Friday, April 19, 2019

India's Worst Dalal

Public figures like to leave a legacy that they could be remembered by. Some of our media crooks too have legacies. Rajdeep Sardesai will forever be remembered for his 2002 inflammatory reporting, Cash4Votes and his Madison thuggery. Barkha Dutt too will be remembered for her bogus reporting on 2002, Radiagate and her Kargil deceptions. Prannoy Roy will be remembered for scams, money laundering and tax evasions. Shekhar Gupta will be remembered most for his infamous “coup story”. SG will also be remembered for turning Indian Express into a Congress-slave, being a Lutyens “Dalal” and for acquiring six vast farm-houses. Journos are not very bright people. They are academically poor, have poor GK and exceptionally bad at anything involving Math or history. Add to this poverty of talent and skill a mix of spinelessness, boot-licking and you get Shekhar Gupta. Just sample the moron on his comment about Kautilya:
I have observed SG for the last 15 years and more so since 2010 when I started writing here. I cannot recall a single article or video from SG that I would consider to be great journalism. None, NOTHING! Like all the other names mentioned above, SG too has built his career grovelling at the feet of Sonia and Congress. And in the decade of the UPA, grovelling was a very rewarding profession. For a decade or so SG has also been a vendor to NDTV with some shows. Naturally, the corrupt usually operate in a gang. Come elections, SG hunts as part of a threesome with Prannoy Roy and Dorab Sopariwala. They are supposed to be “election experts” but have had problems getting anything right for many years. This is quite a private club that survives on each other:
Apart from being a footsie for that spy group Stratfor which he never discloses in public, SG is also a domestic maid and “Nurse” for the Congress. The other doormat and housemaid of Congress, Kumar Ketkar, who paraded as a journo and is now an RS member, stated the party wouldn’t have lost 2014 so badly had they regularly read SG’s columns. This is what Ketkar stated in 2015 after the Congress thrashing:

If the Congress high command had read Shekhar Gupta's National Interest column regularly, the party would not have suffered the disaster it has. But either because of smugness or arrogance, complacence or callousness, the party leadership, at all levels, thought that it does not require any analysis or advice…  Did the Congress high command, or at least Rahul and flamboyant leaders like Kapil Sibal or Jairam Ramesh or Digvijaya Singh read this column seven years ago? If they did, how did they react? Did they even introspect or just choose to reject the futuristic projection made by Shekhar Gupta?”

Times have changed. SG is no more a nurse to Sonia-Congress alone. He is now called Lutyens “Dalal” or “Wheeler Dealer” by a variety of politicians. SG is now a nurse for the Congress and also for the Mahathugbandhan. Of course, the nurse has diversified and is also a chaperone for SC judges. He looks after their pressers, breakfasts, their laundry and house-keeping:
Since 2014, SG had exited IE, then joined India Today and quit that Tabela too. He founded “The Print” along with Barkha. But it seems the rivalry between two Congress-housemaids was a difficult relationship. So, Barkha quit and went to build a glass-ceiling for Hillary Clinton. But that 80000 Sq ft of glass ceiling fell on Barkha’s head and she is now doing something for Kapil Sibal called Combine-Harvester. Congress didn’t listen to SG in the years leading up to LS2014 so I hope they listen to his latest Dalal-effort in how to “Cut the clutter”, unite the ThugBandhan and challenge Modi. He released a video on how to do this (Video: 1 min excerpt):
That is just a brief clip from his entire 17-minute video on how the Opposition should unite. SG proposes various aphrodisiacs for the union. Love-lessons on give and take between husbands and wives. And in his Dalali way he calls them stupid, lazy, arrogant and urges them to shun their enmity and ego. You can find the full video in his tweet should you be so desperate to view it:
SG laments that the MahaMilavat is unable to get past their petty differences and present a united challenge to PM Modi. Very sound advice I would say. He further narrates that each party in the Milavat wants to leverage the other. SG stunningly states that Modi won LS2014 only because of a divided Opposition. That implies that Modi had nothing to do with the 2014 win and there was no Modi-wave and it’s because the Opposition was stupidly disunited and allowed Modi and BJP to win. But SG does confirm that the Left is dead and it would be surprising if they got to double digits in LS2019.

The best assertion that SG makes out of his motherly love for Pappu, who has run off to Wayanad, is that Modi had also contested from two seats in 2014 so nothing wrong if Pappu also contests from two seats. This is a convenient fallacy that all Congress housemaids are peddling. That’s why I keep saying journos are not very bright people but often extreme morons. Modi was not only sure of winning from Vadodara, he could have won from anywhere in Gujarat – Ahmedabad, Mehsana, Rajkot and even Miyagam Karjan. There was no question of Modi losing anywhere in Gujarat. Modi chose Varanasi as the second seat not out of fear, like Pappu does, but to make a symbolic statement of becoming the PM from UP and Varanasi being a very iconic place for Hindus. Besides that, Modi contesting from Varanasi was also to energise the whole state of UP in favour of BJP which he managed – BJP scored 73 out of 80 seats in the state. Dear Dalal – your business is deception – not self-deception.

I am not sure the sociopath RG is going to energise the Congress in the South – Wayanad is a sheer, last desperate move to merely SURVIVE. SG calls the Milavat “Stupid”. But he is as stupid as they are in his analysis. He talks about all their problems, their situation in life, their status as parties, their relations with other parties, their marital differences… blah, blah… BUT, he forgets one important thing that now matters in politics as much as it matters in your job or anyone’s job and that is:


But then performance doesn’t matter in media. Bootlicking and slavery does! SG totally ignores the fact that Modi is not merely popular for his grey hair, beard or oratory. Modi has a huge balance of PERFORMANCE in the shortest period of time on multiple fronts. I can make a long list and in a previous post I had compressed the five-year performance of Modi into a 5-minute montage. In the case of power reaching 96% of households targeted, SG grandly calls it a “failure” for Modi. Such is his pathetic life, that he refuses to acknowledge it’s a grand success and that when the target date of March 2019 had not yet been reached. Imagine, your exam is in March 2019 but the “University of Dalal” sends you a marksheet in January 2019 stating you have failed with 96% marks:

Not one single member of the Milavat is talking about their own performance and nor is SG or any other journalist. This is where they miserably FAIL. Whether as Opposition in the Parliament or outside it – the Congis have only rioted, flown paper-planes and screamed lie after lie that has exposed them. Same goes for others like Mamata or Chandrababu or the Family outfits from the South. Take Kumaraswamy and Congress in Karnataka. Since they got married, they have nothing to show for performance – NOTHING. All that HDK does all day is fight with Congress, cry and cry some more. Where is their performance? And SG thinks Modi is a huge challenge merely because Opposition is not united. The Dalal doesn’t think beyond his brokerage-seeking-brain. The SG effect is now visible in other “Chota Dalals” like Saba Naqvi, Vinod Sharma that are desperate to see a marriage between RG and Kejriwal. I love that these foster parents of idiotic politicians are so concerned about their children:
PM Modi has dramatically altered the measurables for a political party and the govt. He has offered corruption-free leadership, discipline and a work and character ethic that has never been seen in the past in any govt in India. The Opposition is a corrupt gang of dynasts, nepotists, flame-throwers, circus acrobats and snake-charmers. They are constantly busy on which friend or relative to enrich or which scam to execute while Modi has been busy investing in performance. It’s a lesson for not only other political parties but moronic journos like Shekhar Gupta – INVEST IN PERFORMANCE. What does SG do in The Print? He gets some school-girls to write crap with no sense or logic and keeps peddling that as “others’ opinions” and shoots from their shoulders. The worst indictment of SG as a Dalal comes from his being named in the Agusta chopper scam. He is still trying Surf excel to wash off this stain:
SG whines for the demise of Jet Airways. But he hasn’t written one article on why Jet went downhill.  Bad decisions, political tinkering and consistent financial indiscipline. SG doesn’t acknowledge Jet’s lack of financial PERFORMANCE. Jet is a business and may return in some avatar again. What about the credibility of MSM and his own? SG has peddled fake news like Smriti Irani wants to track and spy on media. SG even peddled the most moronic claim that I&B minister Rathore had “secretly” floated a public tender to spy on media. What kind of idiot would think someone would float a public tender “secretly” for a spy operation? ONLY Dalal SG!

Then, SG peddled yet another fake news about polio-vaccines being in severe shortage. A man with no character, no ethics, no principles sermonises everyone else. SG watched like a rodent peeping from a slightly open manhole when Smita Prakash was called a “pliable journalist” for her interview with PM Modi. One should watch the suck-up, foot-licking interview SG did with Sonia sometime in 2004. You can be forgiven for thinking Sonia was playing with her pet dog.

The final nail on SG’s bald head has now come in the form of Sadhvi Pragya being nominated as a candidate from Bhopal against Hindu-hater Digvijaya Singh. SG is simply too stupefied and stunned to respond to this move by BJP. He knows his darling Congress candidate has been FOXED. SG put up a meek article, again through one of his school-girl writers, on the charge-sheet against the Sadhvi but nothing that isn’t already known for ages from the concocted cases. The court has clearly stated the charge-sheet did not make out a prima facie case.

In reality, those school-girls he employs to write are being dictated his very stupid thoughts and those poor girls write too, get paid 990/- per article and they take the blame for SG’s stupidity. You don’t win battles like this Shekhar. All the negatives that SG attributes to the Thugbandhan also apply to him – stupid, lazy, arrogant and a dinosaur-sized ego and India’s worst Dalal. You are a Dalal, do that job well. Avoid moralising anyone or offering worthless analysis. In particular, stop talking about Kautilya or taxation. Leave that to educated people


  1. Fantastic bro!
    Truly a masterpiece!
    I remember a word the Commies use to use in the 1950s
    'Running dog of Capitalism'
    Our dalal is thus, 'Running lapdog of the Dynasty!'

  2. I think non performance of mahathugbandhan threw morons like Shekhar Gupta. So in a way he wants them to continue to be non-performing. In the process it has become such a vicious circle that the whole clan is going into oblivion. Initially it was inching but now going through a break neck speed. In earlier Elections these journos would glee that by every passing phase BJP would tone down and electorate fatigue would come out and Congress would gain substantially. Congress gained in 1991 after 01st phase, they gained power after 2004, they again gained after 2009. Modi and Shah studied understood. They have planned many aces up their sleeves to fire the track and keep the excitement on. If B. J. Panda was small cracker (yet significant advantage in Odisha) Sadhvi Pragya is a nuke to deliver M.P. results. Diggy should be decimated for another good 10 years. Lick your wounds sullen people - you all deserve this. You have hurt many who never deserved. Your deservedly turn has come now.

    1. Correct "You have hurt many who never ever deserved". Karma will catch up

  3. Shri Narendra Modi made a symbolic statement by contesting in Varanasi which holds a special place for Hindus. Rahul is also making a symbolic statement to Hindus by contesting from Muslim Majority Wayanad that he no longer trusts Hindus to send him to Parliament. He can now only trust Muslim League.

    The last line is terrific. Leave that to educated people. It clearly tells about darbari journalists.

  4. Sir, everything is fine in your article, only schoolgirls are paid 786/- per article and not 990/- ha..ha.

  5. India is a so called democratic country,But in fact these bastard Sonia stooge so called Journos has made it a banana republic.If sonia does some thing wrong they made it a stunning performance but if MODI does best work it is branded as a miserable failure.But Indian govt has never take them to task fro peddling lies innuendo and rumors.Shekhar Gupta SG name is synonymous with SG The Most adorable Autocrat of Italian Origin In India Sonia Gandhi.Shekhar Gupta a Bania knows how to amass wealth by faking news and i=views.When he is driven out of all the platforms he started his own web news site THE PRINT which peddles lies.Indian Govt must have a policy for such lies as democracy is threatened by such Journo who in the garb of Media person working like a prostitute of political parties.SG Shekhar Gupta RS BD and SG Sagarika Ghose should be def-franchised from JOURNO title and branded as Brokers

  6. Excellent blog describing wheeler dealer.Please expose other presstitudes like street fighter etc.

  7. Hard-hitting slap. Hopefully the msg will be clear to his brighter junior colleagues ('school-girl writers'); and do a better performance.

  8. Shekhar Gupta has expertise in concocting stories from nowhere.He concocted a story of Coup by COAS V K Singh when Sonia Gandhi was in power.He is master of concoction fabricating creation of lies and peddling lies.

  9. Sar spare the poor rich-dalal something to wear :)
    I remember I was a big fan of IExpress until around 2001/2002. I used to cut & save editorials and reread them later. But then SG happened. His walk-the-talk crap happened and it took me time to digest what's going on. I used to comment on IE website on SG's WTT transcripts & editorials, quite not to the liking of SG and soon they started deleting/not-approving my comments.
    His dalali & beimaani has only grown by leaps & bounds since then, to the extent that he no more even tries to hide it. He has taken a sweet spot in the media fiefdom, where he thinks kanoon-ke-haath won't reach.

  10. Another amazing piece ravinar..thank and mi lords have been two of the major let downs in independent india. While one of them is a national shame the other is a national disgrace..modi jis rare failure was his inability to purge these bodies and others like educational institutions, NGOs, policy making bodies of commie garbage that have accumulated thanks to nehruviun nonsense.

    modi's first mission in his second term should be to purge dalals from everywhere.

    You have done and continue to do an yeoman service to this nation by your writing..humble pranams from a grateful citizen sir..

  11. I was thinking SG only uses pappumutra for his drink. Now i think he eats filth of pappu for food.Otherwise he can not be so effective to defend darbar

  12. I beg to disagree on the amounts paid to the school girls for writing stupid articles for SG and taking the blame of his stupidity upon themselves. It is actually Rs.786 only and not the amount that you are claiming.

  13. Simply superb. Would like to know more about other bootlickers like rajdeep, burkha dutt etc.

  14. Very well written article on people like SG and Rajdeep and Bharkha who are nothing but political brokers in guise of journalists. Someone the future generation should not emulate

  15. I often see SG in some You Tube clips and some TV News with his stupid ideas presented very badly too. No end of thrashing will do such people do any good I suppose. You do have a line of them apart from leaders like Rajdeep Sardesai, Barka Dutt, Sagarika Ghosh etc. Another worst MSM is N.Ram of The Hindu another pseudo Hindu. Good, true colours of thee foot soldiers are coming out.

  16. The pen in your hands is like a scalpel in the hands of a skilled surgeon!

  17. No words to thank you.. Ravinar, Maa Bharati may give you more strength and health to bring out some of the pigs that are said to be Journalists..into open.

  18. What a take down! This "Coupta" SG has shamed the word "dalal" - the apt description is "dalla".... plenty abound in LOOTIYANS Dilli...

  19. Also, the daily "reverse swing" comments coming from across the border, surely are also outcome of daily round table conferences and SOS from congies, media dalals and pak-isi.
    SG's role as chief facilitator will undeniably be there..

  20. You could have added Rahul & Navika of Times now and our famous Arnab in this .All are paid hypocrites

  21. You have still not seen the greatest of writings from SG when he will try to project an useless Priyanka Vadra as Jesus's gift to this wretched country.That she is so brilliant,so hard working,the second coming of Indira Gandhi etc.

  22. There must be many Kala dandas this SG must have commuted duri G his trail of rising in the fiefdom of corrupt Congress rule, frame him, file charges, keep him busy in fighting them the rest of his life, that's the only way Modi can beat the serpents lurking and feeding on breaking India

  23. I visited the Palakkad Dist BJP Office to donate Rs 1000/, hard earned money from my defence pension as a donation. That gun sitting there as the president namely Krishnadas ritually accepted the money, given me the receipt but in spite of my asking to read the blogs, said nothing. High time we remove such ra....cals from the responsible posts. A nice name given to Sibal as Combine-harvestor.. May I use this name in my future reference,please?

  24. As usual, scintillating words of wisdom from Ravi.. I watched the show by NRazdan on Sadhvi’s candidature, the aggression in tone and the desperation to throw venom was witnessed by one & all.. The BJP spokesperson could barely open his mouth, the panelists keep yelling that she is accused of terrorism etc. As our PM states there’s nothing called neutrality in NEWS these days, these oxy-morons time and again throw up their hidden agendas as narratives for public consumption..
    Unless these guys are out-numbered with minds like Ravi, these sickulars will keep peddling lies & deceit.. Hope Modi is able to do something about this MSM corruption..


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