Saturday, February 9, 2019

Poverty Queen's Handmaids

In the movie “Jack Reacher” a sniper kills 5 people to make it look like random killings by a maniac. In reality, there is one specific target that the sniper is assigned to eliminate over a business deal gone bad. To camouflage that specific target as a random killing, the sniper takes out 4 more people to make all of them look like random killings. It’s a clever tactic and not an uncommon one. In fact, in a horrible real-life episode in 2002, the Washington DC Sniper (Beltway Sniper) killed 10 random people because he wanted to kill his wife who was the real target and make her look like a random victim (though he failed). John Allen Mohammad and his adopted teen went on a rampage for days before being caught. JA Mohammad has since been executed in 2009. Our media criminals are similar snipers when it comes to bootlicking of the Chinese Gandhis. How? Let us slowly digest their trickery; the same tactic that the snipers I mentioned above use:
That’s the same “random killing to camouflage a real target” in reverse. Out of nowhere, the seasonal frog Priyanka Vadra is back in politics so they have to promote their “Last White Hope”. But promoting the Vadri alone would become very obvious as bootlicking. So, the clever crooks started a synchronised campaign: “Three women who could be PM Modi’s biggest nightmare in LS elections”. Very nice! It is Reuters that started this trickery and all others followed suit like a box of parrots. You’ve got to hand it to the optimism of these handmaids of the Poverty Queen Priyanka – When the Indian batting collapses, we keep praying Ashwin Ravichandran will score a century or a tailender known for some past batting heroism will hold out. Most times the saviour never arrives. The Indian media, most of them bootlickers and maids of the Chinese Gandhis, have similarly pinned their hopes on PV to bring back their corrupt regime for the mutual benefit of all in this incestuous Lutyens club.

The tragedy of this “Random killing” is that two of the three women – Mayawati and Mamata, have been clubbed with a ZERO-record of performance of the Poverty Queen Priyanka. I don’t consider Mayawati or Mamata great performers and they are also alleged to be steeped in corruption like any other Chinese Gandhi. But at the very least, both Mayawati and Mamata have a record of decades of public life while the Poverty Queen in Sarees is a “Seasonal insect” that comes to feast on the crops when they are ready for harvest. One hilarious Pidi of the lot, Pallavi Ghosh of CNN18, exemplifies the servility of the media to the “Family” the best:
At first, when I read “And Priyanka Gandhi arrives” I thought the handmaid meant PV has returned to the political scene. But I learned that this was meant literally to announce that she had arrived from the USA to India. Not surprising at all. I have always maintained that these Chinese Gandhis, RG and PV, spend most of their lives in the playgrounds abroad (Nobody knows what exactly they go abroad for so frequently) and return to India only during election season to lecture the country about poverty and how they will, once again “Gareebi Hatao”. This “Gareebi Hatao” is their permanent business in which the Chinese Gandhis have been entrenched in for the last 47 years. This routine of theirs might be boringly monotonous to us, but to their handmaids, it is like their “Waiting for Godot” is over, each time they return from abroad. And the handmaids break out in a song and dance at her return. Elsewhere, TOI pulled out an old extract from a book of one Ruchir Sharma and passed it off as a current writing:
PV’s special handmaid Vineet Jain reproduces this article from around 2004 to glorify a miserable failure like PV in the LS2014 campaign. She made a comic ass of herself by ridiculing others (especially Modi) with utterances like “Smriti who?”, “Bhokle hue choohe” and “Neech politics” and climaxed it with her idiotic hop-scotch jump over a pile of bricks. She didn’t win anything and didn’t prove anything. But hope is eternal and anything that can remotely appear to be a challenge to Modi is welcome for the corrupt crooks, even if it’s a person with a scamster as a spouse. Ethics don’t matter for media. And her sociopath brother RG now talks of “Two Hindustans” and that he wants to bridge the divide. Lying imbeciles never look inward to ask who created these two Hindustans and how their family still treats them:
From the times of IndiraG this nonsensical theatre and drama of photo-ops with the poor has been faithfully played out by the entire Chinese Gandhi family. PV suddenly turns to largely white sarees when she parades herself with the poor. This is the most disgusting feature of the family – their dishonesty, their utter lack of concern or empathy for the poor and consistently exploiting them as guinea pigs for elections. Take a good look at the pic on the right. One observant person pointed out how PV cares two hoots for the poor and pretends to share their concerns and grief – even in this despicable act of dishonesty she looks at the camera for the photo while her hand rests on the shoulder of the village-woman. I am sure after the photo was snapped, she would have moved on to her next sniping-target. This template of photo-exploiting the poor has become a standard practice for all Sickulars without the slightest bit of genuine feelings.

Both PV and RG speak nonsense all the time, make no sense with any of their utterances and the latter has now degenerated into a dangerous sociopath. In case of PV, her husband is embroiled in multiple land and financial scams and is being investigated. It is impossible that she is totally innocent and unaware of all the scams. Dr. David Frawley, a keen India-lover and political observer asks a very valid question that every Indian (except the handmaids of Chinese Gandhis) has been asking for a long time – What exactly is the accomplishment of these Gandhis in life? ZERO, NOTHING! Oh, but she looks like IndiraG and that is her best accomplishment. PV has enough money to last a few lifetimes and is also on the board of the Rajiv Gandhi Trust which has scammed enough land from the NCR that would be the envy of many realtors in India. And who in hell that is serious about work or office would invite stupid media to click snaps and make a Tamasha of it?
And like the sniper in “Jack Reacher” or like that real-life sniper John Allen Mohammad, the handmaids have started building narratives of how women must come forward, how women must assert themselves in politics and what kind of women-oriented politics is the way forward and all such nonsense. Why? Because the handmaids of the Gandhis have to somehow plot this “never-worked-a-day-in-life” PV as the model working-woman in politics. The moronic creeps have even given her a designation; “Tiger Enthusiast” and that must be some really serious full-time job:
Of course, the actress has the script ready. Poverty Queen Priyanka knows exactly where to go, who to photo-op with and how to give advance intimation to her handmaids to come along for the ride and faithfully report how she cried when she saw the conditions of slum-dwellers in Delhi:
Like any other fashionable woman driving around in a luxury car, I’m sure PV too has one of those “hand sanitisers”. She needs them after meeting all those slum people. She never has to visit them for years but is compelled to visit them just before elections to “save democracy, save the Constitution, save the country and save the federal structure of India” as the script of the party goes. I guarantee, like her sociopath brother, PV too will be blabbering such lines in the public very soon. Over the last five years, this script hasn’t worked very well for the Gandhis. But then, what else can they talk about? They surely can’t talk about their whole family being corrupt, accused of multiple scams and some of them being out on bail.

The other Sickulars and corrupt media have their own agenda and vested interest in propping up these two anti-Hindu Congis as their messiah. At various places, these deceptive Gandhis have been “postered” as Hindu Gods. PV has been portrayed as Durga Ma – this is the idiotic levels they will fall to just for Hindu votes:
There isn’t one iota of Hinduness or any love for Hindus among the Chinese Gandhis and never was. At the first instance, if they ever get the chance again, they will bring in more legislations to wipe out Hindu culture and religious monuments and practices. These Sickulars pose the greatest danger not only to India but to Hindus in particular. So, what’s the new desperation among PV’s handmaids to promote her as their last saviour?

Every move of PV and RG is now tutored and orchestrated by Steve Jarding. RG even shouts more, peddles more lies and thumps his hand more frequently in dramatized outrage. In the normal course, the Poverty Queen Priyanka would just be another accessory in the quest for power for the Gandhis. This time, it is a lot different. It is not merely power that the Chinese Gandhis are now desperate for.

This time, they are desperate also because there are loads of criminal cases against them or in the pipeline. Not just them but their accomplices like PC and others. This is their biggest headache. They hope they can somehow wrest power and bury all these cases and breathe free. If not in this term of PM Modi, a second term would definitely see most of them convicted and barred from electoral politics for long and probably even in jail. Poverty Queen Priyanka is their last dwindling hope to try and extricate them from this perilous situation. Thus, the handmaids have been goaded to go all out to promote her as the saviour and probably the maids are being handsomely rewarded too. It is unlikely it will rain for them. The only redemption they can seek is a confession of crimes against this country. 


  1. Another apt article. A timely reminder for all Hindu voters. Hope all will read and finish d fake Gandhis

  2. Mother Theresa - Part 2 by Indian MSM !!

  3. Every Indian should read this piece. That shot of so many'journos' peddling one story is powerful enough to freeze it mind. This synchronised swimming is j going to have glitches, big big glitches created by the likes of media crooks. THIS had to reach every nook and corner and every bit, to see the insidious and view dance if save the Gandhis...

  4. Priyanka vadri πŸ˜‚ πŸ˜‚ πŸ˜‚

  5. Excellent article. Hindus unite.

  6. A thought occurred to me. This family's been pulling off this same "pro poor" stunt for so long, maybe even they have started believing it.

    If thay were really so cocerned about the poor they wouldn't have been helping themselves to public money so freely, in the first place.

    If Steve Whatsisname thinks PV can pull off an Eva Peron on us, he'd better think a bit more.

    At least, there will be an improvement in the sales figures of hand sanitizers.

  7. Call her Poverty Vamp, not poverty queen. It goes well with her name.

  8. Jaati politics is the main culprit of Indian politics, all other factors go for a toss as seen in recent assembly elections, the crooks in politics and media will use caste politics to the hilt. PV, RG are just the puppets brought on by the pigs that are behind the scenes.

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  10. Ghost in in White!. It is time the Indian people junk these pseuo-Gandhis and spare Congress as a political party without its sick culture. Hindu values must be protected from these unscrupulous non-Indians who are getting paid to destroy goodness. The antics of this bunch of marauders are nothing but EVIL that must be rooted out.

  11. And Hindus are the greatest impotents and idiotic scums of the world. Raul and Bianca are Brothers and Sisters (though it may mean anything in Italian culture) however they are being shown as Lord Shiva and His Adi Shakti in posters and Hindus are tolerating. Few heads of Italian streetpig prd Congis should have been separated from their useless torsos like Sicily is separate from Italy. Shows the level depraved keeps of Goras debauched themselves to give birth to Congis and SECBASTARDS specially media Γ–ther Obligation"Prds of gutters.
    Somebody said men and women working in media are sl..ts and bhadwas, the composition of media aptly proves it Xtian, Pakipanjabi and Bdeshis are best white d..k suckers

  12. We just did not realize that a stage was being set when the Congress party assigned Sachin Pilot to UP. The stage was being set to introduce Priyanka Vadri. Now if the Congress party does better in UP, credit will go know who...and if Congress does poorly, the blame will go to ...Who?

  13. Eagerly waiting to see you tear down The Hindu's N Ram. Out of anxiety or apprehensiin the guy has started running TV ads promoting and defending his paper !!

  14. Great article Ravinar ji πŸ™

    Priyanka Vadra is Grand Daughter of Feroz Khan & Maimuna Begum.

    They are hyrid pests.

    Your title has Xian context but also suits to their anti-Hindu islamic leanings as

    "Jihadi Begum's Harem"

  15. A minor point. Please don't call them "handmaids". That is a somewhat dignified term. The most appropriate expression for them would be "handmaidens".

  16. NaMo has wasted his 2014 mandate by not taking action against corruption which was his biggest promise. I'm totally flummoxed to see why he is boasting about 56 inch chest while all the Corrupt people are shouting and running all around. Very few actions are happening, but it's too late.

    Why is NaMo not trying to restore the public support which he has lost... Simply preaching all the time is useless.. Man ki Baat is a huge disaster.. Public want Action, Action, only Action....

    1. I believe its a good strategy to establish his credentials as a reformer and a performer as PM. Had he gone after the corrupt with all guns blazing, he probably would not have been able to achieve what he has - matter of fact, parliament would not have been allowed to function at all besides possible disturbances in social structure sponsored by those guys. Now with his performance, he is set to get a clear majority once again in the second term - assuming his achievements are properly conveyed to the masses and opposition lies are brought out very strongly for what they are.

  17. entire state and central govt. employees are corrupt to the bone. will require at least 25 years of non congi right wing rule to purge bureaucracy, judiciary, academia and media of con influence. its a ecosystem evolved over last 70 years under con party patronage needs purging. namo cannot do anything in 5 years.

  18. Entrance of Priyanka Vadra @gandhi in congress party shows that Congress is panicked of being reduced to 4 seats all over India.It will not get the 44 seats they got in 2014.They have lost all their goodwill and reputation all over country.Punjab was won by Captain for the blunders by SAD not by Congress.Karnataka was lost to BJP but JDS saved Congress from pushed out of power.In a hung assembly such things happens when a 5 member party can snatch away the CM post.In Rajasthan and MP is the win is very thin.If 5 Congress and Independent MLA changes loyalty after 2019 election when MODI is PM again with 400 seats Ministry of Kamalnath will fall.In Rajsthan the people were angry on Raje so they wanted to remove her as MODI JI couldnot remove her from CM post as she threatened to break the party with majority MLAs with her.AND all her nomnees candidtas were removed by Voters.In Rajsthan MODI won by removing the arrogant egoistic Vasundhara raje who asserted her hegemoney in party and break the discipline.The Congress Govt will not last long.Only factor is the defeat of Roman Singh in CG.But it was a long over due as his ministers were traders and corporate who dont know politics beyond trading.All his ministers have earned billions in 15 years of BJP govt and opened Hotels in all places.People knows them well so they wanted to teach them a lesson.But one question is that why Narendra Mod and Amit Shah dont keep IB reports of their CM and ministers in hand.Its a needed weapon to save your party image.YES Narendra Modi is not corrupt but what about his ministers and CMs of states.If Congress loses power it comes back soon but if BJP ousted it wont come back as People knows that destiny lies with Congress which have a mechanism to change his CM and Ministesr MP MLA and party leaders by punishment.The discipline in Congress is admirable.When MPs of BJP daily flouts discipline in open in 5 years and goes unpunished then think about its discipline.Shatrughan Sinha Yashwant Sinha Aroon Shourie and many others shows indignant attitude against leadership and flouted discipline but still now they are in party.It shows that BJP tolerance level is high.I expect Narendra Modi to win 219 by huge mandate and rule the country with iron hands.I want him to be a benevolent dictatr with Iron hand in velvet glove.

  19. Right.If these Chinese Gandhis came to power they will wipe out Hindus and Hindu way of life.You are right and some of BJP supporters are wrong about "slowness" of investigation of these crooks.Modi and Shah are aware that this time in any case voters will give them a second term.[ If they could raise Congress tally from 144 in 2004 to 206 in 2009, they are most likely to give a better mandate to Modi for he has done much more since 2014 than MMS from 2004 to 2009].These Chinese Gandhis are very much aware that return of Modi will spell their final doom.Hence this urgency.

  20. Would appreciate an article on RGs real name, nationality etc and why the BJP government is not exposing him once and for all


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