Wednesday, April 17, 2019

Political Extremists

There are all kinds of gangs and domestic terrorists in the US. They have existed for decades. Anti-Jewish extremists, Islamic terrorists, Neo-Nazi gangs, White Supremacy extremists, Anti-govt extremists and so on. All the gangs in the US totalled 33000 in 2011 involving 1.4 million people. This total number of gangs also includes street gangs, drug gangs, mafia gangs but the “extremist” gangs may number somewhere in the 100s and US Congress is pushing the FBI to release data on such groups. The PIRUS study (Profiles of Individual Radicalization in the United States) was funded by the US govt to study political extremists. Of the 1473 individuals studied under PIRUS the average age of the radicalised member is 34, while smaller gang-member age is 19.

The most startling fact about these extremist groups in the US is that they are largely Christian by religion and they have rarely attacked a Christian institution. The Christians are a majority in the US and most of them consider America a “Christian Country” although the US was founded and their Constitution written against monarchy and religious tyranny. In contrast, all the terrorist groups in India mostly attack the majority Hindus – from temples to individuals. The number of temples destroyed in the last decade has been buried in history. The number of terrorist attacks on Hindu-majority places like Zaveri Bazar in Mumbai or the Worli attack of 1993 or temples should again warn us who these treacherous gangs in India are. And the latest – a new political jerk called Urmila Matondkar who’s a Muslim with a FAKE Hindu name makes her first public appearance with “Hinduism is the most violent religion”. You know which gutter these hate-filled extremists are born from.

The current Sonia-Congress is the biggest extremist group in India. Apart from releasing terrorists, being a voice for Pakistan and terrorists, Sonia crying for terrorists, proposing laws that will weaken the AFSPA to embolden and strengthen terrorists they are extraordinarily anti-Hindu. Their foolish drama of election-Hindus is the most dangerous game of deception. This party should die or reform itself if it has to ever exist as a mainstream political party. 

Foolish Hindus who still vote for this party are dodos with no clue about the poison they are being fed by this party. The TMC in Bengal is just as much as a political extremist and so are their blood brothers. Every year Durga Puja celebrations are blocked in Bengal. Two days ago, the Ram Navmi Shobha Yatra was attacked by the extremists of Mamata. Every Congress sidekick, like the DMK, is also a political terrorist and Separatist. The Congress-DMK goons beat up 75-year old Govindarajan for merely shouting slogans supporting Modi and AIADMK:
Then are the three most dangerous political extremists from Kashmir – two of them are the filth-mouthed Abdullahs and the Goondi Mehbooba Mufti. A sample of their statements when out of power is enough to declare them extremists similar to the terrorists from Pakistan:
Karan Singh, the son of Maharaja Hari Singh who signed the accession to India has responded by clearly stating there is nothing “temporary” about it and that the stupid “special status” given to Kashmir was not demanded by the state but given by GOI under that blooming bungler Nehru. Congress has been in the business of breaking India since 1947.

Both 370 and 35A are ILLEGAL and were imposed without a proper Parliamentary procedure. As soon as ModiSarkar comes to power again, it must remove both these stupid Articles. There is no reason to suffer the nonsense of these Abdullahs or anyone from Kashmir anymore. The NC is a political extremist and so too the Abdullahs. All they want is protect their own private fiefdom, their money, their links with terrorists and Pakistan. When either of these guttermouths open their mouth, it is either Pak-this, Pak-that or abusing PM Modi or abusing the GOI. The older, senile Abdullah has gone to the extent of stating GOI allowed the Pulwama attack to benefit Modi electorally. And the little-rat Omar Abdullah is no different in his consistent support for separatists, Pakistan and blabbering like nonsense like Nidhi:
Look at this stupid argument. Omar thinks someone has to “play” cricket to know about it. This little imbecile is as dodo-brained as Nidhi. Half the umpires in the world have never played cricket but are the judges in the matches. The moron’s argument is that every scientist must go to the Moon or Mars to talk about it. As for Kashmir, terrorism – there is enough stuff out there and if the little rat wants a separate PM and President for Kashmir, he must indeed go to Pakistan which was created specially for Muslims like him with a separate PM and President. There is another aspect about these extremists. They have conveniently been in ruling parties for a long time – Since the ABV govt right up to the Congress govt. If you look at that political extremist Mamata Banerjee, she too has been in the govt since ABV govt right up to being the ruling party in Bengal since 2011. All these extremists want is power to loot, without which they will abuse everyone, abuse the GOI, abuse the country and do everything to break it to pieces. Here’s another Goondi from Kashmir:
Stupid Mehbooba after losing her govt is behaving like the spokie of terrorists and Pak. Like the idiotic Abdullahs she too constantly rants Pak Pak Pak Pak as if Pak is her mother and the fourth Pak is the father. Other than releasing stone-pelters by the thousands she has done nothing worthwhile as the CM. All these extremists have NOTHING to offer to India, to their state or even to the locals in their own constituency. Their constant rants are driven by desperation for power and their intense hatred for PM Modi. These are the most useless people in India and we would be better off with such extremists in jails. Another of their brothers from the South, MK Stalin, another uneducated extremist, wants a “United States of South India”.

All their political dialogue is filled with hatred, lies, abuses and a deep desire to break India. There is another pig Azam Khan, who is unfit to live with humans, who pours scorn and abuse on everyone, especially women. He called Jaya Prada a person who now wears Khaki underwear. Guy must have viewed his mother through the bathroom window all his life to see what undie she wears. And the brainless, overpaid typists of NCW complain to the EC claiming Azam violated MCC. I wonder why public money is wasted on such idiots that are no more than glorified typists using the outdated Remington. Does it occur to these nitwits that the comment by Azam would be criminal on any given day and the MCC for elections has no relevance? No! These NCW dimwits don’t have the brains for that. So, instead of filing a FIR they run to the EC. And the stupid EC is whining with the SC that they don’t have any power to take criminal action.

Sonia is beyond repair and redemption in politics and has nothing at stake. That’s the reason she doesn’t give a damn what her two idiotic children are doing in the campaign with their stupidity, lies, comic deception. Even the SC is wondering what kind of clown Pappu is. His Ponzi72 has now turned into 3.60 lakhs per annum. RG is the son Einstein never had but laughingly and gladly donated to Sonia and Rajiv:
RG is now the most abusive extremist roaming around the political spectrum. Apart from being a Sociopath with his lies and other stupid utterances, he is another individual, radicalised enemy that India and Indians must beware of. RG is so pathetic even in his criminal conduct I doubt even the most violently criminal mother like Ma Grissom or Ma Barker would want him as her son. And if you think RG is the only problem with this anti-Hindu family then his sister PG Vadra tries to out-do him at every turn by her Himalayan stupidity. This is a genetic problem with this family:
Along with these Chinese Gandhis most Sickulars have abused the army. The Gandhis did not consider it fit to observe Kargil Diwas for a decade thereby insulting our soldiers. It is PM Modi who created the National War Martyrs Memorial. I am not sure these sociopath Gandhis have even visited the memorial. Forget paying respects at the memorial to our martyrs, these seasonal-Indians don’t even seem to have visited it out of sheer curiosity right under the dirty nose in Delhi. Such political extremists are a serious threat to India. And national security can never be in the hands of uneducated jokers who are also alleged to be drug addicts and alcoholics. These two probably need a Rehab and a membership at the AAA.

In his second term, PM Modi must clearly bring a more stringent sedition law, a law that declares any form of support or sympathy to terrorists or their organisations should be deemed “extremism”. These political extremists are as dangerous as the terrorists and Naxals that kill people randomly. These political extremists are hell bent on killing India itself.


  1. Well put brother!
    These crooks are beyond redemption

  2. But the stupidity of Hindus is fully capitalised by this rabid Catholic Priyanka Vadra by projecting herself as a great leader.Nobody ever asks her how she spends her time in these 5 years.She merrily sails on Ganga with no reverence to mother Ganga,never mentioning the great work by Modi and Uma Bharati.Now they want to pit her against Modi ji in Varanasi.

  3. Very well written truth about Political dynasties of India. The more they open their mouth more awakening happens in India. We have been fed lies all these years about the good done by Chacha. Dismantling the false history may not happen soon but cracks have started appearing. Country first is not their aim. They want to enjoy limitless power and looted money.

  4. Sir, Sonia is an italian, where the worst barbarian genocidal organization, the vatican is placed. Hitler and Nazis are reviled, BCZ Hitler and Napoleon were the ONLY two who brought 20-30% of the devastation, the white skinned evil demonic beast brought on the Heathens, Blacks, browns leading to the extermination, like Dodos, of many Native Red Indian communities, the rest being weakened to such an extent that the Natives in Americas have never had a single President in South or Latin Americas, except now in Bolivia. Its been the White skins or the bastards created by WHITES
    These white skins christians and specially the Catholics, are fed greatest evil vermin, fed with rattlesnake vermin, by the demons in condom caps and white petticoats. Previously this barbarian white(who like communist have always spoken in reverse term..ROL= Love so much that devastate and annihilate all non whites; Equality = Has ANY BODY HEARD ANY Black, Brown CHRISTIAN country which is NOT A BEGGAR, while evil White enjoys..They SHOUT DALITS, CASTEISM, BRAHMINISM and all BULLSHIT: WHILE RACIST BIGOTY AND FASCISM IS IN THEIR CHRISTIAN GENES, WHY NO NON WHITE POPE?? WOMEN BISHOPS? Leave alone that NOBODY even knows a Black or brown millionaire, LEAVE ALONE BILLIONAIRE from supposed
    THE AFSPA is to degrade and break the ARMY, The ONLY INSTITUTION which is holding India, which Christian trojans want to destroy and Vatican works in India vide ISI also in addition to Commies
    ITS ON US PEOPLE OF INDIA, MODI cannot do everything. These Italians and Congis HAVE TO BE EXTREMINATED with the HARAMIS and bloodshed should be inevitable and we should all be prepared for it. ITALIAN NAZI CHURCH (INQUSITION)= INC(I) Party led by Italian Fuhrer IS ready to place a Nero
    something on the TradeMarked Gods on Earth

  5. Fact is US of A is biggest and worst fanatic nation in the world, light years ahead of Saudi, it works thru greatest guile and deception, both evil chritsian trademark and George "WMD"Bush and Blair are the Hitlers and Mussolinis of 21 st century (but goes unpunished). Because New call of deranged but destroyed Western White Christianity has changed from civilizing the barbarians to freedom to oppressed, while 100% of oppressed are in White and Christian countries, as Syria is experiencing the LOVE OF HELL GOD of LIES from SKIES, A event which passed UN NOTICED because of the Evil Pakipanjabi, Bangad media in India (White spermFDI prds) is Central African Republic, where the 47% Muslims were able to win a Presidential election in 2012 and place a Muslim President. No sooner it happened the christain fascist barbarian started a genocide (worse than Tutsi genocide) backed by the bloodthirsty Vatican against Muslims and the white "liberation christian fascist beast"Armies aapeared in no time to save the christian Kingdom of Heaven in form of French and Italian Armies. The Muslim President elected was removed in NO TIME and CAR is now a hell for Muslims. AND THE SAME WHITE BARBARIAN THUGS, NYT BBC, WAPO LEACTURE US ON MUSLIMS ETC..These same ragpieces of White Christian fanatic (all are) are actually like Nazi mouthpieces. These SPREAD fake news about WMDs in IRAQ AND IMMINENT INVASION OF UNITED SNAKES OF AmeriKKKa and were instrumental in the biggest genocide after Nazi Genrmany, in Afghanistan and Iraq, Syria where where by now almost 7 million people have died (I remember WHITE CHRISTIAN FASCIST BBC,NYT, WapO and Reuters reports in IRAQ and AFGHANISTAN "20 terrorists, including one 2 month and one 6 month child, were killed in Air Strikes"NOTE A 2 month and 6 month HEATHEN BABY is a Terrorist for them.. while all terror in the world is CHRISTIAN (AND its BASTARD PROGENY "LIBERATION THEOLOGY"CALLED COMMUNISM)you will hear Hindu Terror, Islamic Terror, Buddhist terror, Black terror BUT NEVER CHRITSIAN TERROR DESPITE ALL NZ atrocities, from these white media fascist

  6. I was shocked when I came across Baba Ambedkar clipping on SM that MSM has been News Traders even before independence. No scholar ; political parties & even the hated RSS spread the truth. seven generations destroyed by pidis aroonpurie PIB DD including mine . It was only after your SM presence that we folks came to know of traitors & India haters worse ayyashing on Hindu $$ & spreading mecca/Vatican faith
    Your foray in spreading truth of the treacherous within the political parties outside of SM would be another Renaissance for honest Hindus . Thank You for writing this .

  7. Nothing short of forming a hit squad, by brave patriotic citizens, to mark and put these rogues down, will work, who have not been dealt with by Modi in the first term.

  8. Its true a lot is left undone, which I hope will be dealt soon.

    Today tradition, custom & true identity of India is being misrepresented. People in India are misguided. Changing natural Social composition, bio-diversity, lifestyle, relationship etc are indication of this.

  9. It is true that Antonia Congress is staunchly anti-Hindu but remember that Hindus put our main enemy in power in MP, Rajasthan and Chhattisgarh just recently and nearly did so earlier in Modi's own home state. Who can save a society so determined to commit suicide ?

  10. Modi should put the Gandhi family in Jail soon after he assumes office again. The noise will die down by the time next assembly election in any state is due. People will forget their "martyrdom". Modi has to take some drastic actions and further delay will provide harmful.

  11. Coherently put as only you can, isn't it scary that millions of Indians have been and are still being duped by these gangsters in the guise of politicians

  12. Very revealing & explosive article.....Urmila Matondkar is a to recognize this fact.


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