Wednesday, January 30, 2019

Poverty Queens

When the Ambani brothers wanted to get into the telecom business they went to their father, Dhirubhai Ambani, to discuss the issue. Dhirubhai was still the Head of the Reliance group but due to health reasons his sons were managing the show. There’s an anecdote about the advice Dhirubhai gave to his sons: “Jo bhai, Chorwad thi Mumbai 40 paisa ma call thatho hoi, toh padvu, nahin toh na padta”.  That is in Gujarati and translated, it simply means: If you guys can enable a call from Chorwad to Mumbai in 40 paise per minute then get into the business, otherwise don’t. A different reference to the same anecdote can be found here.

Chorwad is the hometown of the Ambanis. The famous Somnath Temple is right next to the Chorwad beach. Dhirubhai has seen his younger days with poverty, no power, no tap water, no proper roads and all that in his hometown. He understood the poor and poverty very well. That is the reason Dhirubhai made the poor his biggest customers and got into the business of commodities. Thus, when Reliance telecom was finally launched, the call rate per minute was indeed around 40 paise. Dhirubhai had had experienced it was not only difficult but very costly to make trunk calls between Mumbai and his family in Chorwad.

A vast majority of Indian families have risen from poverty to being economically well off. Even after acquiring wealth, most have also remained modest in their lifestyles. Dhirubhai was never ostentatious but that is not true of his sons. His sons were not born in to poverty like he was. Sundar Pichai, the global Head of Google, also rose from a poverty-stricken family to riches. There are million such stories. Narendra Modi too rose from a relatively poor family to being a CM and then PM. The common thread among all these stories is that all the first-generation persons have seen and experienced poverty first hand. They know how it feels.

So, when a cavalier Rahul Gandhi, born with a silver spoon up his bottom, who spends a good part of his time in the playgrounds of Europe and Thailand spending his “landed wealth”, talks about poverty it smacks of his deep contempt for the reality of the poor and his “tutored” garbage. Rafale fizzled out and the 30000 crores to Ambani also didn’t get very far. So, once again, the corrupt Chinese Gandhis are out fool Indians again with their nonsense of “Garibi Hatao”:
Some nonsense about Old India, New India, two Hindustans – all gobbledygook tutored by his current imported campaign mentor Steve Jarding. The tweet is not even the language of RG. It was beyond this nincompoop to know words like “scourge” and if you ask him to explain it, he probably won’t be able. The only poverty these Chinese Gandhis are connected to is a severe poverty of ideas, decency and honesty. Why else would RG re-run the joke that IndiraG cracked nearly half a century ago with no clue at all?
The reality is that ModiSarkar has lifted more people above the BPL at a faster pace in four years than the Nehru-Gandhi clan has done in all of 70 years – when they mostly held power at the Centre and in many States. From around 140 million in 2014, the figure of BPL population has come down to 73 million in 2018. And ModiSarkar has been consistent in their effort to eradicate poverty. This is acknowledged not only by Indian economy observers but also world bodies like World Bank and other such observers. Today, India is not the top of the poverty list anymore it is Nigeria. Be it power, gas, infrastructure and transport systems, life-insurance for the poor, cheaper medicines, the ModiSarkar has done well far beyond expectations.

This Congi nonsense of “Hum garibon ke devta hai” comes from their Zamindari-British upbringing. Neither RG nor any of his family members ever spent one week or day in a shanty house without power, cooking gas when the country turns into a “bakery” during summers. The Nehru-Gandhi clan knew zilch about the poor or poverty. Do the lifestyles of these poverty queens reflect their concern for poor even remotely?
The less said about Nehru the better simply because I am bored of listing the damages he has caused India and put us back some 50 years in comparison to world progress. Look at the others – a scamster like SanjayG has a stamp in his name and many monuments named after him. What is his contribution to India? NOTHING! Why this clan had to change his name from “Sanjiv” to “Sanjay” holds a lot of other secrets. The clothes they wear, that Burberry jacket reportedly cost 79K rupees. And Priyanka too is best known for her style statements and nothing else. Not one single person from this corrupt family has ever faced one night of poverty. Of course, there is no logic that one has to be poor to understand poverty. That would be as stupid as saying a doctor has to be ill to understand illness. The big difference is, the doctor has gone through years of education and training for his practice.

When it comes to these Chinese Gandhis, their only training is born into the “family” and being wealthy. I don’t curse their wealth – if you got it by work or by inheritance or by marriage, there is nothing evil about it. But neither RG nor the Vadri has shown one day of honest work for the poor or poverty in any manner whatsoever. The only poverty-work they know is poverty-tourism and fake tears for the poor. We need not curse their wealth – let them enjoy it. But a person who really cares for the poor shows it in his conduct and behaviour. If Congis empathise and understand the pain of the poor, they wouldn’t be indulging in filthy opulence, ostentatious meals and secret luxury vacations in Europe or Goa the way the Gandhis secretly do:
RG has undertaken many poverty-tours, even with a UK minister, he roared about his experience with Kalawati in Parliament. He does photo-ops of his meals with Dalits. But what exactly has ever done? Nothing! So, in absence of any experience, sympathy or empathy for the poor, the only thing the corrupt Congress wants is POWER and at any cost with frivolous promises that no media ever questions. RG’s latest coach Steve Jarding keeps training him to paint Modi a “corrupt man”. That doesn’t seem to be working. So, he recently blabbered about the “Universal Basic Income” (UBI) as if this Einstein worked in his “Economic-laboratory” for 7.86 days and screamed “Eureka”. His maids in the media at NDTV and IndiaToday also jump in joy with their colourful dances. In reality, even UBI is an idea already been worked on by ModiSarkar so it has merely been “Work in progress”:
People are not fools. Post-Independence, for a long time the Congress was so dominant that alternatives took a long time to form. The Congress painted every Opponent as evil and even jailed many critics of Nehru or banned them. Those were years when nobody from media or elsewhere even questioned them. The Nehru-Gandhis were like some queens… Yes…“POVERTY QUEENS”. The corrupt Congress made politics a profession in which many got into politics just to loot money. In the process, they kept the poor where they are – languishing in hell. If at all some of them got out of poverty is was more due to their own enterprise. Thus, all the Congress associates like Lalu, Pawar, Mayawati or Mulayam etc – all of them have become filthy rich in the name of the poor and poverty. And this corrupt culture is the ONLY GIFT to the country by the Gandhis. And the Gandhi-backyards of Rae Bareli and Amethi are miserable hell for the poor. People are seeing the Nehru-Gandhi clan for what they really are:
AB Vajpayee and Modi are two non-Congress PMs who are not corrupt and have provided the most development-oriented govts in the history of post-Independence India. In particular, from IndiraG to Sonia, the family is directly responsible for much of the poor languishing where they are. This is the group that drove the poor down a cliff to die and now, with his latest nonsense of “Garibi Hatao”, RG wants to throw them a Pyjama string to save them. The Congi advisor Montek Ahluwalia spent 35 lakhs to renovate his toilet to “worry on his pot about the poor”. In four years, ModiSarkar has built more toilets for the poor than all the looters of Congress.

My family and I too have experienced poverty so I know the empty blabber by these Chinese-Gandhis on poverty I would any day recommend make education completely FREE for the poor right up to college level. That is the greatest poverty-eradicator. Given my own experience in life, to hear worthless poverty queens like RG or the Vadri or these Congress looters lecture on poverty is nothing but an insult and a JOKE on the poor and the country. We have had enough of their nonsense and the country is better off without any more of their jokes about the poor and any more loot in their name. When it specifically comes to poverty eradication, I would any day put my money and trust with the one that has the experience and the pain of it – Narendra Modi. I don’t trust a two-bit Romeo who spends half the year in Europe/abroad and visits India to lecture on poverty. These Poverty Queens can eat their silver spoon and be happy.

Thursday, January 10, 2019

The Rafale Conspiracy

This will take patient reading. After all, a conspiracy is not hatched in a snap. There is not much that the Opposition can throw at ModiSarkar. They failed in making GST or Demonetisation an issue. The common man has moved beyond the hardships caused by DeMo and since then Rahul Gandhi hasn’t found the need to visit an ATM. It would be na├»ve to think the Rafale allegations are the handiwork of little Pappu or some Wiseguy from the Congress. In their desperate desire to stir up a hornet’s nest with the Rafale deal, the Congress has repeatedly ended up with eggs on its face. Their attempt to paint PM Modi as corrupt, a “Chor” and of having doled out favours to “AA” is a cleverly hatched plan that has failed miserably.

On Friday, January 4, RM Nirmala Sitharaman (NS) handed out a resounding thrashing to RG and the Congress over Rafale. As a usual practice, I scanned multiple channels at night to see the reactions from the usual motley crew of panellists and I chanced upon the usual “Larger picture” called Nidhi. Predictably, the debate on NDTV had some panellists somehow trying to wriggle out of the situation of Congress and RG being exposed as genetic liars. In the midst of this discussion, one panellist, Radia’s errand-boy MK Venu (Now with the Liar called TheWire) made an honest but chilling comment. Such idiots as MK Venu blurt out things that reflect the true agenda of the Congress and their footsies in media. Maybe he did so inadvertently; after all, journos are not very bright people. We will come back to his statement in good time:
In February 2014, then DM AK Antony made a startling disclosure. He claimed the Rafale deal couldn’t be finalised due to lack of funds. He stated that the deal would be concluded in the next financial year. The Congress in 2014 had swaggered with the belief that they could somehow cobble an alliance and return to power. They didn’t estimate the thrashing they received. The only possible reason to not finalise the Rafale deal then could be the non-availability of bribes which the Congis are used to in every deal. This is the lame excuse Anthony offered (video 2.20 mins):
This silly blabberer Anthony and his corrupt Congress did nothing for the defence and security of the country. No new equipment, no new battle gear for Jawans, no new bullet-proof vests for cops and Jawans at conflict zones, not even a major pile of bullets. In J&K, cops and CRPF were ordered to battle stone-pelters and rioters with “Lathis”. Such is the despicable scam-ridden Congress that left the country in a vulnerable position.

For the LS2014 campaign, RG was lost in the woods. He had no clue what to say and was generally blabbering his usual, meaningless nonsense. To attend to this problem, his “handlers” in Congress got in the experts. They got in some entity called “Dentsu” to sort of “put lipstick on the pig”. But it didn’t work. And the Congis attributed “better advertising” to Modi and BJP’s spectacular win. I explained that post the results in “Advertising doesn’t sell”. Laymen may not know that but professionals do. In 2017-18 the Congress was faced with the same problem as in 2013-14. They had no real issue to trash ModiSarkar with. And the thrashing they received in UP elections in March 2017 was more proof that Congress doesn’t sell. So, what do they do? They turn to skulduggery, slander, imaginary scams and abusive language. And they bring in another master in sowing seeds of misinformation and slander in the public. In comes Cambridge Analytica:
CA already had a notorious reputation and was the perfect partner for filthy Congress. After denying it first, the Congress was flummoxed with their Red “Hand” on the crime scene of CA in their office. With CA too, Congress didn’t find much success in tarnishing Modi with something or the other. CA may now be operating in some other form. It’s another link to the “slander campaign” undertaken by RG and Congress. In between, Christian Michel, the middleman alleged to have paid bribes in the Agusta scam is brought back to India. New information suggests Michel lobbied against the Rafale deal for another aircraft. Given his proximity to the corrupt Chinese Gandhis and Congress, there is enough suspicion to believe that’s why Congress didn’t go through with the Rafale deal and lingered on for a more “lucrative” deal for themselves:
Michel Mama was also probably fed the information on all the Lutyens journos who are pimps of Congress and would peddle anything for the Congress. Thus, he is reported to have bribed 68 such journos with Rs.2.5 lakhs per month to promote Agusta as against any other. Remember, Agusta was the personal choice of SoniaG and the specifications were tweaked and twisted in such a manner that only Agusta would qualify as a supplier. So, who could those 68 criminals be? Well, trust the anti-India, Jihadi Jerk Amnesty to give you a clue and name the Tabelas that could possibly house these 68 corrupt Congi pimps who were bribed:
NS also asked a very valid question to the Pappu and Congress – Since RG is shedding crocodile tears for HAL, she asked why they didn’t buy choppers from HAL and chose to get into a corrupt deal with Agusta. And as far as normal travel needs are concerned, HAL choppers are good enough and there was no specific need to pick an Italian company. But then, unless a foreign company, especially from Italy, is involved, the bribe mechanism doesn’t work that well. Who got the bribes? We all know who did. After supplying 3 choppers that are gathering dust and junk, the Agusta deal was cancelled and only the scandal remains.

On the backfoot on Agusta, on the backfoot on National Herald, on the backfoot on massive tax evasions, on the backfoot on land grab too in the NatHerald case – the Chinese Gandhis had only one way to jump. They had to tar Modi with some kind of bogus allegation and keep hammering the LIES over and over again with the hope that the mud will stick. Thusly came the “Chowkidar Chor”, “Modi Chor Hai”. Funnily enough, the moron that Pappu is he blabbered “Modi is directly accused…” and then changed to “directly involved” and all this while he claims he has “no proof” but is convinced that Chowkidar Chor hai. Watch this (video 8 secs):
So, who wrote the script for these allegations? Obviously, it can’t be Pappu or his sidekicks. This was either written by CamAnalytica or the Congress’s latest reported acquisition to concoct stories. His name is Steve Jarding, who seems to have been a campaign adviser for Akhilesh Yadav and got him defeated in 2017. And he has a splendid profile:
In the last few decades, election campaigns in the US have been full of lies, character assassination, mud-slinging, planting of stories in media and religion-based tarring. So that expertise now comes to India. It is either CamAnalytica and/or Steve Jarding combined with Congress Dirty Tricks Dept that concocted this FAKE Rafale scam and PM Modi being a corrupt man and a “Chor”. They have advised Pappu to keep calling Rafale a scam and Modi a “Chor” and that sooner or later some of it will stick and arouse suspicions. In this endeavour you have to activate your other footsies too. First, there are Congress Coolies like Prashant Bhushan & gang who will rush to SC with their spurious petitions which the SC has all the time in the world to entertain. If the SC finds nothing in it, they will scream SC has not given a clean-chit. All of it very nicely orchestrated. And then, the Congress has those “68 journos” and their criminal sidekicks who will tom-tom the lies. No one said it better than Alan Arkin in the movie “Argo”:
Bofors politically killed Rajiv Gandhi’s PMship and there was every evidence of it being a real scam. The tactic formulated by the handlers of RahulG is: Create a Bofors like situation and beat PM with the “Single stick” of Rafale, the same way RajivG was beaten with the single stick of Bofors. Unfortunately, as Pappu himself admitted, there is “no proof” of any scam in Rafale and no proof of any benefits passed off to AA at the cost of HAL by Modi. In the case of Bofors the scam originated from abroad and was taken up by Indian journalists. In case of Rafale, the “concocter” of the “imaginary scam” is none other than the handlers of RahulG and their imported campaign managers. In Bofors the journalists exposed a scam with evidence. In the case of Rafale, the PURCHASED journos of Congress – the “68 Gang” and their widespread network is peddling the lies concocted by RG and Congress.

Imagine, during the Bofors scam there wasn’t much of TV everywhere. And the only channel available was Doordarshan. There weren’t as many newspapers and magazines as today. Radio had gone out of fashion and there was no FM radio. There were no mobile devices or internet. The entire establishment of Sickulars were cronies of Congress and RajivG. The scam became more prominent when then FM VP Singh quit the govt and later the Congress. Of course, Congress concocted fake scandals like the St. Kitts accounts to tar VP Singh. Despite all the lack of communication systems, media and devices, Bofors became a household name all across India. Bofors scam was known in even remote villages in India.

But with all the new-age communication and network systems, Rafale has still not become a household name. And that is the reason Pappu and his dumb Congis are growing more and more belligerent in their stupid outbursts, lies and hurling abuses at PM Modi. The Congi morons forgot one important lesson: Scam-accusations started by Opposition don’t hold much water. Bofors wasn’t started by the Opposition. Even the Agusta scam wasn’t started by the Opposition or Indian media. It originated from Italy itself. The handlers of Pappu forgot that important lesson: The fire set by oneself to cause wilful damage is called arson. That the fake Rafale scam is not bothering the masses is worrying Congress and their coolies in media.

Now let’s go back to the start. In the 2nd para I mentioned about the debate on NDTV on the night of January 4, after the thrashing NS dealt to RG and Congress. I have provided the link to that debate in that para. Not surprisingly, Radia’s little coolie MK Venu blurted out the real agenda of the fake Rafale scam and I quote his exact words:

Here is what I think… The Rafale issue, the doubts have been sown… Having said that… the Rafale issue has not gone beyond the Tier-1 cities… It has not gone to the rural belt”.

Yes indeed! What the Congress coolies want is that the FAKE Rafale scam should reach all corners of India. That’s the exact problem with the FAKE Rafale scam concocted by RahulG and his “foreign handlers”. People across the country are not willing to buy it and are not willing to believe Modi is corrupt or a “Chor” as Congress wants them to believe. The Rafale conspiracy concocted by RG’s foreign handlers, Congress, their Thugbandhan partners and faithfully peddled by their legal and media crooks is doomed to fail. As NS firmly asserted in the Parliament on January 4: “Bofors brought Congress down, Rafale will bring back Modi”. End of story.