Monday, April 29, 2019

Terror Wives

Ted Kaczynski, a Math genius and former teacher, aka Unabomber is an American “domestic-terrorist”. For nearly two decades he kept sending postal bombs or placing bombs that killed 3 and injured over 20. The FBI, despite best efforts, couldn’t identify and hunt him down. Kaczynski’s war was against “Industrialised society” and he had written multiple thesis on it. The US Attorney finally published one of his manuscripts, that he used to send newspapers, hoping someone would recognise his writings. Sure enough, the one to recognise it was none other than Kaczynski’s brother David who alerted the FBI about it. That’s how the elusive Unabomber was caught, prosecuted and sentenced.

Distressed as David was, he couldn’t think of more killings or bombings by his brother. In contrast, there are others who will go any length to defend terrorists and subvert their crimes to blame others. Here are two such idiots who will go any length to defend Islamic terrorism in the most brainless manner:
Both Ashutosh and Barkha represent the same set of terrorist-defenders who romanticise Jihadis. Firstly, the moron Ashutosh, like many other Sickulars, calls Godse a terrorist because they have no other way of finding a “Hindu terrorist”. The Godse-type killers are political assassins and not terrorists. Godse could have very well thrown 3 grenades at MKG, not just killing him but a few more around him. But Godse had only targeted and killed MKG. The killers of Indira Gandhi are also not terrorists. They were “revenge-killers” who had the opportunity and the weapons. They didn’t kill anyone else of the Gandhi family.

As for the sick Barkha, the eternal terrorist-lover of the Burhan types, she whines for Christchurch ONLY because Muslims were victims. Barkha is the one that’s a delusional sociopath who perceives her own self as a “victim” all the time. Brenton Tarrant is NOT a terrorist. He is a deranged maniac who went on a shooting spree to send a message from his twisted mind. Such shootings are common in the US and the shooters are not called terrorists. A few weeks later, on April 21, there were massive bombings in Sri Lanka. Over 300 people were killed on Easter Sunday but you will not find one single tweet or message of sympathy from Barkha because the perpetrators are Muslims and the victims are non-Muslims. There’s a reason why “Hafiz Saab” loves Barkha. She’s the perfect terror-wife.  

Until 2009 or so, nobody ever referred to Godse as a “terrorist”. It is when Islamic terrorism became indefensible and a political issue in India that they had to concoct “Hindu terror”. And the fountainhead of that concoction is none other than Sonia Gandhi who lurks in the background of this hate-mongering against Hindus as if she is some saint. She and her Congress goons diverted the Samjhauta and Malegaon blasts to concoct Hindu terror. PM Modi, in his recent interview with India Today, again asserted that like bogus cases and petitions filed against him for a long time, Sadhvi Pragya and others were also victims of bogus cases. In the process, Sonia & Co let the real killers get away even when there were narco-test confessions. It’s been over 10 years and more. How long does it really take to solve a terror attack and find the real perpetrators? This mangled piece of junk has a great story behind it:
In February 1993 Jihadis blew up the basement of a WTC tower in New York.  The blast created a 200 X 100 feet hole and went up 4 floors. It killed 6 people, injured hundreds and caused damage worth a billion. The FBI moved in and ordered not one piece of debris from the site be moved. But the crime scene workers found two pieces of truck parts that seemed damaged directly by the bombs. These are the two pieces in the image above. In their forensic lab the specialists cleaned up the mangled parts and found the VIN of the truck (Vehicle Identification Number). With that one single clue, the FBI traced the bombers within ONE WEEK of the bombing. In a few weeks all the terrorists were arrested, in a few months some were brought back from abroad and by 1995 all of them were convicted and sentenced. In India, Congress protects such terrorists to lodge fake cases against Hindus.

In Samjhauta and Malegaon, their quest to concoct “Hindu terror”, real evidence was destroyed and they tortured a few Hindus to confess. What else do terror-wives do in India to protect Jihadis? In October 2018, an IED went off in Kolkata killing a child. What was the first thing terror-wife Mamata do? She ordered a complete sanitisation of the crime scene:
In any crime, whether terrorism or murder or rape, the crime scene is cordoned off for investigation. Who in hell cleans up a crime scene before investigations? Only terror wives do. In the pic above, the Republic TV reporter calls it destruction of “circumstantial evidence”. Journos are not bright people so we will let that idiocy pass. At a crime scene one looks for physical, tangible trace evidences and latent evidence. Trace evidences are items that are visible – like a garment piece, a shoe or a bag or any other such item. Latent evidence is that which is not visible and forensics bring it out – like finger prints, palm prints or footprints. Circumstantial evidence is used by prosecutors to put 2 and 2 together logically to link a person or group to a crime.

To protect some Jihadi or a group, Mamata wiped out the entire crime scene so there was nothing left to pursue. Mamata has been consistently in support of Jihadis and infiltrators. Bengal has become a hell-hole of violence and requires a long spell of President’s rule to weed out criminals and Jihadis. Here is another terror-wife who regularly bats for Jihadis, regularises illegals for votes and seeks evidence for Army strikes against terrorists. Arvind Kejriwal could be a puppet and on the payroll of many foreign forces. His entire life is a litany of lies, deceit and an extremist in the garb of loose clothes and slippers:
Then there are those Kashmiri terror-wives – Farooq Abdullah, Omar Abdullah and Mehbooba Mufti. These tin-pot families, they love stone-pelters, bat for terrorists and now they whine for murderer Yasin Malik. He’s the guy who bragged about killing four IAF officers on TV and should have been hanged long ago. He’s hardly been in prison for over a month and has fallen ill. Imagine Sadhvi Pragya or Col. Purohit and many others went through 8 years of suffering and torture merely to support the “Hindu terror” concoction. Malik is a terrorist and a murderer and deserves to die in dishonour. Anyone who stands by him is a terror-wife. But what can you say when the PM of the country himself embraces and loves such a terrorist? That’s what MMS was reduced to by Sonia & co – a terror-wife:
Not just MMS but the media also hosts this murderer at their conclaves. Three years ago, I wrote “Terror Support Services” (TSS) and PM Modi also acknowledged that this TSS was as much a threat as the terrorists themselves. They glorify Afzal Guru and Yakub Memon and beg for their lives. Terrorists don’t seek to merely kill – they seek publicity and propaganda. And our media, some politicians, the Tukde-gang and some legal pimps provide them that in abundance. TSS is the oxygen on which terrorists survive and thrill. Those who whine for Yasin Malik are as much a criminal as he is. And all the people in the pic below are terror-wives who have directly or indirectly promoted terrorism by covering up, shedding tears for them, concocting fake cases and monkey-balancing Jihadis with fake “Hindu terror”:
There are many more such people around but it’s hard to fit all of them in the pic as that would take up a mile. Sonia-Congress has committed the greatest crime against Hindus by concocting “Hindu terror” and torturing many people. PM Modi rightly calls it an assault on the peaceful Hindu civilisation itself. Those who have assaulted Hindu civilisation and culture by abusing them with the FAKE “Hindu terror” have no business to be in politics and probably no business to be in India at all. Their place either belongs in jail or in exile. Even the FBI overtly and covertly tracks Jihadis, monitors their mosques and speeches. They don’t look for Hindu terrorists and temples are not tracked for terror-propaganda. One American who claims to be in the justice system and having undergone FBI training vouches for this:
There are Hindus in prison in the US but not for terrorism. Their usual crimes are white-collar crimes or crimes of passion. Even comedian Gabriel Iglesias mocks and laughs at Indians at their inability to execute any crime and how nobody imagines an Indian with a gun-crime. The “Indians” he refers to are obviously the Hindus. India is recognised for Hindus and Hinduism and not for Islam or Christianity (video: 2.07 mins):
The recent terror-attacks in Sri Lanka cost over 300 lives and hundreds injured. It happened on an important day for Christians – Easter. And Christians are no more 8% of the total Lankan population. Reports state ISIS claimed responsibility, the attackers were from rich families and had connections to their mothership in India, the Tauheed Jamaat. Interesting! And who went and hugged the Tauheed Jamaat once? Not too hard to guess:

In no place in the world does terrorism flourish unless there is local support. Even in the 26/11 attacks, the preparations were made with the help of the moron son of Mahesh Bhatt. The Abdullahs and Muftis of Kashmir are no strangers to terrorists in the valley. I have absolutely no doubt they know each one of them and I also don’t have any doubts Paki establishment talks to these stooges regularly. Zakir Naik was donating money to Rajiv Gandhi Foundation. Naturally, Congress and Digvijay were married to Zakir Naik – his terror-wives. The current Sonia-Congress is soaked in its covert support or at least sympathy for terrorists. They glorified Ishrat Jahan & co as martyrs when they were out to kill Modi.

Congress, some in media like Barkha and NGOs, some in the legal mafia – all of them are terror-wives. Throughout the five-year term of PM Modi terror attacks have been prevented in mainland India. We cannot ever let these terror-wives rule the establishment again. And those who do exist in the establishment should either be voted out or weeded out from the system. 

Saturday, April 27, 2019

Congress Coolies In Distress

Whenever a contest produces a close result, experts are usually prudent and cautious in using such a result to predict future outcomes. The only fools who will make grand predictions with such a result are those who are “hoping” rather than being analytical or logical.

In February 1978 Leon Spinks had a championship match with Mohammad Ali, the title holder. Spinks won a close contest and became the world champion. He and his supporters grandly announced to the world “Ali is the greatest but Spinks is the latest..., So, Ali’s gotta give it up”. Spinks then defaulted on another match and was compelled to a rematch with Ali. In September 1978, he lost to Ali. Thus, Ali became the first man to win or regain the championship three times. No one heard much of Spinks after that while Ali remains one of the greatest sporting legends. This story applies to the unexpected wins of Congress in MP, Rajasthan and Chhattisgarh. It had the Congress, their coolies in media and elsewhere jumping in delight. They all claimed Rahul Gandhi has arrived, he has matured, he has achieved puberty. In my assessment, these wins had nothing to do with RG:
Emboldened by these wins, RG then went to raise his abuse of Modi to much higher levels. He had only two songs to sing – “Chowkidar chor hai” and “30000 crores to Ambani”. The figures to Ambani keep changing like the English weather. Not stopping there, this out-on-bail scumbag went to say “Sab Modi chor hai” inviting a case against him. To add to these silly songs the Congress brought in what they and their coolies call the “Brahmastra” – Priyanka Vadra. The coolies went “ooh” and “aah” over her. In reality, the Vadri is as much a Pappu as her brother mouthing stupid dialogues which have no connect with the people. The media started a chant about Vadri contesting from Varanasi and challenging PM Modi. She was being touted as some “Phansi ki Rani” who will slay Goliath Modi. They don’t realise how immature and stupid they sound. Nobody really cares if Vadri contests elections or from where. India has moved on from these Chinese Gandhis and their attitude of being saviours of the poor:
I am unaware of one shred of real work that PG Vadra has done in all her life. I’m not sure she ever cooks or cleans at home. She doesn’t have a story of her own, just as her stupid brother doesn’t have any story of his own. In contrast, Modi’s life is full of stories and experiences that he can narrate and some that can inspire others. When he narrated some of those in an interview with Akshay Kumar, the same Jingos and coolies were up in arms mocking him to be a “film actor”. A typical Gandhi-LIAR that the Vadri is, this is what she came up with:
This brainless Pappini calls Smriti Irani an “outsider” in Amethi. Of course, we all know Sonia was born in Rae Bareli and RG was conceived and birthed in Wayanad. Such are the moronic utterances of this woman. If Pappu is a sociopath then PGV is a case of “Borderline personality disorder”. Some have alleged she is an alcoholic too. Modi is not meeting the poor? Only a moron can make such a statement. Modi has met with and interacted with the poor all his life. He has first-hand experience of poverty which none of these fake Gandhis ever had. As a consequence, from housing to gas cylinders to toilets – Modi has dramatically altered the lives of millions of poor. ModiSarkar has the record of lifting the maximum number of people above BPL in just one term. It doesn’t occur to these uneducated Gandhis and their coolies that when they mouth such stupid LIES, it doesn’t go down well with the public. Hairstyles and smiles and cotton sarees only look good in media, not with the public or at the ballot.

Coming back to “Chowkidar Chor hai”, not one single Congi or anyone from the media ever counselled RG that this lie is going to damage him. Repeatedly abusing a man who is perceived to be honest and uncorrupt by a vast public has the opposite effect. It creates contempt for RG and the Congress. Nobody taught this simple public rule to this moron. RG even abused the Supreme Court as having referred to Modi as “Chor”. He had to prostrate and apologise to the SC and for his LIES. He claimed it happened in the “heat of the moment” as if he was a pregnant goat. Modi took this worthless brickbat and started the “Main bhi Chowkidar” campaign. Many people on SM and elsewhere have titled themselves “Mai bhi Chowkidar” now.

RG’s Thugbandhan allies also don’t have the brains to tell him that everything that rubs off negatively on him and the Congress also affects the alliance partners negatively. RG and Congress act as the “Bandit Queen” of the Thugbandhan. So, whatever affects the bandit queen also affects her gang of thugs. This is something that has gone way over the stupid heads of all the Sickular parties. They don’t tell this two-bit juvenile jerk RG that when he continuously abuses Modi, the negative fall out affects them too. Akhilesh, Mayawati, Maomata and others simply don’t realise that whatever nonsense RG utters also rubs off on them. The people have “bunched” this gang together. But the Sickulars think there is electoral profit when RG abuses Modi. The same goes for Congress coolies in media and elsewhere. They think RG abusing Modi recklessly vents their own frustration. When the SC slammed RG, the queen of Congress coolies, Barkha, grandly “clarified” that SC only wants RG to delink the “Chor” comment from SC but RG is free to make such comments without dragging SC into it:
These failed journos who have hit rock bottom in their careers seem to derive political-orgasm from such spurious campaigns just because they hate one man. Another such Congress coolie, India’s worst Dalal, Shekhar Gupta tried his best to tweet an opinion poll (When such polls are barred by EC during elections) claiming BJP will get only 220 seats. SG got instantly slapped for his stupidity of peddling an opinion poll of December 2018 by the very person who conducted those polls:
Since that December 2018 poll, much water has flown over the bald head of ShekharG. But he still tries all the tricks to portray BJP as losing ground. On April 25 Modi undertook a roadshow in Varanasi, the day prior to his filing the nomination from the city. It was never thought possible that rock bands would fill sports stadiums till the Beatles first did so in 1965 at Shea stadium in New York. Since then, rock bands have filled many stadiums but I would dare to say that the crowd that turned out at the Varanasi road show (estimated at six lakhs) and the regular rallies of Modi can fill six Eden Gardens. And not since the Beatles has anyone driven such positive mass mania, especially not a politician. No politician in the world has driven such passionate mania among people and the sights are usually daunting:
Criminal journos don’t report facts or truth from the ground. One recalls the fakery of all MSM goons reporting Akhilesh and SP winning a grand majority in UP in 2017. Some of those journos were bribed and given flats it seems. In the end, BJP romped home with over 300 seats in the Assembly. The truth still keeps slapping them regularly but they live in hopes of an elusive political-orgasm. This video has two parts – one in Varanasi with a response from the young and the old to Modi and another with that Congress coolie Rahul Kanwal with Kamal Nath. The responses, with nothing but the truth, are also comic to watch (30 secs):
As the “defending champion” Modi has been very focused on his campaign content. He has promoted prominent achievements of his govt, highlighted the threats that enemies and Sickulars pose to India and kept his criticism of his opponents to a very moderate level. The Varanasi road show of Modi could give nightmares to any opponent. So, when the Cowardni PG Vadra refused to contest, the Congress coolies collectively mourned the death of their collective imaginary political-orgasm:
PG Vadra not contesting Varanasi seems like a death-blow to these coolies. All the coolies are uniformly whining about how Congress has squandered LS2019 as if their mother-party had any chance in the first place. If they had any decency in them, they would have pointed out in articles and debates that RG is a moron and his LIES will damage Congress and their Thugbandhan. But NO, these coolies enjoyed the abuses RG hurled at Modi. They too hurl abuses at Modi one way or another. Sickularism is going to die. And if these coolies don’t wake up to the truth, their already dead careers will face a dishonourable burial. They will be left scrounging for titbits like any other street mongrel. The distress level and denial level of these coolies can be measured by the fact that when the Modi road show was on in Varanasi, Jihadi channel NDTV was discussing “Is BJP losing ground?” That’s how stupid these Congress coolies are. They are in distress and their tears cloud their vision and the truth.

In article after article, tweet after tweet, blabber after blabber, not one single of these Congress coolies is worried about India, her future or what a winning party would do for her. All they are worried about is whether their corrupt, Biskoot-giving family will stay alive in politics or not. If you ask me, the Congress has tolled its own death-knell by parading Pappu and Pappini. The Chinese Gandhi family that thinks they are some great favour to India should get out of politics totally and, if at all they want, let Congress reinvent itself without their nuisance.

My sister was here from Mumbai a few days ago. We don’t discuss politics at home. But she was here to vote (April 23 in Gujarat) and so casually asked me what it looks like. I told her the BJP might win comfortably. Among the other aspects of politics, we discussed on the future, she told me “Even the Congress can become efficient, only this rotten family must go”. Educated, uneducated, urban, rural, the old guy in Varanasi in the video and the young lad that Kamal Nath spoke to – everyone knows damn well this corrupt, anti-Indian family is the biggest hurdle for India’s progress. Everyone, except the Congress coolies who are in deep distress. I predict their distress will be incurable soon.