Monday, February 25, 2019

Jobs & Bitchers

Let me narrate a small story. It’s probably one of millions of stories one will find across India. Man comes to the city from a village. Finding less-paying work sets off on his own. Starts a small business or eatery selling Pakodas or Pav Bhaaji or Sandwiches or a small Murugan Idli shop. With sincere efforts, persistence and consistent quality of food and service, such tiny tots have grown into big businesses. Everyone has probably heard of the “Lijjat Papad” story. The story I narrate starts from the food-street at Law Garden in Ahmedabad, which is a famous landmark in the city. Honest Pav Bhaaji started as a small “Laari” (or kiosk) on this street in the early 1970s. A single man started this street-shop with a couple of kids as waiters. His Pav Bhaaji came to become the most popular one. This is a recent picture but in the 1970s it was just a single “Laari” with few chairs:

From the street, in a decade, the “Self-employed” Honest guy started opening restaurants around late 1980s. Today, there are about 100 Honest restaurants in India and abroad. Every big business that employs 1000s has always had a seed that was small but nurtured with hard-work, persistence and great economic common sense. These are qualities that our Fiberal Bitchers do not possess. PM Modi himself is an example of a Pav Bhaji or Murugan Idli guy in terms of his public and political career. Historically, India is a land of entrepreneurs whose enterprise was suppressed by the Comminess of JL Nehru and his idiotic policies. From Nehru onward, the Commie Congress made bread and ran hotels as if ordinary Indians are incapable of such enterprise. All that Indians needed was some help, some funds and something like the recent Mudra funding by GOI.

Job creation is an important function of the economy. My attention came to this topic after a cursory scan of TV channels on Sunday, February 10. I saw a woman blabbering nonsense by refusing to see self-employment as employment. Let’s hear what this fossil Arati Jerath had to say in response to BJP spokie Gaurav Bhatia reeling out some figures (video 2.17 mins):
First, a statement of facts: 1) Bhatia claims 1 crore youth were trained under Skill India program. This need not mean all of them got jobs but become more qualified for jobs. 2) Bhatia claims 1.30 crore enrolled in PF. This could be new jobs or also existing establishments which crossed the minimum-employee level to mandatorily register with PF. Either way, it means progress. 3) Mudra loans to 15.6 crore persons. A majority may be new employment but not necessarily all, as many people have taken Mudra loans to “expand” their existing business and not just start a new one.

All the above figures are good but actual employment numbers will need closer inspection and job-creation will always remain a challenging area for any govt. Whether ModiSarkar met their targets or not – they cannot be charged with not making their best attempt in employment generation. But what this bitchy woman, Arati Jerath (AJ) states is simply outrageous. First, she says a Pakoda guy is “entrepreneurship” and second, she says those trained in skills seek “White collar jobs”. How these morons grandly reel off such statements is the consequence of their eternal bitching about Modi. While this post talks about Arati Jerath, I see her a “composite” character of many evil scamsters on this topic. Scamsters like P. Chidambaram who said “selling Pakoda is the same as begging”. And many other Commie scoundrels like TheWire or TheScroll or Stratfor Shekhar.

Arati Jerath is totally wrong and brainless when it comes to such matters. And she is not alone, there are dozens of women like her, in media and NGOs, who keep bitching about Modi on everything. Doesn’t matter what the issue is they will bitch about Modi. There are far more good things that happened under ModiSarkar than in the 55 years of Congis. Many of them quite innovative and, obviously, there will be some duds too. People like AJ are eternal bitchers. They will bitch if it rains, they will bitch if it is sunshine and they will bitch about Modi even with moronic ignorance like that “Default 24” by Nidhi Razdan. AJ dismisses Mudra-employment generation as “entrepreneurs” and that those that got training in skills seek “white collar jobs”. Let us understand who a self-employed person is and who is an entrepreneur:
In short, a self-employed person is one who is involved in every process of the business from production of goods or service to the delivery to the customer, including payment collection. Therefore, a Pakoda guy is a self-employed person. A restaurant owner becomes entrepreneur because he is not involved in all the operations. Cooking, serving, cleaning etc are done contracted workers. The owner is the supervisor and manages the entire business activity. This simple difference is beyond the idiots who keep bitching about Modi. Therefore, AJ should realise that Mudra beneficiaries are not in the “entrepreneur” category as technically understood. They are self-employed persons either starting a new business of their own or expanding an existing one.

The maximum Mudra loan is about 10 lakhs. And because all the bitchers like AJ think a Pakoda guy is a “businessman”, the new ones cannot be counted under “employment generation”. This is as stupid as the bitchers can get. In the stories around us, the small Pakoda and Pav Bhaji guys often grow to huge business when they turn into “entrepreneurs” technically. But when you are soaked deep in hatred for Modi you also lose your senses in understanding simple things. As the hero in the movie “Taken” says – “That is what happens when you sit behind a desk. You forget things, like the weight in the hand of a gun that's loaded and one that's not”.

These worn out Modi-haters sit behind desks, gossip, devise ways to troll Modi and given they are journos, they don’t have the brains to comprehend practical things. Am I just assessing AJ on this single episode? Absolutely not! I have seen her bitching very frequently for nothing. She always sounds like the metallic-whining sound of an Airbus jet at take-off. Back in February 2017, here is what AJ wrote about the election prospects in UP, particularly Varanasi:
That’s the crap she writes. On what basis? AJ even quotes an anonymous BJP supporting stating “BJP phans gayee hai yahan”. Imaginary, cooked-up sources like the 786 drivers that Barkha Dutt runs into every month. What was the outcome? BJP won all three assembly seats in Varanasi and the state with over 300 seats. How can anyone can go so wrong? If I were writing such reports I would quit and find another profession. But these bitchers just crap because they know in the din of the election outcomes no will bother remembering such idiocy. Well, problem is, no one will remember unless you keep screwing up over and over again and someone starts to dig up the history of your writing and worthless, uneducated crap. Let’s take the second issue of skills development and such trainees seeking “white collar jobs”. The skills under the govt programme are mostly “vocational skills” and not really to train for white collar jobs. Here’s an achievement list at the govt website on the skills programme:
People like AJ have to be mentally bankrupt to think these skill programs are meant to seek white collar jobs. Absolutely not! These trainees are not seeking white collar jobs which requires some level of educational qualification like a graduate or post-graduate degree or some experience. In another site of mine (EducatingFoward.Com) I recently wrote an article “New Collar avenues”. In the new tech-world and emerging domains of AI and other services in many sectors, these skilled persons seek jobs in either a blue-collar area or what is now being called the “new collar” area but definitely not a white-collar job, though that may be their final goal or aspiration. Here are the domains of “new collar” jobs that have been universally identified:
In other words, the “new collar” worker could be in a domain that is mix of both blue and white collar. Modern healthcare machines can do a lot of things on their own but need a trained operator. The skills programme can contribute trainees to such domains to which they can easily adapt as against a white-collar job like HRD Assistant or PRO Assistant. Well, it also helps and makes it easier to constantly bitch about Modi and his successes if you happen to be a Congi footsie blessed with their Vadra associate DLF. Arati may not be the only one. There are many media crooks who benefitted from the largesse of DLF and having filled their corrupt tummies with such gits, their mouth naturally pours out nonsense:
The bitchers, like AJ, do not possess a deep understanding of all of this but grandly declare Mudra beneficiaries don’t fall under employment generated or that skills trainees seek white collar jobs. And TOI has this interesting profile on AJ on their website:

Yes indeed, all these journos are “know-it-all” and specialised in nothing and they are deceptively categorised as “has no political bias”. She doesn’t end up sounding like a “Jholawala”, she IS practically a Jholawala surviving on crumbs that feed her “hate-Modi-for-anything-and-everything” approach to every topic under the sun. The long and short of it- Though a lot many have mocked the Pakoda guy, he does indeed fall under “employment generation” if he has started it new with or without help from the govt. In the US a good number of individuals and Mom & Pop team are “self-employed” and not everyone seeks a job in a giant corporation or a lawyer’s firm or to be a TV panellist for Rs.5000 to blabber nonsense. Every work and job has a dignity to it and the self-employed barber is more needed in society than journos are.

Tuesday, February 19, 2019

Genitalyst Barkha

Believe it or not, in the ever-evolving glib professional world, there are many professions that might surprise you if not shock you. I am sure not many have heard of professions like Beverage Dissemination Officer, Chick Sexer, Problem Wrangler, Light-Bender, Twisted Brother etc. You can read about many such job titles at this site. I recall, many years ago a job-applicant at the US Navy entered his current profession as “Splosh-Maker”. Not wanting to sound stupidly ignorant, the recruitment Captain didn’t venture to ask what that was. The man went through all the recruitment procedures but no one asked him what a “Splosh Maker” was because no one wanted to sound foolish and ignorant.

After all routine ground training the man was assigned to a Navy ship. The Commander, on seeing the resume was bemused to see the past job description of this guy. So, he took the risk of venturing to call the man to explain what exactly a Splosh-Maker’s job was. The new recruit explained with all sincerity: “I was jobless for 10 years and used to collect large rocks and spend my time standing on the bridge over the river at my village. Every half hour I would drop a large rock into the river and it would make a gentle sound ‘splosh’, that’s why I call myself splosh-maker”. The Commander stared at the man for a few minutes and just said “Okay, carry on”.

I often say journos are not very bright people. But it appears journalism is now not their main profession at all for some. They have other secret professions. For instance, Sagarika Ghose is an exceptional “Semenologist” who can tell the religion of a man by his semen. She must be running a secret lab where she looks at, smells and tastes semen of all kinds to have acquired such expertise. That’s not all, the C5M can even tell the religion of a man even when the semen is inside a balloon. I think I now understand what Nena’s deeper, secret message was behind that song “99 Red Balloons”. If that wasn’t enough, now we have Barkha Dutt, the ever-whining, victim-playing narcissist complaining about someone sending her a pic of a dick. In doing so, BD let out her real profession that was so far unknown to all of us. She’s not a journo but in reality, a “Genitalyst”. Here’s the tweet she put out (for obvious reasons, I had to edit the image**):
Unbelievable, Barkha Dutt can just look at the image of a dick sent to her and instantly analyse and conclude that it’s a “Nationalistic” genital. So, that’s her secret profession. Although, these pics that I picked up from Twitter had something scribbled on the “member” (like a vehicle registration number). On the left is the pic I saw but was not able to figure out what was scribbled on it. However, putting the image under a “telescope” I discovered that it was a name of the owner of that “Tool” that was printed on it. And if you too take a closer look, I don’t think you would associate that name with being “nationalistic” unless Barkha meant “Pak nationalism”. If ever people are murdered frequently, as in the US or parts of Africa, and their genitals are missing, investigating agencies can now call on Barkha to at least identify if the man was a “nationalist” or a “communist”. That would narrow the job of identification of a “John Doe Genital” that is chopped off from the mainland body of its owner.

And BD has now confused the entire SM. So, far “DP” had a different meaning for us, Barkha has changed the meaning of the abbreviation of DP to “Dick Pic”. And people think she has no influence over SM. To the credit of ModiSarkar, though, it has to be said that the fully-depreciated, redundant abusive journos of the past are finding new professions in which they are finding great success. Sagarika is a “Semenologist”, Barkha is a “Genitalyst”, Shekhar Gupta and Rajdeep Sardesai are “Castalysts” (professionals creating caste-divisions in society). And much of this started with the Pulwama terror attack that martyred 44 of our CRPF Jawans. These India-haters, Army-haters, Hindu-haters and Modi-haters got busy inside of 48 hours to spin the attention away from the tragedy to turn Kashmiri students into “victims” at various places. It was an organised and orchestrated effort from the Paki-pimps in our media and Commie outfits. Here are some samples:
There is already some FIR against that JNU Thugni Shehla Rashid but I’m surprised why other criminal rumour-mongers and hate-mongers are not being prosecuted similarly for their FAKE “Kashmiris under attack” concoction. And do carefully read the tweet by BD at the left-bottom in the pic above. She claims her number is online and her DM is open and invites people to spam her. And then, this absolutely horrible wimp claims her number is being circulated by others and getting her all kinds of threats and messages:
Why would anyone have to circulate her stupid number when BD herself has indicated it’s all over the place and has also opened her DM on Twitter for anyone to message? That’s the kind of moron she is. Dig a hole for others in her fake “Kashmiris attacked” propaganda and then fall into it herself. And those who she claims are attacking her are “Nationalists”. I wonder how many dicks she has seen in her life to able to clearly identify which dicks or messages belong to “Nationalists”. Shameless creature that she is, she tries to cover up her criminal FAKERY over the Kashmiris attacked nonsense with such vile tweets and victimhood. A mentally deranged narcissist. Everyone on earth is now familiar with her stupid games and I had diagnosed way back in 2011 that this whiner has a severe psychological disorder and is a sick “Malignant Narcissist”.

Most people see an unknown number on WA and folks either delete it or block the number. This Sicko Barkha not only opens the message, gleefully sees the Dick Pic and concludes it’s a message representing “Nationalism”. I wonder how many Leftist and Naxal dicks Barkha has seen to have analysed this to be a “Nationalist” dick. And in the image, the genital was circumcised so the chances are likely that the ‘member” belonged to Barkha’s own community. To top it off, BD tweets to HM Rajnath Singh about her crap and wants him to chase some idiot and become a “Dick Hunter” for her. Apart from being hilarious, BD has now degenerated into a state of “Delirium”.

The delirious wimp doesn’t stop there. She wants Twitter to act on her porn pic even when the message she got was on WA. Barkha had no business to relay the porn “Dick Pic” to the public at large even if someone had sent it to her. She could have just gone to the cops. Naturally, when people reported it, Twitter asked her to either delete the offensive pic or be locked out. BD then proceeds to threaten Twitter with some “imaginary” legal battle. Talk about being a stupid Don Quixotini battling her delirious windmills concocted in her brainless head:
The more these useless, redundant, fully-depreciated journos fail, they degenerate into crass, moronic whiners and play victims of their own device. There are thousands of journos and many may face some genuine problems or threats or sexual abuse in their work-place or at the hands of politicians. What this foolish, hyper-delirious Barkha does is subvert their problems and genuine victims into oblivion with her bogus tantrums. Even in 2016 she claimed to be stalked, abused, receiving death threats and to have filed a FIR:
Nobody knows what happened to that case she refers to or if its another of her grand FAKERIES. Doesn’t matter! Seems BD is as frequently stalked, abused and given death-threats as pigeons dropping their gifts from the sky. Any person with the slightest of common sense would either change phone numbers or block stupid messages but then this idiotic-whiner announces her phone number is online, her DM is open to everyone just for her foolish theatre. Nobody is buying her crap anymore. But the good part is, where BD has failed in journalism, she can delightfully pursue her new profession of being a Genitalyst. There is, after all, some gains she made through her “Dick-whining”.

Note: **Image uses scribblings in modified version for “fictional” fun