Monday, February 25, 2019

Jobs & Bitchers

Let me narrate a small story. It’s probably one of millions of stories one will find across India. Man comes to the city from a village. Finding less-paying work sets off on his own. Starts a small business or eatery selling Pakodas or Pav Bhaaji or Sandwiches or a small Murugan Idli shop. With sincere efforts, persistence and consistent quality of food and service, such tiny tots have grown into big businesses. Everyone has probably heard of the “Lijjat Papad” story. The story I narrate starts from the food-street at Law Garden in Ahmedabad, which is a famous landmark in the city. Honest Pav Bhaaji started as a small “Laari” (or kiosk) on this street in the early 1970s. A single man started this street-shop with a couple of kids as waiters. His Pav Bhaaji came to become the most popular one. This is a recent picture but in the 1970s it was just a single “Laari” with few chairs:

From the street, in a decade, the “Self-employed” Honest guy started opening restaurants around late 1980s. Today, there are about 100 Honest restaurants in India and abroad. Every big business that employs 1000s has always had a seed that was small but nurtured with hard-work, persistence and great economic common sense. These are qualities that our Fiberal Bitchers do not possess. PM Modi himself is an example of a Pav Bhaji or Murugan Idli guy in terms of his public and political career. Historically, India is a land of entrepreneurs whose enterprise was suppressed by the Comminess of JL Nehru and his idiotic policies. From Nehru onward, the Commie Congress made bread and ran hotels as if ordinary Indians are incapable of such enterprise. All that Indians needed was some help, some funds and something like the recent Mudra funding by GOI.

Job creation is an important function of the economy. My attention came to this topic after a cursory scan of TV channels on Sunday, February 10. I saw a woman blabbering nonsense by refusing to see self-employment as employment. Let’s hear what this fossil Arati Jerath had to say in response to BJP spokie Gaurav Bhatia reeling out some figures (video 2.17 mins):
First, a statement of facts: 1) Bhatia claims 1 crore youth were trained under Skill India program. This need not mean all of them got jobs but become more qualified for jobs. 2) Bhatia claims 1.30 crore enrolled in PF. This could be new jobs or also existing establishments which crossed the minimum-employee level to mandatorily register with PF. Either way, it means progress. 3) Mudra loans to 15.6 crore persons. A majority may be new employment but not necessarily all, as many people have taken Mudra loans to “expand” their existing business and not just start a new one.

All the above figures are good but actual employment numbers will need closer inspection and job-creation will always remain a challenging area for any govt. Whether ModiSarkar met their targets or not – they cannot be charged with not making their best attempt in employment generation. But what this bitchy woman, Arati Jerath (AJ) states is simply outrageous. First, she says a Pakoda guy is “entrepreneurship” and second, she says those trained in skills seek “White collar jobs”. How these morons grandly reel off such statements is the consequence of their eternal bitching about Modi. While this post talks about Arati Jerath, I see her a “composite” character of many evil scamsters on this topic. Scamsters like P. Chidambaram who said “selling Pakoda is the same as begging”. And many other Commie scoundrels like TheWire or TheScroll or Stratfor Shekhar.

Arati Jerath is totally wrong and brainless when it comes to such matters. And she is not alone, there are dozens of women like her, in media and NGOs, who keep bitching about Modi on everything. Doesn’t matter what the issue is they will bitch about Modi. There are far more good things that happened under ModiSarkar than in the 55 years of Congis. Many of them quite innovative and, obviously, there will be some duds too. People like AJ are eternal bitchers. They will bitch if it rains, they will bitch if it is sunshine and they will bitch about Modi even with moronic ignorance like that “Default 24” by Nidhi Razdan. AJ dismisses Mudra-employment generation as “entrepreneurs” and that those that got training in skills seek “white collar jobs”. Let us understand who a self-employed person is and who is an entrepreneur:
In short, a self-employed person is one who is involved in every process of the business from production of goods or service to the delivery to the customer, including payment collection. Therefore, a Pakoda guy is a self-employed person. A restaurant owner becomes entrepreneur because he is not involved in all the operations. Cooking, serving, cleaning etc are done contracted workers. The owner is the supervisor and manages the entire business activity. This simple difference is beyond the idiots who keep bitching about Modi. Therefore, AJ should realise that Mudra beneficiaries are not in the “entrepreneur” category as technically understood. They are self-employed persons either starting a new business of their own or expanding an existing one.

The maximum Mudra loan is about 10 lakhs. And because all the bitchers like AJ think a Pakoda guy is a “businessman”, the new ones cannot be counted under “employment generation”. This is as stupid as the bitchers can get. In the stories around us, the small Pakoda and Pav Bhaji guys often grow to huge business when they turn into “entrepreneurs” technically. But when you are soaked deep in hatred for Modi you also lose your senses in understanding simple things. As the hero in the movie “Taken” says – “That is what happens when you sit behind a desk. You forget things, like the weight in the hand of a gun that's loaded and one that's not”.

These worn out Modi-haters sit behind desks, gossip, devise ways to troll Modi and given they are journos, they don’t have the brains to comprehend practical things. Am I just assessing AJ on this single episode? Absolutely not! I have seen her bitching very frequently for nothing. She always sounds like the metallic-whining sound of an Airbus jet at take-off. Back in February 2017, here is what AJ wrote about the election prospects in UP, particularly Varanasi:
That’s the crap she writes. On what basis? AJ even quotes an anonymous BJP supporting stating “BJP phans gayee hai yahan”. Imaginary, cooked-up sources like the 786 drivers that Barkha Dutt runs into every month. What was the outcome? BJP won all three assembly seats in Varanasi and the state with over 300 seats. How can anyone can go so wrong? If I were writing such reports I would quit and find another profession. But these bitchers just crap because they know in the din of the election outcomes no will bother remembering such idiocy. Well, problem is, no one will remember unless you keep screwing up over and over again and someone starts to dig up the history of your writing and worthless, uneducated crap. Let’s take the second issue of skills development and such trainees seeking “white collar jobs”. The skills under the govt programme are mostly “vocational skills” and not really to train for white collar jobs. Here’s an achievement list at the govt website on the skills programme:
People like AJ have to be mentally bankrupt to think these skill programs are meant to seek white collar jobs. Absolutely not! These trainees are not seeking white collar jobs which requires some level of educational qualification like a graduate or post-graduate degree or some experience. In another site of mine (EducatingFoward.Com) I recently wrote an article “New Collar avenues”. In the new tech-world and emerging domains of AI and other services in many sectors, these skilled persons seek jobs in either a blue-collar area or what is now being called the “new collar” area but definitely not a white-collar job, though that may be their final goal or aspiration. Here are the domains of “new collar” jobs that have been universally identified:
In other words, the “new collar” worker could be in a domain that is mix of both blue and white collar. Modern healthcare machines can do a lot of things on their own but need a trained operator. The skills programme can contribute trainees to such domains to which they can easily adapt as against a white-collar job like HRD Assistant or PRO Assistant. Well, it also helps and makes it easier to constantly bitch about Modi and his successes if you happen to be a Congi footsie blessed with their Vadra associate DLF. Arati may not be the only one. There are many media crooks who benefitted from the largesse of DLF and having filled their corrupt tummies with such gits, their mouth naturally pours out nonsense:
The bitchers, like AJ, do not possess a deep understanding of all of this but grandly declare Mudra beneficiaries don’t fall under employment generated or that skills trainees seek white collar jobs. And TOI has this interesting profile on AJ on their website:

Yes indeed, all these journos are “know-it-all” and specialised in nothing and they are deceptively categorised as “has no political bias”. She doesn’t end up sounding like a “Jholawala”, she IS practically a Jholawala surviving on crumbs that feed her “hate-Modi-for-anything-and-everything” approach to every topic under the sun. The long and short of it- Though a lot many have mocked the Pakoda guy, he does indeed fall under “employment generation” if he has started it new with or without help from the govt. In the US a good number of individuals and Mom & Pop team are “self-employed” and not everyone seeks a job in a giant corporation or a lawyer’s firm or to be a TV panellist for Rs.5000 to blabber nonsense. Every work and job has a dignity to it and the self-employed barber is more needed in society than journos are.


  1. The Christian convent educated contaminated class has become neither contributing white collared nor eligible for any collar. Arati Jerath type are found dime a dozen on news channels whose only job is to twist issues and spread canards. They cannot fathom dignity of labour and earning livelihood. Respect to self earning is alien to them as they have all along been snatching value like a robber from self respecting individuals and corporate in the name of furthering pseudo cause of liberalandism, etc. etc. Raviji has been disrobing them one after another and seems everyone's turn come.

  2. "And TOI has this interesting profile on AJ on their website:"

    Something's amiss. This blog doesn't have the relevant text or link. Would like to know what ToI has to say.

  3. The entire city of Delhi is with corrupt Khangress stooges. They all need to be eliminated. The only way is collapse / close / destroy all the existing govt institutions & bring in brand new institution / rebuild a new institutions from scratch, with some new ideologies & new hiring rules to recruit only technocrats & not generalists like IAS.

  4. Perfect analysis. Shows us what is wrong in our world when we depend on inane, Jack of all trades shrillsters, driven by Modi hate screech night after night from the small screen on anything and everything and are never called out!

  5. " How can anyone can go so wrong? If I were writing such reports I would quit and find another profession" Ravi ji she would have thought of returning to her earlier profession, but realised that she is yoo old for that. LOL !!

  6. DLF <-> arthi jerath link is a new revelation.. and the old woman (really old or makeup to appear wise?!) so shamelessly blabbers on tv.
    someone should ask her about the 'gift' on live debate..

  7. Why not someone who has IT software skills make a website of these sycophants who have their souls sold to Khangress
    The recently retired Army General Hooda the brain behind surgical strike, who argued for non-politicalization of defense forces, has joined Khangress to write a book on Indian security, which will give to Pakistan ISI to device ways & means of putting bombs on that locations - General Hooda, will give list of strategic locations which ISI will learn - intelligent way of Army General directly communicating with Pakistan ISI.
    This Khangress who have never given a bamboo stick to Army to defend themselves or India, this Army General Hooda - do not know what he suddenly found interesting in Khangress or capable of ? that he is ready to accept Pappu as his leader ??
    Govt is not doing anything to put some restrictions on this General

  8. It’s a scathing analysis of the venom spewed out by mediocre Jholawalas, benefitting from crumbs thrown at them by the most corrupt.
    In U.K. a post has been created to employ after training, in Eye Dept, called Eye Care Liason Officer popularly addressed as ECLO’s. A very important chain in management of patients attending Eye Units, with its complexity. As Ravinar mentions, a supportive service is too an essential part of job creation. Loved the article.🙏

  9. Now,you will have bushels of derogatory remarks against his taking a holy dip in Sangam,though one of them wants to take away any credit to Modi by saying Indira Gandhi also had a Ganga snan.Now,Modi washing the feet of safai karmacharis is ridiculed by that know all Shashi Tharoor saying why cant Modi give them modern technology?He gets himself photographed with imported segregating machine.Whatever Modi does is ridiculed.In 55 long years Congress never talked about Swatch Bharat.

  10. AJ and many hundreds like her who are holding "white collar" jobs keep ranting about lack of SUCH jobs or Modi's failure to create such jobs.In fact Modi govt will fall in to a terrible socialist trap if it tried to find such White collar jobs for our millions.Successive Congress governments have committed many sins, but one unpardonable sin that they have committed is to create ASPIRATIONS among middle classes and lower middlle classes for WHITE COLLAR JOBS.Everyone wants to become a peon or clerk or patwari or policeman with a danda.This is the reason why our manufacturing sector is suffering from tremendous shortage of skilled man power and we have legions of unemployable youth.You are also right about large number of Indians having DNA of entrepreneurs and desire for self employment.PC has been a worst kind of babu all his life and hence will not know this fact.Reason why he is talking rubbish about selling pakodas.Way forward for our govts is to DISCOURAGE our youth from looking for traditional jobs of clerks and peons and patwaris.But try and train for the list of jobs you have mentioned.AJ does not know that in cities like Ahmedabad or Surat a domestic maid earns 20K+PM by working less than 12 hours a day.A cook makes 25K+ PM.Car driver makes 15K+ and so on.All these hard working persons will be called beggars by PC and likes of AJ will treat them as unemployed.

  11. One more in the form of AJ! The Country has been marauded so much in the past 50 years of Congress rule that there seem to be no end to termites being thrown up in the cleaning-up process. Hope Indian people employ a good pest control this time around so that the cleansing process continues for five more years.

  12. The discussion on Jobs was deliberately raised by the mediacrooks and modi baiters as they couldn't find any other issue to find fault with the Modi sarkar.
    Their bluff is called in this article :
    It clearly shows that with consistent 7% GDP growth job creations can't be so bad as being projectd.
    Further Mudra loans help the small entrepreneurs who had to otherwise take loans from loan sharks at exorbitant interest rates.

  13. Arati Jerath was a regular contributor to Frontline: a publication of The Hindu. This tells a tale.

  14. In USA it is easy to identify. If one has a 1099 form to submit for year ended taxes you are self employed. If you have a w2 you are an employee working in a company. If you have business registration and pay corporate taxes you are an entrepreneur with small, medium or large companies

  15. Arati R Jerath, name tells all..The ducking Iranian (Parsi) Nazis who served and serve the White masters with orgied diligence..After all Jinnah had these genes, the defender of Italian Sonia plan to Break Ram Sethu was Soli Sorabji, F.H Nariman from the family of traitors, ANU AGA Led the team which created the vicious evil COMMUNAL VIOLENCE ACT..AND THESE FEW SURVIVING IRANIANS CAME BEGGING, BCZ THEY WANTED TO LIVE..IRAN HAS NO ZOROASTRIANS, THESE EVIL RASCALS became TATAS, GODREJ,PREMJIS, ANU AGAS, KIRAN SHAWS by looting we native Indians, they would have been wiped off in Native Iran and their British MAA KE YAAR did not bother to carry a single traitor.. These treacherous pitvipers are just 50000 now, oNLY 20000 BY 1947 but have 65 OBEs.


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