Monday, April 22, 2019

The Lost Indian Dream Regained

Richard Nixon is most infamous for Watergate and for being the only US President to have resigned from office. He was undone not by the courts, media or the Congress but his own practice of secretly taping everything discussed and transacted in the White House. Those tapes eventually dug his grave. But even the crook left behind an everlasting quote – “The American dream does not come to those who fall asleep”. There are millions of immigrants who landed in the US from boats with nothing and millions more came in the decades later. Many of them rose from extreme poverty and a life of torture in their country of origin to make it big in America. Should make us ask a question. Why was there never an Indian dream even 70 years after Independence?

Indians were not the biggest group to migrate abroad before Independence, except may be many to England, primarily for higher education. The vast majority of migration of Indians to Europe and US has happened after Independence. Since the early 1970s many also migrated to the Middle East after the oil boom started. UAE alone has 3-4 million Indians. Worldwide, there are over 30 million NRIs and PIO/OCIs. 30 million by our population might actually seem a small drop but it’s bigger than the population of many countries. Just to give you an idea – Australian population was reported to be 25 million in 2018. It is true that many foreign invaders have looted India and had destroyed its economy and social structure. But that is the very reason we fought for freedom and Independence.

The ignominy of all the economic and social evils heaped on India by the British was continued by none other than JL Nehru. Indians were chained and distrusted by Nehru with his sick Communist policies. His idiotic vision had the govt making everything from bread to watches to running hotels. Some vision that! India was driven to hell-hole in terms of the economy and forced to implement reforms in 1991. Some years after that, Gurucharan Das (former P&G Head) wrote a great book “India Unbound”. He narrated how Nehru distrusted Indians who were extraordinary entrepreneurs historically and how failed Commie polices stifled Indian innovation, competition and creativity. This one statement by Nehru quoted by Das would convince you how stupid Nehru really was:
Nehru asks why we need 19 toothpastes. Yeah! Why do we need 19 toothpastes? Why do we need 500 schemes, streets, monuments, airports, stadiums and planetariums named after this failed Nehru-Gandhi clan? Throttling competition throttles innovation. And Indians are not as stupid as the Commie Congress to be afraid of competition. The traditional Indian bazar is organised around it – You go to the market – you will see dozen tyre shops together, hundreds of jewellery shops in one street, dozens of footwear shops, saree shops, paint shops, luggage shops… all of them are competitors. They fight for customers day in and day out. Yet, it is that competition that differentiates their prices, their services and their packaging – even if the product genre is the same. They all survive and all do well in that competition. Nehru-Gandhis DESTROYED that free-spirited competition. Rising from all this mess Narendra Modi has led a different path – He has shown that an Indian Dream is now possible for every one in this country. That is the dream to chase.

If you are familiar with the Delhi buses – in some places of inter-state transport the govt bus operators will just wait for customers and move on time. The private bus operator has a “shouter”. He will shout himself hoarse in seeking passengers till his bus is packed. The govt bus operator doesn’t care if his bus is full capacity or not. There are some businesses where govt has no business to be in. Today, there are 100s of mobile brands, smartphones and regular ones. All of them are doing fairly well and if some are bad, they will have to go out of the market. And rocket-scientist Nehru was worried about 19 toothpastes. A few days back, the neo-idiot from the Gandhi clan, PG Vadra claimed BJP does not respect martyrs. Uneducated fools should look into their family history on how the Nehru-Gandhi family treated the army and still continues to abuse and disrespect the army:
The US freedom was born of soldiers’ sacrifices. The Indian freedom was born by abuse and disrespect for our soldiers. Neither MK Gandhi nor Nehru wanted an army or had any respect for them. Once again, the stupid argument of Nehru was that we are non-violent so nobody will attack us. Laughable to say the least. That’s the kind of vision that has birthed terrorists in Kashmir and across the border.

During the period of Nehru, China was as poor as India and on many measurables way behind India. Nehru’s failed industrial policies and other policies such as NAM, Panchsheel that wrecked our economy and army. Nehru’s deep love for his mother-ship USSR was the most disastrous association that affected India. Even our movies glorified poverty. Raj Kapoor movies, where he mostly played the tramp, were quite popular in Russia. While we were not enemies of the US our alliance with Russia, a Communist country, was hardly compatible. Nehru’s personal love of the stupid Communist ideology was heaped on the future of an entire nation. Thusly, the Congress and all its clones have continued it for most of the last 70 years.

I mentioned Richard Nixon at the start. It was his visit to China in 1972 that opened up China to the world and the world to China. The US, at that time, did not see India as a great “friend”. That visit of China saw the US dramatically improving its business relations with China. In two decades since that visit, China had breezed past India on every measurable economic activity. It became a manufacturing giant while the Communist Gandhis were still promising “Garibi Hatao” and they are still stuck there. By 2000, China had become a giant economy and was big enough to influence world transactions and had huge investments in the US. Today, China is nonchalant in its approach towards the world – both economically and militarily. At least thousands of Indians are working in China (including Hong Kong).

Why this history? Because every child and adult in India should know that this corrupt Nehru-Gandhi clan has destroyed India in every way possible. And they now want another chance to repeat it with an alleged drug-addict and an alleged alcoholic. These Chinese Gandhis think they are above the country, above the courts, above everything and can loot all they want be accountable to no one. It is not accidental that one domestic slave of IndiraG once said “India is Indira and Indira is India”. This corrupt family believes exactly that. Indians are to them the same way the British looked at Indians – SLAVES! They don’t respect India’s culture, don’t respect Hinduism, don’t respect our aspirations, mock those who rise from poverty, call Indians a “beehive”, call temple-going Hindus “molesters of women”. Their deep hatred is a pit that cannot be fathomed.

There is now an Indian dream that seems possible. Amid the corrupt, dynastic and nepotist parties and their “Corruption-Undivided Family” outfits, one man has indeed proven that the Indian dream is possible. There have been many others in the business domain but only one in the political domain who has risen to the highest office from rags – Narendra Modi. For the first-time in Indian history the public has seen a govt that is corruption-free. Something that was UNTHINKABLE and people had more or less accept that there will be some corruption among top ministers. PM Modi has proved that corruption-free leadership is indeed possible:
To stain this extraordinary record the foolish Gandhis and their corrupt gang tried all their Rafale tricks. Nobody is buying their crap which has not produced one shred of evidence. The Congress and their clones are now reduced to abusing Modi, calling him all kinds of names and appealing to Muslims to hate him and vote for Sickular parties. There is something Modi-haters and even his supporters miss about Modi and are not conscious of this fact at all:

PM Modi has no other purpose or business in his life other than to
serve India and her people. He has no other ambitions like family
or a Swiss bank account or having to leave wealth for his children
to worry about. He simply has no other work but serving India.
And that is one more reason to let him continue his work.

Modi has not done an MBA from Harvard or Ponytail University but as an observer, I can tell you that he has demonstrated universal leadership skills and traits that would be difficult to find in even top-notch business managers. As Indians, we are a bunch with endless demands. The Sickulars can abuse him as Chaiwala, Pakodawala, Hitler or Fascist or whatever, it is their frustration talking. But deep inside they too will recognise that this man has demonstrated skills that one would like to see in a person that we give charge of the country to:
Throughout my professional career whenever I have interviewed candidates for managerial roles there is one question I have asked in my heart and mind – “Can I leave a small child in the care of this person”? If I am going to leave a large region or zone to a person, I would surely measure whether he will take as good care of it as a normal parent would of his/her child. I would ask the same question of someone I would want to see as PM – can I trust him with my child? Ask the question of Modi and ask the same question about all the wannabe PMs from the Sickular Mahathugbandhan and your heart will answer it clearly.

As for corrupt media crooks, Gandhi-bootlickers and other assorted NGOs and ISI funded creeps, there is a difference between “Dissent” and “Dysentery”. All that these shameless characters have done is a dysentery of abuse and not criticism. Not one single creep from this lot can claim to have ever offered genuine criticism. These are crooks who consider “Bharat ke Tukde” as “Dissent”. Their corrupt life is also built by the same, failed Nehru-Gandhi clan which had turned our systems into termite-infested shambles:
Be it Mudra Loans or banking, ease of doing business and insurance for all, Modi has started opening the doors for Indians to dream big and get out of their “dole-ridden-slumber”. Modi is living proof that the Indian dream is possible. The Nehru-Gandhis have been the biggest destroyers of the possibility of that dream. Even the best of leaders will have some hiccups and some setbacks. But Indians finally have the chance of chasing the Indian dream rather than chasing dreams abroad. The lost Indian dream now has a chance of being regained. Let it happen. 


  1. Fantastic brother Ravi!
    So well put!
    You've surpassed yourself with this post.
    🤛🤜 more power to you

  2. An absolutely riveting piece that mesmerises you till the last word!

  3. Another great blog. So many Indians wish to return or at least build or contribute to भारत, based solely on the faith in NaMo and his Givt. While on your pet subject "media crooks", the collage seems to miss that Hindu hating Wappo crappo phoogeli and broadened tirangi hostess DButt. She should have had the pride of place in the dysentery group.

  4. I read India Unbound when I went to Dubai in 2005. I used to like Gurcharan Das. Sadly he also found Congress better over BJP led NDA. I think that was more because of liberalisation that MMS supposedly brought. Come 2014 Gurcharan Das also grudgingly favoured to vote Modi not because of his vision but more because of Congress corruption. I am keen to know his views now. His contemporaries like Pritish Nandy et al - all are still firing for Congress' return as they feel their identity is going into oblivion.

  5. Nicely described and words put in this one.! Indian Dream - indeed we should have one.!

  6. Ravindar,You made us proud.We are at liberisation process.Modi dismantled most of Nehruvian schemes but in 5 years it is unthinkable.Next 5 years of Modi usher in stabilisation of private enterprises in all spheres of growth.But elimination if obscurantist obstructionists should be prime duty.

  7. One of the best blog from Ravinar that I have read. I have e-mailed it to a few from the link provided on the web-page as the contact link shown is imcomplete. I have an urgent suggestion that the dissemination links should include WhatsApp because it is the easiest way for contacting a large number of people.

  8. BJP, taking permission from the author, should get this printed as an Op-ed or AD on _all_ newspapers & _all_ languages, across the country.
    (Atleast one repeat print before all the remaining voting phases.)

    1. What we can do is send the link to our contacts. That too does the trick.

  9. Can't come at a time when half of my state is voting dream an INDIAN dream.
    Kudos Sir.
    You ARE the best:)

  10. Absolute truth..You have clearly given the picture...Where we were...Where we stand...What we should stand for.... Worth knowing these facts... You have not minced words... Called spade a spade... Kudos.

  11. Superb blog Raviji... Am sharing it with all my friends and students not on Twitter... TYSM for enlightening us..

  12. Absolutely correct... Govt. should not be in the business of business...Instead should be busy in Policy making to safeguard interest of both producers and consumers....Close all loss making ventures like Air India, MTNL, BSNL etc. and privatise the ONGC, IOCL, BHEL etc....These also created unfair competition in the market as they gets Govt. unlimited support whereas private players were left to mercy...May be Air India is cause of failures of Jet Airways...

    1. It's the other way round... Air India was made to give all its profit making routes...

  13. What an inspirational blog for every Indian!! Thank you so much

  14. We are clearly knowing the harm done by our first prime minister through these articles. They are our eye openers.

  15. A detailed & well researched & factual - intellectual article on politics & polices of failed & successful India. Must be given a research fellowship for this single article. IMM to hang their heads in shame.

  16. Ashok Mitra, though a commie finance minister of Bengal, was right about one thing. I remember him writing this: "They (the family) hated India and Indians with a gusto that only the Nehrus are capable of."

    1. Nehru-Gandhi insult and hate Hindus,yet Hindus the biggest fools in the world shower so much love on that family.A most useless Priyanka is treated so royally by stupid Hindus.

  17. After returning from the Soviet Union, idiot Nehru said in Parliament: "I have left half my heart behind." To which MP Piloo Mody countered: "And half your head also."

  18. One prominent person missing in the galaxy is N.Ram who has been exposed by Chitra Subramaniam for what he really is,like taking credit for inestigating Bofors scam.

  19. Everything turns out to be twisted and manipulated to benefit one dynasty and those who boot licked them, until the Social media came and Modi took the mantle

  20. So beautifully put! Hits at the bottom of the bottomless well the Chinese Gandhis want to keep India in and the worms that swim that well!

  21. Excellent exposure of Nehru Gandhi idiocy and their followers!The biggest villain of India was Nehru supported by the faddist MKG! Only hope is Mr Modi which can recover this nation economically and morally and infuse faith,self respect and aspiration among the citizens!It's high time the croocks in media,civil society are exposed!Ravinar has been exposing them in the best possible way than many politicians,intellectuals!Qudos to you!

  22. Let us hope all right thinking Indians act as per this. We have no choice! As we move further in our journey we realise how foolish was Nehru and his thinking.We had battle hardened army and so many ordinance factories set up by British. By now we would have become largest exporter of defense equipment. Instead we have those defense dalals in Delhi and a shameful tag of largest importers of weapons. We had railways, ports and coal deposits. We had iron ore deposits. We had inland waterways used for millenia. We had 7500km long sea boards and seafaring communities.Nehru and his family was blind to all this. Modi has shown us how rich we are in every sense of the term. He has also shown how to bring forth this richness for benefits of all. History will not forgive us if we fail to re elect him.

  23. omji.
    The Media Crooks as rightly said have not only done a dysentery of abuse and also done a full vomit after licking the dysentery of their chainesegandhi masters.
    There is one more lootvote crooked game played by these thughbhandhan gang in connivance with the municipal clerks by deleting large scale names in voter lists and also adding fake names. Their only DREAM is to some how loot loot loot and get throne back...

  24. Warren Buffets aide Charlie munger called India as a nation that took the worst aspects of democracy. Had a parlance called indian dream been promoted the misguided protestors would not have shut down the posco steel plant in odisha or the sterlite copper in TN.

    1. The sterlite protest in Tuticorin TN is an out and out political game orchestrated by the christian missionsries funded by white christians

    2. Everybody knows this. Follow the protests in the last 15-20 years you'll find a hidden hand that details infrastructure/industrial projects.

  25. Ravi - I just loved reading this blog. Especially the child custody analogy simply struck me. Never came across anything like this before..

    These days I check your blog at least thrice a day in anticipation.. Hats off..


    1. Iám ruled BY AN INDIAN, A 100% NATIVE INDIANS, and not some 3rd rate Italian, FOREIGNER Pakipanjabi or Bdesh MORE THAN SUFFICIENT.
    2. Atleast for Time being (danger persists till this ITALIAN CHRITSIAN FASCIST MERCENARY SONIA and her Itlain piglets are alive and I wish all destruction soon on this family), OUR FAMILIES AND FUTURE GENERATIONS have been saved from OUTRIGHT EXTERMINATION (Like the American Indian genocide) by White Barbarian Christian Evil lumpen in name of Hell God Jesus (VATICAN did that and VATICAN Palns vide SOW-nai for it)

    4. If we remember that we are saved from bimonthly terrorist Bomb blasts, killing 200-300 Hindus (Christian Blood ritual) with every blast, 350 blasts and 14000 killed between 2004-14, and ONLY KADE SABDON MEIN NINDA

    5. I have been saved the FALSE HINDU TERROR Narrative by The Evil Chritsian beggar White skin lowborn lowlife lumpen and her crypto christian slaves of media and Cong, all of whome are EITHER XTIANS or Islamists (the second is the idiotic cannon fodder for Church game)
    6. Now the PAKIPANJABI SLAVE (though his vile evil genetics also make them the willing eternal slaves of Gora asses) does not repeat Italian sadkchaap words "First right to resources is of minorities, (meaning Christians first and Muslims second") others do not matter
    7. I was in Gulf country for some work, on the day Indian Air Force responded to Pulwama attack. I saw a change of attitude in foreign nations, those goras and foreigners including low life scums Bdeshis who thought Indians as people who can be kicked, SUDDENLY have respect, Born out of Fear..A MEGA ISRAEL is TAKING BIRTH, ek smabhal nahin raha, isko kaise sambhalenge..A RESPECT I SAW, which was earlier absent

    8. I have been saved from Our lands, our hard earned money, our families and country resources as slowly demographics being changed by illegal gutter scum, illegal aliens taking outr poor jobs, their land. (Gentle Native Americans allowed it and Now they are exterminated, India allowed all these Pakipanjabis, Syrians,Portuguese, christians, Bdeshis, the results are there to see)
    9. I have been saved the impotent like looking at the degradation of our brave armed forces, by the criminal treacherous and outright traitor-Sonia communal census, to break of Forces

    10 I have been saved what has happened to Sweden, where legally the Muslims have been requested, they can rape But please do not gang rape..Sonia would have filled all these in India (as if this beggar, whose aukat was not even to buy our shit, owns India, just because White cu..t if craze for one family)

    ONLY THING, BJP should pass a law empowering the Army, Police and Security forces, to take control of the country/state whenever out brave Generals have to step in to save the country. SONIA GANDHI AND THIS FAMILY, THE CONSQUITADOERS, THE TERRORISTS, THE

    1. The first thing PM NM should do after coming to power should be to politically and socially finish of the Fake Gandhis and consequently the KhanChrist antinational Congress party. Congress mukt Bharat will then be a reality in all sense

  27. Brilliant!! You had covered all aspects with as much brievity as possible.

  28. Since you write so well, i have a request .... i want someone to break the myth of the 1971 victory over pakistan. Something doesn't add up in that.
    We had 93,000 pakistani POWs and they were released without gaining control of a single SQUARE MILLIMETER of Kashmir from POK!!
    26/11 happens and within 18 months of it happening the government releases 25 of pakistani terrorists AS A GOODWILL GESTURE!!! I fail to see what was the goodwill that Pakistan had earned in the interim period, that too so soon after the massive attack!!
    The death of Lal Bahadur Shastri was again a shot in the arm for Pakistan.
    I can keep listing out a lot of instances for the Congress government going soft on Pakistan.. There is obviously something more to it than what meets the eye...

    From the time of Nehru down to Sonia, Congress had been strongly backing the Pakis and whenever they had internal problems a terror attack would take place and pakistan will be blamed for that... The narrative will somehow be twisted around to a muslim hindu issue and the indian muslims and stupid hindu moderates will immediately jump to defend terrorism!!!
    The question we need to ask or the BJP and Doval needs to ask is what binds the Congree and Pakistan. Obviously there is a lot of money involved and once that link is established, the whole sickukar edifice will fall like a pack of cards

  29. What I wanted to highlight was that Pak sponsored (Is or sorry was there an Indian hand to it?) terrorism became A Muslims vs Hindus issue and so Indian Muslims were forced to defend it. Later they were then forced to bring in Hindu terror and so the Hindus also had to start defending so called terrorists....
    So why is the Congress shielding Pakistanis and it's terrorists?
    In India the Hindus and Muslims are busy trying to pin the terrorism tag on one another, while congress milks them for votes......
    Brilliant plan except for the coming in of NaMo....he was too good to be true and to their credit, Sonia was the first to identify his potential and took him on as early as 2007. She made sure that every agency was pitted against him along with the pliable media....a lesser leader would have gone into oblivion but Namo was a thorn in the flesh and like Bali character in Ramayana, all his enemies turn powerless when they confront him...

  30. You really represent the RIGHT THINKING INDIAN!!!!!. Excellent.
    Modi propogated Swaccha Bharat - for cleanliness so that people can be disease free and foreign tourists can come in large number and do our economy good.
    Mudhra yogana - So that deserving are not constrained by monetory investment and can show their creativity
    LED lights, Urea replacement for welfare of people - lofty principles
    Free LPG, Toilets - Where the role and dignity of women in family and society was recognised
    Ayushman Bharat - Using Insurance to protect the people
    Skill India - Where small skills were given importance
    All these schemes and many more have been done not for gaining votebank but with a genuine concern for Indian people and their progress.
    Whiners will always whine! Bad-mouths will always curse! Such dogs will howl to herald bad omen on themselves.
    Let nationalists like us outnumber them. Support Modi & BJP and take our Country forward.


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