Tuesday, October 9, 2018

Stinking Creek

Believe it or not, there is a town called “Duck”. There is a town called “Toad Suck”. There is a town called “Why”. There is a town called “Santa Claus”. And there are many more. And there is a town called “Tweebuffelsmeteenskootmorsdoodgeskietfontein” and there is also “Taumatawhakatangi­hangakoauauotamatea­turipukakapikimaunga­horonukupokaiwhen­uakitanatahu” which happens to be the longest name for a town in the world. And then, there is a town called “Malice” (a famous song) which doesn’t exist on any map but it’s a tiny street township in Poland. But the biggest town of fraud, malice, sex maniacs, extortionists is in the world of our Fiberals – media, Bollywood, Lutyens, politics. And I call them the Stinking Creek. Creek – because they are the narrowest stretch of immoral humans.

Lately, dozens of sex perverts have been tumbling out of their cupboards. Those who claimed to be champions of women’s Rights, freedoms, choices and feminism are turning out to be the biggest exploiters of women. It all started with one woman talking about experiences with AIB (a comic group called AllIndiaBakchodi) which has now turned into an avalanche. These sex perverts peddled the most vulgar comedy it seems. I don’t have a problem with vulgar comedy, there are audiences for everything in the world. People choose what they want to watch. But seems it didn’t stop there, the founders of the AIB and some members started “sexploiting” innocent young girls and women. This is straight out of an American prostitution-mafia in a relatively softer manner. The AIB founders have since quit and issued a statement too:
This AIB is just the tip of the iceberg. I have not only been associated in some form in the past with the news media but I have observed the behaviour of the topmost managers at various times. From editors to senior journalists, there are many who are predators. If Bollywood has a “Casting Couch”, the media has one too. And don’t exclude the advertising industry from the media because the term “media” originally referred to the advertising industry and then came to encompass all other associated industries. Every major media house is filled with sex perverts. The latest one to bite the dust is Prashant Jha of Hindustan Times:
Prashant Jha is reported to have sexually harassed a reporter called Avantika Mehta. In September, Tanushree Dutta, a former Bollywood average actress came up with allegations against film personalities Vivek Agnihotri and Nana Patekar. Surprisingly, her last movie was in 2010 and the incidents she claimed seem to have happened around 2008 during the shooting of some movie. Apparently, she came all the way to India from the US, where she now stays, to make these disclosures. Naturally, everyone has to wonder why now. After such a long time, it would neither be easy to believe her nor would it be possible to prosecute anyone for it. She went on a media-yatra blabbering on all TV channels about how she was harassed. Her main target was Agnihotri who has recently achieved some prominence with his “Urban Naxal” stories. After much goading and ridicule, Dutta finally filed a FIR against Patekar. From his side, Patekar too seems to have sent some legal notice for defamation to her.

When the incidents that Tanushree claims to have happened, she did nothing. Why? Because she was in business and did not want to risk it. It is only about a decade later and out of business, that “honour” seems to have sprung a leak and popped up in her face. Many of the women in media (that includes news media, Bollywood and advertising industry) gladly suffer nonsense from some men when they are busy seeking money, glamour and popularity. When the shine goes off, it seems they are left with a guilt of what they should not have done. Take a look at this pervert Siddharth Bhatia. He is another of those vile beasts that lecture people on how and why male perverts should be treated as good as rapists. He tweeted his sermon on October 6 and one day later, it turns out he is one of those “Dark underbelly” beasts too:
When the Tarun Tejpal incident happened, most of his media friends were slyly defending him and trashing his victim. In the case of that Nobel prize winner, RK Pachauri, too the media did their best to cover up his crimes. It was a brave woman that could take on the might of RK Pachauri. These perverts and flesh-eaters abound in every media house and in every Lutyens outfit. And many in the media are bed-mates of politicians in return for a juicy story or gossip or leaks or favours for loans, houses, vehicles and so on.

Some years back, Sunetra Chaudhary of NDTV narrated an incident of sexual harassment with a politician. She even wrote a whole article in DNA about this “Pervy Politician”. It ended there. Neither she nor NDTV wanted to expose the politician and make him pay a price. But what exactly is the PRICE? The price is a troubled NDTV struggling to survive and wants to survive no matter what – even if your employee’s honour is treated like one of an “available escort”. You see, the lipstick, glamour and all the shine of a public life lures many a girl and woman into these dark alleys and they don’t mind being gently “sexploited” if it gets them more money and fame. Conscience seems to strike only when they encounter failure and don’t reach the dizzying heights they aimed for. In every party that the media houses throw, there is always someone who is gently fondling or molesting some woman in a shady corner or in a corridor. Getting drunk or getting high on drugs is not unusual at these parties.

This is the “Liberal life” as they claim – “My life, My rules” and what not. And then there are those daring women like Deepika Padukone who scream (when reported about excessively revealing cleavage) “I have breasts and a cleavage; do you have a problem”? Well it would be sort of unusual if a woman did not have breasts and a cleavage. When this kind of assertion comes from a celebrity, many young girls take it as sign that showing their breasts and cleavage in public is a sign of liberation and assertion of their freedoms.

What happens is, most of these youngsters don’t make it to the top like Deepika but they get exploited by sex perverts in the media or entertainment businesses. Deepika Padukone can get away even if she bares her breasts. The media would applaud it as great courage. But when newbies and young girls enamoured by such acts try it, they fall victim to the predators. Such men see a little bit of cleavage or revealing clothing as a signboard saying “I am available, if you have the guts”. So, they get macho and try to exploit such women.

Take the case of actor Sanjay Dutt. It seems his recent biopic revealed that he had bedded over 300 women. That would probably have been before he was sent to jail. Considering he was around age 45 or so at that time and from around age 17 to 45 is 28 years, that makes an average of over 10 new women he had sex with every single year. There is a psychological lure even with women to seek the poison from men who seemed daring and extremely liberal on this. If I sound too far-fetched, you should look up on how women sought attention from MK Gandhi.
For a long time, the sexual escapades and experiments of Gandhi were brushed under the carpet. Most of it remained hush-hush. Why? It has become a culture right from Gandhi down to the next guy in media – The one in supreme authority can have all the women he wants for all the experiments and adventures he wants. I see absolutely nothing spiritual about MKG’s experiments of “Brahmacharya”. Why is it that MKG can get away by using women as “Guinea pigs” for his sexual experiments? Why doesn’t the media or politicians call it like it is? For the same reason Tejpal claimed “Penance” as the solution to his sexcapade.

Take a good look at all the media men from Prashant Jha to Siddharth Bhatia to Tarun Tejpal or any other editor. If you dig deep enough, you may end up finding almost all of them are natural perverts. Shekhar Gupta, the wheeler-dealer of Lutyens and the current Head of that useless organisation called Editors Guild has absolutely nothing to say about all these incidents involving his peers. Nothing! Instead, he wants to ridicule Sabari Malai Ayappa temple with menstruating-women tweets. There is not one single major media house that does not have many sex perverts. There is not one major media house that does not exploit women. In many cases the women too have been willing accomplices or partners. The whole thing stinks. The reason being, journalism requires the least amount of talent and skill. And anyone with a little bit of flair and good looks is preferred and becomes a victim. And all of them stink to high hell.

And yes, there is indeed a town called Stinking Creek. It got its name owing to the naturally bad odour from the stream around it from sulphur springs. I find it quite appropriate for our media that stinks to high hell which has become nature to it.


  1. Sexexploitation is a Leadership trait. Of all the colours a man in power possesses the darkest black is his sex life. Although it is a personal matter but the problem is in many of the organisations you mention it is the willing who climb the ladder of success and the unwilling who get thrown out.

  2. Nicely put up....as usual...

  3. Clear n present Danger
    Aptly told about the stinking thinking of the Media as well.

  4. If you look elsewhere, is there any exceptions to the phenomena, begins in the kg, the fair and lovely have a price to pay for their greed and oneup(wo) manship

  5. Awesome as ever
    Why don't you write more often?

  6. if i remember correct oneoof the Hindi movies karan-arjun featuring both srk & sk had the villian amrish purie name wise close to msm aroon purie speaking shadi unke saath ; suhag raat hamare sath ! this did not raise one eyebrow at that time ! talking about guilt ! one of the vamp Helen ithink made a statement hum itni nangi nahi hoti jitna director/producers hame dikhate hain

  7. What a brave article! Can only be written by MC. Particularly the clear statement on how the women have been willing accomplices.
    I have always wondered for years on why this MK's stuff has not been discussed and why he is still called Mahatma...

  8. So happy to read your writeup after so long!! Perfextly penned as always. Btw i know theres a "lizard lane" in UK. Totally agree that women complain when their ezpectations r not met,their end of the deal is left unfulfilled. With such a long time gap, non availability of evidences to verify what happened back then it does become doubtful as a mere he says she says story. This also leads to genuine cases not being taken seriously. It can alao happen that fake stories r spun merely to settle scores.Had a hearty laugh seeing gyan preacher media ppl exposed of their hypocrisy.
    Ravinar is THE honest voice

  9. It is interesting that the actress Tanushree Dutta did not complain on Mahesh Bhatt or his son Emran Hashmi. She was comfortable when he was licking each inch of her body, boldy captured by the camera man.... she did not find it offensive then doing it in front of "private few". Now when she did that item number with Nana Patekar, with full crowd, she accuses Nana Patekar misbehaving with her.
    All the heroes or heroines once they go to America & return something happens either they are aided by CIA or someone. Earlier it was Devyani Khobragade who cried foul & then vanished from the media altogether when other things were exposed. The Indian govt including Sushma Swaraj need to answer how she was permitted to work inside the embassy when she got married to an American ? Was she a CIA agent ?
    I for long suspected & telling friends in casual discussions that Bollywood (similarly all Indian ...Woods) will crumble & collapse soon for American have planted moles, which surfaced with planting of Sunny Leone (pornstar) to visit every Indian district & village & show off her body & raise temperature - target Indian society & Indian family system, Indian or Hindu values. Narendra Modi & entire BJP team is also looking forward for a date with Sunny Leone. May be she is waiting for an invitation with a price offer. Bollywood would start casting her Goddess Durga & Goddess Saraswati so that they can have closer & longer sessions while she "enters" every Indian home. Thanks to BJP for keeping silent, for she is Indiian origin & there is no harm in promoting her in any of the Hindu mythology serials
    Indian film world is filled with lechers & sex hungry men. It went into prominence, with advent of Daewood gang funding them through Pakistan money in 1990's & the aspiring actresses were to get strip naked & dance before them to get an opportunity - suddenly Mahesh Bhatt got busy with "kiss & bed" movies thanks to links with Pakistan & Daewood conduit.
    Actress Sridevi was murdered i.e. she was bankrupt, her husband Boney Kapoor was also bankrupt & took some sundry jobs at Zee films. Strongly suspect that Sridevi was "sold" in flesh trade to the best offer during this Dubai visits. She was found naked in the bathing tub. Most possible reason could be that in the BDSM Bondage, discipline (or domination), sadism, and masochism (as a type of sexual practice), she must have banged gasping for breath & died. She also had some body marks on her naked body which is not possible to inflict unless than by other person. Same case like Sunanda Pushkar who was picked from Dubai & Killed in New Delhi by playboy Sashi Tharoor -again links to Daewood & Pakistan.
    All Indian actresses took turns to dance naked in Dubai thanks to Daewood hold on bollywood - Actress Mandakini bore 02 sons to Daewood as mark of recognition of her sweet association with "Mafia Don" Daewood Ibrahim with exact & verifiable DNA, unmatched by any other actresses.
    With Preity Zinta & Priyanka Chopra going American way, expect to more such "fairytale happy events" in immediate future & collapse of Kapoor khandan or other khan khadans is foretold.

  10. Indian govt through Reliance group channels pleaded with UAE govt to go soft on investigation details of Actress Sridevi with Indian Ambassdor making rounds to Hotel, police & other influencers. It did not augur well for BJP Govt to tell the truth that Actress Sridevi was bankrupt & she was "baby doll" who was on beck & call at a price to make a living.

    I do expect & foresee that Sridevi daughters (02) also going the same way i.e. sold to highest bidder. Watching out what future holds them. These girls will fail miserably in movies - except to their few marks to their physical bodies. Events will start happening after 5-6 years from now when films flop & their acting value ceases.

  11. Skeletons are tumbling out!. Dirty linens are coming out of the cupboard!. Old practices are being questioned. Media which is murkier is gleefully lapping it up all!!. There is noise and din everywhere and nobody is clear who is speaking the truth. I would advise people to just watch them all, but take a well thought-out decision when the time comes!!!. Lets burn all bad during Lodi.

  12. Main problem is feminism. This fake feminism is promoted by sex perverts who want more women to drink and dope so that they can enjoy girls in every possible way. These stupid feminists (idiot girls) who fall prey to shallow feminism of nudity, sex and drugs do not know that the entire feminism propaganda is promoted by men who use women in the garb of feminism, fooling them since decades. This is global phenomenon across bureaucracy, governance, media and even education. The rabbit hole is too deep. However, it cannot be stopped until women understand that they are victim of MANAGED FEMINISM.

    Jai Mata Di

  13. Welcome back ravinar!

    Tanushri Dutta did speak out in 2008. It takes courage to admit that one has been violated. I won't hold the time-delay against her.
    Moreover, it is Tanushri who triggered this metoo-india avalanche.
    She should now face the court proceedings though. She cannot blame Nana and Agnihotri for their right to defend themselves.

    1. To speak against any sexual advances is birth right of any female & everyone has strong reasons to support & punish the predator. Question is with all due respect to females which includes Tanushree Dutta - she was comfortable when she was licked & filmed by Mahesh Bhatt in the movies. Obviously there could many re-takes of that scene to satisfy the Director's libido, like Raj Kapoor did with Mandakini.
      Tanushree with Emran Hashmi scenes are in within four walls - as picturized & watched by every Indian male within his bedroom four walls.
      Nana Pateka may NOT be a saint, but in this case, it happened in public gaze. No doubt Indians are most hypocrates & no worthy male in India can speak truth boldly. The day when Daewood gang teamed with Bollywood, where the donkey acting by all Khans keep topping charts, which is unbelievable - either Indians are most foolish to watch them or telling plain lies that it crossed Pakistan LOC line of Rs. 500 crore club. Can you imagine Sanjay Dutt biopic crossing Rs. 500 crore club ?? unless the producers themselves purchased the tickets & gave them free to watch. Who will watch a druggist & a person responsible for Mumbai riots, helped Daewood Ibrahim and he suddently seemed to have turned saint...can you believe this ??
      If cannot believe all this, then do not believe what this lady Tanushree Dutta is talking about. She willingly entered the bollywood domain with her scanty see through dresses... call girls & prostitutes never complain...

      I am not tarnishing anyone...if you jump into murky waters & you should not blame that your clothes are soiled.

      Why Hindustan always gave freedom to females & respected them just for rew rogues one cannot blame India. It started with Nehru's illegal affairs, Gnani Zail Singh bringing call girls to Rastrapathi Bhawan. Pratiba Patel was doing kitchen maid services (cooking food) for Gandhi family... when you have such illustrious leaders - Prime Minister & Presidents then what can you expect in Bollywood ?

  14. I left journalism because of a pervert editor. I will never go back again because of what i went through. It affects my life even today. I didnt do anything at the time because i was just out of college and scared of the power he weilded - he had close connects with ministers and the police. And i was sure no one would believe me. By the time i became older, it was too late for anything. Point is, it is also an issue of power. Totally agree with you that media pontificates rest of the world while garbage stinks in own backyard. These journos, men and women, are no paragons of virtue. And neither do they have authority to comment on other situations as they ignore the filth in their own community.

    1. Journalism is NOT for females atleast in India. Better to work in the media channels only as a TV anchor...Females are always looked as sex objects.
      Journalism in India is limited to covering politics. There is more things in life which can be ccovered by journalism - Science, Space, Technology,...etc journalism. Earlier there were science today magazine which is now dead (25 years before)

  15. Yesterday there was a news article about the details of the 2008 fir and the photos of the fir had no mention of harassment charges or anyone or on patekar. The fir was against a media cameraman and altercation over his broken camera. Just tthought of updating related facts. Thx

  16. It is hard to know how this stinking pond will be cleaned up by this exposure, but now onward the girl victims (I mean unwilling participants), may ask the perpetrators, when the time comes will you own up this behavior or deny it as a coward?

  17. Recent Christian Convert Tanushree Dutta suddenly decides to fly from US and talk about an episode 10 years ago. If you believe that it was all spontaneous and natural, then I have a job in RAW for you!

    Indians have always been Slaves of the White Man. Only the amount of Slavery varies. This is because we have too many people and even a minuscule percent of that means millions of Traitors.

    I would argue that Dutta was sent by the Catholic Church and Vatican to India on a Cooked Up Story so that Nun Rape Case can be taken off the headlines. For the last few weeks, the Nun rape case was threatening to go out of control. Now that case seems to have disappeared.

    I find it curious that Dutta chose 2008 and Nana. Probably because she had already filed an FIR in 2008 though it was for broken camera and some altercation. Nobody is going to read the fine print of course.

    This seems too orchestrated to me. It is even more surprise that Media is all over it 24x7 as if they have been given the agenda.

    It is sad that Modi and his Govt ministers are so clueless and focused on Vikas. There are more law and order problems in India that they should address. But they seem to think that if someone loots our house while we are selling parts of it, that’s okay. Sad.

  18. This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.

    1. Post your comments without unwanted nonsensical name calling. Your claims on Tanushree do not alter any facts stated in the post.

  19. Ravinar,
    did you watch Tanushree's interview with Arnab Goswami before writing this post?

  20. Media channels are tracking M.J. Akbar as if sky going fall immediately as his flights touches the tarmac. What sort of cheap journalism our Indian media has fallen into.
    The ladyjournalists giving juicy details of how their predators have "played" with their physical bodies, gives raise to some serious questions on this female journalists themselves & the morality they carry themselves. Lady Journalist falling in love to be good enought to be Digvijay Singh daughter & father Digvijay Singh falling love with his daughter aged journalist. Does it not speak of incest & immoral acts ?/ Khangress did not raise any questions on such affairs for Digvijay Singh was Pappu's mentor. Think & feel that there is someone driving this from behind as these female journalists are easy prey to those ISI or ISIS or Western moves to split the society.
    If any of the accusations are true, then the predators are to be lynched & hanged.
    India & Indians have always been banana republic & easily influenced to fall into trap. Navjot Sidhu has fallen on a single day by the niceties (or some other "hotel" arranagements to "please him"). think about ordinary citizens.

  21. Digvijay Singh's relationship with his wife is based on consent. Both are adults. Why shall we bother about the age difference? I do not like Diggy's politics one bit. But I cannot agree with this daughter-aged-wife moral grandstanding.

    1. Dear Sambaran,
      Just think an hypothetical case, when a aged person falls in love & marries, his daughter's best friend or classmate, through mutual consent - all are adult, behavior is also if wilful adults. Extending this relatioin to a aged person marrying his best friends daughter (film Cheeni Kum)

      Opinion differ, one has to respect age & show maturity. Next time it happens again, then noone would send his daughter to any neighbourhood aged person's house.

    2. I agree with you on diggy. But differ on age-gap.
      Seriously, the age-gap does not matter after certain point.
      Though another matter, there is lot more to a 'marriage' than sex. So not right to drag diggy into this.

      But some women are modern 'ahalyas' by choice but cry baby when the goals are not met.

  22. Sir,

    Do you notice one thing in all this #Metoo crap. Tanushree Datta, a White d..k crazed Bong, Bdeshi piece of trash, pack of those filthy, wine flu pigs who arrived in India, in hordes, in 47 and 71, after they were butchered, raped (or willingly orgied every 5 mins), (Suharwady truely said: A bangali is a loud mouth, uncultured lout who will hide beneath a table at the site of a kitchen knife and bangalin is a sl..t, crazed for white d.k). Tanushree Datta like many of these Bdeshi gutter filth is a convert, a Xtian filth brought in by that Bangali loudmouth Arnab and paid by Vatican, to raise this shit against Vivek Agnihotri and Nana Patekar, just to take pressure off that rapist Churchian Father of Xtian treacherous snakes Franco.
    Who controls the bloody media in India, ALL LUTYENS media, Bollywood, advertisement industry and all gutter filth of Low IQ, illiterate fools is controlled by 3 communities, Xtians and their bstd derivatives, the unwanted,uninvited genetic lumpen, low born low life Pakipanjabi and Bong beasts. The so called Ïntellectual Bangali"and self provided tag by these monkey pig faced Bdeshi bongs, they are so intellectual that they created the gutter of the world in thr country called Bdesh, whose population shot 700% in 40 years, a record of sorts, slumdogs and a little worst than hell Bengal. These flood other states like those hungry pigs, a single Bong will create a Bdesh in any area in no time . LIBERAL my foot bstds,
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    These are those bloody greeko iranians who never saw a fight despite all Invaders from Huns to Mughals invading from the same NW route as they willingly supplied their women to all, even Taimur like mass murderer never committed any massacre there. HIS FORCES ENJOYED.
    The biggest traitors and antinationals come from these f..k breed of Genetic lumpens the OUTSIDERS, who still serve their white masters loyally, to the extent that all their homes are just escort services of any smelly f..king Gora, what can u expect from these three vicious beasts. The British Barbarian Police was composed exclusively out of these genetic mutants created by worst Brit criminals and worst sluts
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    1. Eye opening remarks brother, love to read. All truth at one place , and how nicely you have summarised our agony of last many centuries.


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