Monday, February 11, 2019

Fraudster UnRam

Gullibility is a natural human trait. Brutus was said to be among the most gullible around Julius Caesar and could thus be conned into stabbing JC. Gullibility is driven by a natural human instinct to trust and often by greed and desire. The Bernie Madoffs and Chit-fund Saradhas of the world exploit the gullibility of folks who seek to make a quick fortune. The difference is how much price one pays for such gullibility. Then there is desire that drives gullibility. The desire to play “Goody two shoes” has often made PM Narendra Modi a very gullible person who refused to recognise his enemies and desired to be in their good books. In a recent interview with Smita Prakash of ANI Modi sounded sad that he couldn’t win over some Lutyens crawlers. The desire for appreciation and being liked by everyone is the worst failing of many politicians. It clouds rational thinking and decision making. At the PM level, the System-2 level is the best guard against such gullibility as explained here:
Chronic anti-Hindu, anti-BJP, anti-Modi Malini P has constantly poured her contempt for Hindus through various writings as former editor and director of The Hindu. She had once tweeted Hafiz Saeed should have the freedom to question India. Once Modi was declared the PM candidate of BJP in 2013, this crass, idiotic comment is what she could come up with:
First of all, Modi speaks Hindi, Gujarati and a working-level English. But what is Malini trying to imply with her stupid tweet? That a PM candidate must speak 26 languages to aspire for that post? She had no problems with Sonia who couldn’t speak English or Hindi properly. This level of ridicule of a person merely based on the language he speaks can only come from a sick, perverted mind. But then, Mr. Goody Two Shoes forgot all that and at the slightest request gave this pervert an audience soon after he became the PM:
Voila! The moment this pervert met the PM she certified he can speak fluent English. Her earlier tweet of Modi speaking only Hindi was thus made out of ignorance and rabid contempt. These insidious journos want to pose with those in power and take pics for their collection – even with the PM they hate. This behaviour is common with serial rapists and murderers who take back some part of the victim or their belongings as “trophy” with them. Even Barkha Dutt squeezed herself into the frame of a group pic when the PM hosted a friendly party for media folks in 2014. PM Modi has made many such mistakes of entertaining people who are dead against him, his party and sometimes even against India. There is a price to pay for such gullibility.

The Sickular MSM is never going to be fair to BJP or Modi. This realisation doesn’t dawn upon them even now. “The Hindu” returned the kind gesture of Modi with a fraudulent report on the Rafale deal with an internal note exchanged by MoD. And for added interest, it peddled the fraud just before election season. The related articles were peddled by none other than Commie Fraudster N Ram. Disgusting that such a cheap crook is named “Ram” and therefore I call this fraudster “UnRam”. On the left is what UnRam carried and on the right is the full note of MoD:
The story of this fraudulent reporting by producing one portion of the MoD note and chopping of the comments on it by then DM Manohar Parrikar is now all over the place. Tweeple showered UnRam and his garbage can of filth “The Hindu” with the award of the top hashtag #CropLikeTheHindu. Among the best description UnRam’s fraudulent reporting under this tag was this hilarious pic:
What UnRam reports to the world is the pic on the left and the truth is the pic on the right. All that his fraud did was to keep the media and Sickulars occupied for a day. It also helped the Sociopath RahulG to peddle the ghastliest remark about his FAKE 30000 crores to Ambani claims. RG stupidly tells Airforce pilots this money could be meant for them when they die in their aircraft crashes (video 0.40 secs):

A sociopath always crashes in the same car of lies over and over again. To top it, he will also end up humiliating Airforce pilots with his stupid comment. I am absolutely sure this entire fraud is not the making of UnRam alone. This fraud had to be concocted with the active participation of Congress dirty tricks department and the chopping of Parrikar’s remarks on the MoD note is not an accident. After all, RG grandly claimed that there will be a series of “Surgical Strikes” on Modi and it is now clear that more fraudulent concoctions will follow.

Following the fraud by UnRam, the former Air Marshal SBP Sinha and the former Defence Secretary G. Mohan Kumar have not only rubbished the report but have the trashed the lies of UnRam and RG. The Secretary said the note had nothing to do with the pricing and the Air Marshal Sinha also stated that the note had nothing to do with the Rafale negotiating team and the author of the note, SK Sharma, was not even part of the negotiating team. Thus, the fraud perpetrated by UnRam is now clear to everyone. The very fact that he chopped off Parrikar’s remarks on the note itself is a fraud perpetrated on the public. And then, the fraudster goes on a devious binge trying to wriggle out of his con-job:
The actual implication by fraudster was that PMO was keeping the MoD out of the Rafale deal – which has repeatedly proved to be false. When the Parrikar-note was revealed, this scamster UnRam claims Parrikar should be investigated. And when the current RM N. Sitharaman trashed the whole episode and called his lies, UnRam grandly claims she is not involved in the transaction. Dear Moron fraudster UnRam, as current DM and Rafale deal still being under execution, NS is very much involved in the transaction and has correctly taken the responsibility of trashing your stupid LIES.

What PM Modi fails to appreciate is that these scumbags in media behave as if they have a birth-right to peddle lies and scoff at everyone they hate. Just last year, there was a proposal to punish publishers of fake news in some manner but Modi simply backed out in a very scared manner. This unwillingness and lack of courage to act against wanton, intentional frauds by journalists and media is a serious drawback in Modi’s performance. Here is what happened:
What fraudster UnRam published is not even fake news. He perpetrated a FRAUD ON THE PUBLIC to deceive them into absorbing a deliberately fraudulent report that destroys the facts in it. This nonsense of “Govt has no mandate to control the press” is a bogus argument peddled by the very criminals of media who want to enjoy their privilege to publish fraudulent articles and get away with it. This, when most of the media enjoys govt funds, advertising, doles and concessions. When you gobble public money, you are liable to be made accountable to the public. A law that demands authenticity and punishment for frauds and fake news is NOT CONTROL. It is normal to demand accountability and responsibility on the part of the unchecked media frauds.

In his second term, Modi must find the courage to pass a law to this effect and ensure that media is accountable. By all standards of ethics and justice, UnRam should have been arrested and thrown into a jail for custody and prosecution for the brazen fraud he committed on the public and to shamelessly tar the PM and some of his ministers. UnRam also implies corruption of some kind in the Rafale deal without an iota of evidence anywhere just like that Sociopath RG. He probably sleeps in the same bed with these Congress fraudsters and liars. 

For UnRam, this is not his first foray into a criminal act. Many are not aware of it because his friendly media buried his crime. This scamster was accused of land-grab through threats and coercion and a FIR was filed against him. UnRam had gotten anticipatory bail in that case that I have documented in “Ram's 'Hindu' Land & Anticipatory Bail”. That was in 2012 and I am unaware of the current status of that case. Regardless, I have stated many times the MSM is the biggest Mafia in India and every crime that the mafia undertakes will be found in our media. So, this is nothing new for this Commie Scamster UnRam. PM Modi must pass the law in his second term that punishes fraudsters like UnRam.


  1. These Media"crooks" like UnRam, MaliniP, Shekar"COUP"ta, Rajdeep THUGdesai, Category5moron, BURKHAdutt ...... (List is endless) are worse than first rate criminals. Ravinar is quite right that there should be a STRONG mechanism to make these THUGS accountable who are running amok wantonly peddling fake news. Another institution that needs to be made accountable is the Judiciary lorded by the UNELECTED - MiLORDS who are creating a societal crisis by issuing DIKTATS on a daily basis.

  2. Time to close the newspaper "The Hindu". This Hindu Mr. N. Ram is a converted Christian, writing on ethics & press freedom while printing all fake news ? He should be punished or at least have to issue a public apology.

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  4. Modi should pass the law immediately with retrospective effect, put behind bar all those who have perpetrated falsity to the detriment of the nation

  5. Does Suhadi I working in the Hindu, NS daughter in the Hindu, rumoursof Suhadi is father in law involved in eurofighter have anything to do with all of this? The deal is no scam. This bunch of exposes most certainly is. Thanks for this one

  6. PM is gullible.He was under illusion to be a saint like leader and allowed all crooks in his admn,ministry,party,media,civil soci erty to flourish uncontrollably.He just woke up recently only to some extent!Not a tough leader any more!This thug UnRam should have been in jail by now and his office ,premise need to be raided to extract his involvement with other scamsters may be with foreign forces!

  7. BJP's IT cell is a bunch of nincompoops, is well known and well-ignored.
    But Modi's "... couldn’t win over some Lutyens crawlers" was indeed heart-breaking and biggest blow to (I guess) many of us.

  8. PM's gullibility I won't buy. As a statesman he has to say things that sound neutral & sweet.
    But sensitive policy changes or laws imposed from the top raise suspicion and resistance. People should face the heat, fraudsters should get exposed threadbare and demand for laws/changes should come from the masses.
    Unfortunately that's the "democratic" way of life.

    We should be thankful to UnRam for _his_ gulliblity to plant the congie story and expose himself bare.
    History will remember UnRam playing a *pivotal role* in bringing laws to leash fradulent media :-)

  9. It is VERY SIMPLE WHITE SKIN CREATED Ïtalian treetdog" N.Ram is a vile evil bastard and his sewer DNA shows, he is suspiciously blue eyed and white skinned for an Indian or Tamil, gutter prd of infinite depravity of white s..k crazed streetwh..res and worst of White sex maniac criminals from Gora gutterstock. these and others know for sure who the mother is but even their mothers are unsure who the real father was..Sperm FDI.. Its a war of aspiring Wannabe Whites HARAMIS against Native Indians, the cultural and then Ethnic genocide
    Ever wondered why Italian Nazi Cabal (INC) is filled with these white prd of gutter depravity White Supremacist, rabid racist, Klannist FDI prds.. And Indrani Mukherjea has very clearly stated about money and "EXTRA OBLIGATIONS"demanded by Chidu..
    UnRam sleeps in same bed as Raul Vinci, maybe Raul works both ways. Gigolo is a very Italian word..
    All newly free countries forst thing bUTCHERED and expelled the Sperm FDI created in sewers by White Racist Christian bigot and his ideology of genocide JesusVad..India sadly never did but never too late..If we want to escape the fate of American Australian, south american...natives, better start the extermination of FOREIGNER VATICAN PLANT WHITE SUPREMACIST IDEOLOGY OF GENOCIDE POPEVADI ITALIAN AND HER NAZIS, very easy to idetify.. Pakipanjabis, Bdeshi and Italian pigs. “CONGRESSEEEE MUKT BHARAT”is the requirement of the day and will come only with controlled violence for some time

  10. Ram is the worst editor to occupy Hindu group.He has married a Syrian Christian woman so he also may be a Christian.But under Ram Hindu has become anti Hindu and anti BJP.Ram lies profusely when it suits him.The Hindu under Ram receives loads of money from evangelicals and jihadists and so toes their line.

  11. Hello Bala Subramanian, whether N Ram married an English woman or a Malayali Syrian Christian does not matter. There are at least a hundred thousand Malayali Syrian Christians who fought for our country in the wars.What matters is that N. Ram is a card-carrying Communist in bed with Congress. He has brought down Frontline and will bring down Hindu with his stupid writings.

    1. @Godfather Don't spread lies.

      British had two conditions to become their confidante:
      1) Convert to Christianity
      2) Torture or kill local Indians who are part of freedom struggle.

      And before you raise shitty logic of Christians supporting natives against terrorist tipu sultan then don't forget that tipu was also killing Christians and forcibly converting them to death cult islam.

      We know how Christians (converted exHindus) sided with british, french, Portuguese and dutch to destroy Bharat.

      Stop spreading your missionary lies.

    Communists are JUST OPUS DEI and Knight Tempelarsof yore using SUBVERSION...ANY CATHOLIC COUNTRY DESTROYED BY COMMIES..USSR and East Bloc are Slavs Russian Orthodox so Vatican tried to destroy them vide Commies.
    Christianity the ideology of White Klannnist genocide

  13. Ravinar ji since almost 10 years you are writing well researched articles for likes of Modi & BJP, explaining them zillion times NOT TO EMBRACE DEMONNESS ASURAS OF MEDIA.

    But they are not ignoring the pleas of GENUINE BJP supporters and patriots.

    Hats off to your patience, you are true warrior.

    Niticentral tried but gave in after short stint.

    Offlate if you observe social media, most of the staunch Hindus have lost hope on modi & BJP. They will vote BJP but not support them ferociously in campaigns like they did in 2014 because that time secularised version of Modi was known to only Gujaratis of Gujarat.

    Modi even backstabbed own ideology by resurrecting Gandhi (almost dead icon among youth).

    Still remember how core team and Anuj Dhar ji pleaded for almost 5 years to Modi for restoring lost glory of Bharatputra Subhash Boseji. BJP did recognise it but at the verge of elections to capitalise in West Bengal 2019 LS polls.

    A person who insults his own ideology, hates GauRakshaks, mocks common sense of Hindus, denigrates culture and shamelessly conveys to muslims to follow path of mohammed is the last person to restore Glory of Bharat Mata in true sense. He is busy in image makeover of himself and BJP at the cost of deaths of hundreds of Hindus (including BJP/RSS workers) in Kerala, West Bengal and West UP.

    Development is his duty कोई मेहरबानी नहीं है but ignoring Hindus and embracing congress ecosystem is supporting anti-nationals to woo them for shallow respect.

    जय श्री राम
    वंदे मातरम्

    1. It is easy said than done. He has foes among other things from alien, all the opposition uniformly - albeit they are anti people if their support to mamta is any indication- he has foes in his party too and out of expediency he does so but should he come with three fourth majority the nation will see his music

    2. He never did it in gujarat.
      He appeased them.
      He will never do it even if he gets 400 seats because he has greed to be remembered as secular Global leader.
      He has worked on a single agenda of Hindutva and Hindu protection even after having 282 seats.

      Let us be political correct and blunt. If we don't accept it now, we will never force him to change his mindset.

      Thanks to VHP & Bajrang dal that they invoked fear among muslim goons but media made modi villain for mullas (but hero for Hindus) for the retaliation.

      And he is still busy in polishing his image among muslims at the cost of Hindus.

    3. *He has not worked on a single agenda of Hindutva

    4. *Let us not be political correct but blunt

    5. Subhash Bose was also pro-Muslim and Anti hindu. Search in net for this, artcles by Sarvesh Tiwari.

    6. Quoting sarvesh tiwari is like quoting romila thapar who glorified mughal terrorists as able emperors.

      Biased, anti-Hindu, pro-islamic and pro-leftist writers are last reference points for historical relevancy.

  14. I am disappointed with GOI handling of cropping episode. There should have been FIRs against UnRam for unauthorised access of defence documents.

    Also, NTDV was ordered to shut down for a day for compromising with national security during anti-terror operations. Whatever happened to that order? That episode has been well and truly buried for no other reason than what you call Modi's Goody-2-shoes syndrome.

  15. N.Ram is the most decadent human being ever in Indian history. He has destroyed Hindu culture though born in a Brahmin family, estraged his brothers, destroyed all values and ultimately he will destroy his worthless newspaper also. I do not read The Hindu even if it is given free. Many have discontinued buying this anti-hindu HINDU, which is probably being kept in circulation by the Gandhi family, Congress or the Christian Coversion agents.

  16. This anti Hindu beshaRam traitor not only caught with his pants down,but whole underwear.Shameless man.All right thinking people must boycot all publications belonging to him.

  17. Stupid guy advises Sitharaman that she was not involved in this deal negotiation so she should not bother to defend the deal, but he has no problem with giving importance to a guy who was not part of the negotiating team !

  18. I had been a regular reader of Hindu since 1967 but it has been since five years, desisted reading the toilet paper. I developed having coffee and this news paper to get free nature call attended in the morning but now it is diametrically opposite. Hence why should buy problem. hence stopped it altogether and seeing Ram face itself one will develop leprosy and his words AIDS is ipso facto the truth and I do not know how his two christian wives tolerate this mentally corrupt person

  19. Pertinent Article. The single achievement of Karunanidhi is creating his own eco-system and treat his ideological opponents in the media with UTTER CONTEMPT.BJP has a party is a COMPLETE FAILURE in that.

  20. I think it is imperative for the citizenry to know the trailing
    Thanks for the book "ADVISE AND DECENT" by RBI Governor Y.V. Reddy

    He writes. . . . .
    In the Shashan period of Congress, we had to pledge 47 tons of gold for just Rs 40 crore.

    This was the situation of the Indian economy.

    I remember the Indian economy had to see the day in the early nineties when a country like India had to deposit its gold in the World Bank.

    In the regime of Rajiv Gandhi, the country's safe was empty and then. . .
    the assassination of Prime Minister Rajiv Gandhi by LTTE terrorists....

    Then....Chandrasekhar became the new new Prime Minister ... The Tijori was empty. They got nervous and didn't know What to do?

    Reddy writes that there was a frustrating atmosphere in the entire country.......

    The Rajiv regime had not given any employment.

    New business is not a business ... even to enter a business, one had to get NOC from fifty places.....

    Unemployment and frustration was there all around at the time of license permit set by the Congress .....

    On the other hand, the battle of Mandal and Kandal was fought in the country ......

    From eighties to the nineties, the Congress had put an end to the economy ... at that point in time the case of brokerage in Bofors guns leaked out .....

    In the book, Reddy writes that the immense loot of the Gandhi family has brought the economy of the country to the abyss.

    .....In those days India's foreign exchange reserves had so low that the Reserve Bank of India decided to mortgage its gold in the World Bank ...

    the situation was that the country had only 15 Days reserve's worth the money to import.

    Then by the order of the then Prime Minister Chandrashekhar, India pledged 47 tonnes of Gold to Bank of England ...

    ...... an interesting incident and an embarrassment to the Indian public was reported ... RBI had to pledge 47 tons of gold in the Bank of England. This was the time when mobile was not there and the land line phone used to be in limited quantity.

    It was such a bad situation for the Reserve Bank that 47 tonnes of gold from the building was to be delivered by a van and the gold was to be transfered to a ship going to England.

    47 tonnes of gold was sent on a very old RBI private van and was sent with two security guards. on the way to air port, its two tyres got punctured.

    And the tyre punctured van was guarded by two security guards!!! ( van filled with 47 tons of gold)

    After this great effort, 47 tons of gold reached England, and Britain gave loan of Rs 40.05 crores to India.

    You must know as to why I gave an example of this sad incident related to the Indian economy.... so that people will know that the shameful leaders of Congress, who accuse Modi of spoiling the economy of the country, know all these incidents and the contributions made by great Gandhi family and...... Because of the family's odds, the country had to mortgage its gold ......only to get a loan of just 40 crores!!!!.

    For a country, what else could be more shameful and disastrous situation than this?

    I get extremely shocked and angry when people who mortgaged the whole country for just Rs 40 crore say that Modi ruined India's economy.

    In the 70-years history of Hindustan, there are only 3 years in which we did not take any loan from World Bank.

    And these are the three years;

    And yes these three years are the gifts of CHAIWAALA's government.

  21. Dear Mr N Ram,
    I have deliberately dropped the word 'Sir' after learning about the full story on the MoD's note. Till this date, I have had great regard for you as one of the most respected journalists, heading one of the most respected newspapers.

    You know, many young journalists and journalism students have always looked up to you for the kind of stories you and your newspaper have done over the years. You have let them down, BIG TIME.

    An admission first. I do not subscribe to the ideology or idelogies that you have been propounding through your stories over the years. But I have always made it a point to read 'The Hindu', almost everyday for the past 35 years or so. I am 50 years old.

    The reasons for continuing to read the Hindu despite me not subscibing to your political views are many. One, I do like the 'balanced' stories that the newspaper publishes despite the stories leaning towards the left and left of centre. Two, I do like the way the Hindu covers sports in the country. Three, editorial errors are very minimal in terms of language, grammar, spelling, and facts too.

    However, from tomorrow onwards, I will pick up the Hindu from my balcony like I pick up a piece of paper with no value. You have brought it down to the level of any other newspaper or even below.

    When I read the story in the most comfortable place (toilet) as a matter of habit and routine, I believed every word of what you had written. All these days, I have been reading and listening to the debates on Rafale, including the allegations of a scam in the deal.

    As a person who had voted for Modi in the previous election, I was very keen to know if there was any truth in the allegations made by Rahul Gandhi. I also wanted the truth be out so that i can decide on the votes of mine, family members, and a few of my friends whom i can influence a bit, whichever way the truth goes.

    As a law-abiding citizen and one who respect the judgement of the courts, the matter was settled for me when the highest court cleared the Rafale deal. But not for Rahul Gandhi, the congress party, a few 'motivated' journalists in the capital, a few media channels and newspapers, et al. I read, listen, and watch all of it and ignore because most of us work for a 'living'.

    Despite my 'settled' view on the matter, your story did have a shocking impact on me. With the credibility that you enjoyed in my conscience, I believed it to be true and admired your journalistic skills and investigation. And I was getting mentally ready to undo my 'BJP'-favoured thinkin, if you are proved right.

    As the story unfolded during the day, I just could not digest and believe that N Ram could do such a 'dishonest' job. And in your TV interview, you said, "It's a developing story" with a sheepish smile. Agree. If it's a developing story, will you publish the rest of the MoD note on the same page and say 'Sorry' to people for indulging in 'yellow journalism'? YOU WILL NOT, BECAUSE YOUR agenda is different as now the people of India have figured it out.

    Remember, your paper is read by the educated segment of the society. And they can see through your game, except for some die-hard fans of the Gandhi family.

    I can understand the mindless uttering of Rahul Gandhi on this issue. He is justified in his own way as he is fighting a big battle for his family's survival in Indian politics. As every lie of his is getting caught before sunset, I leave it to the people of this country to decide on his fate.


    May the journalist in you rest in peace!

    PS. I wanted to write more about this as a 'Letter to the Editor'. But then you will not publish it. Hence this FB post. Hope you get to read this post.

    Rest assured, I will continue to read your paper for its sports content. Rest of it will be treated like trash.


  22. This comment has been removed by the author.

  23. In disbelief I heard Rahul Gandhi, the scion of the dynasty and projected PM candidate of the Congress, tell pilots that if the Rafale deal is cancelled then the 30,000 crores saved would be given to pilots when they die in an air crash.

    I am the wife of a naval aviator, who retired safely -and I am grateful to God that he is alive. Having lived the greater part of my married life in an airbase. I have seen first-hand the devastation a crash causes to the family and friends, leave alone the service. Airplane and helicopter crashes were nearly annual events in our airbase-no surprises since all the aircrafts and helicopters were way past their sanctioned life. The aircrafts should have been phased out decades ago, but due to great policies of Rahul Gandhi’s family, they were given extensions over and over again.

    The budgets were sparse, maintenance was delayed, and spare parts were hard to come by-and when the much delayed refit to the country of origin (mainly Russia) was sanctioned, aircrafts were stripped to the barest essentials. Hats off to the aviators who still completed all the tasks and remained battle ready with such constraints. But the way-past-their-prime aircrafts took a toll – someday we would see a pall of dense smoke on the runway, suddenly hear a crash, the wail of a siren- and hearts would sink, as these signs were of an aircraft/helicopter crash. Someday, suddenly my Husband would rush off at night for a search and rescue of an aircraft which had not returned.

    Does Rahul Gandhi even realize what happens when aviators die in a crash?
    All aviators are young, in their 20’s or 30’s. They have young wives and very young children. Some leave behind pregnant wives. Most of the time, the day starts as routine, quick byes are said early in the morning, plans made for evening and the aviator goes off for a routine sortie. Some engine part malfunctions, rotor blades may stop, aircrafts May collide- and worlds comes crashing down!
    Scared children are picked up from school, the commanding officer with his spouse breaks the shattering news to the wife, and suddenly life changes for ever. Terrified children hold on to the shattered mother’s hands, the pregnant wife is suddenly left adrift, shocked parents of bachelors are informed on phone— the whole base is plunged into deep sorrow. The young wife, mostly in twenties or thirties, is suddenly faced with difficult choices, the children, who till few hours back were carefree and playful suddenly become serious.

    Does Rahul Gandhi even realize for the widows / parents of the dead aviator, the most difficult moment is signing on insurance and other benefits papers? - They break down, cry, and feel that it is blood money many refuse to sign and have to be counselled- and here Rahul Gandhi is offering them blood money as an incentive to cancel the Rafale deal?

    Does Rahul Gandhi even realize the painful choices the wife has to make? In case she decides to opt for service in armed forces- where does she leave her children while she is training? The children who were the center of parents’ attention, suddenly become issues which have to be managed. Young children, toddlers, infants are left with grandparents with a heavy heart, while the wife embarks upon a life she had never even thought of.

    Does Rahul Gandhi even understand the deep loss that the family is left with? Every Milestone in the child’s life sharpens the loss of the father, no amount of money can ever fill this loss.

    Mr. Rahul Gandhi, have you even thought about the pregnant wife left behind, the unborn child who will never know the father, the emptiness the wife faces with no one to share her motherhood?

    The most intriguing part is Rahul Gandhi has himself lost a father-he often speaks about his sense of loss
    and then he makes this crass statement of offering pilots money from cancelled Rafale deal to die in airplane crashes!

    This is the true face of a heartless self-centered Dynast.

    1. Well articulated madam.

    2. wel put up Mam! Salute to you and your family who has put up shining example of the Nationalism far high than these khangressi traitors .

      Come what may we are here to wipe out this dyanasty politics far ever. Mr modi is to be more aggressive than what we see every day, its too much now, the CRPF jawans our brothers killed yesterday is real shame on our setup and apathy to root out jihadis and their mind set including sympathisers.

      In this life I could not make it to soldier , but as a swaymsevak we are doing whatever we can to serve Mann Bharati!!!

      Bharat Mata Ki Jay!

    3. Ma’am, we are with you. Our retd armed forces veterans have decided to vote for BJP & further never ever encourage Gandhi Dalal s.
      J J Singh

  24. Is that PM taking core BJP supporters for Granted!

  25. N.Ram is a worried man, #AugustaEditor and Cambridge Analytica PAID #PRESSTITUTE. I would request nationalists, not to provide even semblance of gutter respectability to these Thug, Paid pimps of sewer unknown DNA..pvt corporate media is insisted by teh white Xtian western world of ideology of genocide so that their interests can be peddled and Brown, Black countries can be colonized in hidden way, Christian Micheal is on Italian, the wannabe white, prd of unknown white sperms will be worried

  26. Today's Congress party is Christian missionary trained,who are extremely adept in spreading canards and lies to look scholarly.Congress party is focusses on the gullible and uneducated to get the numbers.They are least bothered what the truly balanced media people like Ravinar say.So,the point i am trying to make is how to convey the truth like this article to the gullible sections of people.It should be easy on the reader and attractive to draw attention. After all it is first past the post in our elections.

  27. Not only trained, THEY ARE THE CHRISTIAN NAZI INQUISITION WHITE SUPREMACIST, IDEOLOGY OF GENOCIDE PARTY Led by a Foreigner White christian, Top level filled with White sewer prds AND with spouses who are mostly White, christian..F..k even the bloody so called Kashmiri cousin (Nehru and Sheikh Abdullah fathers were same) LOve only to smell filthy White c..ts. Omar Abdullah mother, Grand mother and even "official wife " (nothing to do with N Razadan, another NR) are White christian b..ds, so is Robber Vadra mother, Ranjan Gogoi mother and Tarun Gogoi Wife and DIL, Salman Khurshid a white gutter prd wife a bloody White American Xtian, Anand Sharma (worst of breed of swine flu pigs, A beefbrahmin,pakipanjabi white christian combination, Axis of evilest), MMS SIL is a White Italian Warton Beebee (Pakipanjabi filth of 47 are ALL "White d..k crazed"Xtians, Kapil Sibal a Xtian DIL a White Brit, bloody Goras and Haramis still ruling us..WE NATIVE INDIANS need to slaughter these OUTSIDERS out. JEAN DREZE a bloody Belgian vagabond who came to India bcz even the shit insects want to live, ws Italian NAC (panty cabinet member and maybe another RG)..lIST IS LOOONG

  28. Gdho ko itni jaldi kyo! we waited for 70 years to be eaten by these bugs , still we remain to eat them back and finish the antinationals,traitors and jihadis in our own way.


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