Tuesday, May 7, 2019

Confirmed Losers - 3

(Please read Part-1 and Part-2 of this series if you haven’t yet.)

Every party in the elections will claim they are confident of winning and every member of the ThugBandhan is entitled to claim PM Modi will be thrown out. But in modern elections, every major party also conducts its own internal opinion polls and exit polls. You can be sure that both BJP and Congress have exit polls from the five phases of voting so far. Even after four phases Narendra Modi’s speeches are indicators of what BJP’s internal exit polls are telling him. In particular, his NEW assertion that this is the first time in history that there’s a “pro-incumbency” wave is not mere election hyperbole. Add to that the thrashing response to “Chor” rants of RaGa with an attack on “Bhrashtachari No.1Rajiv Gandhi. Modi knows how to time his slaps.

I have written since 2014 that SoniaG will not be campaigning again for Congress. This is more because of her frail health. She didn’t even bother much to campaign in her own constituency of Rae Bareli. Such is the taking of voters for granted. But her silence, like a snake coiled into its wicker basket, is also an indicator of what Congress expects. Otherwise, she would have been chirping and exuberant at least to the extent of making loud statements to the media. Sonia would be hoping for some miracle and that’s not illegal yet:
As the LS2014 verdict became obvious even before elections started, there were Christian college principals writing emails to students to not vote Modi. There were the usual comic lot of actors, acrobats, flame-throwers, bikini-dancers, artyfart idiots all writing public letters to defeat Modi. And they have sprung up again and have been writing letters this time too. But they are low-key for some reason. Here is one of the most uncouth, smooth-talking criminals who the media foists on public for no reason other than his vulgar Commie utterances. Yogendra Yadav, the fake pollster, fake social activist and “Real Salim” threatened in 2014 the country will burn if Modi becomes PM:
Exactly what India-hating pigs want. That if they don’t get the party or PM of their liking, the country should burn. This is exactly what the Congress and their Sickular accomplices want – India to burn if they don’t win and if Modi becomes PM again. They are now poised to create every legal hurdle in govt formation if Modi wins again and if he becomes PM, they will do everything to burn India. Juvenile jerk Rahul Gandhi kept ranting “Modi Chor Chor” and when Modi hit back in different words to say “Tera Baap Chor Hai” all hell broke loose:
The same tiny dancers of Congress who encouraged RG in his spurious rants, none could counter the fact that Rajiv Gandhi was a “Chor” and corrupt. They all harped on his being dead and being some kind of “martyr”. Rajiv is no martyr but we will settle that in another post. I have repeatedly stated in multiple posts that the Thugbandhan is not interested in India or her future nor do they have any kind of agenda for the country, their state or their constituency. All they want is to escape jail for their crimes:
On May 4, PM Modi’s public interaction on IndiaTV was aired and for the first time he stated what I have been stating all along. That neither Congress nor any of the Sickular give two hoots about India or her future. They only want power to wriggle out of all the cases against them and bury those cases to survive. That’s why they hate Modi, call him names and probably want him dead (Video 1.43 mins):
They will do anything to escape the law – burn India, hold the SC to ransom, concoct all kinds of frivolous PILs and other cases. Abuse the EC, CEC, EVMs, CJI – no one will be spared. Last year, the brainless SM Head of Congress, Divya Spandana, made a tweet calling the CJI a “Bench-fixer” and Congress has the audacity to claim Modi is destroying institutions. For this tweet and the accusation within, the “Spindena” moron should have been hauled up and jailed for Contempt but our SC too is a willing accomplice in these Congress crimes:
I am overlooking the photoshopped pic of Hitler to equate him with Modi. These tiny dancers think these artyfarty crap might help them in anyway. Following this tweet abusing the CJI there was a discussion on Republic TV where prominent advocate Harish Salve revealed that from 2014, he had suggested that the Congress will try to destabilise ModiSarkar through the judiciary (video excerpt 1.00 min):
Spindena abuse and contempt of SC – Unpunished. Prashant Bhushan abuse of SC over Judge Loya verdict and another Contempt in the Rafale episode – Unpunished. RaGa abuse and Contempt of SC in his “Chowkidar Chor” rants – Unpunished. What is the message that the SC is repeatedly giving us and, particularly, to the Congress Coolies? That “Barkis is Willing”. This level of abuse of SC, Contempt episodes and arm-twisting of judges with impeachment motions and sexual-misconduct allegations emboldens the Congis to think they have the courts in their pockets and any election verdict can be subverted or put on hold through the SC. Thus, it encourages the audacity of tainted lawyers like Indira Jaising to ask an absurd question:
Who will be the vacation judges? What’s it to this moron who the vacation judges will be? Pretty obviously, she is looking for some pliant judges who will do an encore with “Barkis is willing”. The same goes for other members of the Congress legal-mafia – Abhishek Singhvi, Kapil Sibal, Prashant Bhushan etc. They are not asking an innocent question – all of them know who the vacation judges will be and who are most likely to hear petitions challenging the LS2019 election verdict. They also know who their darling choices are best equipped to put a hold on Modi being sworn in again and on what grounds. Their behavioural pattern naturally makes me estimate they already have a plan ready. They didn’t expect the thrashing in 2014 but this time they are prepared:
They have already filed multiple cases in the SC to force the EC to somehow act against Modi over some speeches and get him barred. Modi is far too clever a politician with words and signs to get trapped into the Congi tricks. So, even as the EC has given a clean-chit to Modi in more than one complaint, their SC-attack will continue. Their Commie sidekick TheLiar has offered them some good hints:
IndiraG’s election was annulled because she used Babu’s and official machinery to act as her campaign managers. TheLiar stupidly quotes some Niti Aayog official seeking some data on certain territories and claims this is to facilitate Modi campaigning in those exact territories. The linkage even as circumstantial evidence is silly and poor. But doesn’t matter, the legal mafia will petition SC on this to “try their luck” to question Modi’s election from Varanasi and try to get him debarred. That’s the first salvo. What are the other actions planned? They would have already gone through the nomination papers filed by Modi with a fine toothcomb but probably found nothing. Here are some things the legal mafia will undertake post elections.

# For some reason or other that they will concoct, the legal mafia will seek to halt the counting in Varanasi or Stay the declaration of result for some EVM fault concoction. They have already started in earnest by filing a petition in SC for that sacked BSF Jawan-candidate who has a dubious record. They probably hope to get the Varanasi election annulled with protracted exchanges on this spurious case:
# Across MP, Rajasthan and Maharashtra multiple recounts will be demanded and, in some constituencies, the courts will be approached for fresh elections to some booths or to the entire constituency.
# A fresh petition will be filed in the SC again to reiterate the demand for results to be declared only after 50% VVPAT counting. They are already trying hard on this front:
# It is not Congress alone, there are other senior players in the business that are worried about holding on to their so-called bastions. Sharad Pawar is rattled enough to worry and state if his daughter Supriya Sule loses from Baramati then EVMs are definitely manipulated and people will lose faith in democracy. Count another strike in some EC complaint or a court case. AB Vajpayee lost LS election in 1984. Narasimha Rao lost in 1984 (during Indira sympathy wave) and Arun Jaitley lost in 2014 (During ModiWave). These are some big names but faith in democracy would be lost if some little nobody like Supriya Sule loses an election just because she is the daughter of Pawar? Such is the arrogant crap from dynastic goons.

All this is subject to the numbers game. The Sickular mafia hopes that BJP will hang around 230-240 and their allies get another 30-40 odd. This would leave the BJP and allies with a slender majority. However, if the BJP by itself gets a clear majority again and with their Allies cross 300, then the legal mafia will have to be a lot more innovative. Their prime target in either case will be to throw a spanner in the Varanasi election result and somehow get it stayed by the SC. The Congis have already run to the EC with a complaint against Modi over his severe trashing of RajivG over corruption. A clear win for BJP and with allies over 300 will definitely mean the end of Chinese Gandhis and many Sickular scamsters. Let’s hope this is the last time this EVIL raises its ugly head in this country.

Series concluded.


  1. Excellent series, something which we all have come to expect from Ravinar.
    Hi, are there any good articles on pre-poll projections.

  2. Stunning revelations. God save this country from 'Legal Mafia' and 'Thugbhandhan'

  3. I'm still nervous over evms and vvpats. Even if either of them is hackable, we won't know which mc's numbers are correct or hacked. vvpats only doubled the probability of hackability & contention.. and there's manual counting involved! so no wonder congies want 50% or more vvpat counting

    1. We are fearful because Congi and their supporters are downhill devious. I'm though very sure this time - as last time - Modiji and team must be quite prepared. Plus Congis got whiff of power in MP, Raj due to devious machinations. That was good warning. Kind of - as in Mahabharat - every arrow from evil's quiver exhausted before 2019 came up. So now the game, match and set should be with righteous i.e. NDA and BJP only.

  4. WOW.Ravinar,You read my mind.I am saying this several times.Modi will get 400 seats but cannot be PM under orders of a pliant Judge

    1. With 44, Khangi morons can walk for impeachment of CJI....

      with 400, let it be real and let the justices sweat in their underpants to even contemplate such action !!!

    2. We are eager to watch the great circus thrown by the MSM Let me assure that we are prepared till our last breathes to finish the any and every traitor. The words are getting more fringe at the end of the phase 5.

      Let us wait and watch the great Drama on 23rd May 2019.

  5. phew.....

    just waiting for roller coaster ride to end.....

    It's a blessing that we live in the era to read Ravi Sir's writings real-time, like Sun rays blast through mist and other assorted sickular gobar gases to reveal the truth.

    Pray PM Narendra Modi Ji reads this series and give a suitable position to Ravi Sir (not that he ever wanted or desired such....just my prayers) in the next cabinet and let the truth prevail over these sickular leftist commie media morons and take away their farm houses and 2BHK flat (pun intended).

    Take a bow Ravi Sir. Namaskaram

  6. In the para beginning 'Who will be the vacation Judges? ', it should be LS2019, and not LS2029. Please rectify soon.

  7. If the congis and their stooges succeed in the stay order from Sharia Court of the election of NaMo as PM even after his getting majority,can the President take up the issue and bring it to logicalend?

  8. Far from being the last time, 2019-24 will be the first for extreme viciousness in public life. Congress has deep assets in media, ngo, academia, bureaucracy, judiciary, foreign agencies, crime syndicates, hawala networks, islamic fundamentalists, pakistan/dubai based indian gangsters, illegal immigrants, corrupt contractors/moneybags/traders/traffickers, conversion/evangelising racket, indian and international mafia and several more shady elements. All these function as reserve strength of congress. In the last five years, congress has used only media+academia+bollywood+awarded intellectuals to combat modi. It yielded minimal pickings so far. Now congress has very little front-strength left. If it does not regain power within next 10 years, it will not survive... Nor will much of breaking-india forces. There will be an unprecedented desperation in congress during 2019-24. No stone will be left unturned by them to fight modi. Next five years will see unseen heights in both progress of india as well as tarnishing of india. All the firepower used by congress in the last five years will seem puny compared to what they will do every month in the next give years. Civil society as well as newly forged hindu unity will both reach their breaking point. We will see unprecedented attempts of hindu muslim riots all over india. Non-bjp ruled states will openly declare rebellion against center. Even indian army might need be summoned to chastise the errants. At least 2-3 bhindrawale type sedition will emerge.

    BJP, OTOH only has the cadre strength of RSS on whom it can completely trust. But being of an idealistic bent, RSS is ill equipped to cut shady deals. What they lack in guile is more than made up by their scale of operation as well as resolve. They do hold a deep cadre strength of modi-like warriors. They will have to be optimally utilized. Alag from RSS, all the strength of BJP is of very recent origin and it will be tested to the limits. Modi is a formidable warrior and we will get to see his true caliber only now.

    It will be a time of exhilaration. It will be a time of frustrations. It will be a time of death and celebration alike.

    Brace yourself for it ... Coming five years will be the most intense five years seen in our history.

    1. Man... What an inspired post... My compliments... 😄

    2. Enjoyed to the core of the heart !the Gurudev Ravinar Ji's post along with this comments become highly spicey.

      We as SyamSevak are ready to handle each and every compo of the congis and comrat lot , come what in our way , we will smash them and the Mann Bharati will triumphs to het glory in days to come.

      Bande Matram!!!

  9. The evil head will not raise again, if BJP manages to win,looks like the goose is already cooked to be served at BJP2019 dining table

  10. Dear Praful,

    Far from it. Post Modi's re-election, the breaking India forces will probably go into hibernation for a few years, plan their fight back & wait till Modi retires. Hindu unity would be wasted unless we realize the gravity of situation & the deep pockets & influences of people we are fighting.

    1. Key will be "G M G K M" decode it..Hindus must do it earnestly and deceptively like BIFs(combined) are doing in last 1000 yrs including last 70 years since 1947

    2. Guess I don't work for raw. so unable to decode.

  11. Yes, it is a time of great tension due to the uncertainty of voting pattern all over India. The tukde-tukde gang, which once looked to many indians as something out of Arnab Goswami's delusions, is now making itself so apparent very vociferously and viciously. This is far worse than 2014 where BJP had not so much to loose. Having cast our votes we can only pray for a happy May the 23rd !!!

  12. Prophetic article and an equally prophetic comment. If Modi wins opposition will unleash all diabolic forces to break India at any cost. It remains to be seen how Modi's spiritual force guides him to set India on irreversible path of progress amidst never_seen_before chaos in next 5 years.

  13. The sheet stringing together if everything that goes into this complex election can only be done by you. And how you put the jigsaw together for the big picture!!

  14. वज्रप्रहार....खानग्रेसी व स्तालिनोइस्लामी कुनबे पर।
    उनका अंत निश्चित है। भाजपा व समर्थकों में सजगता आवश्यक है क्योंकि देश के शत्रु खूँखार हैं।

  15. Superb series of the 3 articles

  16. Fantabulous series.. Really loved reading every word of this.. I'm only scared that these losers will resort to violence to any extent if the legal option doesn't work..

    Waiting to see them weep in agony and anguish..

    Bye bye Khangress & Other dynastic gunda parties..

  17. Excellently explained. One more thing they will do is to put external pressure, using external media houses and ad agencies.

    When we type "news from India" on youtube, top results are (soft) anti India videos from BBC, DW, France 24, etc. Finally we have to append suffix "-bbc -dw" in the search box.

    They use these media to paint a very bad picture of India in the powerful western world. This enables them to get donations from "concerned" westerners. This money is used against Hindus / India.

    Indian movies and now serials also are being used to attack our culture in subtle ways. Our enemies have been playing the game silently for many years but we Hindus are stupid and work extra to show that we are liberal. We accept such crap from the "shiny" media. Hoping for a great "veintitrés de mayo" for the sake of India.

  18. Well said Ravi.Have read all three parts.NDA III appears a reality now with BJP crossing 250+.Reason why MSM, NGOs,Left Liberals,Darbaris and other Congressi riff raff are working on plan B.Courts, EC,International media,Urban Naxals... expect all of them to put up concerted efforts post 23rd May to somehow stall Modi.But then they don't know Modi.

  19. They can try whatever they want. Every scheme will fail. Their time is up. I just hope the fake Gandhis end up having all their ill-gotten assets seized, and thrown in a dungeon somewhere to live out the rest of their miserable lives. Under no circumstances should they be allowed to leave so they can live in peace and luxury in Italy on stolen Indian wealth.

  20. Who can beat Raviji in writing such cracking blogs? Raviji himself!

    The abuses hurled at Hindus, Bharatmata and Modiji seem to galvanize him and the adrenaline flows in a rush. Jai ho!

  21. How Italian Sonia, the chritsian White supremacist fascist planted a NIA agent (reported to be in touch with Opus Dei also) to trap BJP in fake Hindu terror theory
    The hate started because MODIJI was the first to pass Anti Conversion Law in Gujarat in 2006, which incensed the Vatican and white klannist and christian genocidal bloodthirsty draculas. Italian beggar Sonia went after Modi with the help f crypto Xtian (mostly PAAKIPANJABI AND FAKE JAIN HARAMIS, WHITE DNA PRDS) MEDIA AND CONGIS

  22. Read this for the
    first time, was impressed,may God
    bless you, every
    one is with you,
    on the side of Pandavs in this Mahabharat.


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