Sunday, March 31, 2019

No Looking Back

In Berlin 1987 when Ronald Reagan shouted “Mr Gorbachev, tear down this wall” he wasn’t calling only for Gorbachev. His call was to people of both Germanies and Europe at that time and a symbolic message to the USSR. Bit by bit, through economic and military threats (Like Reagan’s “Star Wars” rhetoric) and many other players putting pressure on the USSR, that Berlin wall finally crumbled in November 1991. A month later, Nehru’s darling inspiration USSR crumbled too. Not a single shot or missile was ever fired. PM Narendra Modi is doing something similar with Pakistan. But because they continue to attack through terrorists and regular LOC firing, India had to retaliate. Observers in Pakistan understand this but not our foolish Sickulars in India. Thus, when the ASAT was launched on March 27 under Mission Shakti, the greatest anti-national whiners were from Congress and other Sickular parties.

Modi made a special announcement of the successful ASAT event and some parties even ran to the EC claiming it was a violation of the model code of conduct. Left with nothing much to hide their heartburn and the petty jealousy over Modi successfully executing that test that Congress had stunted in 2012-12 they started crediting Grand Pappu JL Nehru for the test. They all claimed it was Nehru who injected scientific temper in India. Nehru didn’t have one iota of interest in science or anything. It is just that he was PM for 17 years and, naturally, a few things happened. These heart-burned thugs are the biggest fools who negate the scientific temper of the Hindu culture that has existed for eons. No one better than Carl Sagan who confirmed the accuracy of our astronomers going way back to our Vedic calculations:
It is not just that astronomy, Math or such sciences have been in India long before Sickular Nehru or any of his uneducated descendants were born. But even in recent history there are many scientists who have brought glory to India through their contributions but political pigs are always going to roll and wallow in their own garbage:
In 2014, Modi was facing some of the greatest challenges in his life. As PM, he not only had to clean the mess left behind by Congress but also ensure India moved on and he offered a corruption-free leadership that could prove that such a thing is indeed possible. The Sickular clowns and their families have been reduced to combating ONE MAN in their quest for survival. They have nothing to offer for India. They don’t have one single quotable plan for India that would make us say “Wow! Why didn’t Modi think of that and he should accept that idea”. NOTHING! All they have is endless abuses and even mocking India itself because Modi was conquering more ground. Look at this SICK gang that had assembled in Kolkata on January 19 in support of that pathetic Mamata Banerjee:
There is not ONE SINGLE party in that line up that is free from corruption and scams. Each entity in this gathering of looters wants power not to do anything good for India or their state but to get back their “fiefdoms” and loot a little more. The psychopath Mamata suddenly blabbered she could solve the Kashmir issue and should be sent there. The only place she deserves to be sent to is a mental hospital. The biggest tragedy of this corrupt lot is – some of them have risen from poor or middle-class backgrounds or their mother-ship Congress. Yet, instead of empathy and working for the poor in their states they have only enriched themselves and their families. Nothing ever good has come out of this redundant lot, whether it was UP, JK or Tamil Nadu or the continued Commieness in Bengal. The dynastic cult of politics is the biggest cause of corruption and continued poverty in India. The dynastic cult in politics is the biggest curse on this country.

Among the dynastic cult, two extreme morons stand out – Omar Abdullah and Mehbooba Mufti. Whenever these two anti-India ranters open their mouths, it’s “Pakistan this, Pakistan that, we should have dialogue with Pakistan, terrorists should not be punished”. Their nonsense is limitless and something drastic really needs to be done to wipe out anti-nationals in JK. Abdullah’s candidate even shouts “Pakistan Zindabad” at his election rallies. PM Modi has to act severely on these anti-nationals and traitors in his second terms. These scumbags should not live in India.

Elsewhere, the Pappu and Pappini continue their idiotic fancy dress run and their eternal “Garibi Hatao” nonsense. The best indication that the Hindu vote is now important and assertive can be seen from how these Gandhi-fraudsters have started changing their clothes:
Surprisingly, both RG and PGV are Catholics. Neither of them goes to church in their campaign runs. Why? Because the Christians are useless to them as far as vote-banks are concerned. I called them Ponzi-Hindus and now the scamsters have come up with the Ponzi-72. That is supposedly their most modern initiative to solve the problem of poverty – more doles and bigger doles. But it’s a scam and that is why I call it #Ponzi72 and there is no one better to confirm it than one of Pappu’s own economist-sidekicks:
In the five years of ModiSarkar more poor people have been lifted above the poverty line in one term than at any other time in the past. If the only answer to poverty is more and more doles then it’s like a bad salesman dropping has pants and price at the first and last opportunity. In marketing terms, more and more discounts, more and more one plus one or two free is considered the crime of “Purchasing your Sales”. Rafale failed, 30 crores to Ambani failed, Chowkidar Chor hai failed and that brings the Congress back to the one-trick pony that they are – more doles, more bribes for the voters. Of course, many BJP supporters argue that this worked in MP, Chhattisgarh and Rajasthan so it should work nationally. I don’t think so and I don’t think they realise there is a flaw with such an argument:
In MP, Chhattisgarh and Rajasthan the contest was one to one – BJP Vs Congress and not multi-cornered. When it comes to LS2019, the Congress does not have the critical mass of voters at its command in many big states. In states like UP, Bengal, Maharashtra and Gujarat the Congress simply is a “Pariah” that nobody wants to touch. And in MP people are already ruing the fake promises on the doles. While the 3 states may have voted Congress, the margins are very slender and there is no reason to believe they will vote the same way when it comes to LS2019 where Modi happens to be the most popular choice for PM.

Coming back to the first para where I mentioned Ronald Reagan and USSR – PM Modi is doing something similar with Pakistan. This is what IndiraG also did before the 1971 war. Although I would like complete break of relations with Pak, it is obviously not politically sensible as the “Pakis in India” are likely to be offended. Therefore, it is not a bad idea to let Pak linger in its misery and sink further into its economic black hole bit by bit as we make terrorism and war more costly for them. The commenter in this Paki channel lays it out better than any Sickular moron in India can lay it (Video – 2.20 mins):
ModiSarkar has accomplished in five years many things that were ignored for 60 years. Despite the most consistent abuse against him, he has not wavered in his focus on performance. BJP, CPM and AIADMK are the only three known parties that are non-dynastic in nature. Of these, AIADMK happens to be a one-state party with their impact limited to numbers in a coalition. The CPM may not be dynastic in nature but they are useless to the country and they are not compatible with our democratic structure. CPM are a bunch of violent thugs and that party should electorally die. For the present, BJP is the only non-dynastic party, largely uncorrupt and because of Modi a great performer. There is no looking back right now at any other option for the country. The moment you have a circus of dynastic-cult looters – the country will be pushed back another two decades. We cannot afford this and that message should be given out to every patriot – there is no looking back now.

Tuesday, March 26, 2019

Congress Campaign Over

Every dying man on his death bed behaves differently. Most go out gracefully with goodwill for all and share whatever fortune they have with family and a bit for charity. Some men go out unhappily. Some men, especially those accused of crimes or convicted, curse the world, abuse the justice system and go out in hatred. There are some who even make falsehoods in their dying declaration or suicide note to incriminate an innocent person they hate. The Congress party falls in the last category – the party is dying and its sociopath Head abuses, makes false allegations, blabbers nonsense, makes pro-Pak stands, supports terrorists and calls an honest man a “chor”.

After the Sam Pitroda outburst in support of Pakis and terrorists the Congress knew it had sunk deeper in its hole. Surprisingly, the party claimed Pitroda’s blabber was his personal opinion. Imagine, for every person who tweets or writes rubbish and is followed by the PM, the Sickulars and their MSM directly hold the PM responsible. But here a senior footsie of the party outrages against India and ModiSarkar but the Congress is not responsible. In a way that is right – neither the Congress nor RahulG are responsible for anything. Responsibility and accountability do not course in the veins of any of these Chinese Gandhis. They are free-loaders enjoying their lives here on scam-money. Every day some important Congi jumps ship and the party’s most trusted slaves are in a disarray:
Barkha wonders if Congress is playing for 2024. And her pillion-riding footlicker Dhume, as usual, just parrots lines from her silly rants because he still wants to remain a virgin in the Lutyens orgy. Pritish Nandy is simply outraged that his mother-ship is not forming alliances with other pirates. Dalal Shekhar is upset that his paymasters are turning into an NGO. Amidst all the comedy that Rahul and Priyanka are providing, you can picture the scene best when the rats are jumping their pirate-ship:
Yes indeed, the pirate-ship is being rocked so much that it is survival rather than the chance for another loot that is in question for the Congress. The corrupt media often called Amethi the “backyard” and “bastion” of the corrupt family. In layman’s language it was their “Baap ki Jagir”. But even that is under threat now and the comedian RG is getting “engineered” invites from many southern states to contest from a seat there. The “Real Chor” is really on the run:
And then sociopath RG grandly claims “I am not afraid of Modi”. He doesn’t have brains enough to know that in the last five years it’s ModiSarkar’s performance and the consistent attention to Amethi by Smriti Irani that is making him run from the place. For over 3 decades Amethi was left in shambles just as the Congress party is in now. Every fraudulent claim by Congress and RahulG lies in shambles. From Rafale to the idiotic 30K, 35K or 45K crores to Ambani has failed. The #ChowkidarChorHai crap was brilliantly blunted by #MainBhiChowkidar. Many BJP supporters are now sporting the “Chowkidar” as a title in their names on SM. These are now desperate times for Congress. Hardly anyone even wants an alliance with them other than Arvind Kejriwal (who is fighting for survival himself).

Therefore, the only option left was to conjure something bizarre and outlandish. On March 25, the Congress CWC held somewhat of an “Emergency” meeting in the morning. They must have brainstormed on how to survive when everything is falling apart. So, their Chief Scamster P. Chidambaram plots another “Garibi Hatao” show. Pappu comes out, “innovates” and reveals a grand plan to “Garibi Hatao”. Sure, we have all heard that song before:
RG announced to the media that Congress will give 72000 PA to 20% of the poor. The journos at his presser were as stupefied as anyone else who has now heard of this. So, RG announces this bizarre scheme and then asks the journos “Kyun… Chok gaye? Kyun… are you shocked?” in a mocking tone. Yes indeed, anyone would be shocked at this monumental stupidity. Quite rightly, political observers examined the financial feasibility of this bizarre scheme:
The 72000 crap is nothing but the last resort of a party that is at the end of its wits and with no agenda for the country. Arun Jaitley called it a “Bluff” on the poor of India. A party bereft of any real plan doesn’t make sound calculations. It is like Imran Khan promising a “Naya Pakistan” and still sleeping with terrorists while the Jihadis kidnap Hindu girls, convert them and are also busy destroying Hindu temples. And Imran claims “This is against the teachings of the Quran”. Well, exactly the final resort of a loser – Quran. The only Quran that the Congress has is doles but when asked how they will implement this or the financials of it, Pappu grandly answered “PC is working out the details”. The BJP supporters also put out information on the financials which shows its schemes for the poor and farmers far exceeds the 72000 promised by Pappu:
The issue is not merely about the financials of this stupid 72000. Congress has a history of making bogus promises. MP and Karnataka are already facing the wrath of the poor against similar bogus promises. In Gujarat2012, the Congress promised houses at 1 lakh for all. The truth is, election promises are not legally enforceable. Lalu once promised to make Bihar roads smooth as Hema Malini’s cheeks. The biggest problem with this 72000 is that it comes from a loser who DOES NOT have a political winning formula for LS2019. In all the states, bar a few, the Congress now plays second-fiddle. Parties like SP, BSP and even RJD have shown Congress its lowly place. In Bengal TMC doesn’t want an alliance. In Maha it’s even-Stevens with NCP. Coming to MP and Rajasthan – even the Assembly results were almost 50-50 and the party could lose these states post-LS2019 with more rats jumping ship. When survival is in question, the gambler plays double the stakes. He has nothing to lose. PM Modi and his govt are winners where performance is concerned and will not be as reckless as the Congi morons with bogus promises. It’s politically winnability that is absent from any Congress nonsense:
And pray who is devising this 72000-farce? Well, none other than the great scamster P. Chidambaram, the serial Bail-ist. PC has everything at stake – his life, his family, his stolen wealth and only a bizarre scheme that has the remotest chance of succeeding and bringing Congress to power can save his skin. For PC and the Gandhis LS2019 is a “Life & Death” situation. Lose this one, and they are gone forever. There is nothing left in the warehouse or the arsenal of Congress and the Chinese Gandhis to offer Indians. All they can do is promise to turn Amethi into Singapore or the laughable series of Made in Jaunpur, Made in Munger or Made in PC’s Lungi which is what this 72000 is. The Congress campaign is over:
That’s right! There is no way Congress can be rejuvenated or reinvented. Especially not with a moron as its Head. They are now also protesting the release of the movie “PM Modi” which is some sort of a biopic. These same losers fought to have “Udta Punjab” released during the Punjab elections. If these losers had the slightest interest of India and Indians at heart, they would show some seriousness in their campaign and not stupid “Bum kisne Faada” (over Pulwama) kind of nonsense that RG now indulges in and puts out professional comedians out of business. Politics is serious business of running a state or a country. It cannot be entrusted to frivolous fools