Thursday, May 2, 2019

Confirmed Losers - 1

Behavioural Analysis is not a well-known domain in India. It is a study of behavioral patterns of individuals, groups, criminals, terrorists that intends to predict outcomes or to create a profile of a suspect. Such analysis is now used in major democracies to profile suspects and also potential criminals. As the world faces more challenges to security this is a domain of specialists who are becoming more and more in demand. As with IITs or IIMs, PM Narendra Modi should set up specialized institutes that impart the skills to qualified graduates on behavioural analysis.

Almost every professional undertakes such analysis unconsciously. Products are designed based on observation of patterns of human behaviour. Washing detergents started including a perfume as ingredient because the observers realized people don’t wash clothes and check for brightness – they wash clothes and smell them to check if it smells good. Only 5% of all salesmen consistently achieve or exceed their targets. This is when, in a group of salesmen, all of them are selling the same product. The reason why the 5% do very well is not because they have a better sales-pitch or their share of the product is better packaged. They profile their prospect quickly by asking a few questions and tailor their pitch to each prospect differently.

The concept of Behavioural Analysis for crime-solving and prevention was originally created by the FBI. In hundreds of cases their specialists have managed to accurately profile unknown suspects which has resulted in arrests and prosecution. Of course, this cannot be 100% accurate but it points investigators in a proper direction when no clue or lead is available. Let’s take an example. In May-June 1985 Larry Gene Bell abducted and killed two young girls (one was only 9 years old). He used to call the families and torment them. The cops couldn’t find any clue or lead to who the killer could be as he masked his voice with electrical devices over the phone. Here’s how the FBI analyst profiled the suspect (Video 1.56 mins):

Believe it or not, the profile created by the analyst was 100% accurate. And because of the profiling the cops could trap the killer into his own behavioural patterns. (The full episode of this incident is available on Youtube). Take another example – the Jesus salesmen from the missionary mafia. Their prospect-profile is also clear. The person or family would be poor, usually from the Adivasi or a backward caste group, has debts on his head, lives in an area where Commies influence life and so on. Thus, such individuals and families are easy pickings for the Jesus salesmen.

Political pundits, idiots, known Congress Coolies, fully-depreciated journos all miss something about Modi that they are unable to fathom. Modi has perfectly profiled the behavioural patterns of the Sickular goons and their predictable responses to his statements. He blunted the stupid “Chowkidar Chor” rants of Pappu with “Main Bhi Chowkidar”. Even though people weren’t buying the “Chor” comment he has taken advantage of it. Modi has compelled the Opposition folks to make the most idiotic, illogical statements almost every single day. An underdog or challenger (as the Opposition is in this election) should be smart enough to be humble, often play victim, seek crowd support and hope to win. But Rahul, Vadri, Akhilesh, Mamata and all the others are doing just exactly the opposite. They are making themselves appear the villain with their stupid statements and abuses against Modi.

The Vadri was touted as a great “Phansi Ki Rani” who would contest from Varanasi and slay the giant Modi or at least whittle down his victory margin. But cowards don’t go beyond empty blabber and usually offer the dumbest of excuses. Here Priyanka claims she didn’t want to contest Varanasi as her Congi sidekicks wanted her attention to all 41 constituencies she is allotted to campaign for and not focus her energy on Varanasi:
How moronic is that. That Priyanka is as dumb as her brother is now not in doubt at all. Modi and Shah are contesting from one seat each but they are doing hundreds of rallies across the country. Her own brother is contesting from 2 seats and holding rallies in all states. So, this is more of an indirect admission that she neither has the talent nor the skill to handle the pressure of campaigning and contesting. This is the behavioural pattern of a loser. Elsewhere, another pathetic Congi moron, Navjot Sidhu, tweets nonsense to abuse Modi through his “Chaiwala, Pakodawala, Chowkidar” crap:
Modi forces these Sickulars into such desperation that they utter absolute rubbish which further angers and alienates the general public and particularly the poor guys who are involved in these professions. A couple of weeks ago, Ashok Gehlot, the Rajasthan CM from Congress, made another stupid and absolutely unnecessary statement. He claimed President Kovind was made the President only because he was a “Dalit” and for BJP to balance the Gujarat elections. I don’t see how Gujarat, which has a lower percentage of Muslims and Dalits can be affected by a Presidential election. But the newborn-Congi Udit Raj goes one step further:
Well, Udit Raj, who quit BJP for not getting an election ticket is the All-India SC/ST Chairman. To allude that the President is a “deaf and dumb” Dalit is the most comic abuse that I have heard. Both Gehlot and Udit Raj have dragged the President into the election campaign with no meaning and no purpose and they both look foolish and lost for ideas and words. This is what the Modi-pressure is doing to the losers. They are reduced to showering abuses with no meaning at all. Two days back, Akhilesh Yadav grandly ranted that the PM should be “banned for 72 years” by the EC because of the complaints the Congis made to EC on Modi violating the MCC.

In the Contempt case against Pappu for attributing the “Chor” quote to SC, he got smacked again. After trying to brazen it out with a vague “regret” expression to the court RG was compelled to file another affidavit with a clear “apology” to the court or face 666 lashes. The SC seems unusually kind to Congress jokers and abusers. By all measures, RG should have been severely punished. But it’s election season and it would be injustice if the public is deprived of the biggest clown in Indian politics. The worst expression of frustration comes from none other than the fraudulent crook Arvind Kejriwal. In a pathetic interview by Rajdeep Sardesai, who looked like he was doing an urgent interview just before hitting the bottle for the night, Kejriwal not only whines but his other claims about Modi are hilarious to say the least (Video 1.14 mins):
Apart from Kejri’s frustration over Modi getting wide media coverage, he claims Modi gets votes only because of his name (or image). “Modi gets votes for his image and I get votes for my work” says Kejri. Not even the most downtrodden sod would associate the word “work” with Kejri. Obviously, this conman has been sitting in his office too long and has never met ordinary people in Delhi for the last four years. They are openly cursing and abusing him all over. Besides, when asked “Modi Vs Who?” Kejri grandly answers “Modi vs Janta, vs Constitution, vs the Republic, vs Blah Blah”. This is the psychological damage that Modi has caused these jokers. Other than stupid blabber they don’t know how to deal with a formidable politician like Modi who has changed the equations of politics and how elections are fought.

Technology is a great change agent. In the age when everybody can be watched and every action can be caught on videos the politicians of the old are still left where they were. The Sickulars have not realized that throwing some promises, some doles, some caste appeals or appeals to Muslims does not work anymore. Modi has not only kept them in that trap, he has also forced them to behave in a manner where the only thing they do is abuse him. Modi knows all too well that the more they abuse him, the more sympathy they lose. He has understood their behavioural pattern well and profits from it and that is why he doesn’t retaliate much to their abuse. I have called RG a “Sociopath” with an “Anti-Social personality disorder”. His sister PG Vadra is no different. I have assessed her to be a case of ‘Borderline Personality Disorder”. And the Vadri shows that disorder in full bloom in this video where she exploits young kids to shout anti-Modi abuses (Video 57 secs):
There were morons who claimed the video was edited and only one part was posted on Twitter. I have put up both parts in the video and in between there is a note from me on how such jerks claim Vadri was trying to stop the kids. It is when they started with “Modi Saala Bhadwa Hai” that she realized she’s screwed up beyond limits. And such filthy politicians who even abuse children for their hate-mongering want power? You cannot leave a single kid in the care of these uncouth characters. How can you leave a country in their hands?

Four rounds of voting are over. And with each passing phase, the Sickulars are showing every sign they are confirmed losers. Their statements, their body language, their facial expressions are all resigned to a fate. Others like CB Naidu, Asad Owaisi have gone absolutely quiet – partly because their election phase is over and partly because they are chewing their nails. But yesterday at Ayodhya, PM Modi chanted “Jai Shri Ram” at his rally and predictably, Owaisi was ranting “Code violation, Code violation”. Modi knows exactly how to trap these fools. The next logical step for SICK Congis and their Sickular goons is to plan and subvert a democratic verdict. I can, and probably everyone can, sense their action plans through their legal mafia. That in the next part.

To be continued… 


  1. Just checked & saw this post posted only 3 minutes back.

    Must be a great read on my bday 😀.

    1. Happy Birthday.....You are starting a new year with a new vigor in the country , free of corrupts and desh drohis, and in the year when the real foundation for Suvarn Bharat is being laid.

    2. Thank you for your kind wishes.

      Certainly looking forward to another great 5 years starting 23rd May'19.

  2. This is a real eye opener.. When i first saw the doctored video, I really thought what a gentle person she is.. Now I can get the sadistic intentions.. They don't even spare young kids from their political opportunism..

    Yeah, can't agree more on the behavioral pattern analysis..

  3. Thanks for exposing the creepy sister

  4. Narendra Modi will be only leader of India who will sweep election poll by his works nit by sympathy votes.Rajeev Gandhi get sympathy vote after death of Indira Gandhi his mother in 1984 .But Modi thus time till 4th phase got 273 seats and in next 3 phases ge will get 140 seats .

  5. Brilliant!!
    But their brazeness is plain sign of losers or also some wicked planning? like any electronic gadget, EVMs would be hackable too. some global nexus?
    I bet modi/doval would've have considered those angles and precautions taken. The only novelty of these machines is they are in a controlled environment (doesn't mean foolproof)

  6. The most comic of them all is one frightened loser (monkey balancer rajdeep) interviewing another frustrated loser (ak420)!

  7. Waiting for the second part..

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  9. Can one of our fellows who got a nobel for rescuing children file a case on pg vadra for using children in this fashion...? I know he wont come to the rescue of these children. He has been used and made redundant.

  10. Nice, scientific and authentic write up. When is next part ?

  11. Great read once again, thank you for penning one more. CBN is not really quite though , blabbering all kinds of things... he simply gone mad as he is not good at being securalist either, unlike trained sickos

  12. If not for your artcles exposing the sinister games of CONgress, not many would have been aware how we have been taken for a ride

  13. All the clowns are exposed now!So much frustrated that they dont know what to say ,ho ww to defend!Total clueless!Latest comedy is from Doggy,Kamalnath,Ghulamnabi and some others after Maulana Masood Azhar was declared as global terrorist by UN!

  14. Thanks for this excellent writeup once again

  15. Another outstanding piece ravinar.. thank you.

    Yes you are very right..the desperation, frustration, helplessness of opposition is visible..body language, utterances, slip of tongue, non stop abuse, drooping shoulders are all sign of impending defeat.

    The foreign intelligence agencies have clearly understood which side the wind is blowing..could be one reason why China went with others for declaring masood azhar hkoabl terrorist. They don't want to deal with an upset Modi in his second term just for a jihadi thug. Even the exit poll conducted by parties would have given the same result. hence the desperation got stronger.

    I am a student of psychology and know for a fact that behavioural psychology works..modi ji is the best practitioner and exponent of that subject. He has left everyone else gasping for breath. When sharad pawar says if supriya loses baramati which means the EVMs are rigged and people will lose faith in democracy, you realise that they folks just don't have any agenda for india...well that's modi's psychology at work.

  16. the raising creseendo of sickular crying louder as each election phase completes, it getting hot & hotter.... enjoying every bit of it. It is expected to be a the loudest & last cry... (hope so). Who will they blame after Pappu loses the elections & also lowest number of Khangress seats.... is getting curious day by day.
    Will they blame Imran Khan or Donald Trump or Vladimir Putin or President Xi is interesting to wait & see
    It is foregone conclusion that Pappu did real hardwork, told lies, blunt lies, felt sorry, apoplogized, but unrepentent, all because of Modi & Pappu committed no fault & he is as chirpy as a bird can be. Time for mother to think about his marriage. May be Divya Spandana will propose to him or not ro some secret surprise in offing, waiting to see.

  17. Pappu's Guru will have to find some bride like he found for himself i.e. girl who is 3/4 of his age, so that Guru - Chela relationship & parampara continues for time to come.

  18. Your second instalment will surely carry that Pappu is a British citizen as exposed by Dr Swami.Country has such brilliant women politicians like Nirmala,Meenakshi and others but this uneducated Priyanka gets so much coverage by shameless media people like Sreenivasan Jain.

  19. Last line-about legal challenge. Indira Jaisingh has already tweeted 2-3 days ago-- who is the vacation judge? There could be legal difficulties for government formation after 23rd May.

  20. Excellent observation by you Mr. Ravi.
    The only way the opposition can ever think of beating Mr. Modi is by being better than him in smartness, honesty, oratory and above all impeccable work ethics, which are impossible for any politician to replicate! So, as long as Mr. Modi is active, they have to just give up at some point!

  21. If President of India will not take the courts into his domain then after 23rd May SC may declare the election through EVM invalid and order for Fresh election through ballots.The purpose of filing Petitions by 21 Parties against the EVM is same as desired by SC.SC with a bench of few anti Modi judges will push the country to chaos and anarchy after May 23rd I apprehend.The Petitioners are aware of the result from people mind.They started canard against EVM only to get approval of a Biased Fascist Autocrat Judiciary .Lawyer
    Indira JaiSingh has hinted in that direction and petitions are ready to file on 23rd Midnight by P Bhushan.


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