Sunday, March 10, 2019

The Ayodhya Treachery

Hindu Temples – What happened” to them is a two-volume book about thousands of Hindu temples destroyed to build mosques. It was written by Sitaram Goel, Arun Shourie & Co. Even to this day, temples are being destroyed in Kashmir. Around 208 of 438 temples left in Kashmir were reported destroyed in two decades till 2012. Temples are also being destroyed in other states like TN. The GOI has consistently overlooked these incidents because Hindus have not been militant about their places of worship or gone about destroying those of others. Out of the blue, the GOI is going out of its way in building the Kartarpur corridor to please the Sikhs. In the face of our battles against terrorists and bombing of certain terror-camp sites in Pakistan, the GOI is going to hold a meeting with Pak officials on March 14 over Kartarpur:
The Kartarpur shrine is said to be just within 3-4 kms from our borders.  That should tell one how stupid our leaders were at Partition. The incomplete Partition has ravaged this country and the same nuisance has been hovering over the Ram Mandir and Ayodhya case. But this cannot be undone. The least that could have been done was to have settled the issue and build a Ram temple in 1949 itself when idols of Ram and proof of a temple being there was noticed. Instead, the govt locked up the temple and let the wound fester. Nehru was against rebuilding Somnath too. In yet another twist to the delay, the SC finally handed over the case to mediation on March 8. The SC has constantly avoided attending to the case on some pretext or the other. Sometime in 2018 the SC stated there will be “regular hearings” on the case, then one judge had to recuse, then Congress wanted to postpone the hearing till after May 2019 and it been dragging on for 8 years now. A timeline of the case from TOI makes sorry reading:
There is a serious problem on this with the ModiSarkar too. It has constantly dodged the Ram Mandir issue; letting it linger. Only towards the end of 2018 the GOI made a feeble attempt to free the undisputed land in Ayodhya from the SC hearings or rulings. Former Regional Director of ASI, Dr. KK Muhammad reiterated in his book that there was enough evidence of a Ram temple being there over which the Babri mosque was built. Here are some excerpts:

"We found not one but 14 pillars of a temple at the Babri Masjid site. All these pillars had domes carved on them. The domes resembled those found in temples belonging to 11th and 12th century. In the temple architecture domes are one of the nine symbols of prosperity. It was quite evident that the Masjid was erected on the debris of a temple… The Babri issue would have been settled long ago if the Muslim intelligentsia had not fallen prey to the brain washing by the Leftist historians. A set of historians including Romila Thapar, Bipin Chandra and S Gopal argued that there was no mention of the dismantling of the temple before 19th century and Ayodhya is Bhudhist-Jain centre. They were supported by historians Irfan Habib, RS Sharma, DN Jha, Suraj Ben and Akthar Ali… It was they who connived with the extremist Muslim groups to derail all attempts to find an amicable solution to the Masjid issue”.

KK Muhammad also added that there is enough evidence Taj Mahal and Qutub complex was also built by destroying Hindu temples. After many years, the Ayodhya case was heard in the Allahabad HC. I coined the term “Salma quotes Sabrina” based on the quack historians who had no clue what they were blabbering about on the history of Babri masjid. Their statements to the court can only make one laugh:

Supriya Verma an, “expert” who challenged the excavations done by the ASI, had not read the radar survey report on ground penetration that led to the court order for excavation. Verma and Jaya Menon, another “expert,” were not present at the time of actual excavations but alleged that pillar bases at the excavated sites were planted. Suvira Jaiswal says: “Whatever knowledge I gained with respect to the disputed site is based on newspaper reports or what others told.” She also confessed that she “prepared a report on the Babri dispute after reading newspaper reports and on the basis of discussion with my medieval history expert in my department”. Jaiswal made an important clarification: “I am not giving (my) statement on oath regarding Babri Mosque without any probe and not on the basis of my knowledge; rather I am giving the statement on the basis of my opinion.”

All these Commie Sickulars were only peddling opinions to thwart the building of the Ram Mandir. But the SC, which now believes in mediation, also has a story of its own.

In multiple statements the SC has reportedly stated that the Ayodhya case is “politically and religiously sensitive” issue. Well, come to think about it, the case of National Herald involving Sonia and Rahul Gandhi is also politically sensitive, so are we to assume that too will be settled by mediation or allowed to linger? In fact, there are more chances of riots ensuing if the Chinese Gandhis are sent to jail than a verdict favouring the building of Ram Mandir at the Babri site. 

The job of a court is to assess a case, hear the parties, verify the evidence and rule on it. The court is NOT supposed to be worried about what the political or social consequences of their verdicts would be. Any law and order situation is for the govt to handle and not for the courts. Had it been so concerned about “sensitivity” and social consequences then the Sabarimala needs a rethink. It had led to unhappiness among Ayyappa devotees, agitations, misdeeds by the Kerala govt and a stand-off between the devotees and the State as a consequence of the court verdict. As for mediation, the SC itself had to strike down a mediation attempt just before the Allahabad HC pronounced its verdict:
Attempts were made to defer the Allahabad HC verdict and put the matter to mediation. The SC ruled against mediation. The lawyers against mediation were absolutely right in stating “Judicial function cannot be made hostage to consequences… we are 100 percent for the settlement but also hundred percent against the plea the judgement being deferred”. The petitioner, Ramesh Chandra Tripathi, who demanded mediation to scuttle the HC verdict was also fined 50000/- The SC thought of mediation in 2010 too before the HC verdict but the GOI views strongly endorsed a court verdict and an anti-mediation stand. So, how is it that the SC which thwarted mediation in 2010 now finds mediation to be a great way out?

Mediation or compromises are not the LAST resort. They are the first resort. When a case reaches SC, it implies all avenues are exhausted. And there have been mediations and negotiations in the past over Ayodhya. Take a Family Court. A divorce is instant if adultery or a legal offence can be proven. In normal case, the FC orders a two-year cooling period to allow for reconciliation or even counselling. When the parties can prove they have already lived apart for over 2 years, the court still gives a cooling period of six months before granting mutual divorce. The court doesn’t repeatedly order mediation or counselling once the two-year separation is over and the parties still insist on going through a divorce. The SC was the last resort for justice. The mediation cannot be after a case has reached its last resort.   

The Muslim parties to the case will neither budge nor agree to any compromises. This is not an emotional or religious issue to them, it is merely a big ego issue and nothing more. After all, the Babri was a dilapidated unused structure and Muslims don’t need a mosque to pray. The mediation panel (Former judge Killafullah, SriSri and Sriram Panchu) have very little negotiating and navigating room. They have to stick largely within the confines of the Allahabad HC verdict and the claims in the SC thereafter. This is where ModiSarkar failed to grab the chance. PM Modi should have taken the problem into his hand in 2014 and set up a mediation panel by seeking the SC support. WHY? Because the govt is in a much better position to mediate, to negotiate, offer alternatives and compensations or deals that the SC mediation panel does not possess. For instance, the mediation panel cannot allot 10 acres of land in Kanpur or Lucknow if such a demand were to be made for the mosque. In contrast, GOI and the State govt could have easily considered and executed such a demand.

The GOI is also in a position to dole out large sums of money as “compensatory dole” which the SC or its mediation panel cannot do. The GOI can also pass an Ordinance or a law through Parliamentary that recognises the deals and solutions it makes with the concerned parties. Thus, it is a failure on the part of ModiSarkar too for being absolutely disinterested in the Ayodhya case. Hopefully, political parties will stop whipping the Ram Mandir for mere political purposes and not be treacherous with Hindus. And if the current mediation panel fails, then ModiSarkar, in its second term, must take it on top-priority to settle the issue once and for all. 


  1. When it comes to Hindu belief - the MILORDS jump on Hindus' throat and deliver diktats. But when it comes to "Religion of Peace" MILORDS start trembling in fear. Hard hitting article (as ever) by Mediacrooks.

    1. Your LORDS, not mine.
      Stop falling at the feet of a bunch of morons who appoint themselves

    2. Result of centuries of Dhimmitude. Hindus need to have some centuries of offensive and aggressive domination over South, Central and South Asia, vehement reprisals against Islam and Christianity and colonisation of the Islamic nations to get rid of this Dhimmitude so that these scars are erased out of Hindu psyche. For this to happen, all of us should become goondas locally in our surrounding, especially over these Islamists. We should vote for only ultra Hindutva leaders.

  2. Post their retirement,Milords must be provided z+ category security. Otherwise they live with the fear of ROP.

    1. What is infuriating is the gall of MILORDS to pounce on Hindu traditions at the drop of a hat and the indifference of so-called SECULAR HINDUS even after matters reaching this pathetic state. Reality is ONLY Hindus are deprived of basic rights in HINDU MAJORITY country. Highly deplorable state of affairs.

  3. Modi ji turned out to be an indecisive leader, a derider to his progressive and out of the box thoughts, and the second term should be to overcome the negations and assertion of the Hindus

  4. Wait 3 months, and see the strike like notebandi on Maoists & Jihadist, who have been controlling institutions, judiciary & Political parties of this Hindu Majority Country backed by pirate enemies such as Pakistan/UK. Just trust NaMo. These problems require chess like strategy, before that single decisive move by the actual player who is playing for us.

    1. I would trust Modi on Security, Finance, Development...but not on Hindu's issues...till now he had avoided them like neighbor's ugly child...only attending to it when it cries or sometime as in case of Sabrimala, totally avoiding it...even though it was ready-made opportunity to gain traction in Kerala. Some economic doles are enough to pacify Hindus...why take trouble to please who are already his vote bank and can be pleased through other means

  5. Modi was in no position in 2014 to mediate:
    1) bitter hatred for modi/bjp, by the left/congies/lutyens, left no space for him as arbiter
    2) hindu orgs were anyway in constant dialogue all through, so modi meddling would've only antagonised it further
    3) a forceful amendment/resolution in a joint session would have left the govt open for litigation, when the case is already in the court
    4) modisarkar had no option but wait for the SC to decide one way or other and then take corrective actions in the parliament

    I think it's going in the right direction.. delayed yes but a lasting, even if not consensual, solution is in sight

  6. Kaashi vishwanaath dhaam.. what a change happening. Cluttered & claustrophobic holiest among the holy finally getting some good light & ventilation..

  7. Present Govt have no guts to give their opinion/reaction on Court's shoddy dealings on Ram Mandir or other religious issues!Congress could hound them despite having a few Mps.GOI should be tough in bringing justice to the Hindus!

  8. Modi government had golden chance post 2014 victory. Still remember how the treacherous elements of M community were under fear for at least 6 months.

    Modi should have capitalised this fear by:
    1) Revoking 370, 35a
    2) Rehab of Hindu Kashmiris
    3) Repeal RTE
    4) UCC
    5) Ram Temple construction
    6) Kicking out bangladeshis
    7) Population control law
    8) Protecting Hindu minority in kerala, West UP, West Bengal and in over 1200 pockets of mini Pakistans in Bharat

    Modi sarkar should have implemented the core agendas within 6 months of 2014 itself. कोई जिहादी चु चा भी नहीं करता, इनमे इतना डर व्याप्त था।

    But modi sarkar killed its own ideology and core agendas by embracing secularism (sabka saath sabka vikas). BJP coiNed SSSV instead of using antiHindu secularism term but the ingredient remain same, ignoring core Hindutva agendas which was put forward for protection of Hindu population and Bharat.

    अब मोदी के पत्ते खुल गए है, यह वंदे मातरम् और भारत माता की जय के विरोधी अब दुःसाहस करते है क्योंकि इन्हें पता है कि मोदी हिन्दुओ पे तो गोली चला सकता है पर पत्थरबाज मुल्लों को पुचकरेगा।

    1. *पुचकारेगा

    2. Dear SEOGuru,

      Agree about Modi not undertaking Hindu causes post 2014. But have you thought why? The answer is that Modi did not have majority in Rajya Sabha.
      Believe me if he had a mojority in RS, the RSS would have sit on his head & finished this Hindu wishlist.

      Please understand, Muslims & Christians have been playing their game for more than 1000 years & honned their skills. Its Hindus who have just started to unite. We must ensure that Modi returns with full majority & BJP grows in Undivided Andhra, Tamilnadu & Kerala.

      The day this happens, nothing will be able to stop us.

    3. If Modi Sarkar had implemented core Hindu agendas in 6 months or atleast shown INTENT and ACTION towards it, Hindus would have voted en bloc in assembly and BJP's Rajyasabha control would have been possible.

      One thing is CLEAR no one is secular when it comes to SURVIVAL OF INDENTITY but cowardice and greed to become global leader made modi ignore Hindutva agendas, the plank that made them behemoth from meagre 2 seats.

      Golden chance lost, god forbid, hope its not lost cause or else History will never be kinder to modi & co mark my words if it continues post 2019 victory. We don't need another gandhi who chanted Ram Ram to fool Hindus but appease muslims, leftists and antiHindus like modi is doing.

    4. *Voted en bloc in assembly elections.

    5. Dear SEOGuru,

      I really doubt that Hindus would have voted en bloc if he had acted on Hindu agenda for first 6 months. Things are not so simple when we discuss Hindus as a community. Believe me,
      Most of the Hindus(Majority of them) don't give rat's ass whether Modi is developing India or he is building Ram Temple or bringing uniform civil code simply because they are completely brainwashed about their Caste Identity, Language Identity & political affiliations. And that's the Elephant in the room which most Hindu activists fail to realize many times.

      Hence I again request everyone to focus on the larger picture which is that the Muslims & Christians have been playing their game for more than 1000 years & honned their skills. Its Hindus who have just started to unite. We must ensure that Modi returns with full majority & BJP grows in Undivided Andhra, Tamilnadu & Kerala.

      The day this happens, nothing will be able to stop us.

    6. We don't have time, in next 10 years we will lose the race. Please read dossier advisories of Mossad and CIA which clearly indicates that India is ticking bomb with ever growing muslim population.

      Israel helps India with the selfish mindset that jihad do not encapsulate India into its jaws, if India fails and Ghazwa e Hind succeeds, muslims will become superpower evil race to defeat. With half of europe, sweden, germany, UK and middle east under their grip, crusade will also not help to remove this menace from earth. Ultimately Israel will also die.

      US, Israel and China are clearly seeing islam as menacing danger.
      US is pioneer in decimating islamic funds by killing most of the islamic countries with war, debt and internal civil disobedience.

      China is also doing same with Pakistan.

      Entire world is united but lessons of 1200 years of slavery for Hindus is still not enough, that's why we lost kashmir, on the verge of losing west UP, bengal and kerala.

      We lost 5 precious years. If in next 2 years Modi government will not act then expect muslim PM and president by 2032, their original aim to multiply like rabbits.

      We don't have time to hide behind veil of north south or caste divisions. Government has to act or they will be committing biggest sin of handing over Bharat to jihadis.

      Please do research on Ghazwa e Hind and how formation of pakistan is first major victory for them.

      Don't be emotional having myopic views of caste divisions, work at ground level and when common enemy is shown Hindus get united. Its time government shows its claws and not behave like eunuch.

      Voting BJP is one time activity with 2 months of efforts, what you are doing in next 5 years to unite Hindus?

      Hindus are fools that they rely on government for everything, mere voting doesn't complete your duty towards sanatan dharma.

      Look at bigger picture brother. Ponder and research. Our generation has huge task in hand for survival of Humanity and Hinduism.

      No sane Hindu opposes BJP but directs our party to act for sovereignty and security of indigenous culture, sanatan dharma and Bharat.

    7. Abhijeet, you missed INTENT part, modi sarkar did not even showed intent to work on Hindutva agendas, implementation is at next level.

      Perception matters to unite Hindus.

    8. Dear SEOGuru,

      What you saying is 100% correct but what I am saying is Why Modi did not act on Hindu agenda yet. He would be the last person not to act on Hindu agenda but he knows the kind of enemies he is pitched against with global Media & religio/Political clout & their never exhausting funds. He is simply laying the ground for building a strong India & united Hindus. He & RSS is aware of the ticking time bomb of Islamic demography. we have time only till 2029 to drive Hindu agenda. But first things first. Hence as I said we must ensure that BJP grows in Andhra, Telengana, Tamilnadu & Kerala so that the combined strength of Hindu voters can dictate the politicians to undertake Hindu agenda. Modi is today, may not be after another 10 years. Our Civilization is & shall stay eternal.

    9. "Our Civilization is & shall stay eternal" is a myth in kaliyug.

      Whatever we have is now Bharat thanks to our ancestral sacrifice and retaliation.

      This farce thought of eternity and not aggressive retaliation made decimation of Sanatan Dharma in malaysia, Cambodia, indonesia, iran, iraq, Myanmar, some parts of china, pakistan, bangladesh and sri lanka.
      Already we lost kashmir and on the verge of losing kerala, west bengal and west UP. Infact in kerala PFI has created an army to wage jihad against India, world knows about this but what modi govt did...NOTHING!

      Fierce retaliation and unity against common enemy is only key.



      Please work for Hindu unity and aggression brother if you really want to see annihilation of asuras, next 5 years after voting BJP. We are on the path to destruction and extinction. If we don't accept truth and problem, we cannot find solution.

  9. Do we have intelligent judges? In my opinion, till now we may have had few excellent judgments but 95 % of rest of the judgments is conked. The reason, we the Parents were not able to produce better human beings resulting into a majority of Indians being third rate. It reflects in all spheres of this Society. If ever we make a castigating comment on the judgment of a Court whether it be lower, HC or SC, then we invite ourselves into a gambit called ‘Contempt of court’.
    Unless total freedom is available to comment in strong words even adversely against a judgment or the judges of a Lower court/HC/ SC, we are doomed. If this is what Tagore meant in his fine words “Where the mind is led forward by Thee into ever-widening thought and action; Into that heaven of freedom, my Father, let my country awake”, let there be Mamtas and others to take cognizance of this and translate thought into action.

  10. Dear Praful,

    Modi is a wilful politician. But the real problem is absence of continuous Hindu unity. If Hindus across India including SP-BSP voters, Undivided Andhra, Tamilnadu & Kerala(Who never vote for BJP) rise up & threaten to not vote unless Mandir is constructed, who in this world has the balls to stand against us ?

    Its very easy to point finger at Modi but we need guts to accept chinks in our own armour.

  11. Seeing Modi's reluctance on Hindu issues and pandering to "Ek haath" nonsense; I suspect he would have pandered further to "Ek haath" so he gets some brownie points from Lutyens. Not sure when or where this will end, but hope ends soon. As to courts; they have proven to be highly inefficient and if they were to be put thru a performance assessment, would score a big -0 and thrown out from work. Its a pity they live on tax payers money and lord it over like kings when they don't even deserve a penny.

  12. Modi us doing his best but we hindus have not been supporting anyone who stands up for us. The hindi heartland voted for congress even after Sibal appeared against Ram mandhir in SC. Madam supreme had signed an affidavit reducing Ram to a myth! However there are many Hindus would still support them inspite of their not so flattering record in combating corruption.
    Look at our muslim compatriots, they would still unitedly vote against Modi, just because they suspect him to be pro Hindu. They are against him inspite of SC not finding Modi guilty of any crimes against them. We love to stand by the sidelines and let modi bear the brunt of the sickularist lobby and keep blaming him for not doing all those things we want him to do.
    How many of us had protested when
    1. Mounmohan singh bequethed the country to muslims
    2. How many of us took to the streets to protest against RG for his flippant comment on "...ladki chedne ke liye mandir jaate hain".
    3. How many of us took to the streets at the highly perverted and vulgur depiction of hindu gods by MF Hussein?
    4. How many of us protested against the restrictions on firecrackers during diwali
    5. How many of us protested when owaisi threatened to finish all hindus
    6. How many of us protested when countless leaders like Prashant Bhushan, Mani Iyer etc., have openly spoke against hindus.
    The list goes on and on....
    On the other hand look at the muslims, an inane post by a teenager can inflame 2 lakh people to ransack a town and its police station.
    So the normal people obviously dont indulge in islam bashing and i salute them for that.
    So fellow hindusif you want Namo to deliver on our wish list ask ourselves on what kind of support we are extending to Namo.

    Kindly appreciate the fact that he is a single individual , who is on a mission for our betterment. He has so many other priorities including our safety and economic well being. Please understabd that he is fighting for us against all odds and taking on the entire opposition and the very powerful sickular lobby. Lets do our best to help him out

    1. Speaking truth about 164 poisonous verses of koran is not islam bashing, moment you salute inactions of not speaking truth and opposing Ghazwa e hind jihadis whom common muslims support you create big dent in Hindu unity.

      A community can only be united, if they know EVERYTHING about their real enemy. How many Hindus know about Ghazwa e hind, why muslims are multiplying, al taqiyya, muruna, kitman including all dreadful and deceitful teachings of koran.

      Speaking truth about islam is not islam bashing.

      Its their so called asmani book that unites them, its venomous sermons in masjids, madarsas by maulvis that unites them.

      How many times you have seen Hindu priests uniting Hindus giving sermons in any temples of India? NONE in last 70 years.

      We all need to educate our ignorant Hindus about real enemy and it should start from government like it happens in israel, Myanmar and china. So yes accept fact that modi betrayed us on that part, infact shamelessly modi and rajnath falsely claim "terrorism has no religion."

      Ponder brother before foolishly aapreciating not opposing dreadful acts of islamists.

      We cannot be united if we don't know common cause against whom we have to unite.

      Accept truth, dharma is above all, and this truth alone can survive us against kaliyugi asuras of our time.

    2. *foolishly appreciating to not oppose dreadful acts of islamists.

  13. Unless and until Modi destroys 4M( Media, Missionary, Marxist and Mullah) there is little hope for Hindus. There is one more evil book which is called Constitution of India that needs to be put into garbage

    1. Unity is the only panacea you cannot even touch constitution

  14. Time to demolish all roadside durgas. All those mosque/masjids built on hindu temple land or built after destroyinig hindu temples should be destroyed & put the same claim on Mathura Krishna Janma temple also.

  15. Raviji, Dr. Subramnaian Swamyji deserved a mention in your blog. Things started moving only after he intervened as the case was in hibernation after the Allahabad HC judgment.... His arguments also needed to be mentioned - 1) Fundamental Right to Pray 2) PVN Rao Governments written confirmation that land would be handed over to Hindus if a temple structure is found on excavation and that the usurpers of Sunni Waqf board could only claim compensation on a land nationalised by PVNR Govt......

  16. I would agree with Abhijeet and Bhaskey Nateshan that we as Hindu people should first unite before blaming Modi to cleans ourselves of 1000 years slavish apathy. After or at the same time alertness shown by SEOGuru may make sense.

    1. Do you have any roadmap how we hindus should unite..irrespective of caste creed region language

  17. This is an interesting post but some of the commentators are certifiably crazy



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