Saturday, December 28, 2019

Cops Vs Antinationals

In India, from an early age parents scare their kids with the police. Mischievous kids are often threatened with cops even if the passer-by happens to be a bus-conductor in Khaki. On trains, when there are families with a bunch of kids prancing around or doing acrobatics with the berth-ladders, the parents caution them about cops on the beat. And when the Railway cops do turn up near their cabin, they point to them and jokingly ask the cops to arrest them. Thus, from an early age Indians see the cops as “people to fear” rather than “people to trust”. This is not entirely misplaced as Indian cops have a history of ill-treating citizens right from the British Raj. After all, those who fired the bullets at Jallianwala were also Indians working under the British. Going to a PS in the most compelling circumstances is often a nightmare for many and they dread it. There’s a report that 1 woman complains of police apathy every 2 hours. But times are changing. With more transparency, more communication tools and technology, cops too are being more sensitive. And they have more heroes than many other domains of our mundane life.

Apathy is not unique to Indian police. It’s a worldwide phenomenon. England cops turned a blind eye to 1400 rapes in Rotherham. I often recommend good movies to watch. The 1978 kidnap and murder of a Canadian teen, Eric Wilson, is an extraordinary, gripping story. He was kidnapped in Nebraska, USA and the apathy of cops, FBI and other agencies is a harrowing story of the mother trying to find her son:
You can watch/download the excellent documentary of the above story “Just another missing kid” or the movie based on it “Into thin air” on Youtube. Every year over 2000 kids go missing in the “advanced” US and many of these remain unsolved. But they do manage to develop and improve their systems unlike the slow process in India. In the US they now have an “AMBER” alert for missing children. Although “AMBER” is an acronym for “America's Missing Broadcast Emergency Response” it was created after the abduction and murder of a 9 year-old girl in Texas 1996 named Amber Hagerman. The crime remains unsolved.

The best of systems does not stop a criminal. Only swift punishment can, at best, act as a deterrent. This is something uneducated media, journos, activists and many politicians in India do not understand. The cops cannot prevent all crimes; especially not crimes like rapes, brutality or murders happening within closed doors or remote outdoor places. Yet, as I explained in Broken Windows, they are the ones facing the brunt of mob-violence, riots, media and opportunistic-politicians.

The current anti-CAA riots, violence and arson have posed a tough challenge to our cops across the country. There is absolutely no doubt that these riots (mostly by Muslims) have been incited by politicians, activists and the worst dregs of society. The level of violence across the board is typical of an “organised crime”. Given the scale of the violence across the country, one should be grateful that the number of deaths is relatively low. And in this context, although some cops were seriously injured, I would not like to see even cop die. In the face of extreme violence, our cops have shown great restraint. It is easy for you and me to be provoked into a physical fight at severe verbal abuse or even a scooter or car accident. But cops are not allowed that luxury at any time. Given that they are armed with lathis and guns, one must imagine how much it takes to curb the temptation to pull the trigger at a 100 or 500-strong pelting all kinds of missiles at them in scenes like these:

Indian cops normally do not carry firearms on their routine beats. They are not trigger-happy except in very rare cases of excess. In contrast, the US requires every cop on the street (or even off-duty) to carry a gun. While, in general, the US cops too are very controlled in using their guns, they do have a trigger-happy lot. In this documentary by Michael Moore, he shows cops have shot people mistaking TV remote, hairclip, spatula, keys, Snicker bar for guns and in one case they fired 41 bullets into a guy because they mistook his wallet for a gun. It may seem a bit hilarious but if you don’t put up your hands in the US, cops can shoot you. They can shoot you if you pose the slightest threat to them or another person. And God save someone who kills a cop in the US. It is unlikely that criminal will ever face a court – he will go directly to his grave.

The media-criminals like Barkha Dutt, Yogendra Yadav and other assorted Commie idiots concoct bizarre stories with “actors” and “unverifiable” reports of police brutality. These reports are usually their verbal-farts or “choreographed” drama. The current anti-CAA violence may have multiple motives – first ignite the Muslims, privately stoke their heartburn over Ayodhya, paint a doomsday picture for them in India and through all this, make a bigger hole in the economy. They will, then, again breast-beat over the economic slowdown. It’s a very clever trick by the Congress and their Sickular step-children. On the usual NDTV vomit, this Yogendra Yadav claims he went to areas in UP to do a first-hand “investigation” on the riots, victims and police brutality. This criminal Commie and hatemonger is the prized-idiot of all the anti-India goons:
What investigation did this castard Yogendra do? Nobody knows. But he reels off his crap as if he has some data of each incident, each stone pelted, bullet fired, lathi used or fires set. In fact, if you hear his blabber, he has NOTHING, ZERO facts to support any of his claims. Should I trust this anti-national Commie or trust the UP cops? My trust is firmly with the cops. All these Commie animals come out with the same moth-eaten stuff that doesn’t sell anymore. And they are accountable to no one and for nothing. They dance to their paymasters unlike cops who have serious threats to face:
The GOI, state govts and the Hindus are not such fools that these Commies living in some dark hole assume. Everyone has a mobile now, most of them with a camera. That makes millions of eyes and freelancers across every corner of India who far outnumber most of the corrupt anti-India journos that walk the streets. That this whole anti-CAA violence is sponsored, directed and trained by those who are inciting Muslims to burn India can be evident from this little kid ranting a poetry seeking Modi’s death and the celebration over it (Video: 29 secs):
If you are tempted to dismiss this as a childish prank or banter – you will be making a serious mistake. What the Madrassas teach their kids is quite known now to the world. Modi and Amit Shah have made serious mistakes in funding them. That apart, don’t forget, that during the LS2019 campaign, Priyanka Vadri was with a bunch of young kids who were taught to chant “Neem ka patha kadwa hai, Modi saala bhadwa hai”. We know where all this is coming from and who is coaching these kids. And these are the kids who pelt stones at cops and their idiotic media-mothers seek sympathy for them. And morons of NDTV want such sympathy for an extremely criminal couple who went to agitate, were detained and they had left their toddler at home:
Child-abuse is not merely sexual or other forms of physical abuse. Wilful NEGLECT of children is a punishable offence in many countries. This couple should be jailed for that crime and not for their stupid protest. And when couples like these neglect children to go and protest some for some fake cause, they will also bring up their unfortunate kid to be a violent rioter. This is why I consider media as the most criminal enemy of democracy. They don’t even recognise a serious offence and don’t know what to really whine for. Here’s another video of the violence at Aligarh (probably AMU) and the grit and determination of the rioters to push down the gates over the police is astonishing (Video 1.41 mins):
Eventually, the rioters forced the gates enough to stream out on to the streets. Given the violence against cops all around, one can imagine what they must have faced in Kashmir almost every single day and more so on Fridays with thugs pelting stones and grenades at them. The cops there battled the goons almost with their hands tied behind their backs. This jihadi violence cannot be accepted for any reason whatsoever. It will come as a shock to most readers that more cops have died in the line of duty than protesters and rioters. Shamefully, not one person in the media or elsewhere bothered to check these stats:
In most cases, the cop-deaths are highest in UP where the current riots have also peaked in various cities. Amit Shah correctly calls this violent rampage the work of the “Tukde Tukde” gang. There is hardly any doubt this is an enterprise by anti-nationals to wreak havoc on India under the bogus pretext of CAA which doesn’t harm one single Muslim citizen. So, it is not the cops battling some student agitation or genuine protest. It is cops vs anti-nationals at their violent worst. UP has so far identified 498 goons from whom they will recover the cost of public properties damaged or confiscate their assets to recover the cost. This is a good move and needs to be established as a permanent practice. Arson and destruction of public or any property is not acceptable anymore. The disruption to lives of others and damage to their businesses is immeasurable. Patriots must boycott businesses of anti-nationals.

These cop-deaths happen even during peace times. Congi goons barking about police brutality should remember; they forced a midnight attack on the Baba Ramdev protesters while they were sleeping at Ramlila Maidan in 2011. They killed one woman. In they same year, the Congress tied the hands of cops and subjected them to violence (including molestation of female cops) at Azad Maidan because the criminal rioters happened to be Muslims. One Congi from Odisha, Pradeep Majhi, openly encourages his coolies to keep petrol ready and burn everything. And he goes on to say he doesn’t regret issuing that order.

There can be no mercy for the violent thugs and no mercy for their sponsors. In these anti-CAA riots, everyone should stand with our cops and not with anti-nationals of Congress or their Sickular sidekicks. There is far more to these riots than mere anti-CAA violence. This is a calculated assault on India, on Hindus and on ModiSarkar. Many Hindu houses in some places in UP have been attacked. This entire episode of violence has nothing to do with CAA. Our cops should deal with these jihadis as brutally as required and we should put our full force and support behind them.

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Wednesday, December 25, 2019

CAB & Jharkhand Lessons

There is a simple rule in business and in the practice a salesman follows. There are usually a few failures before the business realises “what actually works” with the prospective customer. That becomes their “tactic” and usually forms their campaign “strategy” and slogan too. A salesman tries many pitches to prospects and then learns which one produces a purchase. As he learns that, he starts using the same pitch with identical customers with or without modification. A loser, on the other hand, keeps crashing in the same car and makes the same mistake over and over again. He’s a poor learner, unwilling to learn, unwilling to change and practically “unteachable”. Companies don’t sack for failures, they sack the unteachables.

If you look at why the Congress is consistently losing in all the states (their numbers keep dwindling) it is simply because they are using the same moth-eaten brains of the Chinese Gandhis and their useless coterie of bootlickers in the party, media and NGOs. They have a band of Chamelis in various NGOs and corrupt operators who frequently write open letters to vote against BJP or Modi. As long as the same moth-eaten brains of the losers still run the Congress, they will never score a major win anywhere. At the most, they will tailor some opportunistic alliance here and there. From a ruling party, they are now “sidekicks” of regional parties. Using the same “failed brains” that keep producing losses eventually shuts down a company by first corroding its market-share.

Unfortunately, the BJP is sliding into the same “mental frame” as the Congress and their failing Gandhis. A couple of days ago, PM Modi was screaming at the top of his lungs at a public meeting in Delhi: “CAA will not affect one single Muslim citizen of India” or something similar in as many words. This comes after the Sickulars peddled a fake narrative and organised riots and arson across the country. The BJP is losing its “proactive” mentality that it had from 2014-2019 in every narrative and elections. The lung-busting roar of Modi comes a bit too late in the day after so much damage has been done:
It is an utter failure of BJP and its top bosses to not have estimated the fall out of the CAB and its aftermath. They have faced vehement opposition to the Bill in 2016 and should have known that the losing Sickulars had only one resort to oppose the bill – Spread falsehoods, ignite riots and indulge in arson. I am absolutely sure most of the politicians and their rioters wouldn’t have even read the contents of the CAB or its implications. Both PM Modi and HM Shah are now running operations on the same losing pattern as the Chinese Gandhis. They listen to a few in their party, they have idiots in their IT-Cell or SM-Cell and nobody cautions them on being proactive before events happen. In contrast, ordinary BJP supporters who do not hold any position have frequently advised the party on a proactive course of action:
Modi does dozens of “Mann ki baat” every year. Most of them now mundane and boring with little relevance. He may be doing it out of his own passion but the listeners who were once enchanted in listening to these “baats” don’t feel the same anymore. Even Morari Bapu Kathas have a fatigue to it. Still, if he can do so many MKBs, why is that Modi runs away from addressing the nation on critical issues and possible situations of strife? He should have done so after junking #370 too when many were agitating, rioting and the fakery of national and international media was at the govt’s throat. PM’s address to nation may not have averted the riots but would have certainly dented their momentum and impact. Instead, he consistently used #370 as a component of his election rallies in Maharashtra and nobody gave a damn about. It is time the BJP realised: “Modi is a popular PM and not a popular CM candidate in state elections”.  BJP CMs are chosen not on their popular-pull but by the “high command” as is done in the Congress. Some years back they more or less scotched the career of BS Yedyurappa and their stakes in Karnataka. Currently, BSY (after Shivraj Chauhan) is the only BJP CM who has mass appeal and popularity.

Modi’s detachment and the belief that things will die-down slowly is not the art of taking an issue to the people in the face of useless, rioting Sickulars. The tweet above suggested Modi should have addressed the nation even before the CAB was debated in the Rajya Sabha. He and his lipstick ministers were advising the entire country to be peaceful over the Ayodhya verdict when no one really expected mass-rioting anywhere. Nothing happened. YET, with the CAB, when it was damn well known that the Opposition would go all out to instigate riots and arson and agitations were already sprouting, Modi remained silent, did not address the nation nor did any of his media-mujra ministers make any appeals in rallies or in their tweets or anywhere. This is COMPLETE FAILURE of “Estimation Skills”. And after all the damage, Modi roars to the public that CAA is not anti-Muslim. In the 2 weeks since the Bill was passed in the RS, the Opposition, much of the media (including international media) and criminal human rights drug-peddlers have painted the CCA as anti-Muslim. These are lying clowns but even the paint on the face of clowns take a while to peal off. The BJP has been late on the job every single time.

There is no use counselling or addressing the rioters after the damage has been done. Their motives may be many – Ayodhya, CAB, anti-Modi and even causing further damage to a struggling economy. They want nothing more than the destabilisation of India and the economy with their riots. Neither CAB nor NRC affects any real citizen. And some ministers started yakking about NRC across all states even during these riots when it was hardly a politically opportune time. And then GOI goes around denying there’s no immediate plan on NRC. Talk about dunderheads. But when the dead-wood is in your own team, there is bound to be a lackadaisical approach to critical situations. ModiSarkar desperately needs a Cabinet change (not reshuffling a pack of dog-eared cards but CHANGE). But Modi seems burdened with the thought that a Cabinet change would be indirect admission of failure. There is no failure in throwing out incompetence.

Tolerating and condoning INCOMPETENCE has become a prominent feature in ModiSarkar. How does one explain the most useless, incompetent ministers like Prakash Javdekar, RP Nishank or Prahlad Patel still carrying on in the govt and in the Cabinet? There might be some more. All these guys are doing nothing but selling lipstick and the voices of BJP supporters are being ignored. Whether it’s education, media-management and laws or Culture stuff – all these ministers are the worst examples of “unteachables” and non-learners. These guys don’t have a clue about their job and don’t have any real agenda to implement. Such bootlickers have thrived in Congress for ages but they are now thriving in BJP too.

When you run a coterie – the gang only puts up thoughts and ideas to please you. It does not involve tactic or strategy. Losing Jharkhand could have many reasons to it. CAA or NRC are not reasons for it as some are trying to imply. Jharkhand elections were half-way through by CAB. What must bother Modi & Shah seriously is not just that the party lost but their CM Raghubar Das and a handful of ministers also lost the elections. That Das was unpopular and often seen as a rude and arrogant CM seems totally lost on the BJP top management:
There are many reasons why a party makes bad choices and bad decisions – it has developed arrogance; it doesn’t learn and it IGNORES its core voters. Sicko Raghubhar Das was promising “Hajj Houses” for Muslims and more mosques. I could sense he is going to be trashed that very day. Devendra Fadnavis may be a decent CM but he’s certainly not a shrewd politician. He too is a Chrislamist-sucker. BJP is already paying the price for allying with Shiv Sena. It must never make that mistake again. Those who are currently advising the BJP to “wear Sickular lipstick” must be thrown out. BJP should also stop trying to appease Muslims, not even in small token ways. Muslim political leaders keep abusing BJP and Modi in words woven with chicken-feathers. Neither Muslim leaders nor their followers are ever going to support BJP even if Modi delivers the “Quarter moon” to them. If that is lesson is learned, then a few election losses don’t mean all that much. In fact, in Maharashtra, Karnataka and Haryana, the BJP did not lose the elections – they just fell a little short. That “little short” is best explained by bad choices and wearing “Sickular lipstick” and expected losses. One hopes we will see no more of it.

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