Wednesday, April 3, 2019

Wayanad Vagabond

On Tuesday, April 2, the Congress released its manifesto for LS2019. It was best described by Arun Jaitley as “Positively Dangerous”. Some key features of the manifesto are – AFSPA will be diluted and terrorists or their families can prosecute armed forces. Sedition law will be repealed. Obviously, to facilitate the “Bharat ke tukde” gang. Laws and regulations will be reviewed and Bail will be made available to all, implying those accused of terrorism, rape and murder of women and so on will be entitled to bail. Part of the burden of the Ponzi72 scheme of NYAY will be on States and many current subsidies will be withdrawn to implement the scheme. In other words, the repealing of many laws is to facilitate wiping out crimes of the Gandhis, PC, his son Karti and many Congi scam-accused. I have said before, the Congress is on a desperate run to somehow get to power so that political criminals can escape the law. It is nothing but the manifesto of anti-nationals. In 5 years, ModiSarkar has not increased taxes but the Congress manifesto is bent on killing everyone with huge tax burden to fund their Ponzi schemes.

Fortunately, I have also said that the Congress in this form is NEVER coming back to power. But even in the desperate situation that the Congress is in, they have accomplished what no political party has ever achieved. It’s a unique distinction and Congress has made history. It has become the first political party in India and probably the world where three scam-accused, out-on-bail politicians are releasing an election manifesto:

All this is coming from a coward who is afraid of losing Amethi and has now run to Wayanad in Kerala as a second “safe seat” for sheer survival. This is as desperate a move as the Ponzi72 scheme. All of a sudden, a few weeks back, Congis from four states were inviting Rahul Gandhi to contest from their state – Karnataka, Telangana, TN and Kerala. Such invites never came in 2014 or before. The story of the choice of Wayanad is pretty obvious to everyone. It’s a Muslim majority constituency coupled with a sizeable Christian population – the ideal Chrislamic potion that the very family of Gandhis is. There was the happy-tongue, out on bail too, Shashi Tharoor to grandly welcome the sociopath. Very warm indeed. But there is comedy to the choice and also sinister implications too:
On the left is the seasonal frog, which is what the Gandhis are when it comes to their own constituencies. On the right, Pappu’s supporters are not celebrating with the Congress flag. They are celebrating with the Islamic flag. By itself the Islamic flag is harmless but it is most waved in India as an assertion of the desire for an Islamic India, a separate identity and at places that have become ghettos. The demography may be one reason for the choice of Wayanad. But I am not convinced that is the only one. I have a theory that the choice was influenced by multiple Islamic forces, two of them being Pakistan and their ISI. Such forces have cleverly picked Wayanad where ISIS ideology and enrolment seems to be flourishing. Some recent arrests of ISIS aspirants bear testimony to that:
How does this theory test out? In a shocking move Facebook knocked off 687 pages of Congress for “inauthentic” behaviour. All the accounts that were hosting these pages were linked to the Congress IT Cell. The content was mostly anti-Modi, anti-India and anti-Indian Army. What doesn’t surprise me at all is that all these pages had messages that were similar to those on Pakistani pages and even matched the time-line. It doesn’t end there. Facebook also removed 180 pages of ISI. Therefore, it clearly shows that Congress, Pakistan and ISI were carrying out a synchronised attack on India and against PM Modi and Indian Army for the election season. No party has fallen so low in our history. Thus, there is every reason to surmise that the choice of Wayanad was not merely of Congress alone but equally influenced by Pakistani forces and ISI. I have absolutely no doubt about this anymore:

Elsewhere, in a rally, PM Modi trashed the Congress for its “Hindu terror” campaign. This came post the Samjhauta case verdict. The Sickulars, especially from the Tabela of NDTV, were up in arms claiming Modi was using religion for the campaign. Well, Modi also trashed Pappu for running away from Hindu wrath in Amethi to a safe ‘Islamic” seat in Wayanad. Modi is absolutely within his rights to trash the Hindu terror concocters who used it for political ends to distract from and defend Islamic terrorists. Here’s the video (2.20 mins):
Remember, criminals of Congress hailed Ishrat Jehan as a martyr, falsified affidavits that overturned previous ones confirming her a terrorist. Like I said earlier, the Wayanad choice is a grand Pakistani plan that the Congress is executing and nothing else. The Wayanad Vagabond Pappu accuses BJP of dividing India, how does the moron and his party explain these campaign promises in Telangana?
It is laughable that a party that has schemes only for Muslims and Christians can accuse anyone of dividing India. The other part of this fraudulent Telangana promise to Chrislamists is that Congress knew damn well they were not going to win and could, therefore, throw anything into the market and make the most absurd promises. This is exactly what they are doing with their Ponzi72 scheme called NYAY. In case you missed it, after the loud-explosion that the Wayanad Vagabond made with the 72000-scam announcement, in the last few days his rallies hardly find any mention of the scheme. This is simply because the realities of the Ponzi72 have dawned upon them that this “Made in PC Lungi” scheme is neither viable nor feasible. “Marta kya nahin karta” – that’s the current situation of the party. It is dying – it’s dying because of lack of character, principles, ethics and for sleeping with enemies.

It must be remembered that Sonia went to beg Imams for Muslim votes. The sociopath RG told a US Diplomat “Hindu terror is a bigger threat than LeT”. So, these anti-Hindu charlatans parading as saviours of India deserve the thrashing that Modi handed out to them. I hope Modi continues this in his campaign to let the whole country know how anti-national Gandhis are constantly working against Hindus and with “Bharat ke Tukde” gangs.

At the release of the Congress manifesto, the faces of the Congis weren’t vibrant or resplendent like sunshine on an orange. They almost looked crestfallen, downtrodden and just going through the motions. None of them bragged about the Ponzi72 because it is just exactly that – a Ponzi scheme that has no takers. The biggest joke of the session came when Pappu, in answering a question, gently mentioned that the “Congress will also fight corruption”. That’s like the Pope assuring tough action against Catholic Pedophiles. That’s how meek and laughable it was. And the ones to celebrate most were the JK Separatists Omar Abdullah and Mehbooba Mufti who are delighted that AFSPA will be diluted and their darling terrorists can kill with greater freedom. Not happening and will never happen again.

Rahul Gandhi is now a Vagabond running from his so-called “Gandhi bastion” Amethi – a chronic liar and a sociopath. He is also a mental-Vagabond who blabbers extreme trash each time he opens his mouth. The Congress itself has become a bunch of chronic liars and scamsters. This year, the Vagabond has run to Wayanad, post LS2019 there will be no place to run. I hope PM Narendra Modi goes after these scamsters hammer and tongs and at hectic speed. Putting them away in jails or allowing them to exit from India (after paying back all the stolen money) to never return is in the greatest interest of India. 


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  2. Momentum picking up. Excellent. I feel like physically slapping the winking family, Gulam to sibal, Palaniappan to the last idiot in Congi party, as also the Raja and the joker Yechuri, but I cant do it. However, your posts of recent times do it very well. Hats of brother and live long. God bless.

  3. What stops BJP @BJP4India to come up with a more deceptive one that beats the INC deception, beat them at their own game, unethical war on enemies of the nation should be unleashed, do not let down the #Hindus hopes. In fact instead of 20 %, get it across to 25% of the population, 2k per week, you will wrap up the game elections 2019, at the same time beat INC hollow. The educated middle class are aware and understand, but the 20% downtrodden the INC is luring with #NYAY carrot �� do not care, let BJP actually start off a bonanza of 2k per week right away

  4. While it's obvious higher taxes are implicit in ponzi72 - accepted by the very congie advisors in a moment of unguarded candor on primetime - more explaining and communicating needs to be done to the middle classes about the hidden dangers.
    But newspapers won't do it. This is a card if rightly used, can galvanize the middle class against congies.

    PC & raghuramrajan, the two atee-buddhimaans, need to be exposed. While PC's lungi is already nailed, raghuramrajan's decisions & indecisions as RBI gov need proper formal investigations. So far Modi has been very soft on him. why anymore ?

    1. This is something that also struck me. If Congress says it will give 6K p.m. to the 20% of the population hen it automatically means that it is going to extract that money from the remaining 80% of the population. So, in effect they are AGAINST 80% OF THE POPULATION !!. This is a very straightforward logic that has to be widely spread among the people who work to earn their living.

      Another thing - I saw one video where this Pitroda fellow was yakking something about people should stop being selfish and accept higher taxes for the welfare of the poor bretheren. When the guy who was asking him questions , asked him something about how giving 6 K p.m. will improve the economy, he said it will create more employment !!!???. WTF ?? How will giving doles to people who don't earn any money create employment ?? If Congress imports "rupee note printing machine" from Pakistan then it can create a lot of employment for you know who..I can't think of any other "employment creation" potential for this dangerous ponzi scheme as rightly said by Ravinar.

  5. Thanks to Pappu's manifesto, the downfall of Khangress will be more speedier & faster. Even dreaming for a while if Pappu wins, then Rupee will slide to 1 US = Rs. 150 on one single day i.e. Swearing day ceremony, which would enrage the entire middle & upper class to revolt - never seen in entire Indian history or some military person to pick up AK47 & pump in entire magazine in to Pappu's body.
    I am sure, Pappu & his entire clan are now on the verge of vanishing from India.

    1. Brother, waiting for their self death in days to come. Hindus must unite to show their strength to these Chrislamic pigrals.

      this election is surely a do or die for the Nationalists!!!

      bande Matram!!!

  6. Superb depiction of current scenario of Congress's christoislamic agenda manifesto on LS2019, “Made in PC Lungi”.

  7. You dip M and C in gold water, they will not vote bjp/ modi. They won't buy even if you promise,1000% higher than congis. That's a fixed mind set. On the other side, hindus are deeply immersed in plot, flat, car, mall, weekend culture, foreign trips, and are unconscious. And, they are alert.

  8. Just Just hope your prophesy is true to last word. I promise if this happens to Z I will dedicatedly washing your vehicle free whole life.revolt and AK 47 full magazines inside these Italian white christian conquistadors

  9. Connected the invisible dots for common folks once again in your inimitable style !

  10. I saw a mail in Republic TV, says Congress manifesto is Imran Khan's Mann Ki Baat. That is it!. Such a detestable election manifesto, we will not come across again. Hope good sense prevails with our people and these non-indians are banished for ever from our Country.

  11. Clearly shows the mindset of cong. It is high time to show our strength and the power of INDIANS to the NON INDIANS AND ANTI INDIANS by VOTING TO TRUE INDIAN.

  12. Wonderful article ravinar. As always written with such clarity and compelling arguments. Thank you

    Congis and their ilk have become a serious existential danger to India. We will be thrown to wolves and will be sitting ducks to enemy assault is real.

    I hope Hindus wake up now and vote NDA. We will never get another chance to survive as a civilization.

  13. Let us be politically incorrect and blunt - Polarisation is only way forward in west bengal, kerala and west UP because pakistani agent opposition (+allies) is hand in glove with radical islamists and jihadists.

    Modi and BJP lost plot in Sabarimala backlash. They should have openly supported Hindu Keralites to consolidate Hindu votes but they made huge blunder by downplaying the major issue even though it had nothing to do with muslims but still they never wanted to be seen as a Hindu nationalist party to romance with muslim for thier mirage votes.

    Hindus don't appreciate half-hearted approach, either you are with Hindus or not with them. First Ram Mandir then Jallikattu now Sabarimala, BJP messed up with their folly and coward attitude.

    Modi have to renounce his greed to be known as a global secular leader. He is PM because of Hindus. Period. No sane person can deny this fact.

    BJP time and again make same mistakes of not annihilating congress ecosystem and not supporting Hindutva agendas.

    Waynad has 41.3% Hindu population if BJP had lived upto expectations of staunch Hindus. Even Waynad would have been tough fight for Rahul Khan.

  14. Like 26/11, Samjhauta blasts even Pulwama has congress hands first two were to tarnish Hinduism and lifetime ban RSS/BJP while last one Pulwama was to dent Modi's image in 2019 polls. Congroaches, ISI and pakistan never expected air strikes to happen. Their terrorism plot backfired.

  15. In telangana if congroaches and its allies are building hospitals only for muslims then they should also put board in such hospitals that BLOOD DONATED BY HINDUS WILL NOT BE INJECTED IN MUSLIMS.

    Because anti-human mindset and evility of muslims are filled with so much hatred towards Hindus that THEY (MUSLIMS) NEVER DONATE BLOOD, NOT EVEN IN NATURAL CALAMITIES.

    Hindus must awake from deep sleep and become offensive, our comatose timid reaction encourages congress, SP and allies to openly side muslims in elections and also launch schemes when these roaches are in power.

    Satyagraha failed during duratma gandhi's time but one similar type of Satyagraha is required from Hindus.

    Boycott chrislamics completely. Don't buy from them. Don't hire them. Don't deal with them.

    Vande Mataram

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  17. Rant Rant Rant , From every place, every given opportunity and at every forum and session , cry loudly that the khangress is anti national, is siding with traitors and desh drohis,

    let us do two hath with these beggars. They have understood the power of the RSS , The Sangh , #PIDIGANDHI even day dreams and he loosens his waist while recalling the failures he met by the sanghis.


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