, Shah of Iran, Abu Nidal (Palestinian terrorist) and such scum of the earth. Not one person in the Indian media followed up or investigated this and the establishment did all it could to bury such reports. Corruption and loot became the bloodline of every Congress govt with the exception of PV Narasimha Rao who wasn’t a corrupt man. In fact, PVNR had to clean up the mess that previous Congress and Sickular govts had left behind. After his death, PVNR’s body was treated as a mere carcass lying around, no respect shown to him and his mortal remains were bundled off to Andhra like cargo. The Congress template of corruption, nepotism, “Baap ka maal” behaviour has been followed by all Sickular Dynastic parties.

While corruption existed before her, it is SoniaG that is the true Congotri of corruption. It is under her that the massive loot of India started, earlier with Rajiv as PM and then as back-seat PM with MMS. She used every means to tar anyone who posed a challenge to her. And her brainless son quotes her fake spiritual nonsense of “power is poison”. It is indeed the poison that snakes like to store in their fangs. Under Sonia, the Congress exponentially increased schemes and dedications to the Nehru-Gandhi clan. Tech parks, bridges, airports, sports stadiums – every way you turned it was some Nehru-Gandhi nonsense. S Gurumurthy has also exposed how Sonia used LTTE links, the ones who killed Rajiv, to seek DMK support to form a govt. She had earlier pulled down a govt because DMK was a part of it and she had accused them of being involved in the killing of Rajiv:
Sonia was also smart to use her cronies and her media crooks to tar Modi for the 2002 riots and thereby tarring a performing ABV govt at the Centre too. It paid off for her in 2004 and her misrule lasted 10 years. The abuses on Modi should have stopped after he became PM. But the snakes egged on their goons to continue it. Come 2019, her own stupid son, who is mentally ill and I have assessed him to be a sociopath, showered the worst abuses on Modi. This was bound to boomerang. Being a moron, neither Rahul nor his stupid advisors like Steve Jarding or Sam Pitroda learned from history that abusing someone constantly with lies has a repulsive effect. Pappu grandly claimed he wanted to damage Modi’s clean image in a soundbite to his domestic maid NDTV:
I have repeatedly written that this foolish tactic of abusing Modi as “Chowkidar Chor” and calling him a corrupt man with fake claims and PILs in the SC was a serious mistake a challenger to power is making. Modi has a huge balance of credibility and popularity in his account. In the case of Rajiv, it was own minister who exposed his Bofors scam and quit the govt and not some opponent. And VP Singh had a lot of credibility as an honest man. In contrast, Pappu, Vadri and Sonia have zero credibility and are known to be corrupt to the core. Not one single Congress coolie counselled this juvenile jerk on the dangers of abusing Modi nonstop:
I have observed Modi’s behaviour since the 2002 elections in Gujarat. Modi stores up his retaliations for the appropriate moment and has a great sense of timing. In LS2019 campaign, it was four rounds of voting and consistent abuse and when the remaining rounds shifted to familiar territory that he launched a scathing attack on the corrupt Gandhi Pariwar with one single line on Rajiv Gandhi – “Bhrashtachari No.1”. That was enough to rattle Congis and their coolies in media. For a sample, look at this worthless street thug, with an abusive wife, a corrupt life, he talks about “Bhartiya Sabhyata”:
Rajdeep Sardesai and his anti-Hindu, hate-mongering scumbagini wife Sagarika are the most abusive couple in media. Apart from being racists, Rajdeep had baked his whole supply of life-rotis on the burning bodies of Gujarat 2002. He gets violent at MSG, his wife abuses Indians as “Ugly”, she mocks Indians’ poor English with taunts like “You understanding Inglees?” and these scoundrels are custodians of “Bhartiya Sabhyata”? The scumbags in media are as dangerous as any terrorist and often they are bigger threats than terrorists.

The most corrupt political family on earth. Not one person in the family is free of corruption or abuse of power. And when one man, Narendra Modi, rises from a poor background to power by sheer performance and popularity, they abuse him endlessly. To abuse one man for so long, to abuse his caste, his wife, his mother, his parents just because the people took a liking to him and voted him to power is criminal. And then, the sociopath RahulG uses the Catholic crappery to describe his abuses as “Love” that he showers on Modi:
The Congress coolies everywhere were cheering like Jingo-girls dancing at a sports event or at a drunkards’ party. They were getting political-orgasms each time Pappu called Modi a “Chor”. The retaliation was bound to come and come heavily on the entire Gandhi Pariwar. The Vadri even listened to kids shouting crap, including nonsense like “Modi saala Bhadwa Hai”. Who teaches children such crap? What characters, and what filthy culture do these Gandhis possess? A professor from BHU, KK Mishra, summed up their repulsive behaviour quite succinctly (Video 2.19 mins):
Modi is absolutely right in trashing the Gandhi Pariwar. Their crimes should not be buried like Mughal crimes and a whole new generation must learn about it. And this Pariwar includes everyone from Indira right down to Vadra. The Sonia regime didn’t run a govt, they ran a mafia outfit. As the idiotic mafia gang in “Goodfellas” falls to pits, one of the footsies becomes a “Rat” and spills everything to the FBI. In the final scene he narrates his pathetic fall:

It didn't matter. When I was broke, I just went out and robbed some more. We ran everything.  We paid off cops, we paid off lawyers, we paid off judges. Everybody had their hands out. And now it's all over. I have to wait around like anyone else… I'm an average nobody. I get to live the rest of my life like a schnook”.

The rightful place for the Congotri of Corruption, SoniaG, and all those around her – Rahul, Pitroda, Vadra, Chidambaram etc. is in a jail for multiple scams. I am sure Modi is determined to put away the corrupt. They too deserve the life of an average nobody in jail and live the life of a schnook


  1. What a smashing article brother!
    Keep going at these fonts of corruption.
    Brilliant as usual

  2. अप्रतिम।
    ...अब देखना शेष है कि कब काल का प्रहार होता है इस समस्त'वंश' पर!
    वाट लगनी तो निश्चित है...कब? यह समय बतायेगा।

  3. Corruption is hued in the fabric of the country, blame it on the culture or the despondency created in the character of the people due to constant infiltration of foreign plunderers, which was made-up, and fecilitated by the corrupt, and nowhere in the world, the people suffering is due to these corrupt, and to beat this devil, a threadbare reformation needs to be done in the system, and that's where Modi failed in the first term, and if he has realized it, better late than never, he has a job cut out, to root out corruption, in every aspect of our lifetime and for the future generations.

    1. To be fair, if Modi had taken actions against the secret family in the first term, the stronger media would have trashed him and the stupid NDTV watching hindus would have taken Modi down. Now, the media is slightly weaker (that's why they've started using foreign media). Action can be taken in term 2.

    2. There is one way to kill 'bacteria, quite a different way to kill the 'virus. Chinese Gandhis are 'superbugs'. Need a far more lethal dose and a patient doctor like Modi ji.

  4. At least those who are fortunate plus can't forget the corruption and quests and the scam stories. As for youngsters they are more perspicacious than Rahul and his gang put together.

  5. Payback time! Simply brilliant Raviji.

  6. Sonia was a poverty stricken semiliterate woman who married into a royally corrupt family. A couple of fortuitous deaths suddenly made her the emperor's consort.

    It didn't take her long to start living her fantasies, as the first misuse of naval ships as holiday yachts started in 1985, a mere few months after Indira's death. Another death, and in a few years she herself became the empress ruling through a cunning babu masquerading as a dummy. It was unfettered loot now.

    (There was supposed to be another fortuitous death but the Ishrat gang got eliminated before they could reach their target).

    Whichever journo could be bought, was handsomely rewarded to cover up her crimes. Unfortunately it no longer works that way anymore. SM has changed all that.

  7. 1970s corruption was at its zenith. That's the time when anti corruption movement of JP took shape all over India. 1974 I was in Bihar for Smallpox eradication for WHO. It was a north east corner of the state. WHO gave us lot of money ten times my salary for expenses. I was advised not to keep with me but deposit in a bank and draw when needed. With sane advise from local doctor I went to a then recently nationalised bank and deposited in an SB account. When in a week I needed cash for buying fuel for my Jeep I presented a cheque for 500 RS. Petrol at 3.5rs it was a huge amount. When I got the cash it was 495.00 only. Shocked and thinking it was a counting mistake I returned it to cashier to count. He said it is OK. 5rs less and it was commission of clerk. My friend told me that it was bribe and it is so here. But it was WHO money and I raised a hue and cry with manager and threatened them that I will inform WHO. Then 5rs was returned.That was the level of corruption.
    Funny JP came to that place one day and addressed 50k people at midnight. Among the crowd was the future CMs of Bihar one of whom is incarcerated.

  8. The Congotri of Corruption is the least worrying aspect. Its the total control of India by foreign Break India, Vatican, OpusDei, KGB and terrorist forces, after this illiterate uncultured uncouth Italian barmaid stepped into India.

    1. To be noted that it is reported that IndiraG was initially reluctant to this marriage, however this Italian KGB,OpusDei and Xtian Palestinian (George Habash) connections resulted in L.B.Shastri assassination and IndiraG rise (To be noted she was "dating"Rajiv Gandhi since 1965,just aftre another white Xtain woman lady mountbatten rule ended in 1964, due to Narakwaas of Reverend nehru)
    2. IndiraG after the arrival of this evil, shadowy, white christian woman was able to outsmart the Syndicate of strong leaders like K.Kamraj, Morarji Desai etc. itself points to foreign hand (vide Sonia)
    3. Just like Netaji and S.P Mookherji,L.B. Shastri another challenger died mysteriously, murdered, D.D. Upadhaya, in a train, cut to pieces, and found in loco shed. Trains and Railway stations in India are filled to brim, and no sound and nobody saw it??? Not believable? He must have been drugged or poisoned and then cut..Another OpusDei KGB type killing??
    4. JP was leading the fight against Emergency, and never was in hospital, but hiding and fighting, his kidneys failed suddenly after Janta Govt took over?? Surprising since kidney failure is NOT A SUDDEN but gradual process, and HE DIED OF KIDNEY FAILURE??
    6. Sanjay Gandhi was a more experienced Pilot, than Rajiv Gandhi who was a IA Pilot, and PMs son on top of it, and he or his copilot of his private Airport Club staff won't check the fuel meter?? No parachutes and no emergency radio contact? Also DD (Only channel working then) first reports talked of eye witnesses account of blast in the aircraft (explains the above), but this was subsequently not carried by either DD or any bloody newspaper. Eyewitness accounts went silent.. Day was Sunday. OpusDei and INTERNAL SABOTAGE. No external person could have done it. SONIA-R.K DHAWAN (PAKIPANJABI Bstd) suspected to be main culprits (those who think on media bhaads lines of conspiracy theories can check the DD footage etc, if not destroyed in mysterious fires)

  9. On Sanjay Gandhi case, it is reported, that, Italian Sonia in fact announced 5 mins before the crash, about death of Sanjay. LABOR OF LOVE??
    7. The deaths of IndiraG itself points to a bigger conspiracy of OpusDei-Vatican and KGB who worked together, but gave Optics of opposition. As per TOILET OF ITALY (TOI OF PIMPS OF VATICAN, WORLD COUNCIL OF CHURCHES, 31 Oct 1984 also Indian Express), Sonia was the first to raise Alarm, was she following her?? Or PIMPS OF VATICAN were trying to paint this hell demon in angelic way looooong back. Its ALREADY KNOWN THAT IB AND RAW had warned IndiraG to remove those bodyguards from her security, Italian SOW-NIA overuled it, she FORCED THE CONCERNED PEOPLE,TO TAKE bleeding IndiraG to Ram Manohar Lohia hospital, despite knowing that AIIMS, just 2 mins away, always has emergency facilities ready 24x7 for WORKING PMs..IT WAS DELIBERATE. AND A CONSPIRACY

  10. After crying Chowkidar... and asking public to respond... then RaGa says - Kaam ho gaya. Similarly after announcing 72000 scheme - kaam ho gaya. As if these scamsters just want to announce and get votes. After that who bothers.

  11. Repeating here - "Who can beat Raviji in writing such cracking blogs? Raviji himself!

    The abuses hurled at Hindus, Bharatmata and Modiji seem to galvanize him and the adrenaline flows in a rush. Jai ho!"

    To add to his furious writings, the Chinese Gandhis and their coterie's shenanigans spur him on further. Take a bow Raviji!

  12. as usual, precise and apt understanding of affairs.
    nicely summarized.

  13. I think Hand outs. not hands out. I also think Modi gave them 5 years to correct themselves from the wrong path they are treading so long and now he will punish them. Only the corrupt courts can save them or some corrupt CBI personnel.

    1. This will also be transient phase as someone else should take up and complete the job.

  14. The words Ravji coins become Part of Nationalist Lexicon, remember he was the first to use COM-RATS, Chinese Gandhis, Congi Coolies, C5M, Librandu... and its now part of Nationalist discourse against the traitors and terrorists. I remember once on Twitter Ravi Sir, roasted Sagarika GHOST alive, and in reply she was just able to give a smiling tweet. HE IS A HOLY TERROR TO PRESSTITUTES AND BHADWA, PIDI PETTICOAT (OR IS IT ITALIAN SKIRT) MEDIA.

  15. Everyone must read the India Chapters of Mitrokhin Archive which in circulation in social media, to understand the rampant corruption that existed in Indira Gandhi's time. Suitcases of money were transported to her by KGB. Lalit Narayan Mishra was the conduit.
    As regards Sonia Gandhi, Sambit Patra once summed it up beautifully by quoting a Sanskrit Shlok in one of the TV debates: Akashaat Patitam toyam yatha gacchati sagaram......... Just as all rainwater reaches the sea, all black money reaches the Gandhi family....

  16. What is strange is that the NDA govt should fail to reprint the reports of the Shah Commission and Maruti Commission, proscribed by IndiraG on returning to power in 1981. Moreover, what prevented the current dispensation from instituting an inquiry into the enormous wealth of the Family and its source/situs and from withdrawing the expensive security cover provided to these usurpers at the cost of the country's taxpayers? In addition, this govt simply failed to garner the courage to institute an inquiry into the death of Rajiv and it's mysterious circumstances. And, in addition, it ignored the fact that an outsider attended each cabinet meeting of Rajiv and thus became a danger to the country.

    1. Putting enquiry for wealth - would be a non starter as many things are not available in black and white. SoGa does not even have a car in her name. Before you remove security covers - you need to weaken their voice such that they do not cry from roof top about vendetta and seek sympathy from public. Enquiry over death of Rajiv Gandhi if points towards DMK etc. would again play upon hornets nest of vendetta. In the second term lot of things should be possible. Still I feel building country is more important. Yes SoGa RaGa and their accomplices must continue to take rounds of courts and commissions.

    2. One problem with removing security cover would be; if something happens (which will be initiated by congis only), they will reinforce the bindu terror story. So, it is better to keep their security and publish reports of where they went, whom they met, etc. I'm still interested in knowing where they go outside India.

    3. Yes, that is correct. More than this, I don't want to discuss here.

  17. I am ashamed of having voted for so many long year years to Congress.fortunate enough to know true colors of INC and it's leaders at least now.
    God save Bharat.

    1. My reply to Mr. Yogesh may be seen. Yes, not only you, millions of Indians over the years since the days of Nehru were misled and cheated into believing that the Family is the rightful dynasty to rule the divided country. Crores of Indians still swear by them.

  18. I entirely endorse the views of Mr. Yogesh Jain. As regards the point :"Enquiry over death of Rajiv Gandhi if points towards DMK etc. ", I actually meant "a person closer" to the three dead persons in the FAMILY. I hope the hint is clear.

    About what Mr. Yogesh has said about SoGa not owning even a car in her name, I would take the liberty here to say that the successive govts gave too much latitude to this Family and had no courage to make an all out effort to uncover the properties and assets of the extended Family being protected at tax payers'cost. The loot of the Family lies safely abroad and since 1977.
    May I delve into my experience of handling the income tax investigation, during the failed Janata Rule (1977-80),in the cases of the Family (except Indira Gandhi), its three Maruti companies and Mrs. Indira Gandhi's very special friend Dhirendra Brahmachari and his (fake) Aparna Ashram and (now Govt run) Vishwayatan Yogashram.

    As a Delhi man, and posted in Delhi at that time, I remember people talking of convoys moving out of Delhi (immediately after Indira Gandhi lost in the election) and the convoys later being seen reaching the Mantalai resort of the fake Brahmachari--Aparna Ashram.In other words, in a matter of hours, huge loads of things were seen by people being moved out of Delhi in armoured vehicles within hours of Mrs. Indira being unseated. Sadly, the Janata govt never cared to follow up on these "rumours".
    I was assigned the cases in June, 1977. We, the officers in the Central Circles, and the then Intelligence Wing of the Income Tax Deptt were housed in Mayur Bhavan. One day probably in 1978, around lunch, one of my batchmates in the Intelligence Wing dropped in at my chamber to tell me that the Farmhouse of Mrs. Gandhi was being searched. I immediately rushed to my close friend and collegue (one batch senior in the IRS, who later retired as a member of the CBDT) who was the Asstt Dir.(equivalent to the present day Addl. Dir., Investigation) and told him that they would totally fail as the entire cache (including valuables and documents) were at Aparna Ashram of the fake Brahmachari in Mantalai. By that time, it was too late and the search party returned empytyhanded from the Farmhouse. All this happened only because the Intelligence Wing, as per the SOP, did not take into confidence the assessing officer in the cases.

    Any way, the opportunity to catch them was lost for ever.
    Later, for years, the country remained as a private estate of the Family and there was no question of anyone making any inquiries. Even the NDA govts never had the courage of touching the family as is evident from the fact that the reports of the Shah Commission and Maruti Commission, both proscribed after Indira Gandhi returned to power in 1980-81, were never reprinted and made available to the public.

    At 75, these are some of my reminiscences in which nobody ever evinced any interest as I remained a rebel in the IRS (unlike Arvind Kejriwal) and unsuccessful too!

  19. Sorry, Sir, none will ever do that. We have lost to the Family, mainly due to the communists.

  20. Most brilliant article till date
    Modi is India's destiny man
    Hinduism is raising again, now it is destined for the Khan market media & Lutyens media to dies violently.
    It will take another 40 years for these media to get silenced & Hinduism to spread its true colors & perfume

  21. Wish what Anonnymous says above comes true. The key perhaps or say beginning of the same will be re-election of BJP (alone) getting majority & together with allies gets 2/3 rd majority and subsequently gets the same in Rajya Sabha also to be able to amend respective laws and pass new laws suitably.


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