Sunday, April 7, 2019

ModiSarkar Montage - 2

I wrote in the first part that the list of ModiSarkar achievements is so long even the BJP campaigners will find it hard to communicate all the achievements to the public from all available forums. While it is often easy to forget, ModiSarkar has worked diligently to make the lives of citizen more comfortable as much as possible. In particular, a clean Ganga, better attention and infrastructure to North East, Tunnels between Jammu and Kashmir valley and so on.

Among the best performances of ModiSarkar has been on the human front. It has made the lives of every Indian matter – from the Yemen evacuation to saving Uzma, Geeta and a Pastor from Taliban, no effort has been spared to rescue Indians from trouble-spots and distress. Here is ModiSarkar Montage – Part 2:

The video is also available on Youtube.

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  1. Apart from the above, there is 1 major achievement of Modi is People faith in Govt. During previous Govt, it was like that common man was not interested in Govt decisions, policies etc and was in a state of mind that nothing will change and that every body is there to eat...

    But Now, it seems every common man is feeling part of Govt...We now demand for our rights, we not take part in Govt decision and policies and the Ruling party has to work for the common man and for their interests....Its also a big achievement...

  2. Udaan and smart cities will surely resurrect economy of 3 tier towns.

    These path breaking yojanas need at least another 10 years to make Bharat a super power by 2029.

    In education sector, we must introduce socially responsible Gurukul system to make humans out of kids. Hopefully Baba Ramdev and likes of him will get enough support from Modi Sarkar to resurrect the ancient value system booster.

    This way kids will respect parents, our culture, our Bharat and work for the development of the country without falling into abusive practices and alcoholism.

    वंदे मातरम्

  3. We should not forget Modi Sarkar prevented 26-11 type attack by intercepting Pakistani boat off the coast of Gujarat.

  4. BJP has done well over the Khangress, though it lacked charismatic minister. The status of an Indian has increased exponentially. Foreigners are respective Indians like never before.
    Khangress has lied, looted & irrespective how much money they will give to farmers, the truth will always win over falsehood i.e. falsehood always have an expiry date, whereas Truth as none.
    This is Dwapara Yuga (started in 1700 AD as Astro Yuga Cycles), so truth & performance will be upheld.
    I am confident that BJP govt will return to power with full & complete majority withhout any help form Chaayawati or Murkesh or Kujriwaal or South India crooks - Naidu Babu / KCR babu / Stalin bacchaa.
    Naidu will meet his political career nemesis with this election. He is over rated than his actual worth.

  5. Brilliant job. Great efforts. In the next formation of Govt by Modi, it is my desire that you find a place in the Ministry of education so that real education spreads into remote corners of India. May God give you life and good luck. You have done marvelous job single handedly and all by your intellect alone.

  6. Brilliance of the Sun=Ravi Bhai

  7. The GREATEST ACHIEVEMENT of ModiSarkar IS ACCESSIBILITY of PRIME MINISTER to general public. He interacts, asks people, take their suggestions vide,,, Twitter and Facebook. DOES THAT ITALIAN BARDANCER-ILLITERATE AND UNCULTURED WHITE AND HER SON AND DAUGHTER DO IT??? Italian WHITE SKIN RACIST ARROGANCE is visible to all, she could NOT DIGEST THAT EDUCATED, CULTURED But Heathen brown Indians can dare to "reject"a White. AND SHE DOES NOT INTERACT WITH ANY HEATHEN BROWN DIE TO SKIN RACIST ARROGANCE AND UNCULTURED. EVEN HER WHITE SON AND DAUGHTER SM handles are run by their Italian streetdog prds. MSM is filled with bstds of Firangis and Firangis themselves, with whom she "condescends"to interact, as Malik interacts with dog

  8. Sir,
    The Court cases in India stand to 30 to 40 years. We have no proper infra structures, no adequate number of knowledgeable judges, no facility for good libraries both on line and physical and no free easy access to judgments of decided cases. The Modi Govt should bring in adequate infra structures, post more number of judges, facilities of kinds and set time limit to conclude cases both civil and criminal in a time limit of maximum 5 years. Can you please raise your voice for this and see if this can be done?

  9. I just cast my vote...phirekbarchowkidar

  10. Ravinar,
    In a recent 'you tube' upload, I saw a debate Rahul Shivshankar vs Kapil Sibal. The central point discussed there is the assertion of RG saying that 'SC in its recent ruling said that Chowkidhar is a thief".
    Sibal gave his justifications. I find his arguments silly and he needs to be snubbed and pinched on his nose. But Rahul Shivshnkar has little knowledge and no match to Sibal. In a population of higher magnitude, how come we don't have people who can take Sibal by his horns and teach him one or two lessons. Republic is useless when it comes to debating with people like Sibal. I am ashamed we have no one capable of taking idiots like Sibal.

  11. Word pinched to be read as punched.


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